Houston loss opens the door slightly for Boise State football team to grab a BCS berth

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State’s Bowl Championship Series hopes got a boost Saturday when Southern Miss whipped Houston 49-28 in the Conference USA championship game.

But it’s impossible to predict exactly how that will affect the Broncos.

At a minimum, the Cougars’ loss opened an at-large spot in the BCS. Houston would have received an automatic berth with a win but, like Boise State, no longer is eligible for an automatic berth because it didn’t win its conference.

The BCS has 10 spots — six for BCS-conference champions and four at-large spots. Here’s a look at who appears in line for the four at-large spots. All this is dependent upon LSU beating Georgia, but the Bulldogs have an early lead. If Georgia wins, it gets even harder to figure.

— No. 2 Alabama and No. 4 Stanford are in spots that come with automatic berths, so it’s hard to figure either of them getting left out.

— If TCU, currently No. 18, can climb two spots Sunday, the Horned Frogs will get the automatic berth available to the highest-ranked non-BCS champion. But getting to the top 16 could be difficult. The Horned Frogs are way back and their shaky computer numbers will take another hit with today’s win over UNLV.

— No. 16 Michigan is a lock for an at-large berth if the Wolverines can climb two spots, to No. 14. That also could prove difficult, particularly with Georgia giving LSU a fight. If Michigan State beats Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game, it gets even more difficult for them.

— If after those rankings fall into place there is a spot left, it will come down to No. 7 Boise State (10-1), No. 11 Kansas State (10-2) and the loser of the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game. It’s better for Boise State if Oklahoma State wins that game.

— And if TCU and Michigan both get left out, Boise State should grab the last at-large spot.

— A couple X-factors: If Clemson beats Virginia Tech, the Hokies would be an at-large option. And if Georgia beats LSU, the SEC could get an unprecedented three BCS spots and mess up the math. Plus, there’s the question of how far Houston falls. The Cougars were No. 6. If they fall behind Michigan and TCU, that helps both of those teams.

I’ll try to update this as results come in.

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TCU deserves it....

they beat Boise, and....

they handled UNLV, New Mexico, and Colorado State alot easier....


That loss to a 5 loss SMU team doesn't look to good.

Yeah but Boise loss to that

TCU team that loss to a 5 loss SMU team....

If Boise beats NM 70-0, then I will recant....TCU beat NM 69-0, and stomp UNLV by a higher score than Boise....


So you are going to base who goes to a BCS bowl based on how each play against the 112th and 119th ranked teams in the nation?

That's one of the silliest things you have ever posted.

yeah, but

tuba practice is at 8


Boise played those very same teams....Boise also lost a heartbreaker to TCU....TCU is the division winner....

I must say I will have to stand by Craig James on this one....

Boise beat Georgia....

Boise must start including more than one BCS team in their OOC....they have the team to do it....

TCU is good, and they won the division....so what else can be said?

that what you think

means nothing

you aren't part of the polls or the computer rankings

just a vanditz

Forget it ugly

Just go count donations.

BSU4342....You and

horseradish are yelling from your hearts....and you should....every fan roots for their team....

If the BCS system puts Boise in, then fine--I'll root for Boise....but I'll also think it was BCS gratuity....

Why should Boise State be ahead of TCU, or even Houston?

I have no clue about

horse, but as far a you are concerned, it's not being a fan, it has to do with at least having "some" football knowledge.

Like I said , go count donations or even how BSU pays for helmets, just something beside football.

It is safe to bet that if

It is safe to bet that if Coach Pete had left Moore in all the games, they would have scored many more points. Coach Pete is not like that, running up the score. I have not doubt in my mind that if Kellen Moore played every quarter of every game, he would definitely have several more records.


So you are saying that a 2-loss #16 team is more deserving than a 1-loss #7 team.......

Just want to make sure I understand you....



why? because Boise has slowly declined since Georgia and TCU has picked it up....

If Boise beats NM 70-0, then Boise deserves it....if not, then TCU....


Dude, you really need some college football lessons

Or better yet, just stick with the band and donation nonsense and leave the football stuff to people that have a clue.

Ugly is right.

No BCS for Donkos. Vegas this year. Vegas at most next year. TCU beat Donko nation. TCU is better, period.
Thanks BSU! Purple trumps blue. That home record is not so good when you do not get to cheat and wear blue.
Listen to Ugly.
Rack Me!

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Sure I was there.

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I am a huge BSU fan but I

I am a huge BSU fan but I agree with ugly. They beat us. Period.

However, if we end up in the top 8 and don't get to play with the best 10 teams in a BCS bowl, that is BS too. But that's the system we are in.

Go Broncos!


finally alittle sanity from the Common Bronco Fan....

When Boise beat Georgia, and later the way Georgia played....this Boise team is a top ranked team....unfortunately they lost and they did not win division....

But Boise still can make the BCS who knows....alot of upsets happening...

Ugly logic

TCU and BSU have 4 common opponents thus far

Air Force
San Diego St

Ugly football logic: TCU has "handle" these opponents "easier"

Boise State has outscored these opponents 188-88, TCU 127-63

The average score against these opponents, BSU 47-22, TCU 32-16

The average margin of victory against these opponents, BSU 25, TCU 16

Makes perfect sense....

BSU4342....why did you leave out

UNLV and New Mexico....yes the NM is on now, but we will see if 69-0 or better....it is senior day, let them play and have fun and score....

also, you forgot Boise v TCU....

sometimes your stats leaves stuff out?

he also forgot

to account for the number of tubas in the marching band


First: How do you leave out a game that has not been played?

