AP on Craig James' controversial Boise State vote: 'We have no reason to step in'

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

ESPN analyst Craig James has drawn the ire of Boise State football fans again this week with his ballot in The Associated Press Top 25.

James ranked the Broncos 24th — seven spots lower than any of the other 59 panelists. And those seven points were costly. If James had voted the Broncos 17th, they’d be tied for No. 6 instead of tied for No. 9.

Earlier this year, James railed against the Broncos as national title contenders on ESPN’s “BCS Countdown” show.

James had the Broncos ranked No. 8 before their loss to TCU, tied for the lowest among AP voters. He dropped them to No. 25 after that one-point loss.

This week, James has the Broncos (10-1) behind Notre Dame (8-4), Texas (7-4) and Missouri (7-5). He has Virginia Tech at No. 4 and Houston at No. 5, two teams that have faced softer schedules than the Broncos.

Meanwhile, Boise State is as high as No. 3 on one ballot and ranks in the top 10 on 46 of 60 ballots.

All this led me to ask The Associated Press whether James’ ballot is cause for concern. After all, the voter guidelines say “homerism” will be challenged and “could lead to dismissal from the poll board” and voters should “avoid regional bias, for or against.”

“We have no reason to step in,” AP sports editor Terry Taylor said in an e-mail. “Craig does his homework and has strong opinions about where he ranks teams.”

I am attempting to get comment from James.

Here is James' ballot.

Here is a breakdown of James' ballot from The Big Lead.

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Good luck Chadd

I can already see Captain Delta Bravo Craig James' comment, "It is because of their 'body of work'". What a clown.

DB james

drops BSU from 12th to 25th after the loss to TCU. So it isn't body of work, it's punishment for the one loss

PUNISHMENT? might as well ...

...LAY BACK AND ENJOY IT!!!! 25th is 'bout right. Craig James for CONGRESS!!!!

With two losses...

TCU shouldn't be ranked at all.

Pot meet kettle

Cripe you should take a page out of the AP book, I.E. homerism...that's all this paper has become.

A little difference

When you rank your home town team 4 spots higher than their average, versus ranking a team 15 spots lower than their average, and 7 spots lower than anyone else. Find me a writer of a paper who doesn't rank their home team higher than average. I bet they are few and far between.

Talk about homerism....

Cripe,the AP should look at your votes week in and week out. You are a complete homer.
Voting bsu as one of your top 4 is an insult to teams like Huston and TCU. Thank goodness for Craig.

My ballot

Considering one voter has the Broncos No. 3 and two other than me have them No. 4, there's no case there. ... Go look at the blind resumes CBS put up this week for the one-loss teams. Pretty clear the order should be Ok State/Alabama and then Boise State.

Do you have a link to this

Do you have a link to this blind resume page from CBS? I would love to get my hands on it.

Blind resumes

Here it is...And looking at it again, I should say Boise State/Stanford for No. 4. ... Poll results are running overwhelmingly in favor of Ok State, followed by Alabama and Boise State. The one flaw is it doesn't list losses.


Homer Cripe balanced out by James

So because Cripe and 3 others votes have BSU ranked 3rd or 4th, that should somehow have more credence than the people who rank them in the high teens? Craig James, although an idiot, does college football a service by balancing out Cripe's vote.
....especially since the BSU chorus for years has been complaining about teams they beat being ranked ahead of them. By that logic, Houston should be ranked ahead of BSU on your ballot because they are undefeated.

And beating one good team with an entire summer to prepare for them is much different than playing a tough schedule. BSU played 2 good teams and lost to 1 of them.

craig james is right on

well it is about time somebody told all these stupid donkey bozo state clowns, where their team really ranks. I live in boise and they have the biggest cupcake schedule I have ever seen. They should not even be ranked, I mean really look at nevade they had a tuffer schedule and are barely if even ranked. look at tcu who beat you on your stupid blue field, they had a much harder schedule and they are not even ranked high, get a clue James is doing you all a favor welcome to reality bsu bozo state university, as long as your all bozos i guess none of this will make any sense to you.

seriously flyboy?

The biggest cupcake schedule you have ever seen? How many schedules have you seen? Have you seen Houston's? BYU's? Idaho's? And the list goes on and on. I can tell by your post you are one intelligent dude who really knows football.

