Boise State releases 1,500 tickets to Saturday's game vs. Wyoming; explaining the Broncos' kicker situation

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State has released 1,500 student tickets to Saturday’s game for sale to the general public.

The students aren’t expected to use all 5,000 of their tickets this week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The tickets to Saturday’s game against Wyoming, which kicks off at 12:06 p.m., are $53 for adults and $36 for juniors.

Wyoming is 7-3 overall and 4-1 in the Mountain West. Boise State is 9-1, 4-1. The winner of the game clinches second place in the conference.

The Cowboys have won four of their past five games, with a 31-20 loss to TCU.

“They’re just improved everywhere,” said Boise State coach Chris Petersen, whose team beat Wyoming 51-6 early last season in Laramie. “They believe they’re going to win and they do win.”


Junior Michael Frisina likely will handle field-goal duties again this week, special teams coach Jeff Choate said.

Frisina booted a 30-yarder last week against San Diego State. The plan was for him to take the first field goal in that game. Redshirt freshman Dan Goodale, who missed the potential game-winning field goal against TCU, started as the PAT kicker and made the first four before giving way to Frisina.

“It took a little pressure off of Dan,” Choate said. “Michael is a guy who has been very accurate for the most part. We really challenged him (last) week — ‘Hey, you’ve got to give us a reason.’ To his credit, he did.”

Said Petersen: “Sometimes you just need to do something different, give another guy a chance. Dan’s been doing a pretty good job in practice. If you just go off that, there’s no doubt who’s probably been the most consistent there. If it doesn’t go exactly how you like it in games, you’ve got to keep the competition alive.”

As for true freshman Jake Van Ginkel, Petersen tried to put an end to questions about why he’s redshirting.

“To put that to rest, we went out and found the best field-goal kicker we could possibly get our hands on, brought him in here and he’s not better than the other two guys … right now,” Petersen said.


Injury updates:

— Tailback D.J. Harper is expected to play this week. He missed the San Diego State game with a sprained ankle.

— Defensive end Tyrone Crawford, who left last week’s game with an injury, is expected to play.

— Freshman quarterback Grant Hedrick, who has missed two straight games, is expected to be in uniform.

— Cornerback Jamar Taylor isn’t expected to play this week. He has missed all or most of the past three games with a leg injury.

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Oh Brother....Just more hype about


Cant wait to hear comments about the New Mexico game, and how they have improved....

Dont be surprised if Houston leap-frogs Boise in BCS next week....


what would you write if you were working for The Statesman?

If you haven't figured out

that this pathetic loser isn't worth any time - then you clearly haven't paid any attention.

Bronco754 - please help this board by

making a list of those that are not pathetic losers and are worth some time.

A list such as this, would be a time saver for many of us and just knwoing that they were on your list would be a perfect opportunity to bypass their posts as having been evaluated by someone (yourself) who knows what the good guys are as compared to the bad guys.

Thanx in advance for providing such a piece of work for us to have and use as a road map on these boards, to determine whose posts to read and whose posts to simply ignore.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Will the determination by you as to whio is or is not a good poster and whose posts are or are not worth any time, be changing from week to week - or - is it a permanent ranking/rating that can be used into perpetuity and save even more time and allow us as users of your list to pay even more attention?









Now I have just finished my vowel movement....


I love how he always comes to the rescue of his little buddy, you have to admit they make a really cute couple.....

Bi-Blue-have you contributed and helped or just ran your mouth?

Please, send in your money now

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There's another... to be played before that one, so you'll have to wait two weeks for those comments.



$53 just to watch a stupid foolball game, Do you have to bend over first?


That's why you live in the the good old USA, you DON"T have to pay 53 bucks to go to a game. You can spend it on cigs and fast food and maybe some new bowling shoes!

Give the $53.00 to the BAA and/or Bronco Stadium expansion,

instead of using it to buy a ticket to the game. Going to the game is a one time event, BUT - giving money to the BAA or the Bronco Stadium expansion project i ssometning you can remember for a lifetime if you frame the receipts.

Bronco Fans, please give money

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Remember, The Most Important Thing is: While there is an 'I' in Boise - there is no 'V' in Boise, either.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


When are we meeting at The Ram again?

RMS and ugly

Any time is good with me.

