Boise State football team drops to No. 10 in AP, No. 11 in USA Today poll, No. 10 in BCS; breakdown of bowl scenarios

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team dropped five spots to No. 10 in The Associated Press Top 25 and six spots to No. 11 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday.

The Broncos sustained their first defeat of the season Saturday, a dramatic 36-35 loss to TCU. The Horned Frogs are No. 19 in both polls.

In AP, the Broncos are the lowest-ranked of the one-loss teams except for Southern Miss (22). They are ahead of undefeated Houston, which is No. 11. Georgia is No. 13.

In USA Today, the Broncos are behind Houston and all the one-loss teams but Southern Miss. Georgia is No. 15.

The Broncos also are No. 11 in the Harris poll.

On Sunday night, the Broncos were No. 10 in the BCS standings. Houston is No. 11.


Here’s a breakdown of the Broncos’ bowl situation:

— The Broncos could finish as the highest-ranked team from a non-BCS conference. However, the automatic bid for that group of teams goes to the highest-ranked conference champion — and the Broncos can’t win the Mountain West unless TCU loses to UNLV or Colorado State, both at home. That means Houston, Southern Miss and Tulsa out of Conference USA and TCU are in better position to earn that berth, even if they’re ranked behind the Broncos. If TCU loses one of those games, then the Broncos are right back in the mix. To qualify, a non-BCS champion likely only needs to finish in the top 16 of the BCS standings this year because the Big East champion will be ranked lower than that. The automatic bid goes to the highest-ranked champion if more than one meets the criteria.

— If Boise State wins out, the Broncos will be eligible for at-large selection to a BCS bowl. That threshold is top 14. However, the four available slots likely will go to the SEC (Alabama), Big 12 (Oklahoma or maybe Kansas State), Big Ten (Michigan State, Wisconsin, Nebraska) and the non-BCS group (C-USA champ or TCU). Also ahead of the Broncos in line are Stanford and Virginia Tech/Clemson.

— In the Mountain West, the bowl partners have selections. There is no provision saying a bowl has to take a certain team. The MAACO Bowl Las Vegas (Dec. 22) has the first choice and the expectation is that it will take an 11-1 Boise State, ranked in the Top 10, over TCU. The Broncos have brought huge crowds to Las Vegas twice in the past year. The opponent is the fifth pick from the Pac-12, with contenders including UCLA, Cal, Washington and Utah. If it’s Utah, the Broncos likely get bypassed because those teams met in last year’s game.

— The second choice belongs to the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego (Dec. 21). That game might be willing to take Boise State over hometown San Diego State, but the opponent is the first pick from the WAC — most likely Nevada. I can’t imagine them wanting a Boise State-Nevada rematch. The game could take Louisiana Tech, but La. Tech-Boise State wouldn’t draw at all.

— The third choice goes to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La. (Dec. 26). If Boise State is still available somehow, the Independence would take it. The opponent is the seventh pick out of the ACC.

— The last bowl is the New Mexico Bowl in Albuquerque (Dec. 17). The opponent is the seventh pick out of the Pac-12.


Here’s the AP poll:

The Top 25 teams in The Associated Press college football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Nov. 12, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote, and previous ranking:
Record Pts Pv
1. LSU (60) 10-0 1,500 1
2. Oklahoma St. 10-0 1,432 2
3. Alabama 9-1 1,380 4
4. Oregon 9-1 1,326 6
5. Oklahoma 8-1 1,230 7
6. Arkansas 9-1 1,217 8
7. Clemson 9-1 1,075 9
8. Stanford 9-1 1,071 3
9. Virginia Tech 9-1 1,000 10
10. Boise St. 8-1 880 5
11. Houston 10-0 867 11
12. Michigan St. 8-2 767 13
13. Georgia 8-2 756 14
14. South Carolina 8-2 706 15
15. Wisconsin 8-2 676 16
16. Kansas St. 8-2 629 17
17. Nebraska 8-2 583 19
18. Southern Cal 8-2 564 18
19. TCU 8-2 402 NR
20. Michigan 8-2 381 22
21. Penn St. 8-2 320 12
22. Southern Miss. 9-1 250 25
23. Florida St. 7-3 107 NR
24. Notre Dame 7-3 93 NR
25. Baylor 6-3 68 NR
Others receiving votes: Georgia Tech 66, West Virginia 47, Virginia 26, Cincinnati 24, Tulsa 22, Texas 11, Auburn 10, Arizona St. 7, Washington 6, Georgia Southern 1.


