Boise State to sell leftover student tickets to Wyoming football game at half-price

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State plans to hold its own Thanksgiving weekend sale — on tickets to Saturday's football game against Wyoming.

The school has about 1,100 leftover student tickets and they will be sold at half-price beginning at noon Thursday at That makes the price $26.50 for adults and $18 for juniors.

Because of the school break for Thanksgiving, Boise State students used fewer than 3,500 of their 5,000 tickets.

No. 7 Boise State (9-1 overall, 4-1 MW) and Wyoming (7-3, 4-1) are playing for second place in the Mountain West. Kickoff is at 12:06 p.m.

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Have you donated today? Have a Happy Thanksgiving

If not - why not?

Are you going bowling tonight?

Getting your mullet trimmed at the Mall after work?

Why not just get a 79 cents Cup-oh-Noodles instead of a ten dollar burger, fires, and a shake tonite - and give 9 dollars to Coach Pete and the BAA's Bronco Stadiuim expansion project?

Why be so stingy and not willing to share?

There are many ways to change your living habits and come up with money to give to Coach Pete, The Bronco Flotball Team, the BAA, and expansion of Bronco Stadium project, if you just stop and think about it.

Instead of Action Figures, new toys, clothes and laundry soap, for the kiddies and wife, at X-Mass this year - just give them each a case of 48 packs of Ramen Noodles you can get at COSTCO for 4.98 a case (about ten cents per day to feed the little ones and the woman of your life - while you put your money to work building something that will make the City of Boise proud and be a statement of support for Boise's Team.

It is selfish to only think of you, your spouse, and your kids; when there are bigger forces and dynamics at play.

Be willing to share your bounty with the Broncos this Holiday Season.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

$26.50 a cheap price....

...for a CHEAP PRIZE!!! Don't be sad, don't be BLUE, BoyZ can still be #2!!! (flex, flex)

We'll wear BLUE

In a BCS Bowl while TCU gets revved up for the Uh-oh, Better Get Maaco Bowl.


Why be negative? It's a wonderful opportunity for those you may not be able to afford a game otherwise.

Missn ShrinkFrog...

Just when Richfrog finally found sum life answers from beyond da pond,.... ZAP, DELETE? Fartanis, how cruel to rob a frog! (Is this how you exact revenge of fail seasons via. Froghands?) RESUBMIT!!!

I still can't turn the vapors into a natural gas company, sorry.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

After the wind, it was seemingly 40ish at 3 am--look out

I got a lot of painting I had to do outside and other things done last night-stuff is coming and we're in the middle.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Two fingers?

The article sez, en parte: " . . . No. 7 Boise State (9-1 overall, 4-1 MW) and Wyoming (7-3, 4-1) are playing for second place in the Mountain West. . . ."

Does that mean Broncos will be holding up two fingers screaming passionately into the roving TV cameras at tailgating and at the game: "we're number two, we're number two?

That would be

five fingers on one hand, and two on the other for we're number 7 in the country funkman.

Don't look now but...

I knew a friend's brother who had a homemade fireworks accident and he could just hold his arms up, already there.


You could offer them for FREE

and I wouldn't take them.



Old Weird Harold again, huh?


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


How back I give you a ticket back to californicate?

jumping the bandwagon

I love the students on break excuse; most of them are still in the area.
Admit the obvious: this game, like this season, is not relevant.
Better luck next year.

So the students..

"are still in the area" but didnt pick up their allotted tickets because this game and season are irrelevant? Free tickets?

All the cats around me went home for the Holiday. But $53 for a game to wrap up the 2nd spot isnt all that appealing. Cutting it in half makes sense.

JLandgon - is a full stadium with free tickets a 'sell out'

I think what he is saying is that now that the Broncos have elilminated themselves from contention for a conference championship, a BCS Bowl, and an Undefeated Season, per the TCU Loss - there is no legitimate reason to watch the games and whatever the end result of the season is, at this point, the Broncos are irrelevant as to whether they can be National Champions or not; if that is what a fan wants (Natty trophy) and how he evaluates the success or failure of the Bronco Football Team.

At least that is how I read it.

Most Full-Time students at BSU who pay for student seats, at the beginning of the season, via their Student Fees are nontraditional students, unlike a real university where most of the students live on campus. The typical BSU student, as you know and can appreciate, is not a real student and does not live on campus but, instead lives in Garden City, Fox Ridge, Melba, Nampa, and etc. and has mostly full-time jobs and kids and responsibilities that real colege students don't have. So basically, those BSU students living in Ada County or neighboring counties, cannot make it to the stadium to watch the games as it is too far and they are on Thanksgiving Break and just 'one more' 5-30 mile driving trip to BSU Campus/Stadium is just too much gas money to spend.