However, ugly told me he will come to our next Board Meeting, so lets let him pick a date. His potato harvesting should be done by now.

ugly - the ball is in your court to pick a date for us to have lunch in Boise at the Broadway Ram.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - ugly - you can make it to my town and park your rig at my place and then we can drive to Boise together if that would be good with you. Just a thought to save bucks on gas money.

PPS - My wife has told me several times that those spuds you gave us were the best spuds she ever had. Wonderful microwaved with lots of real butter and sour cream and real bacon chunks and shredded cheeses. Literally, a quickie meal in itself. thanx again for the potatoes.


Lets wait abit and see where Broncos lye on their bowl game....and interest on date picked....

Yeah VNDL, the hitched ride sounds good....

Potatoes....yes, Idaho and fresh....they were sand spuds grown south of Blackfoot....I'll bring dirt spuds this time....

Sounds like your wife knows and appreciates a baker....


I don't know what he'd write, but it would be ugly.

How about we stick DJ Harper

How about we stick DJ Harper in as a corner? Maybe we can stop being burned. We could have used him there in the TCU game instead of as a running back.


Except he rushed for over 100 yards against TCU. Sure he needed a breather when the defense played.

Im also sure guys who have experience at Corner, no matter how little, are better than great RB's who dont know the schemes (no matter how simple) and the coverages.

one girl

Considering a couple of these corners were playing high school ball last year, I think they are doing pretty d*mn good. Corner is a lonely place and when you make a mistake, the whole world sees it. Losing your top 4 at any position is devastating and puts the young guys in a tough spot. I say kudos to them for coming into the pressure cooker and holding their own.

shame they.....

Found a field goal kicker to use, when the game really didn't matter as the 'one' before it.

Lets gouge

For student tickets. Give me a break! Charge us the same amount you would charge a student for an extra seat.

bcuz0 - the interesting thing is that those student seats

were paid for at the beginning of the semester per Student Fees - so it is more like 'Double Dipping' than 'gouging'.

Actually, why not gouge for those seats. Nothing wrong with it at all The money goes to a good cause. Caveat emptor. Whatever, the traffic will bear. Carpe Diem. Supply and demand.

Consider yourself lucky you get to use the Men's room for free. In some countries you gotta pay to take a leak in a public place. They have a Latrine Attendant sitting outside the front door selling tickets. No Payee - No Peeyee.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - If I were in charge I would give away all the free heavily salted popcorn you could eat so I could sell a ton of soft drinks and have a subliminal tape playing softly 'Myan and Yourin' over the loudspekers between plays.

Wow, really ??

I'm guessing the people posting about the cost of the tickets aren't the core fan base for the Broncos. There was an awful lot of orange and blue clad fans strolling through the gas lamp district in San Diego last weekend. I talked to a guy from LA that has never been to Boise, and he just had to come see Kellen Moore in person. He and his family were all decked out in their BSU gear.

Your team is one of the 10 best college football teams in the country, and most games are sold out. If you can't normally attend a game because you are not a season ticket holder, here is your chance to see a game in person. It may be the only $53.00 that you'll spend this year to see the Broncos. Turn your thermostat down to 68, put on a sweater, and you'll pay for the ticket by January.

Mr. Cripe.

I completely agree with you in regard to Wyoming.Their young Quarterback will test-Chris Petersen's depleted Secondary.(Will the secondary be ready for the test)?


How did BSU moved to 7th when they beat crappy SDSU?..Houston and their fantastic undefeated team should be 3 notches in front of the Broncs..AND about 10 2-loss teams should be ahead of them also...Must be the money involved, I mean isn't that what the BSU fans always gripe about?

Good question...

The Broncos are horrible. I cant believe a program with 3 losses in 4 years by a combined 5 points is even ranked. Just disgusting.

Someone check the pulse of all voters nationwide. An injustice has been done!!

What a sobering statistic

" . . . a program with 3 losses in 4 years by a combined 5 points . . . "

Very sobering statistic about how dominant the BSU Bronco Football Team has beem, continues to be, and will be in the future.

As an Idahoan, the BSU Bronco Football Team has sure made me proud of the quality of CFB in our Great State and of Coach Pete and the BSU Broncos.

Sure was a great simple and direct statistic that encapsulates a lot of punch in a few words.

