Boise State's Petersen on potential move to Big East: 'It seems to flip each week'

By Brian Murphy

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said Tuesday that he does not have a feeling one way or the other if the Broncos will join the Big East in football.

"I really don't. It seems to flip each week a little bit. The thing I feel good about is we'll do what's best for this university," Petersen said on Tuesday's Mountain West conference call. "I think the situation we're in is a good one and if something's out there, that's better, so be it."

Petersen said the issue is complicated.

"I don't think it's easy. It's not an easy issue and there's a lot of little things that have to be worked out — and not just about football. It is a big issue to tackle," Petersen said. "The nice thing is our president, our athletic director have been working really, really diligently with everybody involved to figure out what the best thing is for Boise State."

On Nov. 3, the Idaho State Board of Education gave Boise State President Bob Kustra the authority to move the football program to the Big East. Kustra said at that time that he hoped to have a final decision in the next week or so. Kustra and Interim Athletic Director Curt Apsey have declined comment on expansion issues throughout the process.

• BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe discussed his school's negotiations with the Big East on Monday.

BYU reached an impasse with the Big East, which has turned its focus to San Diego State as it seeks another Western school to partner with Boise State in the reconfigured league.

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The LA press is all over UCLA's interest in Chris Peterson as new head coach and indicates their AD is on the way to Boise.
How come no mention?,0,878443.column


Coach wouldn't go anywhere near that L.A. program. Beside the article is focused on conference realignment.

Good lord............get a clue

I wouldn't blame him for leaving since about half of the Boise State (bandwagon types) fans can't even SPELL his last name correctly..........such as this twit.

Good lord

it's panty bunch guy.....

with more useless input...

Ha Ha

754 is one grumpy fan. Been that way for a few years.

Bronx 754....that was a

dumb post....

In fact, all of your posts are dumb posts....

No mention because

there is no coach here named Chris Peterson, so why should we care? Now, if UCLA came after Chris Petersen, we would note it but still not care, there's no way he takes that job.

Because it is not worth mentioning!

Is this something that has to be mentioned everyday?

Why would Petersen be interested in a job this year that he was not interested in 2-3 years ago? The situation in LA has NOT changed.

Ucla has changed for the worse

Karl Dorrell put up winning numbers overall and in conf

He even beat USC once in 2006

Dorrell wasnt great at 35-27..........Rick stunk it up at 21-28.........soon to be 21-29

Time to go our own way?

Perhaps it is time for Boise State and the other mid-sized Western Schools to do their own things. It won't deal with the AQ status but build a conference that makes sense. Take the best parts of the Mountain West, CUSA and the a 12 team conference and plan for the future in all sports. Sure, we will have also ran teams for a while but Boise State is proof it can be done in a small conference. We need to stop comparing ourselves to the SEC and the Pac-69...we also need to be done with this horrible TV deal ASAP and go back to being a slight interest to ESPN if we are winning games. Boise State is known for doing things a little different...lets take the lead and say forget the BCS two-step...lets build a regional conference that makes sense. Focus on building our programs and facilities that will attract recruits, fans and supporters, instead of worrying about what crumbs the big boys might leave for us. We beat Oklahoma a few years ago as the little guy and it was fun and exciting. The victory even more savory because half the country wished the Bronco's would not have been allowed to play in the Fiesta Bowl.

Flip flops

Guess the right figure hasn't come up yet

Big East

The discussion by the BCS to eliminate AQ status has really let the air out out of this move. Without AQ status, neither side really needs the other. Except, the BigEast may get a better TV deal depending on who joins.

I wonder if the BYU negotiations were hampered by the rumor that AQ status is going away. I think there's a possibility that with AQ status possibly leaving, the BigEast has developed cold feet over expanding to the west.

I was surprised that no compromise could be made to bring in BYU to a conference that needs solid programs. Could it be that the BigEast has decided to play hard ball so these western teams fade away, and the conference doesn't have to be embarassed by retracting any invitations?

