Boise State WR Tyler Shoemaker named semifinalist for Burlsworth Trophy (top walk-on)

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State senior wide receiver Tyler Shoemaker is one of 10 semifinalists for the Burlsworth Trophy, which goes to the nation's top walk-on.

Shoemaker, who walked on out of Mountain View High, has 14 touchdown catches this season — tying the school record. He is tied for second in the nation, one TD behind Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State.

The other semifinalists are offensive tackle Mike Remmers of Oregon State, wide receiver Griff Whalen of Stanford, quarterback Bryant Moniz of Hawaii, wide receiver Patrick Edwards of Houston, linebacker Steven Johnson of Kansas, safety Jordan Kovacs of Michigan, center Mike Caputo of Nebraska, running back Dominique Whaley of Oklahoma and quarterback Austin Davis of Southern Miss.

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I hope he wins the


He deserves it....

Shoe steppin' up

and filling some big holes left when Young and Pettis graduated. It's not easy to perform at a high level when you go from the #3 to #1 target. It's been great to watch.

Brandon Burlsworth Award.

Tyler Shoemaker-good career- good luck-keep up the effort-Chris Petersen's Broncos will need you to step up again- this Saturday.

A Continued Message From Coach Pete for 22 NOV '11

Coach Pete, from the BAA web site, sez:

"Our expectations for success are at an all time high which makes your involvement even more critical. With the move to the Mountain West Conference (MWC), it will be important that we continue to attract the best student-athletes available. As you know, many things contribute to a top notch Division 1 football program. Keeping great coaches, filling our stadium on game day and building first class facilities all play a key role. In order for our program to be attractive to future Broncos, we must expand Bronco Stadium and upgrade our football complex. We have outgrown our current space and need to bring our locker room, training room, weight room and equipment room up to par with the rest of the schools in the new conference. The competition in the MWC will challenge our team even more week in and week out and it is vital that we have all the tools necessary to compete at the next level. We are excited about our future. Expanding Bronco Stadium and improving facilities will allow us to continue the success we have enjoyed over the past 13 years. I am confident that we can complete this project, but it will take all of us working together and getting everyone we know involved.


Coach Pete"

This is taken from the following BAA web site:

Also, here is a way to join the BAA for only $75.00 per year:

Please, Bronco Fans - join the BAA and contribute a few bucks to really help support the football team you supposedly call 'my own'.

I have provided some links for you guys to use in joining the BAA and contributing some money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium Project.

Per popular request, I will continue to provide this information from time to time and/or daily, as a minimum, or even more often; so Bronco Fans can join the BAA; as well as knowing they are actually helping Coach Pete by contributing/donating to the expansion of Bronco stadium project.

Idaho Vandals have led the way so far. Possibly, Bronco Fans wil want to help the Bronco Football Team and Coach Pete and become engaged, too and be part of the Solution to the Problem and not the Problem to the Solution.

Remember the Most Important Thing: There is an 'I' in Boise, but there is no 'I' in Vandal.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Contribute as much as you can to expand Bronco Stadium:

PPS - Join the BAA:

ugly - did . . .

our proactive, critical, accalimed, and vaunted Vandal leadership result in any increase of fiscal donations/contributions to the expansion of Bronco stadium, today?

I have been 'out of pocket' meeting with many Vandal and Bronco friends, convincing them to give a few bucks to join the BAA and for the expansion of the State of Idaho Bronco Stadium project, and have not been able to ascertain if our Vandal Team Efforts have paid any dividends in the resulting form of increased contributions/donations.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Ever wonder if some of the regular 'Bronco' posters to these boards (JLandon, T-Funkie, razor, B81, Apache64, O'Milkey, RMS, et. all., have ever joined the BAA and/or contributed/donated to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project? I have. None of them have ever said for sure if they have or not, so I don't really know if they are real supporters of Bronco Football or the BAA, or not. They all talk a big story about supporting Coach Pete and Bronco Fotball, so I am guessing they have given lots of money to this stuff in the past and have low BAA Membership Numbers and such. Was just curious on your take about it or if you think they did or did not. We won't know until they tell us one way or another. All we can do is assume they have not by their silence on the question. As they say - 'Suilence Is Golden'. But right now, Coach Pete, the Bronco Football Team, and the BAA needs their money and gold and not their silence. Time will tell I guess if they ever answer the question or not. not so good....

early in day a dude donated $75 and that is it so far....

