Boise State coach Chris Petersen says Broncos handled final drive vs. TCU the right way; two CBs likely to miss this week's game

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said Monday he wouldn’t change much about the way the Broncos handled Saturday’s game against TCU, including the decision to set up a field-goal attempt rather than trying for a touchdown on the final drive.

The Broncos lost 36-35 as Dan Goodale’s 39-yard field-goal attempt sailed wide right.

“We probably watched the tape four different times,” Petersen said. “You look at everything. The good thing is I don’t think there’s a whole lot we’d do differently.”

The one play on the last drive that Petersen said the staff has talked about doing differently was on second-and-10 at the TCU 25-yard line, after the Broncos spiked the ball. They threw a quick screen to Matt Miller that gained 5 yards, called timeout, moved the ball to the center of the field, let the clock run down to 1 second and called timeout.

Petersen wanted the ball in the middle of the field and didn’t want to run an offensive play without a timeout available, so the one time he figures the Broncos could have fired at the end zone was on second down.

The Broncos could have kept running their offense on third-and-5 at the 20 with 21 seconds left, but if they didn’t get the first down the ball would have been on the right hash. From watching Goodale in practice, Petersen felt more comfortable trying the kick from the middle.

“We really felt like if it was about the 20-yard line in the middle we’d have a really good chance to make it,” Petersen said. “… All we need to do is get an easy field goal and we win. Make the field goal and we’re not even having these conversations.”

Earlier in the drive, a miscommunication between quarterback Kellen Moore and his receiver led to one incompletion.

“If that wouldn’t have happened, we would have gotten a big play,” Petersen said.


Special teams coach Jeff Choate said “my gut told me (Goodale) was going to make it.”

“But then a part of me, we know there’s a good chance we’re not going to make it if it comes down to that situation,” he said. “I don’t think it was a shock to anybody. It didn’t blow me away. I wasn’t devastated that he missed the field goal. I was proud of the fact that he hit it (well). He’s had some misses this year where he just didn’t go after it. That particular kick, he hit it with confidence. The margin for error out there is not very big.

“I feel bad for him. I feel bad for our players, but it was a hell of a game. It was fun to coach in. I wish we could play those guys every year. That’s why we do this.”

Choate said the laces were facing Goodale when he kicked the ball. Usually, kickers want the laces facing out.

“There was nothing wrong mechanically with the way he hit the ball,” Choate said. “… He felt good about it, too.”

Choate expects the redshirt freshman to bounce back well from the miss. They traded text messages Saturday evening.

“I don’t have any doubts about him handling it properly,” Choate said. “The hardest thing he had to do was go to class today, and he did that.”

Choate is a finalist for the head-coaching job at Eastern Illinois. Story here.


The Boise State players who met the media Monday gave a similar message.

“This won’t define our season, it won’t define any of us on this team,” senior safety George Iloka said.

Iloka said undisciplined technique against double moves led to two of the three long touchdown passes by TCU in the first half. The third was a slow-developing play and the Horned Frogs receiver was able to get loose because quarterback Casey Pachall had time.

“When it comes down to it, we didn’t make plays,” he said. “We weren’t disciplined. They did a good job capitalizing on our mistakes. … Back (in the secondary), if you’re beat there’s no one there but blue turf or green grass.”

The Broncos played most of the game without their top three cornerbacks, all of whom are injured.

“It took a big toll,” Iloka said. “… That being said, we were still in position to win the game and we just didn’t make the plays we were supposed to. That will come with experience, that will come with timing. You learn a lot from losing. I’m really proud of the way we battled out there as a team, as a defense, all the young guys that were thrown into the fire.”


Junior cornerback Jamar Taylor (leg) and sophomore cornerback Ebo Makinde (hamstring), the starters against TCU, aren’t likely to play this week at San Diego State, Petersen said. That leaves true freshman Lee Hightower and sophomore Quaylon Ewing-Burton as the only experienced options.

Tailbacks Doug Martin and D.J. Harper likely will play, Petersen said, but he said that without much information yet on their injuries.

Sophomore Jonathan Brown is listed as the solo starter at nickel this week. He had been sharing the job with Hunter White.


Petersen said the way walk-on tailback Drew Wright practiced, it was clear he was the one who should have been in the game when Harper got injured instead of Martin, who only came in the game to serve as a pass blocker on the final drive.

Wright fumbled when the Broncos had a chance to run out the clock with a 35-28 lead.

Petersen said the TCU defender was able to get his helmet on the ball and knock it loose.

“It’s one of those totally unfortunate things for us and totally fortunate things for them,” Petersen said.