Good points,

If the BCS removes the "AQ" nonsense from the big six conferences and relies on rankings it would help level the playing field for the smaller conferences. However, they still couldn't be trusted until they release information on how the computers are programmed--as they could (or almost certainly would) stack the deck in favor of the big conferences. As for BYU, I don't know that they are willing to compromise on TV deals. With their own network and clout they may view themselves as an above equal, and will continue to negotiate that way.


Right on the money...

Big Money

I Peterson can double his salary at CA he ought to do it.


Why? For 5 times the headaches? Because his wife LOVES Cali? Because his kids would be SO MUCH BETTER OFF?

You are obviously an idiotic thinking person on this


Forming a new conf. is a great idea, leave Comcast and put the TVs out for bid again. We might be surprised what we could get, especially with BYU and the rest of the good western schools. Without BYU and BSU the BE is going to be surprised when they start putting there TV contract out for bids. I wonder if we could talk to SMU and Houston about joining? This go for broke money chasing is ruining my enjoyment of college football.

Have Houston and SMU join the MWC?

I like that idea.

Screw the Big East.

great quote

BYU wants exclusive television rights to their home games. This is something no team affiliated with a conference has, not even Texas. This would be a big stumbling block for the Big East when it came to negotiating a television deal for the conference.

One Big East official said concerning BYU, "I don't understand why they are being so difficult, they do understand that Boise St. is the real prize here don't they?"



The one thing you have to understand about BYU is that from the coaches to the fans, they all think they are all that. Say, I know, lets all get together tonight and watch that game from 1984!


Great quote. That about sums it all up. And if read by BYU fans, will drive them nuts. A win-win.

Where was this quote from?

Please, provide a link.

Deseret News

I read it in the Deseret News the day before Thanksiving. I just went to their website, and the stories on their website are abridged versions of what was actually in the paper. I will keep looking.

Moving Coach

The only way I would move if I were the best coach in the league is to a great program with all the support they can give, including 4 million per year plus winning bonuses and a school where they have had a proven track record sometime in the past ten years. Plus a guaranteed 7 or more years with the program. Look an Urban Meyer (sp) after just 2 years with Utah, going to Fla got some 5 mil per year, even back then. I dare say Coach Peterson is a much better coach then Meyer and salaries have increased since then. He's better off sticking around, improving his record and waiting for an offer like this. The opposite side of the coin are the offers to schools with little support and little recent proven record of it, like Colorado. Even a coach like Coach Peterson cannot do it alone.



Everybody wants to hue the knurled


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Have a nice night.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


And I flagged yours. You're a hypocrite, plain and simple. And I detest hypocrites.

Didn't realize it was so boring?

So when is this supposed exodus going to occur and why is it so beneficial?

Is hypocrite like the youngsters calling everybody racists?

You might want to examine my previous stands on other issues, non-sports issues even. I'm not that stupid. This one simply makes no sense and it has little to do with who gets them TV coverage. It didn't make sense from day one and BSU, Statesman staff and the poor fans stuck with it seem to want to perpetuate it like some denial of battering.

Moving up is fine but this isn't it and it's not hypocritical at all. Separating a team from half of it's fans never made any sense. If firing Gene was a good thing, letting the president run the football program de facto with the other sports "thrown to the winds" really smells.

It's a school! It's not a franchise. What might be hypocritical is the attitudes of those who say that basketball, track, tennis etc aren't important so who cares?

WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??? Absolutely mad, perhaps.

Maybe the hecklers who spout off about graduation rates are wrong but they are trying to focus your attention on things that matter just as much.

But if you want to just play flagging games I'll just run it into the ground. That's crap in the end. I have the right to my opinion too and that is "What happened to the fans who are getting run through the ringer"? What if the next conference sucks in the eyes of a few once again? Where do you turn next and it is an endless game?

All you are doing is looking for games. Conferences are there to stengthen their member schools in so many other ways! BSU is a school, not a gypsy.

It's time to admit that the chances for this are nearly gone and move on. It's a bit selfish to run over others over it.


Nobody wins