You, know, about it, as you posted how Broncos are not doing real good economically now that it is a bad economly and they gotta get money to feed their families and such. Same thing with going to Bronco Stadium to watch a Bronco Football Game on Thanksgiving Weekend.

So basically they stay home.

I hope some people who are in better economic shape than Broncos can step forward and buy the tickets for the Wyoming game cuz half-priced and eventulally, free tickets are a real good deal.

I am curious, if we filled Bronco Stadium with free tickets - would that be considered a 'sell out' for the record books?

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63788

Hey, if they are free...

I'll take them. I can afford "free". Lol.

RMS - take a can opener to the game with you

Monday they came on the market for $53.00.

Two days later, today, they are half price.

Maybe by Friday, two days from now, they will be free,


You can get into the game for free if you bring a can of some type of food for a food drive.

1,500 cans of Beefaroni or Spagetti-Ohs should be able to make half the Blue turf an orange color.


If they get enuff Beefaroni or Spagetti-Ohs they can make the odd numbered yards orange instead of blue.

And, boy howdy, talk about interesting to see all the slipping and sliding that would be going on and pulling chunks of orange noodles and macaroni out of the face masks.

Could really feed a big bunch of JLandon's Homeless and Profligate Broncos after the game. Just jpen the gates and tell 'em to grab their spoons and - "come on down".

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63788

Capacity crowd.

Capacity crowd.

The Obvious: Too expensive

I don't have $80 sitting around to spend on 3 tickets for a game. At this point in time, I can't afford that. That doesn't include concessions, meals before or after the game, parking, etc.


$26.50 for a ticket to watch a stupid foolball game, now if the cheerleaders are going to do a nice nude halftime show or a lap dance is included

You might reconsider

if you ever see the ones at BSU.

would a room full of free tickets count as a sell-out?

You should have first hand knowledge of that as your Vandals give away free tickets as door prizes at their games. That's how they get the "huge" attendance figures.

frog99 - I hope you didn't kill your brain having a BigThought

lol, good one!

Many hours went into that conceptual thinking you do, I can tell.

Very original.

Probably nobody has ever had such deep thoughts as your post exemplifies.

On the more serious side: I am a Vandal that wants the BSU Broncos to be the premier football University for our Great State and for the University of Idaho to refocus priorities from football to going back to being the premier academic University that it once was.

Yes, I said 'was' as in past tense. Idaho has lost it's way with its desire to be able to compete with BSU in football. No way will Idaho ever be able to do that in the future. Idaho should get out of the college FBS football game and let BSU be the football University (basically Idaho should go back to the Big Sky and FCS football or just get rid of football completely, per the Gonzaga Model).

Idaho should take the Kibbie Dome and use it for more advanced academic research or a second library. You are right, attendance at Vandal football games has been abysmal. No way around that fact.

I trust you have joined the BAA and have given generously from your wallet to support Coach Pete's desire to have better football offices, lockerromms, and weight rooms, in addition to expanding Bronco Stadium by adding 10,000 more seats.

Just out of curiosity, what is your BAA Member Number and how much have you given to the BAA and Coach Pete?


Have you just paid lip-service to supporting the BSU Bronco Football Team, like so very very very many citizens of Bronco Nation have done in the past, continue to do, and will probably do in the future?

Are you a leech or a butterfly?

Please, send in your money now

Contribute to the expansionh of Bronco Stadiuim project,if you love the Broncos.

Please contribute as much as you can to expand Bronco Stadium:

Also, here is a way to join the BAA for only $75.00 per year:

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63788

Come on Broncos - get off the pot

Please, send in your money now.

Send all you can.

Give up the creature comforts and tighten your belts a little bit and give more money to Coach Pete and the BAA.

Contribute to the expansion of Bronco Stadiuim project,if you love the Broncos.

Please contribute as much as you can to expand Bronco Stadium:

Also, here is a way to join the BAA for only $75.00 per year:

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


Funding to stadium expansion of 14,000 seats to 33,000 seats was relatively easy in those days....I remember Bronco fans were very real Bronco fans....much like the fans of Wyoming....

but times have changed....

and I dont think Coach Pete will let it go too long before looking....

If Coach Pete said he was heading to Moscow, we would have $20M raised in a hurry....

I have many friends in Boise and they are mostly Broncos....they love dissing me about Vandals, but donations is a no-go for whatever reason....they always state the economy or other factors....or they'll say JR will come thru....

You have one of the best cfb teams ever....and its like la la land....