Second: You said you based your opinion on how TCU handled opponents "easier"

Third: Even if Boise "only" win 42-10, they STILL outplay TCU against common opponents by 10 points a game.

You made the statement, deal with it.


According to Sagarin, BSU played a tougher schedule than TCU. BSU is 51, TCU is 75 (through last week). If going to a BCS bowl had anything to do with the conference record, then we wouldn't be considering Alabama as a contender for LSU, right? If TCU can hit #16, then they certainly deserve a bowl game. If not, then they don't.

Does BSU "deserve" a BCS bowl game? Well, no, but only because no non conference winner "deserves" a BCS game. On the other hand, given the clearly flawed BCS selection system, they're at least as deserving as any other at-large contender. Tomorrow night will be interesting.

By this "logic"...

... Iowa State is more deserving of a BCS game than Oklahoma State, too...

welcome to


Boise hasn't even played UNM yet

And they handled CSU very easily

Yes and TCU handled CSU very

easily as well....

and TCU beat your 12 year deal with the beloved BYU Cougars too....

Boise is very good....but the Fairness Doctrine should come in....TCU won the division and beat UNLV more handily that what Boise did....

At-large leaves fairness out

There is no such thing as "fairness doctrine" when the at large teams are picked. The at large are picked purely on money and attendance. The bowls pick who they think will bring the most money. Haven't you ever heard of the BCS?


it is not done yet....

The BCS rules are the BCS rules....Boise is very good again, but so is Houston and they have the same record....

Unfortunatley TCU beat Boise and won the division....

Boise has the same fate as Houston....you must win division of a non-AQ conference to be considered at-large....

But a pick can still happen....

You don't really know much about the BCS

And that is so apparent with what you just said. Yes, you do have to win the conference/division to be granted an automatic berth. Key word is "automatic". You don't have to win out to receive an at large bid. Please, do some research before you say things which proves you don't know what you're talking about.


... has not beaten a single team in the Sagarin top 30, and they just lost to Sagarin's #27 team by three TDs. Boise State beat the SEC East Champion by two TDs (and took a knee on their 3 yd line to end the game), and lost to Sagarin's #19 team a month ago by a single point on a missed field goal. No comparison.

LSU has

12 total offensive yards in the first half.....

and this is a team

that nearly everyone says gets a spot in the nc game

regardless? what a joke

the bulldogs are making bsu look like the packers

Didn't the Packers win the Super Bowl recently? Missed stuff.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


Would be totally jacked to beat the SEC Champion but not the MWC champion. I am still sore about the TCU loss....a perfect storm of mistakes in that game with fumble on the game ending drive, missed FG, etc. So messed up....

Sore? Take one of THESE!!!...

...a SUGAR pill, baby! Frogs got LOTS OF 'EM NOW!!!!!! BCS SUGARFROG, and THANK YOU BoiZ!!!! AGAIN, you've given yo MAMA to da FROG!!!! Cheer us on,.... might as well lay back and enjoy THIS! (flex, flex) . MILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF BCS FROGBUCKS IN DA FROGBANK!!! CHA-CHING Cha-CHING CHA-CHIIIING!!!! 3 BCS in a row and COUNTING!!! (could've been you,.... could've would've should've,... but WIIIIIIIIIDE RIGHT GoodAleBrotz FAILS cost you yo blue SOUL!!!!)

More ugly logic

Baylor beat TCU, Baylor should be in over TCU

Alabama didn't win their conference, no BCS bowl for them.

Even if Michigan State wins the Big 10 championship, they don't get a BCS bowl because they only scored more than 50 points once the entire season

Ugly logic, live it.................

Oh NO!

Boise State is only up 31-0 and TCU was up by 41 at half.

No BCS bowl for Boise State.......

Frogs capture the whole lily-pad

The Frogs get to swim on the top of the pond and bask in the warmth of the sun while the Broncos get to bottom feed and eat from the carp that settles down there and snuggles up with them in the run off.

RichFrog will share!

... got a seat in da purple pad on da purple couch in da purple room on da PURPLE RUG for some blue tears! Come watch the Sugar Bowl vs. Michigan with Richfrog. Appetizers VOID of pond-slime.... instead ,...well,... all I can say is

TCU lost

by two points to Baylor...
Boise St. lost to TCU by one point...
TCU lost to SMU by 13 points...
Boise St. lost .... hmmm
Sorry Ugly, can't help you with this one.

eagledave....think about it....

TCU beat Boise, and TCU won the mwc division....

Houston has the same problem....

I just hope Boise gets a get opponent in bowl game....

TCU might get an at-large bid....Boise probably wont....


You crack me up, now you are saying a 17th rank 2-loss TCU that has one of the worst traveling fan bases will get an "at-large" bid over a 6th ranked 1-loss Boise State that would bring 4 times the fans.....

Do you have any idea how really really silly you sound?

oh, oh, .... OH!

you missed that purple stadium during last year's RoseBowl? Yeppers, Frogs travel WELL, thanks to travel bucks thrown our way by BoiZ FAILKICKS!!! ALL yo monies belong to FROG!!! Once a poorfrog, now very very RICHfrog!!!! Enjoy Poinsettias! Frog will cheer for ya! C'mon GOOOOOODALE! You can do it! snap, kick... OMG! WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE RIGHT!!!! (can't script this stuf!)

Didn't Oklahoma go

to the NC game after losing by 30 points to Kansas St in the BIG 12 championship game? Winning a conference is one way of measuring excellence, but it's not the only way to evaluate excellence.

TCU will not be eligible for an at-large bid

They have a chance of getting into the top 16, which would give them an automatic bid to the BCS. They have almost no chance of making it into the top 14, which is required for an at-large bid.