Boise State football coach Chris Petersen can tie school record if Broncos win Saturday

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen can tie the school record for career coaching wins if the Broncos beat Wyoming on Saturday.

Tony Knap’s record has stood for 36 years. He went 71-19-1 (78.6 percent) from 1968 to 1975 — the first eight years of four-year football at Boise State. Knap died in September at the age of 96.

Petersen is 70-6 (92.1 percent) in six seasons as a head coach.

Senior quarterback Kellen Moore said Petersen hasn’t changed much through his tenure.

“For the most part, it’s the same old Pete,” he said. “You kind of know what to expect and he expects the same out of you. … He’s a little older and groggier on Mondays. He’s not too bad, though.”

Tight end Kyle Efaw appreciates how much Petersen cares about his players.

“I feel like he actually does care about us as people and not just how we’re doing on the field,” he said. “He really wants to see us succeed off the field and chase our dreams outside of football and figure stuff out as men. He talks about that quite a bit.”


Petersen talked this week about how this time of year teams either get better or worse, they don’t stay the same. He said Wyoming clearly is getting better. As for his team, “We’re to be continued, to find out. There are certain areas that I think we’ve played really well and done a good job. There are certain areas we’ve got to tighten up.”


Wyoming linebacker Brian Hendricks, on the Broncos:

“A lot of people are saying they’re not the same team as last year — and we completely disagree with that. We believe they’re just as explosive. They have playmakers, Doug Martin, Kellen Moore. They have an aggressive defense that swarms to the ball. They lost a tough game to a very good TCU team. Other than that, they really haven’t had that many challenges. This is a team that’s going to be hungry to win.”


Moore, on the Cowboys:

“They’re kind of peaking at the right time. They play hard. They’re very sound.”


Boise State’s young cornerbacks are well aware of the talent that has come before them. Since 2005, the Broncos’ primary starters have been Gerald Alexander, Orlando Scandrick, Kyle Wilson, Brandyn Thompson, Jamar Taylor and Jerrell Gavins. The first four were NFL draft picks and the last two likely will play in the NFL.

“We want to follow in their footsteps and try to be great like those guys,” redshirt freshman Bryan Douglas said.


Under Petersen, Boise State has beaten a Big 12 champion (Oklahoma, 2006), a Pac-10 champion (Oregon, 2009), an ACC champion (Virginia Tech, 2010) and an SEC East champion (Georgia, 2011).

Ironically, it could hurt Boise State if Georgia wins the SEC championship. If LSU beats Arkansas today and Georgia beats LSU next week, the SEC could get three teams in the BCS — LSU and Alabama as Nos. 1 and 2 and Georgia as the champion. That would make it extremely difficult for the Broncos to get an at-large spot.

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Congrads to Coach


stepping stone

Coach Petersen has demonstrated the type of success that can happen when you build where you are as opposed to using the program as a stepping stone to a BCS program.


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I think it's the first.

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. . . the Two Million Dollar Man.

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Mr. Negative:

Poster is always near first posting here. And, for what? What purpose?
This is a perfect example of somebody who was, as a child, always told they couldn't, you won't, you'll never amount to anything, etc. Chances are, he was born into negativity.

Don't blame him. Blame his mother and father...or lack thereof. How sad.

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3 Teams in BCS


Can one conference really get 3 teams into BCS games? I thought the rules limited conferences to 2 teams. Does the BCS championship not count?



You nailed it. Thats exactly right. The BCS is a cartel, plain and simple. If not so, Bill Hanc0ck wouldnt rage every time that word is used...

No and yes

The only way to get 3 teams in is to have two conference non-champions play in the NC game

How crazy would that be?

People are all in a tizzy about one team (Alabama) not winning its conference playing for it all. Can you imagine both LSU and Bama playing for it all if UGA wins the SEC Championship game?

Did you get my link

to today's games?

I did

Great job as always. I forwarded it to about 20 people.

forward it to me please.

For some reason my email is blocking funky's even though I have him in my contacts.


Go Tulsa!


Houston is looking tough.

Time to become

a Southern Mississippi fan

The Weisberg Replies.

Yes-Three teams from the same Conference can go-Arkansas beats LSU- Arkansas beats Georgia-Championship game.if all that happens-Three teams from the Southeast Conference,The Sports Writers usually do not answer questions on a Blog?

3 teams

Sorry, I was away from my computer for a while today. But yes, under the scenario I explained above, a team can get three because AQ champions, No. 1 and No. 2 are guaranteed spots regardless of anything else.

7-0 Tulsa


Georgia winning the SEC?....Not a chance.

LSU would whip the Dawgs and burn down the doghouse.

based on what?

Do you base that on LSU not being able to find the endzone against Bama and having to settle for FG's, while the very next week, Georgia Southern goes to Bama and scores 21 points on em? Why could lowly Georgia Southern do what #1 LSU couldn't do? Kinda of interesting that the talking heads at ESPN weren't asking THAT question when they were praising LSU and Bama as #1 and #2


matches up well with LSU. If the UGA O-line can hold up, they have a real chance.

If Georgia beats LSU...

