Listen to Boise State's Chris Petersen discuss the Broncos' 36-35 loss to TCU

By Brian Murphy

Boise State coach Chris Petersen met with the local media Monday to discuss the Broncos' 36-35 loss to TCU and this week's game against San Diego State.

Petersen talked about the plan on the Broncos' final possession, the missed kick, the injuries at defensive back and running back and how his team is moving on from the TCU game. Listen here.

"All the losses are crushing," Petersen said. "People don't understand how tough these losses are to the coaches, to the kids. You put your heart and soul into it year-round and when you don't get it done, it's hard."

Choate a finalist for Eastern Illinois coaching job

Boise State special teams coach Jeff Choate is one of four finalists for the head-coaching job at Eastern Illinois. The school announced the finalists on its web site.

Choate coached at Eastern Illinois in 2005 before joining Chris Petersen's staff.

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I gotta disagree...

Sure practice...when there is no rush...not everything on the line...NO may seem like distance is not an issue. However, when you take into account the situation, every yard closer to the goal posts only adds to the kicker's confidence in being able to handle the pressure and making the kick.

20 seconds to go with a timeout to use...just plain dumb to not take a shot at making the kick shorter.

I love coach Pete...and BSU wouldn't be the team they are without him...but in my estimation he choked under the pressure on that call.

While I'm at it...why did we only rush 3 much of the day?


How is the pressure you feel by doing some arm-chair coaching on Sunday and Monday. Pretty tough isn't it.


Its easy to second guess come Sunday/Monday. Its what fans do, right or wrong. I have a buddy whos a NY Giant fan. Hes shown me pages after pages, thousands upon thousands of comments on a Monday morning thread, showing a passionate fan base second guessing everything from the color of shoes worn to the 4th string practice player. Fans are fanatics.

I wonder if he goes home

I wonder if he goes home after a loss and cries himself to sleep in his wife's arms? Cuz I know a few fans who do.

I'm guessing...

that he is mature enough to know that among the things that are worth going home and crying yourself to sleep over, a football game is not one of them. No matter how "big" the game has been made out to be. Now, those who have to go home after losing a child, or a spouse, or a parent, or a friend. Those who have to go home after finding out they have inoperable cancer, or their child does. Those who watch their parents leave to go serve in a war zone and won't be able to see mommy or daddy for a year or more, etc. etc. Now those people have a reason to go home and cry themselves to sleep. Someone who loses a football game? I don't think so.

Spare us the moral lessons

No one is saying those things are of less importance than a dumb football game played by young people.

Lilly is being facetious. Have a sense of humor TMD, or stop posting. Geezus.

Why was the playcalling so

Why was the playcalling so weird on the final drive?

Now thats a great question...

The Broncos have done great the last few years in "hurry-up" mode on Offense. It seemed that the play calling Saturday was a little shaky and so was the execution. I saw Kellen have "happy feet" for the first time since the Bowl game against TCU in San Diego when he was a Freshman. I know Coach Pete says he wouldnt change anything, but I think the coaching staff also panicked a little when with a TO and 20 seconds, Kellen takes a dive to the middle of the field. The crowd groaned and was stunned by the move. I cant believe Coach Pete honestly thought, and still thinks, Goodale was going to nail a 39 yarder.

Another interesting note. I dont believe any one group or single person deserves to share the brunt of the loss. Win and lose together. However, the three biggest miscues of the game belonged to Mitch Burroughs, Drew Wright and Dan Goodale. Tough day for the local guys.

Add in there...

cornerbacks biting on the fakes and letting receivers get behind them...again and again.

BSU fans please vote

Vote once a day everyday

GO Broncos

Exciting Game

Not a great ending for BSU fans, but a fun game to watch nonetheless.

The biggest factor in the loss was definitely BSU's inability to mount any sort of pass rush on TCU. That left the inexperienced secondary exposed for too long against good receivers, but credit TCU for taking advantage. Patterson said before the game he thought he had a mismatch there and he certainly exploited it well.

Really the pass interference

Really the pass interference call on TCU looked like B.S., so it really should not have even come down to a field goal try anyway.

We could do this all day...

And the Broncos had one called on them and the next play was a TCU TD. Bad calls happen during the game, to both teams. And just one play/call doesnt make a difference. Things by and large by the end of the game, even out.


That was a terrible call. The ball wasn't close to catchable. Actually it might have been better if the refs picked up the flag on that one and gave TCU the ball. They'd still win the game but the kicker wouldn't have a lot of people blaming him for the loss.

Jlandon's comment

Is still correct. There will be a few questionable calls in every game and yes, it was a bad call. Certainly the game didn't was lost earlier, many plays (secondary exposure, lack of pass rush, no hurry up)

Very exciting game regardless and though losing is very painful, its part of life.
Go Broncos

Obviously it had no impact on the game

BSU ran a couple of more plays, shanked the field goal and lost. If the call wasn't made BSU would have turned it over on downs and TCU would have just needed to take a knee a couple of times.

That being said I agree that football games never come down to something like a single bad call or a single play. There's so much that happens over the course of four quarters it just seems stupid when fans zero in on one bad call and obsess about how it cost their team the game. I'm looking at you, Oklahoma fans.


wha? Pick up da FLAG???!!!!?! This kick had to HAPPEN! A win means so much LESS with out the providential BROTZed KICK!!! And by whom? Never EVER a mistake in a NAME. In respect of a fine young man's name and future, let's just call him Kyle Brotz II !!! Yes, I feel a sense of honor in this. Let's not blame GooodA..,er, Kyle Brotz II. Bless his HEART, He did ALL that he wuz TRAINED to do,... nail dat suckah WIIIIIIIIIIIDE RIGHT!!!! Glorious GLORIOUS ending to the perfect game, ending Broncs most UNperfect SEASON!!! PICK UP DA FLAG? NOT A CHANCE IN FROGHECK. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide RIGHT, BABY! WIDE RIGHT!

Head Shots

The head shots to Moore twice and to Harper once looked like B.S. that wasn't called. The game is full of missed/bad calls it's part of the game.

I repeat...

Since my first post was removed for some unnamed reason I'll try it again..... Why do the players get called "kids" when they're all old enough to serve in the Middle East and possibly be killed? They're certainly old enough to be "young adults" if they're old enough to possibly die serving their country. A 19 yr old is called a kid on the football field, but we don't call them kids when they go off to war. The coach uses the term in his press conference.
Just an observation since fans and media alike use the term pretty loosely.

My late wife got me hooked

My late wife got me hooked on the Broncos. How many teams go undefeated for an entire season? Young men who play football as well as being full time college students earning degrees in Sciences, Law Etc. I see a weakness in the kicking game but last year the No.1 kicker in the nation missed. It happens but watching the character of the players and coaches from a small University in the mountains of Idaho to be respected aceoss the nation speaks volumes. Watch them, support them but if it tears you apart you need some serious help.