And a question for your buddy, stoner. Didn't that team also have a whole summer to prepare for BSU? He77, they even recruited Boise St's scout team qb to come to their program to help them prepare.

flyboy flies again

Well apparently I know more about football then you do. Byu,,Idaho really they have a cupcake schedule also, where did you learn how to read? The only team that Idaho played that was good was Texas A & M that is it. Byu well I gave up on the mormons, they should lose anyway. How about LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, Standford, Baylor (which I might add that Griffin is a much better qb then kellen moore is) you did not seem to mention any of them. Yes and who is Houston? Like I really care about them big deal. Oh and now I am a stoner, really your just butttt hurt because I do not like your stupid blue retard donkeys. Well here is a clue to why, most of the fans of bozo state are idiots such as you have proven. It also does not matter if TCU had the whole summer to prepare for BSU so did bsu to prepare for TCU it is not like their schedule was ummmmmmmmm hard, stupid. I am positive your donkeys are going to the toilet bowl again, so happy turd fishing with your stupid donkeys. In the meantime I am going to go watch some real teams play a game called football.

Youre not a stoner?

Just an ignorant hick? Im ashamed we have such bigoted idiots living in my fine city.

Flyboy, once again your intelligence astounds me

I'm not sure why I feel like I can debate with a person who has such an astute knowledge of the game of football, but I will try.

First of all, when did TCU and BSU have a whole summer to prepare for each other? I believe that would have been Georgia and BSU, and I was responding to the post made by "stone" hence me calling him stoner. You also had replied to Stone's post. Nice reading comprehension skills buddy

Second, pretty balzy to include Stanford when talking about team's strength of schedule. Stanford didn't exactly run through the meat grinder. They have played 2 ranked teams all year and went 1-1 vs those teams, same as BSU. What "real" team do you cheer for? Whoever it is, I'm sure you are an embarassment to them. Keep up the good work!

Oh and if you respond to me, make sure you make a strong point of your intelligence by using words such as, "turd", "toilet", and "donks", that really reinforces how smart you are when it comes to football.


it's stanford. not standford.


might be the stupidest person to grace this board.
But if you believe what you say make a case for it.
Start with SOS ranking from any of the websites....


I might be the stupidest person, hmmm well at least your one up on me, at least you are the stupidest person. I am glad we could get that cleared up. Also just like the other guy good luck watching your donkeys in the toilet bowl, why dont you go help them find some more turds. Maybe I can look down on you and just flush you and the donkeys away. How and maybe just maybe your donkeys can find a kicker who can hit a field goal. Oh I forgot who won the TCU game again, can you remind me please?

You are obviously not a Boise State fan.

And, based on your name calling, I would assume you are a Vandal fan. But, you never outwardly expressed your allegiance. Who do you follow? I think we would all like to know...

I am a hick because I do not like Bozo state

First off, how in the heck does one become a hick for disliking bozo state? If I do not like them, so what move on with your lame life. Second of all, James is right Bsu is over rated and the only state that has bronco nation is Idaho. Third, Stanford played four ranked teams, Washington is 22 usc is 20 Oregon is 6 and notre dame is 19. Then you people say I have no idea what I am talking about, really well I sure can count to four. In addition to that, the potato spud bowl, aka humanitarian bowl has been called the toilet bowl several times in the past. It is not like I make this crap up as I go. In short the debate on this is whether or not BSU deserves to be ranked as high as they are? Well apparently after four years, the rest of the entire USA does not think so other then Idaho, tell me if I am wrong here? It is a fact, they do not play a hard schedule, if they did, they would have a shot at the title game now, but they do not, so that is whyyyyyyyyy they are not going. (Really you people do not know this yet come on) Then you try and say BSU can play the same schedule as LSU when they routed #3 and beat number #2 yet you still all seem to think BSU is the great contender. They simple do not have the play depth or defense depth to play week in and week out a harder schedule. They barely beat air force and they are barely having a winning season. (this response replies to all). So instead of calling me a hick, or stupid etc, the fact is the other 49 states of the USA disagree with you in the thought process of BSU playing or even getting the chance to play in a title game. SO it is not just me who thinks this, it pretty much the whole country. One of the main reasons people dislike bsu, is their fan base. Sorry to say but most of you are immature ignorant people who in fact really have no clue to what your talking about. Most of the time I laugh at the comments and write back just to see how far I can annoy or upset the bsu fans over their team that always seems to lack a difficult schedule. Even if bsu was ranked number 2 they still would not go, why because nobody in the rest of the usa give a care about bsu, they like lsu, Alabama, Arkansas, mainly the sec teams, and pac 12 or big 12 teams. Sadly as it may sound probably most of the people in other states do not even know where boise is, not alone bsu. So all of you bsu fans, here is a reality check, for four years now, the rest of the usa do not think your good enough, play hard enough schedule to even get a title game. how many more years will it take all of you to figure this out. When you do let me know.