Yesterday, you did posted web 3 times and 30 min following over $400, you did not post web until tonite and only $75 in....tomorrow may fare better since just 1 day before Thanksgiving?

You posed excellent and difficult question on another post relating what affects are $5 and common Bronco fan....and then you threw in the difficulty of fan resistance as they may bite, resist, scream, pass-out, before they finally release the $5 for their beloved Broncos....

I could not use linear regression on this....had to go to more difficult equations called Differential Equations....

I used formula [Common Fan + $5 x resistance] = Donation Potential

The computer spit out that there are around 120,000 common fans in Boise area....thus $5 x 120,000 = $600,000

then you add the resistance factor of 95% and this comes to about $9,000 of potential donation....

as you can see, my math and fundly's funds are very close....

We can raise more, if we reduce the 'resistance factor'....

We're all mostly talkers

I have said many times here and at the board meetings that me and my family contribute biannually. I think many of us "regulars" have donated and/or continue to donate. I know I sit in the same section as Windex and pretty positive that particular section requires an automatic BAA membership. Not to speak for Windex, but I also believe he has hoops tickets.

Sure, every fan that can donate something should. But these are tough economic times and there's families who would like to donate, but can't. They're not any less fans because money is tight. I would hope people who are having a difficult stretch would rather take care of their families and loved ones than donate to a football program. I have much more respect for those guys than some booster who has made millions and gives to the program what hes earned on interest in a year. And after giving acts like he deserves a parade thrown for him and his wife.

I spoke to a some Bronco fundraisers a few days ago on the phone and grilled them about expansion, the track being moved, the football complex etc...As they called me I was wondering if they were just asking for random cash without being specific as to where it goes. I was wrong and kind of surprised. They knew their stuff. Theres hundreds of specific ways to donate and thats just to the football program. And as most people who want cash, the askers were upbeat and optimistic about the goals set.

John Wooden said the foundation of success for his basketball team was built years earlier than the championships won. They practiced in an old smelly gym, where it was hot and crowded. Numerous other sports practiced in that gym at the very same time. It was loud and required concentration and discipline from his players. I like to think the Broncos work ethic, chip on their shoulders and desire to win is the foundation to what makes them the team they are now. And the team they will be long after the facilities upgrades and new football complex are built.

well said JL

Well said.

Very well stated JL


JLandon - thank you

for clariying that you are a BAA Member and are currently supporting the expansion of Bronco Stadium Project with fiscal Resources.

I, however am ilnterestind in the new windex personand the other regulars, as they have not stated, with clarity, whether or not they are BAA Members or not and have or have not donated money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium projects.

Satements such as 'ditto' or 'well said' do not answer the questions as to whether they are part of the problm or part of the solution.

I like your thinking about John Wooden having his team practice in an old smelly gym - but- that is not what Coach Pete wants his team to practice in.

Coach Pete has stated yow important it is for recruiting purposes to upgrade the football offices and weightroom and lockers to be more attractive to getting better quality recruits than past recruits have turnedj out to be for the Broncos. Coach Pete has even used that logic as 'leverage' for his his contract extension/expansion negotiations last January (see Stanford Poaching Attempt). Also,. Coach Pete is the one who has asked Broncos to pony up money and ecpand Bronco Stadium so 10,000 more peo-le can be seated and watch Broncos play footbal.

This was not John Wooden saying this. This was not JLandon saying this. This was Coach Pete. You canm disagree with him all you want to and think the Broncos work ethic, chip on their shoulders and desire to win is the foundation to what makes them the team they are now - and the team they will be long after the facilities upgrades and new football complex are built - but it simply IS NOT.

