Report: BYU, Big East close to agreement

By Brian Murphy

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that BYU and the Big East are nearing an agreement to bring the Cougars into the league as a football-only member. The Tribune's BYU writer Jay Drew posted the news on his Twitter account.

"Sources familiar with the negotiations from Big East side of things said BYU to the Big East could happen 'sooner than later.' Football only," wrote on Twitter.

The possible addition of BYU could be the catalyst for Boise State to join the league. The Idaho State Board of Education gave Boise State President Bob Kustra the authority to move the school to the Big East two weeks ago.

But Kustra and the board indicated they wanted a western partner before joining the Providence, R.I.-based league. The Big East is trying to rebuild its league after the loss of Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the Atlantic Coast Conference and West Virginia and member-to-be TCU to the Big 12.

The Big East planned to invite Boise State, Air Force and Navy as football-only members and Houston, SMU and Central Florida as full members. Since that plan was announced, West Virginia has left the league, perhaps opening a spot for BYU.

The goal was to create two six-team divisions and play a conference championship.

BYU and Boise State recently announced a 12-year football series, beginning in 2012. BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall said earlier this month that Boise State and BYU should be in the same conference, while acknowledging the conversations between BYU and the Big East.

"There is a push and there are conversations that are in place for the Big East to convince or to have BYU join that conference," Mendenhall said on Nov. 7. "I trust our athletic director (Tom Holmoe) and president (Cecil) Samuelson to deal with all of that. I have been informed along the way. At some point there will be a decision with what our intentions will be. I don't know how fast nor do I think a time frame is relevant at this point."

• Boise State football coach Chris Petersen told the San Diego Union-Tribuneon Monday that he would welcome San Diego State as a "western partner."

"If the Big East is going to pay the school a lot more money than the conference we’re in and you can get an automatic qualifying bid (to the BCS), coupled with a western partner, those are the kinds of things we’re interested in,” Petersen told the paper.

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BYU and the BIG East

Never will happen.Why give up your independence? Football network etc etc-All rumors and rumors-The people spreading these rumors are silly- sitting around the breakfast table-with nothing to do-and spreading these rumors to sports writers and the sports writers -tweeting the fans -and interested observers laughing at it all.

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It seems to me that the MO around here is to create online personas to initiate a response. Even the late great Steve did it. Why is it uncool to carry on his and AQ's legacy? The fact of the matter is that it is not for you to decide who can and cannot create a persona. AQ and co have sown seeds for amusement and to get a calculated response. Why should I be denied the same?

why? because it's a dead friend of ours

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and AQ was right all along. Now if only we could find some way to get the Vandals to trick the Broncos into abandoning Pete. I know, lets let AQ and Ugly continue to play both sides!

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When I met you at the Ram a month ago - did you notice the VNDL plates on my Trooper? I have had those plates since our Daughter was a Frosh at Idaho in '04. She wanted those plates when she was a Senior in high school to take with her on her car to a Sorority when she went thru Rush. I told her the personalized plates had been around for years and she wasn't ever gonna get VNDL as it was prolly gone many years ago - not a chance in hel!. She and I went the next morning to the DMV office in our town and WHAMMO it was available. I could not believe it - still available. So, we glommed onto it and have had it ever since. I tried to get BRNCO or BNCO or BRNCOS - but those are all gone.

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Quite common place reference, really.

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Everybody wants to hue the knurled

President Pete is out for Bronco Bob's job

Coach Pete sez:

"If the Big East is going to pay the school a lot more money than the conference we’re in and you can get an automatic qualifying bid (to the BCS), coupled with a western partner, those are the kinds of things we’re interested in,” Petersen told the paper."

Are these the words of a Head Coach or an Athletic Director or a University President.

Usually Head Coaches leave the comments about the athletics making money for the schools to the ADs and Presidents to make. Not traditionally Head Coach turf - but AD or President turf.

To me, this is just another indication of a very serious fracture between Bronco Bob and Coach Pete.

Seems like Coach Pete is getting a 'little big for his britches'.

Maybe I am gonna have to sit back and reevaluate my perceptions of Bronco Bob from that of a strong University President to that of a Kept Man and lackey.

No wonder BSU lost to TCU and might lose more games this year. The Head Coach has his mind into strategic business oriented decisions for BSU Athletics and not coaching for the next game.

I gotta admit - I am kinda shocked to learn that Coach Pete is as deep into strategic long range planning for BSU athletics as he apparently is. Sure sounds like a man who wants to be the BSU AD or University President one day.

Watch out Bronco Bob - Coach Pete is closing in on ya. Who knows, maybe give Coach Pete a shot at President of BSU - sure couldn't be any worse that what Bronco Bob is currrently doing.

Besides; 'President Pete' has such a nice ring to it.


PS - Coach Pete isn't going anywehre. He is gonna be the BSU AD one day. I can see it coming.

Just trying to stir up more

trouble AQ? Dont you ever feel he need to get a life.


How much money does Bronco Bob earn each year? I'm also curious to know the percentage difference in salary, benefits, etc between what they earn.