Thnax for sharing it.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member # 63799


I stole it and credit is due to another poster.


And when Kellen leaves next year they'll lose 5 times in '12 to make up for it...Wow 3 losses in 4 years...Their TOUGH schedule really must wear them out...Let's see, they played Bama, Lsu, Ark, Ore. Stan. Ok. st....oops. no that was Fresno, NM, Id, Toledo, Ah! their claim to fame is Ga..Well, Ga. tech will finish their dreams this week...MyMyMy what toes foes over the years! AND they shared a 3 way title last year, and lost the title this year...Hmmm..yeah they are tough alright...

The fact that you're posting at 3:18 AM...

proves the Bronco relevance. I cant remember a time, a homer like myself, posted anything at 3:18 AM on my own team, let alone a team I hated ON THAT TEAMS BLOG! You're too funny idbound.

That could be true, idbound

OR, Boise State could just be that good.

As far as the schedule goes, they can't help playing New Mexico any more than the Pac-12 can help playing Oregon St or the SEC can help playing Ole Miss. Besides Fresno St (who is a major disappointment this year), the Broncos have had a great OOC schedule. Their OOC opponents are 34-20 this season. In fact, the only teams they have played (or will play in New Mexico's case) with a losing record are Fresno St (4-7), Colorado St (3-7), UNLV (2-8), and Wyoming (1-10). Only four (4) teams out of 12 with a losing record, and you think the schedule is soft? You're out of your mind!

By contrast, Stanford plays 6 teams (out of 12) with a losing record. Arkansas and South Carolina of the "mighty SEC" both play 6 teams with losing records AND an FCS team!

And, if you think Georgia is losing to Georgia Tech .... you need to be on some serious mental health medication.

the tulsa game

that is next on Houston's schedule should give us a chance to compare apples to apples (sort of). Remember Oregon was a monster until the kicker suffered an attack of "broncoitis" and pushed the game tying field goal wide. The season doesn't end for a couple more weeks, and then we will have more clarity and no doubt some controversy.

If you buy a ticket to a game

the other team (visiting team) gets a portion of the gate receipts of that game, as part of the incentive to make money for the institution by traveling to the away location and playing the game, to begin with.

Football is all about money right? No problem at all with that concept, as the football profits help fund needed additions to the BSU campus, such as a Student Union Building Waiting Room and Snack Bar, and the Frisbee Golf course improvements and goal nets.

So, if you want to maximize the money and donate all you can to support the BSU Broncos, the key is to NOT buy tickets to the games. These gate sales have a portion of money that helps fund the 'visiting' team. Just contribute your money directly to the Broncos and forget that old fashioned game ticket purchase stuff.

We can't expand Bronco Stadium and add 10,000 more seats if people keep buying tickets to the games and making poor choices with giving their money away to the BAA and the Bronco Football Team.

To really ensure the Broncos get the money, just donate your money to the BAA and/or contribute to the expansiion of Brobnco Stadium project. It is kind of like leaving a top at the able for the waitress. Don't add it on the credit card - put cash down at the table when you leave. The waitress is guaraneeed to get it that way.

Contribute to the expansion of Bronco Stadiuim project,if you love the Broncos.

Please contribute as much as you can to expand Bronco Stadium:

Also, here is a way to join the BAA for only $75.00 per year:

BAA Member #63799

VNDL...You have shown that our

meeting at Canyon Crest was definitely the meeting for the 'Center of Higher Minds'....since leaving the meeting, thinking in 3D has been much easier....wish other Broncos could have attended....

Think what you just said....donate ticket monies to BAA or Stadium Expansion....Lets use 33,000 fans at $53 ticket as example....that figure comes up to $1,749,000....yes, over $1.7 million!!!!

Keep up the good work....

Will Bronco Stadium have a sell-out this weekend?

The students are on Christmas break!Bronco Nation will you stand up to the test?

Christmas is this weekend?

I better finish my shopping!

only for


razor....from Ugly....

I know from your posts that you said you have left the Statesman Boards, and have now found another board to post football stuff....

I was wondering what the scuttle from your new board is on the Houston v Tulsa game?

Do most of these other poster feel that Tulsa will win?

What is your take on the Houston v Tulsa?