The Stadium will have troubles as we talked in winter postings....Coach Pete? Not sure if he wont be looking....Can you blame him?

ugly - I have tried again

and posted more information about how Bronco Fans can and should join the BAA and give money to Coach Pete for his expansion of Bronco Stadium project.

We will let it cook a little bit and check it out later and see if we Vandals can get any more money for the BAA and Coach Pete.

It does not look like any other Bronco Fans on these boards want to help ou, get involved with us Vandals, and support this project for their benefit, so I guess we Vandals got to do it by ourselves. No Broncos should complain that Vandals are 'Stealing the Glory' or 'Hi-Jacking' the BAA or Coach Pete's projcet. They have had their chance at Greatness and turned it down.

While it is true that it does appear that Vandals are taking over - that is not the case at all. Vandals are merely filing a leadership void and naturally rising to the top.

Remember Darwin's Theory about Evolution and the natural superiority of some biological organisms within the same species. Weil, we are kind of seeing unfolding what we have always known: Vandals will dominate when required for the overall welfare and benefit and survival of all members of the the species.

Just imagine the State of Idaho without Vandals leading, guiding, and fostering its citizenry. A real dismal and horrid place it would become.

ugly - no matter how you slice it - it is the implied responsibility for all Native Vandals to Be In Charge of Things in our Great State. That is why our State Seal has the image of the Great Great Grand Mother of Joe Vanal om it.

Getting back to the money donation stuff - yes it is slowing down. We have gotten lots of money for the Broncos from Vandals. Now it is the Broncos turn to support their own footballl stadium and they are struggling. The Broncios simply need our Vandal Team Assistance.

Well, technically it is not BSU's Bronco Stadium. Technically it sits on University of Idaho Land Grant land per jour State's Constitution, that the University of Idaho is leasing to BSU per the creation of Boise Junior College - via the administration of Idaho Department of Lands managers. While the amount of money BSU pays to Idaho for Annual Rent is minimal and is actually held in abeyance right now, it is still a fact that the BSU campus and stadium are technically owned by the University of Idaho and NOT by BSU. BSU owns the Pronto Pup Retail Sales location at the games, though, I think, but - not real sure about it, though.

If BSU goes out of business, the land and all physical improvements would 'run with the land', and revert back to the University of Idaho for administration and management. This was all explained by a guy named 'Guy' who works for the Idaho Department of Lands, to me, many years ago.

Keep up the great work tracking the contributions to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project.

I think if there is a large contribution of one hundred dollars or more, we can readily ascertain it was a Vandal that contributed, as the Broncos are economically depressed as JLandon was explaining to us in one of his earlier posts. Less than one hundred dollars and we can determine it was a Bronco that donated.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member Number 63799

ugly - is failing too

to get Broncos motivated to give money to support the expansion of Bronco Stadium that Coach Pete wants.

One of the regular posters at (lift3) is frustrated with the Broncos not supporting Coach Pete, too. He recently, today, said:


Bronco All-Star
1235 posts this site

Posted: Today 1:17 PM

RE: Check this out!!

So far there has been 9,746 dollars donated on fundly... There has been a total of 75 donors to the stadium expansion. I want to tread lightly here, because I don't want to shotgun blast everyone, especially since I know there are many on this board who care for this program and have done far more than I have or will ever be able to do. That being said, for those who don't fit in that category what is your excuse? It seems to me that many Bronco fans want to enjoy the success of our program, but give nothing in return. I am not just saying on this board but many fans and alum that I have contacted through facebook and e mail.

We are talking about donations as small as 10 dollars, let me repeat that 10 dollars. Most of us can't go to the gas station without spending 10 bucks on hoho's and soda pop.

I'm calling anybody out who hasn't given to the program, except for those who are BAA members and give money in other ways. If you are not this is an opportunity for anybody to give something to the program that we love.

Even if you have given a lot you can still help by posting this on your facebook and twitter and e mailing to some of your Bronco friends. Come on guys, Coach Pete is asking for help on this and many are giving him the bird!

75 donors for a program that is one of the best in the nation, this program will not prosper with support like this. You know the really sad part is look how successful this program has been as of late and still people can't find it in them to give up a couple of bucks, e mail and facebook a few friends.

Come on we can do this! Let's help the Broncos out, they need better facilities and we need to help, even if it's only a little!

And yet, we are saddled with regular posters to these Statesman boards who are fighting the idea of supporting Coach Pete's prject - tooth and nail.

I have no idea why regular Bronco posters to these boards are not being supportive of our Vandal efforts to help the Broncos get money to join the BAA and for the expansion of Bronco Stadium.

The poor saps would not even try to save themselves if they were drowning. They would expect Vandals to rescue them and then walk away without even any acknowledgement that Vandals saved their lives.