Coach Pete wants a new football office for coaches, locker rooms, and weight room, to attract and keep top quality recruits and improve the current level kof recruits currently coming to BSU.

He ahs said it - not me.

He has said it - not you.

He has said it - not John Wooden.

Coach OPete has said what Coach Pete has said.

So- you can either fight the tie and swim upstream against the momentum of the Bronco Tide - or - you can get your check book out and pony up a little more money and be part of the Solution, instead of being the Problem for expansion of the Bronco Stadium Prokect.

Certainly gving $5 or $10 dollars isn't gonna kill you or others who buy season tickets to the Bronco Games and go to Bronco Stadium and watch them.

If it is too much to afford $5 or $10 for people who are fans of the Broncos - then maybe they need to stop going to Bronco games, turn off the TVs, stop buying blorange trinkets at retailers, and go out and get some jobs and generate supplementary income to take care of their families, as oppposed to supporting the Broncos. I agree with you there, for sure.

If Common Bronco Fans canot support Coach PEte or the BAA or the expansion of Bronco Stadium prokect, they should simply stop being Bronco Fans - agreed 100%.

Kudos JLandon - good thinking!! As you so eloquently stated: People who are having a difficult stretch would rather take care of their families and loved ones than donate to a football program. It is about time we did some 'culling' in the 'Bronco Herd' and goet rid of the 'Dead Wood' that just takes up space from those that are Real True Fans. Too many so-called Bronco Fans are buying tickets for themselves and their families to attend Bronco Games when they should be using that money to take care of their families, instead. Good thinking JLandon. Deep thoughts on your part.

I know two Broncos and many Vandals, now that are members of the BAA and have contributed/donated to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project, For example, in the essence of time, to keep the typing and reading required for the Vandal List, hsort, here are only the Broncos:

1. TBK,
2 JLandon.

There might be a couple more, but they have not come forward and admitted it yet. Until they do, this list has to stand

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Interesting how there are some members of the BAA that get BAA Member Numbers and some supposedly are members, but do not have a BAA Member Number. I will call the BAA loater and find out if it is possible to be a BAA Member and NOT have a BAA Member Number. Research, research, research - always needing some type of research.

tell you what

If we ever have another board meeting, I will be happy to show you my baa card, I always have it with me.

ugly - we are up to three now & One Loss Seasonal Winners

that are confirmed/known/admitted 'Broncos' who are members of the BAA:

1. TBK,
2. JLandon,
3. windex.

It is still unknown if any others are lurking on these boards or not. It looks like theV andals are clearly in the lead in supporting the Bronco football Team.

I sure hope Coach Pete is right and thinks he needs to improve and expand the football offices, weight room(s), locker room(s) and make 10,000 more seats for Bronco stadium and NOT take the approach to motivating his players like John Wooden did by having them play in sweaty run down gyms to get 'hungry' to win.

History will show that Coach Pete is a much smarter coach than John Wooden and having only the finest of hardwoods for wall base and crown molding and Italian tiles in the Broncos locker rooms and polished sterling hardware in the showers, is the way to motivate potential recruits to the Broncos and keep them on the team once they come to Boise and start playing.

Another big incentive is to remind the potential recruits is that BSU Broncos have 4-Ply TP and not the cheap COSTCO stuff that a finger can easily slip through.

We have an entirely new generation of high school players now, than when John Wooden was coaching and recruiting. Coach Pete knows this; especially the Cali Kids. They are scholars of Ikea, Williams and Sonoma, and Behind the Bed, and want only the best. Coach Pete knows this, and really doesn't care how much it costs to get it, just that it is very important to 'recruiting' and 'motivation' of his players, to get it.

Coach Pete's philosophy seems to be working very good. He is a master of taking mediocre talent level local Idaho kids and other one to two star kids from other states, and traiining and developing and coaching them into being One Loss Seasonal Winners.

If you stop and think about the statistics JLandon had the other day about how successful the Broncos have been - something like - 2 BCS Bowls and only 3 losses in 5 years. That might not be the exact thing he was saying, but it is very impressive. How many college football teams clailm to have such a wonderful record? It is a powerful statisctic. Thanx for sharing that statistic, JLandgon.

Another way to look at the same statistic is to view the BSU Broncos as One Loss Seasonal Winners.

This is wonderful.

The BSU Broncos only lose one game every year.

Unfortunately to win a National Championship, the Broncos will have to have an undefeated season. That is how it is for a non-AQ school. I most earnetstly want to see the Broncos win a Natty. To do so, they cannot lose any games, whatsoever. When they lose a game, the season is, for all intents and purposes (assuming a National Championship is the Paramount Goal and reason for competing and playing the game of BCS football in the first place),the Broncos have basically enddeed their season and can't really compete until the next season and next opportunity to have an Undefeated Season.


w3hat does this all mean?

It means that if the Broncos lose the first game of a season, they might as well just play the scrubs the rest of the year and let the First String guys do whatever they want the rest of the season.

This is why I am advocating that Broncos who truly love their team, Coach Pete and the BSU Broncos; should not buy game tickets for a few years and just take that money and donate it to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project and make Bronco Stadium really something to behold - for WHEN the Broncos have an undefeated season, more people will want to go to the games and buy tickets (which costs BSU more money loss).

ugly - could you run some numbers and find out if the Broncos would be better served if Bronco fans just stopped going to games and instead, contributed the game ticket monies to the BAA and Bronco Stadium expansion, if the Broncos lose the first game(s) of any given season or not.

It seems to me like it is best to just get it over with quick and clean - if the Broncos lose their first game(s), more money would be made for BSU in the long run by having those fans just contribute/donate the money they would have spent on getting seasonal game tickets and just giving that maoney to the BAA and Coach PEte for expansion of Bronco Stadium, so they can buy tickets for games for seasons that the Broncos are not going to lose any games and go undefeated.

I would appreciate it very much if you could weigh in - as you are a 3-Dimensional Thinker and have one of the more Advanced Cerebellunm's of any posters on these boards.

In advance, thanx.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


all of my posts kept going to spam....I'll try to figure way to respond....


clear your cache and reboot.

You were right JL

oh well..........

JL....Not well said....Let me


So what you are saying is that the 33,000 fans that fill the Bronco Stadium are the typical family struggling to make 'ends' meat....the 33,000 fans represents mostly modest wage earners, homeless, and the unemployed?

The typical 33,000 usually drives to the game, pays about $53 per ticket and another $10-15 on goodies, and usually finds a spot to eat afterwards....some even have pre-events such meetings at tje RAM beforehand, or tail-gaiters....

after the game, they no longer have $10 to spare because kids are home starving and they are behind on their mortgage....

and you diss the millionares that actually do end up purchasing 90% of the funds for expansion, so the common Bronco fan can enjoy in luxury without giving much themselves; if anything....

I was there this April at Robie Creek when Broncos had Spring game that drew 15,000 fans....they had a very easy way to was a text number on cell phone and $10 goes to stadium expansion....they collected about 75 cents per attendee....Times are tough in Boise!!!!!

Boise is telling Coach Pete we do not want the facilities....

Maybe we should give Coach Pete a book about John Wooden? and tell Coach to grow up or adios....and if he wants facilities, find his millionares to pay for them....

Sounds like Poinsetta--Boise v Nevada....


That's exactly what I said. Word for word. You vandals are so smart. Can't wait to meet you ugly at a board meeting.

It'll be fun.

Poor ugly, you're still hurt over that comment about how you talk like a 7 year old?

It's funny you must get a "Bing" whenever vndl comes on the threads. Heaven help us if you have to ever be a man instead if a whiny little leech.

Did you and vndl have the same English professor at the University of Idaho?

JL....Great Post!

At least 7 years is ahead of 6....

Whiny? Not at all....actually, extremely positive and forward going....

If BAA phone caller had good info on Stadium, why dont you share what he/she said about the progress--it sounds very positive....instead you chose to get ired....

The Stadium Expansion project and funds are being directed to Bronco fans that can attend games and to BAA is well know that hard times have hit many, but most likely they are not the ones attending Bronco football games....

and the little leech comment? leeching onto what?

Get back to good Bronco football talk....You Broncos generally have good stuff to read....

Thanks man

I do my best. That's what John Wooden would want. keep saying

John Wooden....did you go to UCLA?

Ugly was born in Orange....Saint Joseph's Hospital specifically

ugly - the leeches are . . .

. . . the Bronco Fans who want to portray the image of being Holier Than Though Bronco Fans, but when faced with the possibility of accepting Coach Pete's request for help and support of the Bronco Football team via contributions/dontations for the expansion of Bronco Stadium, some of these 'leech' Broncos, now come up with reasons to 'not' do as Coach Pete asks.

The new rational is:

The Bronco Stadium excpansion project is too fancy - not crude enuff. It is best to just have the players practicing and using old stinky gyms like John Wooden did 50 years ago.

Why are these leech Broncos taking this position now, after supposedly being better supporters of the Broncos than you, me, or other Vandals who have actually joined the BAA and contributed real money to the expansion of Bronco Stadium prioject?

The reason is they are too cheap to part with their money to help give Coach Pete what he as asked them to give him. Hypocrites is another name for these leeches.

It is Very Sad when you have Vandals giving to Coach Pete when Broncos will not.

These leech Broncos are leeches because they want the notoriety of the success of the Bronco football team wihtout all the actual support that is reqauired to stand behind 'their' coach and team.

We are witnesing the true colors of some of these leech Broncos. Their names are not important. They know who they are. Their stomachs are filled with the blood of others.

Who knows, maybe they are unemployed, in all reality, and just don't have the money to contribute. If so, then they don't need to be on the internet when they could be beating the streets looking for jobs.

It isn't any wonder that at one time Vandals ruled this Great Staate. It was a matter of survival. Somebody needed to fill the void and step forward with a willingness to lead.

Apparently, we have the same type of void in this instance. It is wonderful that you, ugly, have stepped foratd as a Vandal and are willing to lend your ability and capacity for leaderhsip toward this instance and 'Lead By Example'

ugly, you are True Inspiration for us all to follow and emmulate.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - JLandon, TBK, and windex, are not leeches. They have stepped forward and admitted they are BAA Members and have supported Coach Pete like we have. Theohters, though, however are still remaining silent and chosing to remain faceless, for whatever the reason on the matter. They still have time to step out of the shadows, if they chose to, voluntarily, on their own, without any prodding, willingly, and etl al.

VNDL....You truly are


Again, no donations today....and then, you post web link later and 15 minutes later a $50 donation came thru for the day....

However, we are slipping behind the $95 average, and we are in football season....what will happen when football season is over?

JL said he had a lengthy conversation with a BAA person on the phone and sounds like Stadium Expansion is going well....I tried to get him to share some of this info with all of us, but he didnt....maybe he will in another post....

What Bronco fans dont realize is the expansion has already been postponed twice....they are suppose to start construction this December, yes in 1-2 will there be a third postponement?

We need info from JL....I think he has important stuff he is with-holding....


Just do you "make 'ends' meat"??? I'd love the recipe.

Sorry Biblu....just some of my

7th grade education....If I find recipe, I'll pa$$ it on....

Bi-Blew - My Word Man !!!

are you that dense?

That is how they make 'round' steak.

What's so impressive about Shoe

is his TD catches.

In fact Blackmon from Oklahoma State leads the nation with 15 TD catches, but it has taken him 103 catches to do it. Shoe has 14 in 48 catches.

Shoe has a TD every 3.43 catches this year, the closest WR to him is at 4.71.

Let's hope he wins this award.

Thank god Lucks not in the running

Thank God Luck is not in the running for it. At least Shoe will have a real chance for it and I hope he does get it.