Exclusive Sierra Nevada “Raiders of the Lost Hops” beer on tap at Brewforia this weekend

If you get a chance, be sure to stop by the Brewforia Beer Market at 3030 East Overland Road in Meridian this weekend and enjoy an exclusive pint of the new and extremely limited brew from NorCal craft beer stalwarts Sierra Nevada — the “Raiders of the Lost Hops” Imperial red ale brewed with lemon wood chips.

The “Raiders” recipe has Boise in it’s creative DNA. That’s because local homebrewer Wesley Owings was selected to be one of 40 applicants from across the U.S. to attend this year’s two beer camps at Sierra Nevada’s brewery in Chico.

Winning a coveted spot in the beer camp is really cool, because Owings, and 19 other lucky winners per camp, got to spend a few days touring the Sierra Nevada facilities, learning from their group of top flight brewmasters, and drinking lots of exclusive beers. Best of all, they get to work with the brewers to design and create a one-of-a-kind special beer, which is brewed in small batches and sent out into the world, to be enjoyed once and the disappear.

Owings’ group’s beer, the “Raiders,” is making it’s Boise debut and finale at the same time this weekend. Sierra Nevada has sent three kegs to Brewforia. So if you want to try some, get out there because it won’t last long.

Anyone can enter the Beer Camp contest. What you have to do is send Sierra Nevada a short video explaining why you should be selected to attend.

Check out Owing’s pitch here.

(Spoiler alert!)

Owings' pitch was volunteerism, saying he would do 40 hours of community service this year if he was selected to attend. He even got several family members and friends (11 in all) to also pledge to do community service. The total volunteer hours committed was 331!

They group is about halfway through their volunteer hours. Owings participated in Rake Up Boise and hopes to volunteer at the Discovery Center early next year.

I’m sure all that work will make what sounds like an awesome beer even sweeter for Owings and his crew.

I don’t have any information on how the group came up with the name, as I lost my phone connection with Owings before I could ask, but anything associated with the first Raider’s film is OK by me. I don’t have any tasting notes, either, because the beer hadn’t yet arrived as I write this on Friday.

I’m sure it’s great — I don’t think Sierra Nevada could make a bad or even average beer if they tried. Perhaps someone who tries it can add a comment to this post.

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