polls are back

The polls on the homepage, Varsity Extra page and Boise State football page are finally working again.

While it isn't a scientific poll, I know lots of readers enjoy sharing their opinion. I heard from a lot of readers who missed the poll - and I hear from people when we have a typo in the question or when we don't provide enough voting options. We appreciate your feedback.

* * *

About story comments: We have seen comments recently accusing us of censorship because comments are being deleted. As I've mentioned before, we are trying to clean up the comments on the site to improve the experience of readers.

We certainly don't see every comment (we DON'T pre-approve comments) but plain and simple, if you violate our guidelines, your comment is subject for removal.

If you call someone names, your comment will be removed. If you use profanity (yes, even if you put space between each letter), your comment will be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

Thanks for your help on this.

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives Editor
Idaho Statesman

Polls are good cause you get to see attitude and

opinions of readers of that particular blog....

You have yet to show me what was actually wrong.

Your explanation isn't adequite.

Everybody wants to hue the knurled

For clarification could you

list all the words that are considered profane? It would be very helpful. Thanks...Sunny...

Edit: And question #2, why is it OK for certain words to be used by the Statesman in an article, but not OK for those of us making comments to use the same words?...Sunny...

Usually those words come from AP...

I know what most of the complaints are about is the complete inability to distinguish the actual usage of contentious word or terms and where some letter combinations occur in non-vulgar and useful words.

This is why the Statesman is ridiculed. It's rather arcane and mocks posters who otherwise have no prurient intent.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Another point

You are the Online Initiatives editor. Why is your actual participation so sparce? The threads you have made that are listed in the right column span over one year. This is highly uncommon unless a blogger has left or ceased posting.

You claim to be concerned about some kind of correctness issues, however your relative inactivity and certainly your failure to address the complaints in some timely manner are deeply disconcerting.

Nearly all the current staff member are bending over backwards to keep their jobs. Please accomodate their hard work by doing your work better, for the sake of the enterprise.

Also, less (NO) junk ads from Yahoo-Microsoft (AdChoices) and more local sales of any kind, follow by removing ads that fill up the page, as they only give you a black eye. I had two during signin! You often know when they are coming because the routine will misfire one or two pages ahead.

Ads are your lifeblood and obtrusive, stubborn and downright aggravating ads are badwill ambazzadors (oops had to do it) and how ARE you going to maintain a presence as an online paper if your newsprint edition should fail?

Would the Idaho Press-Tribune be able to be a viable paper for more than the Treasure Valley? They have distribution into Ontario, after all.

The final point is this: to be proactive, you need to be ACTIVE. Your online readers have been telling you what they need to know, like or dislike. This column, as it stands, isn't the answer.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled