Boise State names Mark Coyle from Kentucky as new athletic director

Boise State introcuded Kentucky Deputy Athletic Director Mark Coyle as its new athletic director Thursday evening at the Allen Noble Hall of Fame.

The Statesman reported the news earlier Thursday afternoon.

"Mark brings senior-level experience from two nationally-recognized programs, and we believe he is the ideal choice for this important position at Boise State," Boise State President Bob Kustra said in a release. "Mark is a rising star in this profession. He will bring best practices from his school and conference experience, both Big 10 and Southeastern, to the business of running an athletic department in these very complicated times."

Said the 43-year-old Coyle, who attended the press conference with his wife, Krystan: "I wanted to be at a school that is considered a destination and not a transition. I see Boise State as a destination."

Coyle is currently the deputy athletic director at Kentucky, where he has worked since 2005 in several different roles. He served as the associate athletics director for fundraising and development from 2005 to 2006, then he was the senior associate athletic director for external affairs from 2006 to 2010. In 2010, he became the deputy athletic director, responsible for overseeing the prestigious men's basketball program.

This is Coyle's first time as athletic director. He interviewed for the athletic director position at the University of Cincinnati earlier this year.

He was at the University of Minnesota from 2001 to 2005 in several roles in the athletic department. Coyle played football at Drake, where he got an undergraduate degree and a masters in teaching. He also got a masters from Florida State in sports administration.

The new hire replaces long-time athletic director Gene Bleymaier, who was fired in August and left the job in September.

Curt Apsey has been serving as the school's interim athletic director. He is expected to remain in the department.

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This will be interesting....

What are the chances it is an alum from Idaho?

Rumor has it that

SHE is not an Idaho alum....Sunny....


Mark ss a girl??, I bet that made for an intersting youth what with playing football for Drake and all.

No Idaho alum would want to be

Donko Bob's puppet.

That's because

they're not smart enough....Sunny...


you haven't looked at graduation rates between the two universities, but that's okay.

No, but i have

looked at the death rate concerning students and faculty at the two universities.....Sunny...

Sad commentary on your life

Sad commentary on your life when you make a joke out of the deaths of teenagers....


Were was the joke?

Even worse when they were drunk or not so wise.

You need to quit being's why you have a dorky bunch of politicians.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


that is completely detestable comment in the wake of a tragic event.

I've seen....

some pretty low shots on this site and some inappropriate comments and name calling, but this just might be the most inappropriate and lowest commment I've seen. It is one thing to sling mud at the "opposing" university, but to take a shot like that is very low. The events could have happened at any university in the nation and I pray that BSU or any other university never has to go through such an ordeal. Also, to the family of the victim, this is no joking matter and not a matter to be used in such a way. I personally know one of the family members of the victim and on their behalf I tell you that your comment was low, distasteful, unnecessary, uncaring, and pathetic. Luckily there are far greater supporters and representatives of BSU.

Grow up!

You and the other Idaho haters need your keyboards taken away. What is it with your immeasurable amount of hate?? I swear you losers are 2. Really need to get a life, but I have a feeling it's too late.

Bailey....Boise is not a


It is a football team....

Or the yearly gravity test

where some drunk Vandal takes a header off a balcony.

Oh by the way

I spoke with a few of Steve's close friends that don't visit these boards and I mentioned that someone had taken Steve's name on these boards. They found it disgusting, they ask if there was any way I could find out who you really were, but their biggest concern was making sure Steve's wife did not catch wind of your perverted use of her husbands name.

Be proud you little maggot.

Wow, I heard it first on the

Wow, I heard it first on the Murphy/Cripe chat! You guys are amazing! ;-)

It was on BroncoCountry

before Murphy/Cripe went on today, that's where the info came from that was asked about on the chat.

Ah, I don't read the

Ah, I don't read the speculation board or wherever it was, so missed that.

Anything credible over there you'd share for us non-subscribers?


Wow, I heard it first on the

Wow- these two sports writers- broke a story! I am sorry-not trying to be Sarcastic.

Yes, It's busted all right...


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

I heard

It was the guy from Penn State :)

So much

for "Buy Idaho."

None of the other Athletic Departments in Idaho

have candidates. BSU needed to hire from outside the organization if they were going to replace Gene. If they were looking outside of BSU where would they look in Idaho? UI's AD is a joke and ISU just can't get it done. To get someone experienced in the world of high level athletics they had to look elsewhere.

Apsey for how long?

Will Coyle be bringing others with him?

Looks like zero

Football probation's or bowl bans at either Minnesota and Kentucky while Mark was at these institutions.

Very cool.

Listened to him on ch 7 and liked what I heard. Think he knows he's got his work cut out for him. Good Luck Mark, you represent Bronco Nation now.

Welcome to BSU

Best of luck to Mark and BSU. Heres hoping your run as AD has BSU producing winning programs in the future like the past has produced.

I wonder how long Kustra's

I wonder how long Kustra's leash will be...Mr Coyle please check your ego at the door.

If the

leash on G.B. had been shorter maybe no NCAA sanctions and G.B. might still have a job. Considering the overhaul done after the NCAA stuff the leash is already much shorter. G.B. had enough leash to hang himself and he did.

Why take the job

I know it's a promotion in title but going from UK to BSU is like moving from New York to Monkey's Eyebrow. Why in the world would you make that move?

yes it

is a promotion, AD at age 33 at a nationally recognized (at least in one sport) program, probably smothered at UK with no chance of upward movement and by the way Kentucky is not all that great a place to live. I'd wager that 10 years from now he looks back on this as a very smart career move / decision.

Oh, OK

I've lived in Idaho for about 1/3 of my life and in Kentucky for about 1/3 of my life, so I think I have a fair perspective. My opinion about the move is based, primarily, on my opinion of the people of Kentucky vs the people of Idaho.