Their loyalty to Coach Pete and the BAA and the Bronco Football Team is vrery very very shallow. The people on (one of the premier sites for Broncos to gather, are seeing it too.

I am beginning to think Bronco Nation is hllow and many so-called Bronco Fans, like we have on these boards, are jumping ship now that the Broncos have lost JUST ONE LITTLE OLD GAME, and have taken themselves out of contention for anything (no BCS Bowl - no MWC Conference championship - nothing).

I know it is not fair that the Broncos can never lose even one game and expect to be a special team anymore, but that is just the way it is as a nonAQ 1 Loss team.

Relegated to the scrap heap of irrelevancy in the blink of an eye.

Well, there is always the First Game of the 2012 season to look forward to getting by with a win, so the Broncos can have a shot at an undefeated season next year and we can have something to root for.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....that is a good post by lift3....

In past, Broncos supported their team and school....

1970s thru 1990s, Broncos did not lack funds....

Something has happened in past 6 years....dont understand it....

Its weird....

$9,746.01 is ENOUGH....

... enough to send GoodAle to the Gramatica School 4 Kickers with Brotzman Right-Shank Syndrome. Stunning to realize the BCS MILLIONS lost to BoyZ coffers because of failure to invest in this young man's career earlier. I've heard , that if anything, graduates tend to sail 'em wide LEFT! And ANYTHING is better than what you blew-turfed horse-boyZ always end up with,.... nothing. Take heart in the realization that $9,746.01 shows that someone cares. And goodale for you! Bless your hearts.


You have fought the good fight, you have kept the faith, you have won the race....

For your efforts, a crown of glory awaits....

On Darwin and Evolution....You forgot one was the 'Selfish Gene' as proposed by Richard Dawkins....

In my studies, I have found the 'Generous Gene' located on Human Chromosome #12....DNA samples from Vandals seem to have a very high proportion of this gene....

I have located the 'Selfish Gene' at Human Chromosome #2, near the Ape split....

I believe and found this gene to be heavily concentrated from Gowen exit area enroute to about area called Black-cat road....

I have figured way to rid of gene at chr #2 and splice and insert the better gene from chr #12....

VNDL....dont have done well....

ugly - if

you have visibility, check out this link from

This will help you understand the depth of a lack of support Broncos, such as many who frequent these boards and claim to be 'Bronco Supporters', have exhibited, not only on these boards but on other so-called Bronco Forums as well.

You and I are not the only ones shocked by a lack of interest or support for Broncos to support Coach Pete or the BAA or even themselves.

Little by little, Good Broncos are beginning to realize there is an entire grouping of Bad Broncos.

If you study a herd of wild horses, you will notice there are the leaders, the followers, and those that just can't keep up with the running herd. The slow ones, the Bad Horses, that just eat grass and consume feed that should go to the Good Horses, need to be 'put down' out of humanity. Sometimes the economy is so bad that bullets are too expensive - so - you gotta find a real tall cliff and let gravity do the trick.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....what this boils down to is


My wife and I after Robie Creek were at the RAM and I was surprised by the very large attendance for a Boise spring scrimmage game....I think 15,000+....

I remember at game, you could text on cell phone and donate $10 by text alone....their donations were well under $1 per fan....

To Boise fans, apathy describes them the best these days....

ugly - Web Pages Are Going Down Due to no donations

Here is what a leader at is recently saying, RE: fundraising efforts for Bronco Stadium expansion:


Bronco All-Star
1237 posts this site
Posted: Yesterday 5:02 PM

RE: Calling you out!

I am going to make a solid attempt at raising money on fundly for about a week. I have spent several hours on this with no interest so far, but I am going to continue to try to get some people involved and see if we can get the ball rolling on this. If I can't drum up any interest after the next week or so I will probably disable the page.

That being said I really think if we can get some people on this who are well connected with many Bronco fans and encourage others to share with their friends we have a high chance of success.

Very serious stuff.

Real drastic measures.

Page Disabling.

Who would have thought it would have come down to this Low of an Ebb and Point.


VNDL....Sounds like lift3 needs some


I think your posts have generated about $6,000 of the $10,000 donated so far....

lift3 and others are starting to sense stadium delays and he is probably tired of blogging for it....

As time goes, we will see what interest Bronco Fans have in Stadium Expansion....

I don't do PayPal-EVER


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

ugly - we must remember

that supposedly there are over 80 other avenues to give money that will eventually go for the expansion of Bronco Stadium and the fundly thing is just one.

The BAA Horespower program is another way.

