Change is in the airwaves at radio stations 96.9 The Eagle and KQFC 97.9

ImageNotice a difference or two on a couple of local FM stations? Your ears aren't deceiving you. Cumulus Media, which took over Citadel Broadcasting recently, laid off a significant number of folks nationally and locally. That means changes on-air at The Eagle and KQFC:

—Scott Souhrada is doing mid-days on KKGL. He replaced Cat Lee.
—Cory Mikhals continues to do mornings on KQFC but is now solo.
—Mid-days on KQFC are now music-focused without a talent personality.


KKGL The Eagle 96.9
6a-10a: Bob & Tom
10a-2p: Scott Souhrada
2p-7p: Scott Cruize
7p-midnight: voice track

KQFC 97.9
6a-10a: Cory Mikhals
10a-2p: Q Music
2p-7p: Tommy Collins
7p-midnight: Scott Cruize

Speculation has already begun about the possibility of KQFC flipping formats. Radio stations are notoriously tight-lipped about such matters, so we'll have to wait and see.

What ever happened to buying

What ever happened to buying a business to improve it, rather than buy it, cut it for a couple quarters of profit then blame someone else when it dies?

Cumulus bought a nearly dead radio chain, this IS improvement

They rescued ABC News Radio that Citadel took over in a 'reverse Morgan trust' (legal thing that would take more typing than I can today) and made a smooth transition for dozens of stations (KGO-AM San Francisco and I think KMKY the radio Disney signal too, whether it still play that or not)

This was about the best you could hope for and now, a joke:

I believe broadcasters are very compassionate!

(Why do you believe so?)

As soon as they could they added pictures so you could see who was getting fired!


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Radio is Dead

Radio is a dying breed. With Pandora, iTunes, Sirius/XM and the like out there it is only a matter of time before all on-air personalities are gone and everything is voice track or simulcasted. I don't like seeing people lose their jobs but many of the local "talent" are terribly annoying or pathetic. Look at 100.3, the clowns in the morning have such pathetic lives, I don't understand how anyone can stand to listen to them.

Your idea is good, one term is malaprops

"Simulcasting" is broadcasting the same program from co-owned/co-located licensed stations, or importing from one to a nearby station that can be heard in a contiguous area. It can be any type of programming including satellite received.

The term you want involves satellite programming or terrestrial origination from another location NOT heard in that area otherwise or between local stations. Something like IMPORT or Syndication.

A charity event does not qualify as simulcasting so if KQFC, KKGL, KTIK AM/FM, KBOI and KIZN had a fundraiser for a cancer cause etc in a 3 day marathon that is a special event and not a simulcast.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

You get what you pay for

the reality is, the DJ's on 100.3 don't make that much. Maybe enough to make them lower middle class. The people behind the scenes (except for the general manager, head engineer and good salespeople) probably fall into the working poor class. I actually like Nick & Big Jay--sure it's cheap and lame, but it's better than the generic personalities from the satellite feeds found on all the other stations. I really liked their predecessors, Byl and Doug. Byl was there from the beginning of 100.3 when it was "Pirate Radio". That station had humble beginnings--I mean, Byl worked without getting paid and they had to borrow electricity to run their studio--it was that bad. A station in McCall used to let less than qualified DJ's on the air, and BSU used to give the students airtime on their stations; and let me tell you, that was entertaining.

Today, FM radio sucks and I think you can trace it back to a decision made in 1996. Before then, ownership of radio stations within a given market were regulated and the total number of stations a company could own in the US was capped. Once these limits went away, stations consolidated and became the generic satellite-fed stations they are now. I think you can also blame crappy new music and the decline of the record industry on this consolidation. It used to be a lot easier to get your music on the radio. Now, it must reach a national audience (and requires a huge initial investment) to get airtime.

Oh, I should know all that...

I used to come over to Canyon Village and bug Bob Lee.

I worked a very short time for the previous owner and something told me to quit.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

The Radio Downer Continues

Check stock prices and earning of publicly traded radio enterprises. It makes the fallen bank stocks look like gold mines.

Even talk radio is flailing with Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, etc ratings slumping and Savage, Levine being moved to later day parts where hardly anyone is listening anyhow.

Meanwhile, nationally NPR listenership is increasing. Strange really.

Is it? People pay much better for NPR/public broadcasting

And if all you talk about is headbanger gab not entertainment then are spot on.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Regarding talk radio:

I'm unaware about NPR listenership increasing. I would like to know the source of that. But more and more of the talk radio base have jumped ship to internet talk hosts like Alex Jones at His program and site has exploded in the past year, and will continue to do so.

State of the News Media 2011

NPR bucks the trend of declining audience for broadcasters, flourishing as commercial all-news radio programming has become scarcer. NPR's audience grew 3% in 2010 to 27.2 million a week. That is up 58% since 2000.

Not so good over on cable news:
In contrast, CNN's median prime-time viewership dropped 37%. HLN, CNN's sibling channel, dipped 17%. Fox viewership fell 11%. And, MSNBC, which fared least badly, experienced a viewership decline of 5%.

The Pew Reasearch Center's Report also confirmed that every news platform saw audiences either stall or decline – except for the web.

In December 2010, 41% of Americans cited the Internet as the place where they got "most of their news about national and international issues," up 17% from a year earlier.
For the first time, more people said they got news from the web than from newspapers. The Internet now trails only television among American adults as a destination for news.
The audience for cable news in the last year declined substantially (13.7% across the entire day, 16% in prime time), in addition to the long-running declines in local TV, network TV, newspapers and magazines.