Oh, and I think that, in ten years, Mark will be sorry that he got here after Kellen Moore left.

kentucky football blows

and will for the foreseeable future. boise state is a potential bcs buster every year.

And you''ll find that,

starting next season, BSU football blows, too. Enjoy it while you have it, though. It's the little things in life that count...

nice try whatudontno

km and a fantastic group of seniors move on. coach petersen and a fantastic group of replacements step up. $100 says boise state finishes with a better record than kentucky next year or the school you graduated from.

81 - BSU Has Been a potential BCS buster

for many years now. However, now that we are losing Kellen and 18 of our 22 starters (graduation) are you so sure that BSU will be a potential BCS buster this next year. We do not really know the 2012 Bronco Team yet. They will probably be great though.

I certainly hope so and I hope this Nick Patti kid turns jout to be as good as Kellen and BSU can replace strength on the lines on both sides of the ball and the defensive secondary, I am just not sure, to a level of surety I have had in previous years.

Remember, we have to get by Michigan State on 31 AUG 12 to have any hope of busting the BCS in 2012 - as BCS busting means (for a non-AQ school) an undefeated season. A loss to Michigan State, essentially ends the 2012 season and the remaining 11 games just become warm ups and practice games for the 2013 season prospects and hopes/dreams - if BCS Busting is your End State and Goal for the Broncos. If that is not your goal, I guess any amount of BSU losses will be okay, as the BCS Busting Goal would have evaporated.

You say BSU is a potential BCS Buster - yes they were in those years they were undefeated. However the Nevada loss in '10 and the TCU loss in '11 took the BCS Buster potantial away. As I have said, the only way a non-AQ school will ever bust the BCS and play in a BCS Bowl, is if they have had an undefeated season. So in essence, truthfully, BSU has not been a BCS buster every year - but a few years - yes.

Possibly BSU will go undefeated in 2012 and bust the BCS again. But even one loss and BSU might as well start playing the seconds and thirds for experience and practice for the next football season.

Sorry, but that is the way I see it. The Broncos HAVE TO GO UNDEFEATED to bust the BCS or their seasons are all horse wrecks.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

I wouldn't worry too much about the Michigan State game...

1)Michigan State is not as good as advertised, especially early in the season and 2)it plays right into BSU's scheduling genious. It is the first game of the year. BSU schedules these make or break games the first of the year (i.e. Georgia) because they know that first they will be ready to play right from the get go like it is a national championship and second, a lot of big teams are not fully ready and up to speed and like to use that first game as a warm up, thus why many play little schools the first week. BSU takes full advantage of this discrepency and walks away with a season boosting win (i.e., Virginia Tech, Georgia, etc. and next year, Michigan State).

So let me get this straight

TMD, Little ole BSU with it's 2 and 3 star recruits and miniscule football budget can prepare in such a superior way that the "big teams" with 5 times the budgets and rosters full of 4 and 5 star recruits just don't stand a chance their first game against Boise state.....Is that what you are saying?

You have any idea how really silly that sounds?

It may sound silly....

but look at the results. Look at what those teams do in the first week against BSU (i.e., Virginia Tech, Georgia,etc.) and what they do the remainder of the year when they have a couple of games under their belt and are "warmed" up. Yes, it's silly, but BSU does prepare better for the first game of the season than other teams do. It would make sense that all teams would be raring to go right out of the gate, but a lot of things in life don't make sense.

TMD....every cfb team has a

first game....

you are either ready, or your not....

Very true...

and BSU is ready, and the others are NOT. Which says a lot about BSU. They prepare for every game and bring their best effort every week.

TMD - 2010 and 2011 were busts

They did not bring their best effort against Nevada in '10 and didn't bring it against TCU in '11.

However, let us not be too hard on the Broncos. Those poor young kids have to be perfect every game and have an undefeated season to be sucessful. That is a tremendous amount of pressure - knowing you cannot even lose just one game, for 18-22 year olds to endure and avoid the scars of life.

Such is the life of a non-AQ team with visions of BCS Busting.

But, that is how it is if BSU is gonna stay a non-AQ and have any desire to bust the BCS or win a BCS Natty.

100% effort for 100% of the games, all season long. No let down. No let up.

A tremendous accomplishment if they make it undefeated. If they don't - well - just another season like '10 and '11 turned out to be.

We have hope for 2012, though. Always have hope. Always gotta get past the First Game of the season and then about 11 more after that one or the season is a bust.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

You really think New York is nice?

If your into tall buildings and millions of people then yeah New York is paradise, ha!

This is the big name......

AD Kustra was promising us? What a joke. Kustra will be the acting AD. Coyle will be trying to raise money only. Bye, bye Coach Pete. Bring the Bruins back to life!!

Sorry domer

you be wrong again

Maybe the best thing for Boise State...

is to just start their own conference. They could steal the best teams from the WAC, MWC, and C-USA that lie in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains states. Teams could include:

Boise State
Air Force
UNLV (mostly for basketball)
Utah State (mostly for basketball)
Tulsa, Wyoming (mostly for basketball)
San Diego State (even though they aren't "Rocky Mountain" or "Great Plains")

Boise State, BYU, Air Force, and Houston have enough historical success in football, that they should be able to "win" the Big East's AQ status when that conference implodes. All the other teams are more successful in basketball than football. But, even some of those basketball schools are starting to win in football, too (i.e, Utah State and Wyoming). Heck, maybe we could include an FCS team that has been successful, too (like Montana). This could be a very strong conference.

Not sure what to call it, tho. Any suggestions? Maybe we could keep the Mountain West name, and the unwanted MWC teams join the WAC.