As I understand it, the BAA Horsepower program is a way to have a certain predetermined amount of money given to the BAA on a routine basis (monthly or however you set it up), with a portion of that BAA money going to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project.

Theonly way I know of to donate money directly to the BAA for use exclusively for expansion of Bronco Stadium is through the Phase I donation/contribution concept the BAA has established. I might be wrong, but that is how I understand it.

So, this $250,000 goal is but one of over 80 different fund raising mechanisms in existence and hopefully, combined they can get enough money to actually give Coach Pete what he wants.

But the hard thing to understand is if we on the Statesman blogs, the thread on, and the fundly program are all experiencing Bronco apathy toward donating money, then how the heck are we assured to be able to expand Bronco Stadium, even if any of us contrilbute a dolar or not?

Does this mean that it is up to the BIG FISH Donors to use their corporate money and individual wealth to make Phase I a reality. And if so,

Then it really means the common Bronco Fan has not invested his/her emotions into supporting the Broncos. To me, it seems real sad that it wil take a few BIG FISH donors to come up with the bucks and just have the common Bronco Fans swilling at the corporate trough.

Maybe JLandon is right? We cannot expect economically depressed and disadvantaged common Bronco fans to donate/contribute money because they have to prioritize and spend their money on feeding their families and for living expenses. I guess the best we can hope for from this impoverished class of primarily Ada County based Idaho residents is for them to just watch the Bronco games at their sports bars or at their felllow Bronco friends' houses or at their neighborhood Bronco tailgating sessions in their driveways.

I dunno. We are just some Vandals trying our level best to help these common Bronco fans part with a dollar or two to help Coach PEte.

Who knows, maybe the BAA Horsepower program is collecting millions of dollars. I sure hope so, cuz I want to see Coach Pete happy so he doesn't leave Boise. The City of Boise and Ada County would not be the same without Coach Pete and the Idaho Dairy Association would have to find a new ad campaign spokesperson.

We know the new milk drinking promoter would never be a Vandal, cuz I know Vandals only drink milk up to about 6 months of age and then switch to high quality beer and such, to get into a training regimen and tip-top shape to attend the University of Idaho in about 17 years from then.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....I am not sure I believe there are 80 or

more ways to donate to Stadium Expansion....that kind of came thru JL as per his phone conversation with a BAA fundraiser....maybe the dude on other end was not BAA fundraiser, but a BAA prankster....

Think about it, over 80 ways to donate?....what is the BAA? the new version of Salvation Army where at end of day the BAA kettleman goes and collects all the 80+ kettles and tallies the totals? If so, then where is the tally total? What web-site is there so we can check the progress as with fundly?

If 80 or more ways, donator may need to be beware as some may be of frauds....probably should check with BAA for all the legit ones....we may be surprised to hear there are only a few.... 1-2 weeks the Stadium Expansion of phase I is suppose to begin, after another delay this past August....

I guess time will tell....

ugly - maybe blue and orange Bronco Buckets would work ?

Actually, the Salvation Army thing got me thinking.

What if we went to Home Depot and bought a hundred of those orange buckets and then got some blue spray paint and painted stripes on the Bronco Buckets and dropped them around locations in Boise and some other parts of Idaho (entrance to the Malls, airport lobby, City Halls, County Courthouses, and etc.

This could be just the 'honor system' cuz we prolly couldn't get any common Brinco Fans to help the Vandal Team man them, as they are prolly too busy job hunting to be able to feed their families and getting money for space rent, and such.

The honor system would work if we had a sign like this taped to the side of each Bronco Bucket:


Coach Pete and the Broncos and the BAA and the Vandal Team need your money - even a dollar - this money will go to expand Bronco Stadium and get more seats for Bronco Fans to sit in and for Coach Pete to have a nicer office. Please put some money in this Bronco Bucket - anything is apreciated. Sorry, we don't do credit cards or personal checks - just real money. And remember, it is also appreciated if you don't take any money out of this Bronco Bucket, even if you are by yourself, your wife is not with you, and nobody else is looking at you right now. Thank you for your consideration. The Vandal Team.


Then we could go around every othr day or so and empty the Bronco Buckets into a bigger blorange Bronco Barrell and take the money to Bronco Stadium and give it to Coach Pete or the BAA (whichever is in the office at the time).

I think it might work. The only problem I can see is getting the right type of spray paint that sticks to plastic. Not all spray paint does.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


Vndl, good idea on bluenorange buckets....must catch common Bronco in good mood....

after a Bronco game and the Broncos win, maybe the Ram will allow us to be bellringers as Broncos head for post-game meal....

I haven't even SEEN the stadium in over five years...

From the gas station down the street...

Never been in there.


I still think it's not a decent idea.