LSU will drop to at least 3rd. But, and I'm saying right here and right now, it's not going to happen. Either LSU will lose to Arkansas today or LSU will go undefeated.

Scenarios of Mr. Cripe (BCS)

Please Please and Please-Chris Petersen's Broncos-have a Zero chance of a At-Large bid- TCU-MWC champion's.(Bottom line).that is the way it is-Maybe writing about =the scenarios=keeps fans interest?

Houston is now using the

RUTS against Tulsa....Last two scores, Houston could have ran some time off but chose to go for TD....

Boise needs to beat Wyoming in a convincing matter, or Houston may jump ahead of Boise based on the 2/3 of BCS polls....

No RUTS is not in formula, but humans are influenced by stats....


Houston could win the next two games by one point and they have a BCS game.

If you are going to try and argue RUTS at least bring it up in a situation where you have at least a chance at an argument....

BSU4342....Looks like Houston will

leap frog Boise as predicted....

I based prediction on RUTS....What say now?


First, Houston must win next week.

Second, Boise is only ranked behind Houston because it has a loss, it has nothing to do with beating Tulane 73-17.

You have still provided zero proof that RUTS helps a team in the human polls (which BTW you said you would do).

Two completely

different games. Boise State was in control against Tulsa from the start and took their foot off the gas pedal by the fourth quarter (Kellen had the headphones on after four TD throws), while Houston was in a tussle for three full quarters before blowing the game open in the fourth quarter. As a result, Case went for five TD's and enhanced his Heisman status and yes, Houston will jump over us in the polls because the pundits will only look at the final score.

Great coach----

Coach Pete also has great coaching assts. Appears to me his asst coaches and recruiting evenly on defense and offense is a couple of his keys to coaching.
One thing about Tony, when he got done with the players, most never wanted to see a football again. But he got all the football skill that was in them to come out at game time.
BSU has really been lucky over the years with coaches.

Congratulations, Coach Pete

A wonderful accomplishment.

A record that won't soon be beaten and if it is ever beaten it would be a shame.

Just two wins to own the record, outright.

It will happen. If not this year, then certainly in 2012.

After that anymore wins would be overkill and not really important to having established the record.

You have done well in the BCS football industry and any amount of money you are paid will never be enough to recompense you for the recognition you have brought to the City of Boise and BSU. They would be unknown without your accomplishments.

I for one believe it only good business to rename Broadway Avenue (which runs in front of the Bronco Stadium to 'Petersen Way'. To not do something like this to memorialize your record of football game wins, would be analagous to slapping your face and a demonstrated lack of respect and appreciation for your having brought milions and millions of dollars into the coffers of the City of Boise and BSU.

You simply CANNOT be paid too much money to coach football at BSU.

For BSU to give you at least a million and a half dollar a year pay raise (raising you up to approximately three million dollars a year or $250,000 per game) is the RIGHT THING to do for you.

Come on BSU - give Coach Pete more money - he has certainly lined your pockets - let him have some back.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

Finally something for Vandals to cheer about

Utah's embarrassing loss (22 point favorite) to Colorado pretty much seals the fate of ASU head coach Dennis Erickson.

on hearing the news, Jerry Kramer was over heard muttering "couldn't happen to a nicer %#&hole"

BSU4342....Dont worry, Vandals are all

over the World....

Lets root for Erickson, much like many Vandals are rooting and donating to Boise....Lets face it, Boise has the best chance at being a National Powerhouse in cfb....

Jerry Kramer would not say that....only a jelous boisean would have....

Go Broncos, tomorrow....


Stick with your donating nonsense.

BTW not only would Jerry say it, he would mean it.

If ugly...

doesn't know what Jerry would do to Erickson if he caught him out on the Snake I really question ugs loyalty.


So much for ug and vndl being conjoined twins.

Are you serious???

Coach Pete has asked Broncos, several times, to donate/contribute to expand Bronco Stadium so he can improve the Bronco's chances at recruiting top quality athletes and so more people can sit in the seats and watch the games.

And you go and call Coach Pete's request 'donating nonsense'.

That is just pure unadultrated poppyco@k and dangerously subversive talk.

Nothing about Coach Pete and the BSU Bronco Football Team is nonsense.

At least there is a group of Vandals that are trying to help Coach Pete because we want to see the BSU Broncos bring home (our Great State) a BCS Natty Trophy, someday; so Idahoans can be even more proud, than we already are, of an Idaho based college football team.

What are you doing to assist with Coach Pete's request? Absolutely nothing;


to call it 'donating nonsense'.

Go Broncos.

VNDL BAA Member #63799

PS - Brother Broncos - do not listen to B43S42U. I think he is intestinely impacted and has 'Bad/Stinky Gas Syndrome' which is degrading his ability to process cogent thoughts.

You'd think Coach Pete was a

Vandal, and the Stadium Expansion request came from Moscow....

Common Bronco Fans, this is your Team and Stadium we are talking about!