Here’s the USA Today poll:

The USA Today Top 25 football coaches poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Nov. 12, total points based on 25 points for first place through one point for 25th, and previous ranking:
Record Pts Pvs
1. LSU (59) 10-0 1,475 1
2. Oklahoma State 10-0 1,410 3
3. Alabama 9-1 1,340 4
4. Oregon 9-1 1,300 6
5. Oklahoma 8-1 1,228 7
6. Arkansas 9-1 1,170 8
7. Virginia Tech 9-1 1,045 9
8. Clemson 9-1 1,042 10
9. Stanford 9-1 1,024 2
10. Houston 10-0 927 11
11. Boise State 8-1 831 5
12. Michigan State 8-2 791 13
13. Wisconsin 8-2 745 14
14. South Carolina 8-2 727 15
15. Georgia 8-2 698 16
16. Nebraska 8-2 615 17
17. Kansas State 8-2 501 22
18. Michigan 8-2 477 21
19. TCU 8-2 392 24
20. Southern Mississippi 9-1 386 23
21. Penn State 8-2 361 12
22. Florida State 7-3 189 NR
23. Georgia Tech 7-3 87 19
23. West Virginia 7-3 87 NR
25. Notre Dame 7-3 86 NR
Others receiving votes: Cincinnati 84; Baylor 56; Texas 27; Virginia 24; Rutgers 15; Tulsa 10; Arkansas State 5; Missouri 5; Texas A&M 5; Brigham Young 4; Arizona State 2; Northern Illinois 2; Utah 2.


My AP ballot:

2 Okla State
3 Alabama
4 Oregon
5 Arkansas
6 Clemson
7 Virginia Tech
8 Oklahoma
9 Boise State
10 Stanford
11 S. Carolina
12 Georgia
13 Kansas St
14 Michigan St.
15 Wisconsin
16 Houston
17 TCU
18 USC
19 Nebraska
20 Michigan
21 SoMiss
22 Tulsa
23 Notre Dame
24 Florida St
25 Penn State

Dropped out: Georgia Tech, Texas, Auburn, Cincinnati

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and in other news

the sun rose today and we still have a great football team. 3 more games and a bowl game. BOISE!

and as far as the Big East

If we were in the Big East this year with its automatic qualifying status, a loss or two wouldn't necessarily be a problem. Their conference champion goes to a BCS Bowl.

and in other news

Great post!

"and a bowl game. BOISE"...

aaaaaaaaAAAAND it's another exciting BOISE 3rd tier bowl game!... MINUS ...

- minus 3+ MILLION, due to no GOOD "ALE"ed BROTZched kick to da RIGHT! (and the kick is... OMG ... BROTZched AGAIN!)

- minus MILLIONS worth of NATIONAL NEWS COVERAGE during sport network talk of "unbeatens"

- minus Big East membership... so many other "average and multi-beaten" teams to choose from! (SDSU upset setup)

- minus AWESOME recruits now "bored" with the bronc...(Note Spencer Stanley now committing to Rice, but DID enjoy your hospitality, and meeting stud quarterback,... but noted Brotz was hid in blue closet during visit)

- minus yo coach! THAT'S RIGHT! HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Will be coaching that 2nd tier bowl game on PENN ST. sideline!!! Don't blame this one on the KICKER, though,.. well, that too,....

- minus (fill in yo own analysis here,.... so much more to choose from,.... like national indifferance from spoiled record, lack of team pride and passion, Bronco bandwagon empty,... , this that and OH yeah, that too!)

DID I READ THE ARTICLE RIGHT? TCU STILL HAS A CHANCE FOR BCS? talkin' of havin' our cake and eatin' it TOO!!! Oh, the spoils of war,... all gifts from Bluevillie! How can one game bring such SMILES on FROGlips?


