Utah State accepts bid to Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on Dec. 17 at Bronco Stadium

By Brian Murphy

Utah State has accepted an invitation to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (formerly Humanitarian Bowl) at Bronco Stadium, the bowl game announced Monday afternoon. The Idaho Statesman first reported the news.

It is the first bowl appearance for Utah State (6-5) since the Aggies appeared in the inaugural Humanitarian Bowl in 1997. Utah State lost to Cincinnati 35-19 in the game. Utah State has won four straight games and concludes its regular season against New Mexico State on Saturday.

"It’s fitting that we make a return trip to a city and a stadium known for excellent, knowledgeable fans and a tradition of winning," Utah State coach Gary Andersen said in a statement released by the bowl. "This game is a critical step in the building of our program and we’re excited about the ability of our students, fans and supporters to share in the success of the team."

The Aggies will face a team from the Mid-American Conference in the Dec. 17 bowl game. The opponent will likely be Ohio, if it loses in the MAC title game, or Toledo, if Ohio wins the MAC title game against Northern Illinois.

Only seven FBS teams have gone longer without a bowl appearance than the Aggies.

"Utah State is an ideal team for us to host at the Bowl,” said Kevin McDonald, the bowl's executive director. “The school is in close proximity to Idaho’s potato region, their fans and students are passionate and willing to travel and the team is well‐coached and plays with intensity – qualities that local fans are accustomed to."

Northern Illinois defeated Fresno State in last year's game at Bronco Stadium.

Said WAC commissioner Karl Benson: “We’re delighted that Utah State’s resurgent program will be featured in front of a national audience at a bowl with a reputation for entertaining match‐ups."

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Premium upper and lower-level seating are $50, upper-level corners are $30, end-zone tickets for $18, and a family pack of four upper-level corner tickets are $50 total.

All tickets will be available at Idahotickets.com by phone at: (208) 426-1494, or at the Bronco Stadium ticket office.

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Nice to see a regional team

Nice to see a regional team make the game this year, hopefully locals will help support the game!

Great job Donkos!

BSU plays in Vegas for the last game of Moore. Meanwhile, a WAC team comes to Boise to play in front of the very fans that claim to support Donkos. #7 in the nation and Vegas bound. Next year, #42 in the nation and Vegas bound if you are lucky! How do you like that move now? Idaho and BSU will resume the rivalry in the Big Sky in just a few short years! BCS is for real teams, (Frogz) get out while you still have your pride!
(Flex, FLEX)

Tard alert everyone!

Tard alert everyone!

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no, you be moron!!

Larry " twinkle toes" Craig stand you up?

What is your problem, did Larry Craig stand you up? Perhaps you can move to Pa. put on a cub scout uniform and get a date with Sandusky


still laughing......:)

please stop

for the pseudo steve lane, PLEASE JUST STOP ... you are incredibly rude. I know you don't care, but if TCU is your fave, please go comment in their newspaper. You have no business here. Booooo to you.

When is the WAC contract up on the

potato bowl? After the contract is up is there any possibility that the bowl will finally die? BSU doesn't want to be in a hometown bowl. BCS AQ teams don't want to come here. After this year, there won't be any teams in the WAC that I care about. If BSU doesn't play, the bowl doesn't sell out. Even Idaho couldn't do it in their (only) two bowl appearances.

As a BSU fan, I am happy we are going to play a PAC-12 team in Vegas. Hopefully, the potato bowl will die soon.

Did forget to mention...I'm happy for Utah State. They have been on the edge of winning for a couple years. Unlike our friends to the north, I think they have the players, coaches, and facilities to keep it going.

True colors

Bitter, stupid and jealous is no way to go through life son.

Go Aggies, congrats.

Idiots galore here huh?

Where do all of these IDIOTS come from?

It's idiotic of Utah State to commit to any bowl game PRIOR to playing their last regular season game. That is just foolish in the extreme - much like the Boise State fans who think BSU to the Las Vegas Bowl game is a done deal.