The biggest change in radio listening may be just ahead. A good deal of radio listening occurs in cars, and we are on the brink of Internet radio being widely available there for the first time. More than quarter of Americans (27%) said they were "very interested" in online radio in the car in 2010 — up 17% from 2009.

I have a brand new 80s two-shaft Pioneer Supertuner II...

For my BIKE.


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Alex Jones

rules! I wish he was on a local station here.

He'd smother the transmitter.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Here's a thought:

If the new talk 730 AM really wanted to create a firestorm of numbers in a mid-day or afternoon day-part, they would drop Laura Ingraham and air Alex Jones. In 12 months the only "spots" you'd hear during Limbaugh or Hannity would be Public Service Announcements.

The Death Metal show was a lot better.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


This round of firings could very well scare off remaining listeners. In addition Doug McConnaughey's show was cancelled on KBOI, and there is talk in the hallways about remote events in jeopardy due to lack of staff. The competition could easily close in on this opportunity to snatch up as much audience share as possible from what obviously appears to be a sinking ship.

The lefties here are probably preparing to riot if and when KQFC ever were to become a KBOI simulcast.

You don't believe KIZN would be sold first? C'mon.

By the way, KKGL and all it's incarncations to founding as KUUZ "KWZ" have hardly been stable with staff or formats...this one is the longest lived since it aired in 1976.

You read too much into that. The music runs that station or else they wouldn't have started in the genre from day one, with a couple semi-interruptions.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


Art Gregory will be tickled to read your post.
Art was the first guy to ever teach me how to do 1/4" tape edit production with a grease pencil, razor blade, and a splicing block.

Got a Teac 3300-10 and a 2340 I'm dying to put back together...

Akai GX-737 and X-1810D
Roberts 1630
dbx 155
Peavey MD16-2 and 1245 monitor
old Kustom 2x12 Jensens
Behringer Xenyx mixer
Fostex X-18
Quantegy 407s
almost 500 NOS cassettes of great quality and souverirs

A splicing block too.

Then the Tektronix 465M and a growing stable for my bench.

The only thing that troubled me about KWZ was not running ads for I think it was 90 days. They struggled in my opinion for years because of thet.

Everybody wants to hue the knurled

One word:

One word: PROTOOLS
Sounds like to me you better have a yard sale real quick before you have to pay somebody to take it all away.

Who do I told ransom for that?

And what's the point?

I never did manage to score any of KSRV's four Revox B77s when they overhauled. They have at least two left in production maybe.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

PS Doug will find a gig somewhere, public radio even.

This market is full of old jocks.

Gary McCabe late 60s- Godfather of Happy if there was one

Doug Hardy late 1970s-

Tom(my) Collins- 70s, shaken but always stirs

Ray Amaya was working at 1450 KYET/WBJ 100 in the West Park Plaza in the early 80s at least in Ontario (now 100.3 The X Rocks and KIOV Notus)

KJ Mac

Jack Armstrong still cruises a little

A few more that cycle in and out when formats and calls and owners change.

There are so many transmitters on! We have more than some markets well over 1 million in population. You may not realize the kind of hard work it takes to keep them all from splashing each other, in analog alone! We got slingshotted to high heaven by Impact Radio's stuff between 99.1 and 102.1 alone. can't really do this anymore so hopefully the new CPs will cessate and the band will settle in.

It covered adolescence to maturity from 1968-2010.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Doug McCoughnehay;

Lost me for good after listening to him tout what a true conservative he was ... until Walt Minnick bought a boatload of radio spots during his weekend morning show - and naturally McCoughney had Minnick on the air all the time. The McCoughnehay / Minnick interviews were absolutely CLASSIC. McCoughnehay fawned all over Minnick.
The Minnick $$$ bought McCoughnehay's endorsement...Naturally.

Love him or hate him...

His show represented what is rapidly becoming a dying breed on small-market radio stations - live and local programming. I don't care to listen to Kevin Miller or Nate Shelman either, however... their shows at least provide listeners with content that hits close to home by hosts who call this community home, rather than some dude cyberjocked in from another city who knows nothing about the community. Listeners rely on local radio stations for news and information about LOCAL topics, and when that is taken away, those listeners start flocking elsewhere (particularly TV and the Internet) for their news and weather information. I remember back in the days when KBOI would interrupt regular programming with a report of a power outage or a severe weather warning in the middle of the night even before the emergency alert system broke in...


Doug started work at KFXD AM-FM in 1982, about the time Bob Lee had his talk show there and it FAILED MISERABLY when Bob tried to run it as "The Patriot".

That a highly conservative bit of claptrap like that COULD NOT CATCH ON then might tell you something.

They don't get paid to wag your tongue for you.

If you think that's why KBOI exists, again, the terminal stages of syphilis.

It's a FORMAT, pal. Wise up, it's not funny.


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Start your own station!

Technically, it's not that hard. Getting a license though...that takes an act of God.

No, just Commissioner Genius (whatever that name is)


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The Eagle is either stunting or the operator is drunk.

The bumpers keep popping up in the middle of the songs every so often.

Sounds like Peabody used the Waybak Machine to fetch some brandy from Napoleon.

Dogs is an excellent metaphor.


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