I work downtown and sat next to the TCU section at the game. Basically, every Frog fan I met was nice, tipped well, and didn't gloat. I hope they don't pick up your despicable show of sportsmanship. Didn't your Mother teach you to be a humble winner? Even though you didn't win are a disgrace.


Made that Boise trip a few years ago before Boise mattered (kinda like
where this thang is gettn back to)...
Remembered that sorry Mex-food
downtown with service worse only
compared to a BoyZ
know da place? OF COURSE U DO!!!
If that waiter wuz yo daddy, he
would confirm a BIG RICHFROG
somehow knew he needed it worse,
and things would surely get better
in Donkeyville. And here we are
today.... Sorry 4 u, and FROGS
threw ya a BIG tip. And GOOD FOR
THEM! (bless YOUR heart)


I have put up with your posts for years (at least it seems like years). But after the posts I have read from you today I realize how big of a fake and loser your really are. I agree with another poster that stated how great the TCU fans and most other fans of the teams we have played are. To bad you are a disgrace to your team and an insult to anyone that knows you. I assume that calling your self "RICH"frog probably means you are the biggest loser in the world, you probably cannot get a loan for a piece of gum. And if you really are rich it is probably because your have screwed as many people possible so you can walk around with a big head.

Congratulations TCU, you played a great game. I really hope things work out so we can play you again. And thanks to all the TCU fans and other fans that can respect the other teams you play. I know all BSU fans do not do this but I'm pretty sure most of them do.

Go BSU!!!

81, I wouldn't call them great football team

I don't exactly know how I would describe them, but in my mind, as a program, they're exactly where they were a year ago, in that nothing was learned, nor gained, from the tragedy of the Nevada loss. They weren't prepared for this game and didn't/couldn't make much needed adjustments. BSU was once again, outcoached in all phases of the game going down the stretch.


Boise is a great team and definitely rated at #10, not bad at all....and may move up alittle, but I doubt it as their SOS will get weaker....

Boise was not out-coached....they were out-played by a team that is good, but not great....

Boise had won, then at 2:30 to go in 4th qtr on third down they fumbled....TCU scored in 1 minute and did a 2 point conversion....

Boise moved alittle aided by penalties, and then came fouth down and a bogus PI penalty that gave Boise one more chance....with that chance they played for a final field goal, instead of TD....

They put it into hands of a freshman instead of the Heisman....

It is the way it is....

Boise is probably the 10th best team in the country....not bad at all; but not what fans had hoped for....


I was the game...and it appeared to me the Frogs were faster...and hungerier for a win than the Broncos. I'm accostomed to seeing Bronco teams "outfight" recievers for the football. I'm accostmoned to seeing Bronco recievers "not giving up on their routes" and making the catch in the critcal situations. The truth is that I saw a Boise State team totally outplayed.

Before the game I sat in a restaurant reading the newspaper about the definition of a rivalry. And, I read that Gary Patterson stopped short of calling this a rivalry game. He said that he respected BSU and what they've accomplished...but didn't consider it a rivalry.

To me that speaks volumnes of how much distance Boise St still has to travel to gain respect. I hope that BSU learns a lesson from this loss and decides they are going to narrow the gap between themselves and TCU.


The many articles before this game and others, the Broncos admitted they were not playing to par....the defense even said so....

I think the Big East stuff was a very big distraction....I got tired of hearing how the Big East needs Boise to keep their AQ status....that is a bit arrogant for a 10-16 BCS overall record....

After Georgia and Tulsa, I did not see the winning drive in Boises attitude....all games reminded me of Boise v Utah of last year....

There is a change in the air tonite....I dont know what it is?


Yes, I've read the same articles, etc, etc. Perhaps you're right...the Big East has been a big distraction...but, if you are going to be in the "big time" then you gotta step up and make the plays. That's why I'm disgusted.

I'm used to BSU defenders going through the reciever to either knock down the ball or intercept it. I'm used to seeing BSU recievers NOT GIVE UP on the routes and make the catches despite the adversity.

Those two aspects of the game were telling and it made me feel the Broncos have become SOFT.

The last time I saw the Broncos lose at Bronco Stadium was in 1989 (to Idaho) and Utah St in 1975.