You're not

a hick, you're just uninformed......


well your bsu donkeys still suck, so deal with it. Have fun in your toilet bowl.

flynandy....you are wrong....

Lyndrd Skyndrd sang....

'well its 8 oclock in Boise, Idaho....'

This area has been well known since the 1970s....get a geo lesson, please....


Oh and when did that song come out, and when it did come out I think you bsu donkeys were still a junior college, so no, this song does not reference them at all. It is in regards to the city of boise, not bsu. Read the lyrics again, or should we send you back to first grade. Oh and it is not a geo lesson you moron, it is a history lesson. Geo is for geology the study of rocks, (it can also be for geography but if you look up the definition it stands for the study of land, no history. Wow not only are you ugly (reference your name but you are stupid also.

flyswatter....read you post

again, and take comprehension skills....

you said in part....'....people in other states do not even know where boise is, not alone bsu....'

You see, you wrong....

the song says, 'It is 8 0clock in Boise, Idaho. And our band is ready for the show....'

You see, the #1 hit talked about Boise, Idaho and the show was at the newly built Pavillion, which is on the BSU campus....


flyboy- you can count to four

But can you count to 29? That is notre dame's rank. Can you count to 41? That is Washington's rank. See for yourself http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/rankings/bcs.

I can count to four, and you apparently can not do research

Date Opponent Time/Result Audio/Video
Sat, Sep 3 San Jose State W 57-3 --
Sat, Sep 10 at Duke W 44-14 --
Sat, Sep 17 at Arizona W 37-10 --
Sat, Oct 1 UCLA W 45-19 --
Sat, Oct 8 Colorado W 48-7 --
Sat, Oct 15 at Washington State W 44-14 --
Sat, Oct 22 (22) Washington W 65-21 --
Sat, Oct 29 at (20) USC W 56-48 --
Sat, Nov 5 at Oregon State W 38-13 --
Sat, Nov 12 (6) Oregon L 30-53 --
Sat, Nov 19 California W 31-28 --
Sat, Nov 26 (22) Notre Dame W 28-14 --
Subscription Audio Free Video Free Audio All Times Eastern
College Broadcast: More team broadcasts | Sign up for team broadcasts
Add Schedule: My Y! | Alerts | iCal | .ICS

oh and just so you dont think i typed that on my own here is the website retard. http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/teams/sss

For the record

Washington's BCS rank is currently 42nd

Notre Dame's BCS rank is currently 29th

USC is ineligible for a BCS rank

Now count them........

look flydude

It really doesn't matter what they were ranked early in the season. The question is how many CURRENT ranked teams has Stanford played? The answer is 2 and that is counting USC who really isn't ranked because they are ineligible, but they are a really good team so you have to count them. That is the facts and there really is no debate there.


Wait, wait. Die hard BSU fans keep saying that the Statesman doesn't support the Broncos. I guess you see what you want to see.

Are they supposed to be gung-ho for Vanderbilt?

Can brain damage be more pronounced?


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Pony and the entire ESPN crew !!!

SOMEONE needs to do a story on the overt actions of ESPN and its "commentators" to destroy the Big East as a CFB AQ D-! league.

Combine that with the fact ESPN HAD the Bernie Fein tape in 2002 ... and buried it ... WHY ??? Because the BE especially in MBB was a key ESPN property at that time ...

Now, with the writing on the wall the BE is probably headed to NBC/Comcast which means the loss of its MBB from ESPN after 30 years ... all of a sudden there is all these "featurettes" on how the BE is embarrassing everyone with their BCS reps the past two years ...

Mebbe so.