Dont you guys understnad that Big BCS teams as visitors share the Gate Receipt revenues? When Boise went to Georgia, Boise probably received around $2 million in visitors revenue....that is more than what Boise receives at their very own home games....

if Georgia were to do a home & home with Boise, Boise gets $2 million and Georgia would get about $670,000 for travelling to Boise....

and you dudes say Oregon is afraid to schedule Boise? that is funny! Oregon would schedule more games and go to Boise if they could make money in Boise....Boise wins the financial side in Oregon, but Oregon loses $2 million when they go to Boise....

Visiting teams command usually a minimum fee and or 35-40% of gate revenues....a gate revenue in Oregon is well over $6 million....a gate revenue in Boise is just about $1.8 million....

So if Boise wants to play the Big Boys, they must have Big Boy BCS reciepts so that the visiting team has a reason to come their....You can get a BYU or Utah, but you'll never get a USC, Notre Dame, Georgia if gate revenue sharing of around $670,000....

If Boise wants an NC and BCS schedule, it needs a bigger stadium with higher ticket prices to bring the teams in on a home & home....

ugly - Leaving on a jet plane - won't be back again

I have not seen even ONE Bronco (without any Vandal ties) come forward on these boards and advocate, publicly that other Brother and Fellow Broncos donate/contribute money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium project or joining the BAA. Not even ONE.

So far it is mostly Vandals who are helping the Broncos - not the Broncos themselves.

Have you noticed that, too.

And it is so simple with this BAA Fundly site:

And, also simple to join the BAA ($75.00 per year gets you there:

I have no explanation why some 'so called' Broncos think Coach Pete's vision for Bronco Stadium and multiple requests for Broncos to donate and contribute to the expansion of Bronco Stadium poject is "donating nonsense". And why they choose to go on a public forum that is read by hundres of thousands of people and call Coach Pete's requests for Bronco Support - 'donating nonsense'. Just baffles me.

ugly - you are a Deep Thinker and have a 3-Dimensional mind like a steel bear trap. Do you think Coach Pete will get disgusted and dissapointed with the way he is being treated by Broncos and decide to leave, in time?

Also, notice how Coach Pete made his requests, for Bronco Support, while Gene was AD.

Is it also, possible that Broncos dislike Bronco Bob (President Kustra) so much, behind the scenes that they are sticking it to Bronco Bob by not giving any donations/contributions to help with Coach Pete's Dream ecpansion of Bronco Stadium?

ugly - your thoughts pleez; as they are always Golden Nuggets of Great Information and Knowledge.

Thanx, in advance.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....I read your post at 10 AM but went for a

long jog first....Saturdays are my longer jogs of about 14 miles....then I rushed home and showered and my wife and Ugly headed to a sports bar to watch the game.... have effortlessly donated much time and monies into the Broncos, particularly Stadium have pencil and paper and spend much time writing ideas to convince the common Bronco that Stadium Expansion is good for Boise....You have done this without rest and many sleepless nights, and have asked nothing in return other than the Common Bronco donate to their beloved Broncos....You have done this because you have the same goal as apparently only a few of us others do to....that is expand stadium and bring big-time BCS football to Boise, where the big Bucks are made....

But one road block after another occurs....

Your question: 'Do you think Coach Pete will be disgusted and disappointed and eventually leave Boise'....

VNDL....the answer is yes....

In fact the deadline for phase I completion, yes I said completion, is the Fall of 2013....we are only 20 months away and not enough funds yet to even dig a hole....

In one week, Stadium expansion is suppose to start again, and then again....if not, that will be the third delay....

No Coach stays at the top forever....usually you are most marketable when you have the reputation of being good....How long can Coach Pete stay at the tops in Boise, and still be marketable as he is today?

My guess, he will be looking, not leaving but looking, this spring....If Stadium and facilities are not built, then why stay? If Boise is not serious about the BCS, then maybe its time to move on because life is short for eveyone....Chances dont always happen....

My guess is Coach Pete will be gone sometime in 2013....

ugly, for someone

as omniscient as yourself, you made an incredibly boneheaded bet this year on boise state.


Saw the message about wiz's team, I can see that chit-eaten grin on his face as I type.

Got CAL on ESPN3, can't help but root for them.

b81....not done


still WY and NM....

I admitted mistake awhile back....I had the 9-3 for the wrong year, it will be 2012....

Been right on numerous other stuff tho....

If it's the Maaco Bowl

We would get #5 from this list (if there is really a difference from #1).

Utah 7-5
Washington 7-5 (if they beat WSU tomorrow)
CAL 7-5
ASU 6-6
UCLA 6-7 (predicted)

So, ASU or UCLA........

BSU 10-1

BSU is a great team and will win the bowl game. Maybe not the BCS but still terrific.

Where are the Vandals? See a couple of sad vanditz here with only a crawl space. What's up with them? Don't know they are losers?

When you call, is it collect?

Just out of curiosity:

1. What is your BAA Member Number, and

2. How mych have you donated for Phase I expansion of Bronco Stadium, and

3. Do you even know what Phase I expansion of Bronco Stadium is?

We are dying to know your answers, please respond.

Thanx in advance.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - I heard that Mr. Ed died. He got long in the tooth and went with his shoes on. Is that true?