Other than those two games the Donk's have always won when I was there...NOT used to them losing!

You're right

had I been drinking the kool-aid instead of the beer perhaps I too wouldn't blame the coaching staff for the loss either. I agree though, it's not their fault that they decided to give the ball to a 5th string running back instead of giving it to their Heisman quarterback, but then again, they're not used to Kellen being in the game in the 4th quarter.
In all seriousness though, the playcalling on both sides of the ball going down the stretch pretty much sucked, but even prior to that it was, at best, pretty suspect. Patterson said at haftime that he thought he'd be able to exploit the secondary with the deep ball and he was right. BSU didn't make their adjustments, and if they did, they didn't work because the long ball kept on coming. Pasch-ell looked like a Hesiman quarterback against our secondary, which IMO, is where the game was essentially lost. The fumble and the missed FG were simply the last two nails in the coffin for us, but then again, if we were a great team and played like a great team, the game never would have come down to a desperation last second FG attempt. The #5 team in the country shouldn't have allowed an unranked TCU team to stay in the game. BSU seemed to play with a sense of entitlement in this game and looked stunned when TCU stole the lead from them, which is rather surprising considering that the same thing happened a year ago in Reno.

In fairness...

to the freshman. He shouldn't have been out there in the first place. First, BSU should have stopped TCU on their last drive, if not for missed tackles and especially should have stopped the two point conversion attempt. And that's not to mention the fumble that gave TCU that chance in the first place. And lastly, the Heisman actually failed at his attempt, but was given new life with a VERY questionable pass interference call. If that call had not happened, BSU's offense would have failed to get the job done and TCU would have run out the clock anyway. So, unfortuntely for the "freshman" he was put in a very high pressure situation with little or no experience or training in such situations and will be the "goat". Not fair, but I suppose he needs to learn that's the life of a kicker. So, now that he has been there I think he will likely do better in the future. Anyway, I'm sure all know it, but just wanted to emphasize he shouldn't have been put in that situation in the first place.


How many field goals did the freshman attempt this year? Maybe 10 at very most....His longest was 36 yards....He also has missed around 4 extra points....

If you are going to put him in on a do-or-die field goal that has BCS Bowl hopes on the line, then they should have allowed him to kick many more field goals during games that Boise was ahead....

I've seen many times where Boise was in 'field' goal range on 4th down in other games where they were leading, and they went for it instead of kicking it....that sends a lack of confidence message....

Now in big game, they put him in to win it because the team couldn't....he was probably surprised that they called him in instead of going for it again....

TMD - I hear what you are saying, but -

when a player signs the bottom line of a schollie agreement and accepts the terms and the money of the schollie; a reasonable expecation is created on the part of the coaches and fans, that the schoollie recipient is going to perform his function with the team in 'payment'/return for the schollie money.

If a player could not performa the function - then why give him the schollie money in the first place.

I agree with you that it should never have come down to a field goal, and I do not think 'he lost the game'. The team lost the game long before he took the field.

But - I believe there is a reasonable expectation of schollie players performing the functions they receive the money to perform on Game Day. Yes, I do.

And, if a period/trend of failure to perform the function(s) is demonstrated by the player, then the schollie money shoud be taken away. Schollies are not a right for a priveleged class.

Go Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


what if he continues to improve and two years down the line BSU goes undefeated and gets their shot at the title and he kicks the game winning field goal as time expires. Does he then "earn his schollie"?


BSU is above Stanford in your poll. Stanford lost to the 7 ranked team in the nation; BS lost to an unranked team. This goes to show what kind of homer you are.

I completely agree wtih

I completely agree wtih you.

It is a farce that he has Houston ranked behind BSU as well.

I find it very entertaining that the same BSU fans that have always advocated that, because BSU was undefeated they deserved more respect and a higher ranking in the polls and that SOS was not important. Now, when BSU has the loss and Houston is undefeated, Cripe and the BSU homers use the excuse that Houston's SOS is not great.