Boise State did not name internal players of the week because of the loss.


Boise State will practice at the soccer complex this week to prepare for the grass field at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

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It's Petersen's call to make

Coach Pete gets paid nearly 1.5 million dollars to run this team as HE sees fit. Those who question his calls are people who have ZERO say in the matter. They just don't get that apparently.

say what?

What planet are you from where coaches don't get their boneheaded calls questioned?

say what WHAT?

and coach Petersin said he'd do nothing differently! (He must LOVE Poinsettias) LOL! I am comin' to LOVE dat COACH! Oh,... and Iochocka sez "this won't define our team or season!" LOL! LOL!! REally? Hmmmm,... last year's team was the one with Brotzman (nuf said),... THIS TEAM? GOOOOOOOD ALE!!!!!! (NUF SAID!).... WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE RIGHT!!!! FROGS WIN!!!! BoyZ LOSES MILLIONS OF BCS DOLLARS AGAIN!!!! gotta luv this game!

At least

you are willing to admit that Boise blew this game more than your beloved toads won it.


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Actually, I thought it was kinda cool you posting this stuff. That's why I put it out there to begin with. I guess, you are the only one who actually opened the links and put two and two together and 'got it'. Kudos to ya.

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Coach Pete had the Broncos in a position to win the game. I get hammered by people for this belief everytime I mention it...but the fact is college football has become about the almighty dollar. Sad...truly sad...and, obviously that's your sad focus.

No...the fact that he gets

No...the fact that he gets paid $1.5 million means that he should expect every single one of his calls to be questioned.

Petersen's call

Agree, he had just watched Kellen make four bad throws (one miscommunication?) in a row like the rest of us. The ball was sailing on Kellen, and we received a first down on a bogus call when the game should have ended right there. In any case, at that point Coach Pete probably had as much confidence in his kicker as he did in his quarterback--just not a good situation.

I KNEW they should have

I KNEW they should have stayed in a hotel the night before! ;-)


Might I suggest we spend one, measly, little, teeny, tiny scholarship on a kicker for CRYIN OUT LOUD!!!!!


I agree with that for sure. We shouldve known that after last year.

I agree with Iloka.

That game isn't going to define anyone out there. As much winning as the Broncos do there has to be a hiccup now and then. Usually they recover from them. I'll guarantee the replacements learned a lot to take into the next game with them.


Sounds like someone is full of themselves after losing to an inferior opponent. Why no deep safety after getting burned repeatedly? Any coach who takes the ball out of your best players hands with a chance to win the game and lets a kicker with 2 career FG's try to win it needs a reality check. Check may be coming next year without Moore, etc... Every time Wright or Steroid boy touches the ball I expect a fumble...

Inferior opponent?

I agree with you on some points, but did you actually watch the game?

TCU better enjoy their quarterback while they can because the way he's going, one more year of college ball and he'll be off to the pros. Dude was so impressive to watch.

And, I'm confident we'll not only see Kellen in the pro's, we'll see him setting NFL records.

I did

As a fan I did watch the game, after the opposing coach comes out before the game and says they are going to go deep, then after they do it, don't you think the BSU coaching staff would adjust...they still have not..
You have to make TCU try to sustain long drives, BSU did not.. IF they had
switched to the cover 2 and taken away the bomb, the game would have been
different. Iwas actually kind of glad they missed the FG aafter the BS interference call.
D. Burroghs is a threat, but, he needs to learn how to hang onto the ball, he did the same in HS, if you hit him, the ball comes out. Gotta fix that, don't know if there is a steroid for it....

For sure

As much as I hate to admit it he was so impressive.

TCU game

Seems to me that IF everything was as it should be then why did we loss the game. Maybe it's time for a new coach. It sure is time for a new (better) kicker!

Choate, don't be so PC

Wide Right??? Let's call a spade a spade. It was "in the general direction of the goal posts" at best. In a bowling alley it was 2 lanes over. If he thought he hit it good at the time, that just shows you how little touch he has. I'd love to have seen a show of hands in the stadium of who thought he was going make it..... I thought so.

and didn't you LOVE....

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while we are at it lets cut all your federal know,compete on the field.