BUT ... this is self-seving on ESPN's part. If they destroy BE FB ... the MBB teams are more likely to split and resign with ESPN at a lower price. No doubt they offered incentives to the ACC to take PITT/CUSE ... and now I am sure they are working on getting UCONN/VILLE to the ACC to make it an unbeliebable MBB league ...

Look at the abolute pimping of Michigan to open BCS CD sunday. WHY ??? to remind voters to move UM up a few spots so they get in the Top 14 and are BCS eligible. WHY ??? Better ratings, of course. Lets see ... Kansas State ... Michigan ... Michigan ... Kansas State ... you decide !!!

How can Kirk Herbsteit who called 2 BSU games last year and was openly supportive go to mildly negative in one year ... ??? Because he is fallowing the company line.

Look at the ESPN total love fest for BYU. They have a financial investment now in BYU for 8 years ... so BYU gets all the love and plenty of air time in the ancillary shows. BSU CONSISTENTLY brought much better ratings to ESPN than BYU has this season. I mean, its not even close !!! But we are on a non-ESPN network package this year ... so we are persona non grata. Look at the pub TCU/Utah got the past couple years on ESPN. But this year with BSU toying with the BE ... well, you get the pix !!!

The anti-BSU efforts is de facto anti-BE. And it FINANCIALLY BENEFITS ESPN in the end.

And that is wrong. But until Fox/NBC/CBS step up to really compete in the game ESPN will continue setting the rules and determining who gets a fair shake and who does not.

Dex and Spud

Great posts.

You're both spot on. Its a pleasure to read some good insights by both of you.



Everybody wants to hue the knurled

So James' inexplicable vote...

...is balanced out by an inexplicable vote for the Broncos at #3. What's the big deal? The average of 60 ballots is a tie for 9th, which is probably about right.


Boise State's average ranking is #7. That's WITH James ranking BSU so low. If James had even been at 18 like the other low one or two, Boise State would be ranked #6.

Well, as of now....Houston should be

ahead of Boise....

If Houston loses, then Boise should have a good shot at a BCS Bowl....

What is wrong with that?

Ugly should know better

Houston IS ranked ahead of BSU. And Houston losing doesn't benefit BSU because TCU would move up and be the AQ. If TCU didn't move up far enough to AQ then there would be no non-BCS AQ. BSU can not get an AQ because they can not win there conference.

Absolutely POINTLESS

Who gives a rip.......it's the ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS poll. It has ZERO meaning and no relevance to anything.


It isn't just BSU fans who should be outraged by this blatant attempt to skew the rankings...all sports fans nationwide should be up in arms.

Someone...please post a link or email to which complaints can be sent not only to the AP but to the idiots at ESPN.

go to the websites

and you get the picture

ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Company, as is ABC.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Of course...

...The AP sports editor would say that. What else would you expect him to say. There's no way he would say anything that would possibly lead to people believing that they have idiots casting votes. The whole thing is biased, just look what happened to Oklahoma State's ranking after losing to an unranked team. They only fell 2 slots.

College Football News website

ranks Boise 20th- 2 ahead of TCU, who beat you at your home field!
Have Kustra complain to Congress.

Yes, TCU beat BSU

BUT, TCU also has 2 total losses. That is why Boise State continues to be ranked above TCU.

Look at the top 3

Arkasas is still #3! He doesn't even care that they lost, what an arrogant, selfish, and out of touch voice at ESPN.


There is a big difference between playing LSU and Wyoming....

Boise is riding on their great win over Georgia....

Houston put Tulsa in its place....

The BCS crime so far is TCU and Houston....


There is also a difference between winning by 3+ touchdowns and being routed. Arkansas was routed. Had they loss by a touchdown or less then you can justify keeping them in the top 5, maybe.


even if James had Boise rated lower and they were ahead of Houston, Houston and TCU are ahead via BCS rules....Saturday, the known will be known....

the BCS rules of 5 big $$$$ BCS Bowl games are written mostly for the 5 major AQ conferences....

for the non-AQ, the best way to solve issues is to have slight provisions in BCS rules where the two best and rated non-AQs (and conference winners) play each other in playoff game for 13th game of season, and the winner gets the AQ into a BCS bowl....

with or without James, Boise still needs some luck Saturday to have a BCS chance....

I think Craig James has some

good points....

Maybe we are not listening?