No way...

It is the best place for them to go by far, they won't make it to a big name game and getting fans to travel here is much easier.

Loser bowl

Who would want to play in the Idaho famous loser bowl? gott'a be for the $2.50 the school will get, cause I doubt the trophy cost that much

It's your town putting it

It's your town putting it on. I guess it is what you make it.

Thats right....It is either successful, or they will

move the venue....Its up to Boise to participate in the success of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl....

wrong - it has nothing to do with Boisians supporting it

the only reason local fans are requested to support the bowl is so TV viewers don't tune in and see empty metal bleachers. Bear in mind that the only reason we have a bowl here is so the bowl directors and commissioners can make some easy money.


Dont you want bowl to succeed in hometown....although, I see your point--let the two teams playing and their fans support it....Boise fans are just being used for the dollars and tv image of packed house....

I could care less if the bowl continued or died

I liked the ACC connection that the bowl had for a few years, but the ACC dropped it because it's a lame bowl. Coming to Boise in December isn't high on the priority list for east coast programs and their fans and now that it's a bowl between the WAC vs MAC, well, all I can say is that it's days are probably numbered.

It made a lot of sense back when Gene started it because it was a vehicle for BSU, but it exists today just for the sake of existing

our 'town' isn't putting it on

These people are, and they'll paying themselves quite well to do so



And your motel owners and

And your motel owners and restaurants and bars all do quite well off of the game. I'll bet if you take a survey of businesses on Broadway...they're quite happy to be associated with it.

locals don't stay in motels and/or hotels

yes, the local economy has a surge in business due to the bowl game, but only if out of own fans come to support 'their' team

TBK....this venue is at

Bronco Stadium....Does Bronco Stadium have a guaranteed minimum, plus a percentage of gate receipts?....

Thanks for the info ugly

Are you sure it's played at Bronco Stadium? I thought the bowl was played at Timberline HS.

TBK....I looked at the two

links and could not find salaries as you stated they are paying themselves quite well....

The website is a lousy one....they need a new designer....hopefully it was not in-house....

why were you looking?

the link was to who is getting paid...not how much they're paying themselves. who knows, maybe the Statesman could do a story on how much they pay themselves to put on the bowl

TBK....Ugly was looking because you posted two

links....and you said they were paying very well....

So I was just curious....

and I hate yuppism too....maybe it would be good and to teach yuppies a lesson if only 5,000 fans showed up to a bowl game in a stadium of 33,000 capacity....

Bowl directors and their staff, in general, make a good salary

well..compared to mine ;-)

I was at the Maryland v Nevada game, and from what the fans were wearing that day, one might be inclined to think that 3 teams were playing in that bowl game.

The bowl name should be changed to The Blue Turf Bowl and should be advertised as the easist way to win on The Blue Turf

Should be great for Boise----

Team close to Boise, Id. Hasnt been in a bowl for number of years and the fans should be excited and travel. Boise needs some folks spending some money in boise. This should be great matchup for Boise.


I am not sure how many Utah State folks would travel when at X-mas break....It will depend on their opponent....

Boiseans may have to fill stadium so bowl looks impressive....

I remember that excitement ------

Before we ever played in a bcs bowl I remember the excitement for "any bowl" BSU played in. Now if its not bcs bowl its "really that bowl". I like bcs but its ruining all the fans excitement for the other bowls. It appears even the nc game is having its affect on the other bcs bowls.

Where is Cupcake State going?

How about that BCS CRIPPE?


the rumor is Boise v Arizona State in Maaco

I'm fine with that match up

beats playing LaTech and gives us another crack at a Pac team

Welcome to Boise

Utah State has been playing great this year. I look forward to seeing them play on the blue. Don't worry about the loser trolls on the this site. They make their pathetic loser posts here all the time, it has nothing to do with your team. Congratulations and good luck on your bowl game.