SIF - Pete makes more than Bob

as far as actual real money goes.

Coach Pete is around $1.5Mil per year as I understand it, when all is added up and bonuses paid and advertiseing spots and such. I understand he and his wife contribute back a hundred K or so, to BSU, each year, too.

Also, I remember reading there Gene got around $200K when it was all added up (base salary, bosnuses, perqs, Humanaitarian Bowl Moeny as a Director and owner of the H-Bowl, and some BAA money.

I think Bronco Bob is around $100-125K per year straight salary and cannot get any bosunses cuz he is Presient; but gets a free house to live in and car to drive and a couple of country club memberships paid for.

This is all stuff I have read on these boards and per articles that have apppeared on this newspaper.

I don't know the real or actual answer as to how much any of the three really make.

Maybe somebody else does an can chime in., as I am just guessing and prolly they make waaay less than I am guessing.


VNDL....SIF....Bob makes

$336,419.20 per year....he also gets, as most University prezs do, housing and car allowances....also gets plenty of 'free' meals from donors and others....also probably has a University Visa Card....and probably alot of other perks....

Probably a bargain....

Another sports organic experience.


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I am the one

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This poster is using the real world name of a deceased poster to these boards, without the decased poster's family's permission to do so. Therefore he has stolen the name of a deceased poster and using the identity of a human being without permission to do so, which is violative of the Statesman's TOS.

I will continue to flag every post I see that has that username attached to it.



You and I may not agree on many things. On this one we do.

Some jackarse proclaiming to use Steve's name as means of "honoring" him. What BS!!


One of the things we do not agree on is the need for Bronco Fans to contribute money to help support the BSU Bronco Football Team; by joining the Bronco Athletics Association and contributing money for expansion of Bronco Stadium.

Aparently you do not share that belief with me, as I am not aware you have joined the BAA and/or have contributed money to the expansion project of Bronco Stadium.

If I am in error, please provide your BAA Member Number, for our collective edification.

Also, you will note that those who are not financial supporters/contributors/donors to Bronco Athletics, do not have to abide by the NCAA Rules/Regulation for recruuiting and association with players that apply to actual supporters/donors/contributors. Basically, those who have not suppported the Broncos with financial resources are only 'common Bronco Fans' in the eyes of the NCAA and are not actually considered "Friends of, or Supporters of, Contributors to, Donors to, and etc; the BSU Broncos.

I guess this is what you and share aas the biggest disagreement: You are just a common Bronco Fan who has not actually supported the Bronco Football Team, with anything other than rhetoric and lip-service.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Again, if I am in error, please provide your BAA Member Number.

Flags away!

fine with me. If I get nailed I'm sure I can find something else.
It really seems as if everyone here is WAAAAY to delusional anyway. It isnt real people! Steve knew that. So did most of you until our little meetings. Now we have TBK who knew Steve for a matter of minutes all in a tizzy. It would be funny if it was not so sad. Look what we have become. The matrix has us.
Again, Steve should be afforded things that others have not been? Poolboy?

I'm sorry you feel that way

Some of us have been interacting with one another on these blogs for quite some time and only knew one another by username and their online persona, for some, were talking about a span of a few years, so yes, when we all did finally meet, it was really nice to finally put faces with those username(s)and to get beyond online personas. I thought that Steve was quite genuine and sincere, or so he seemed, but then again, I only met him that one time, right? so maybe he wasn't what he appeared to be. Is that what you're getting at? Either way, it doesn't really matter. The sad truth is that none of us ever got to know Steve as well as you claim to have known him because his life was unfortunately cut short, so go ahead and take pleasure in holding his early demise over my head. You win, you're his bestest buddy here and evidently you're out to prove it, so keep on keeping on with that, but just know that some of the best friendships that I've been fortunate enough to have, have all started by meeting someone for the first time. I'm done with this and from here on out I will not make a response to any comment that you choose to make under that username


As soon as you stoirm off in a huff, SL marches in.

I don't have to be DRUNK to see that.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Ω Violation, first degree

You are violating the memory of one of the nicest guys and best posters these blogs have ever known. You are violating the sensibilities of the many friends he had here.

Taking the username "stevelane" tells me (and presumably us) that you have been reading and lurking, developed some sort of agenda, and now are willing to sully Steve's name to launch that agenda. I sure as all héll hope you aren't someone who has posted here previously.

Either get that name changed, drop dead, or get lost. Like TBK has just posted: very, very uncool.

As far as VNDL is concerned (and no attempt to speak for him), I'd advise you to back off.

Too bad we cannot throw multiple flags.

Who is Steve Lane?

And what happened to him?

I'm confused.

Steve Lane was

wisdomman....or known as Wiz....

He pa$$ed away a month or so ago....

Ω IdaDuck

Steve was (is) "wisdomman" (Wiz). He passed away from a heart attack while on a rafting excursion last month. tfunk and I went to his celebration affair a couple of weeks ago. I doubt seriously if Steve's wife, Camille, would approve of anyone using his name in this manner ... despite what this new person says.