Hiccups are fine

But not on a game with so much riding on it. If George Iloka and the rest of the Broncos can't understand that, then maybe they deserve to lose and not even make the playoffs. Who cares if they win the rest of the games. Who cares about a pittance of a Bowl game. If it's not BCS who cares!

not sure if you are being sarcastic or not

TCU has a decent team and exploited BSU's injuries in the secondary...BSU lost by one point with several starters not playing...give them a break. You cannot win every game...and if you are being serious about an 11 win season not being good enough you are ridiculous...This is why they want to join a BCS play better teams, to garner more interest, to make more money, to get better recruits, to expand the goes on and on. If they joing a better conference...they probably will lose 2-3 games a year. It is unreasonable to expect perfection every year...if you were not being sarcastic you are a crappy fan...I am not a bronco fan...but I was impressed with the fan bases' reaction to the loss to tcu...they still love their broncos...I guess you are one of the fairweather bronco fans.

unfortunately, perfection is required for a non-AQ team

that's why BSU schedule is what it is. The scheduling philosophy for the past several seasons has been orchestrated to the degree that it's become a road map to the BCS for us. We're supposed to win our big season opener, then beat some MAC/CUSA teams, and then run the table in our conference. That's how the plan is supposed to work, but for a second year in a row, it hasn't worked out for us.

Yes, we want to join a BCS conference, but until that happens, we want to play against the best competition we can in a BCS bowl, this year it was shaping up to possibly be the Sugar Bowl, last year it was going to be the Rose Bowl, so I'm not sure why you don't think that Bronco fans shouldn't not only be upset about BSU losing to TCU, but hearing a ho-hum, we don't really care attitude from our coaching staff. This loss really hurts and if you're not feeling hurt and looking for answers, then in my book, you're not a real Bronco fan. Yes, an 11 win season is indeed good, but it's not good enough to get into a BCS game and that's what stings.


I know how you feel, and lot's of lifelong fans agree with you.

PS: Does anybody know, is richfrog, weisberg? Things (poor grammar, spelling, incoherent ramblings, etc.) are looking familiar.


I dont think richfrog and weisburg are fact, I am not sure this is the same weisburg? He went from anti-BSU to pro-BSU all in one week....

when was his last petey?

You know, you're right!

But if it is the same weisberg, I apologize. Sincerely.
Weisberg has be an interesting read lately, and I certainly should not have posted that unwarranted jab.

Not the same posters

Weisberg is not the same poster as richfrog.

Richfrog is actually and lives in the the Fort Worth area. He is somewhat of a nut case. He hit these boards last December following the BSU/Nevada debacle and posted outlandish stuff.

He posted his phone nmber and several of us called it out of curiosity. I know 81 and wisdom called him. I think tfunky might have too - not sure about that for sure, though. I talked to the clown for about half an hour and was convinced he was the recipient of a prescription for some real heavy psychotropics. He was all over the place with his conversation and thought patterns.

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I agree

TCU vs BSU games because you really never know whos going to be the loser. I went to the 2nd Fiesta Bowl and I kept thinking BSU was going to lose. BSU fans had TCU fans beat by at least 5 to 1.

Lake Washington Bronco

Was just saying to my sweetie that Bronco fans should get used to losing once in awhile if we are going to play in a bigger conference. Love those Broncos, win or lose!


Hear, hear BoiseDuck.

As great as it would be...

You can't win all the time. I personally think it's good to lose every now and then, that way you learn something from it.

do you mean like last year?

looking at this season and especially the TCU game, what exactly would you say was learned from last years Nevada loss?


The ball was on the deck 6 times, they beat us to it 5 times. Interesting.

Twice in two years

If learning is part of losing then the Broncos didn't learn much last year. So much work wasted, so much hype, so much for nothing. Two years of having a shot at getting there and coming up empty. I guess you all know that there won't be another shot, least , not in our life time. Of all the games to lose,this one put a stake in Bronco nation once and for all.

Have some perspective dude...

Your screeching is shortsighted.

Iloka sounds like a leader. Accepting accountabilty and trying to improve. What a mature young man.

last year

BSU had the complete team. I would have put them up against any team and expected them to win. This year is a completely different situation. Even at the beginning of the season, there were just too many pieces of the puzzle missing. Now with the assorted injuries, they will have a hard time just coming in second place in the MWC. After two pathetic performances against Air Force and UNLV, most fans should have seen this loss coming.

For sure

I went to the Air Force game and I told my dad if 'they TCU like this they wont have a chance of winning'. Thats what so perplexing about their (BSU) games when sometimes I think they might lose they come out as winners.

No surprise

I love the arm chair coaches here. i do agree that the last two games showed the Bronco's simply are not playing top 10 football. They played hard on Saturday, but couldn't get to the QB and the secondary had to be embarrassed. By the end of the game the injury situation is looking really ugly. We lost two fumbles and created 3 that TCU managed to recover themselves...lots of little things chipped away at our ability to put a W in the first column.


really need popped in the mouth!!