BSU fans complain and whine excessively about how the system picks on them, but when it is convenient, BSU fans do the same. Look on the bright side, BSU. If BSU played in the SEC or Big Ten there is a chance that BSU would already have 2-3 losses. Two decent teams on the entire BSU schedule and they can't even beat both of them. You think that you deserve to be in the national championship when you have a weak schedule and lose to an unranked team?


boise state fans have not campaigned for a spot in the national championship. even a convincing win yesterday(and we were far from making that happen)wouldn't have done it. unless boise state was undefeated and ok, ok st, bama & lsu all had two losses, you could make a case we wouldn't belong in the nc. boise state fans recognize that. a spot in the bcs would have been deserved and that is likely gone now. how about your team? we handled them convincingly enough, reno will likely win the wac and yet all you do is bash our team. why is that?

The intent is

to show how bias (and unreasonable) BS fans and the local media is.

again bsuniv

which team do you support?

What does it matter which

What does it matter which team a person supports?
He could support NNU for all it matters. All he is doing is trying to show how much unreasonable bias there is in Boise for BSU.


Unreasonable bias in Boise for bsu? Do realize how ridiculous that sounds? Of course there is bias, that is why we are called fans. Most fans, believe and hope that the teams they root for are better than they actually are. As a fan you invest time, emotion, and money into your team. It makes you biased. I lived in Omaha in the late 90's and I promise you the people of Boise have noting on people of Nebraska when it comes to bias. I'm sure it is the same in Ann Arbor, Columbus, and Eugene. Fan support is one thing that makes sports great. I might add, BSU is still a great team, they just got beat by a team that was one point better than them yesterday. Hats off to TCU, they came in with a great game plan and executed.

But thanks for coming on here and letting us know that we have unreasonable bias for the team we love. You are really setting us straight, I know I'm beginning to see the light. Go Broncos!


gotta luv RICHFROG's too! (flex, flex) A purple field with invisible purple uniforms! WHAT A CONCEPT!!! For the holidays, could find 6 geese a layin' dead in the middle of "frog pond" from suicidal swan dives,... whalla, CHRISTMAS DINNER BIRD provisions from on High! Enough left over for the New Year's FROG BCS watch party. So much more bias fun in frogville. But you got spirit, yes you do, you got spirit #2!!! Bless yo biASS' hearts! Don't be sad, don't be "blue",.. you can still be #2!!! (bless yo HEARTS!)

The intent is.

I agree with you in re-fans.The loval sports media,not bias- they do not do a very good job in reporting sports.

(Sports Media Journalists) Injuries and reporting

Doug Martin-What is the status of his leg?Tv Announcers"Martin will play in a emergency role" Third string tailback replaces Mr.Harper- who hurts his leg. status of Mr. Harper Chris Petersen"he will be fine" Media print Journalists-please try to find out? is not that your'e job?


Actually, my team won another Big Ten game yesterday and is looking good for the post season. They have faired a bit better than I had predicted.

I don't understand why you keep thinking that I am a Nevada fan. I have never attended nor been a fan of Nevada.

And I would hate to burst your bubble, but there has been plenty of talk on these boards, AM radio, and amongst fans thinking that BSU should be in a NC game.

Your team

However you still must be embarrassed about the team you support. If not why don't you just say who your team is?

None of them are missing limbs, whoever they are.

Now stifle yourself, Stivic!


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

ok, my mistake jockballhandler

which big ten team do you support? it is a legit question because you continually bash boise state. if you were a big enough person to identify your team, we could point out their shortcomings. give & take. is that so difficult?

The Rush Limberger school of debate disqualifies you.

Come on jackwagon !

He has Oklahoma ahead of

He has Oklahoma ahead of Boise.....Oklahoma's loss is WAY WAY worse than Boise's....go call all the other clowns out Jocstrap!

um.. debatable..

... being that their loss to an unrated team was a few weeks ago.. They have since won other games. Most noted would be the then ranked KSU. It is only natural that they be ahead.

Also, most curious how this writer can place OU 3 places below while 2 polls have them at a solid #5.... meh

I'm going to go out on a

I'm going to go out on a huge limb and "guess" that the reason everyone votes OK ahead of Boise is for the teams they have beaten (Florida State, Mizzou, Texas, K-State and A&M) and not for the bad loss they took. Boise has had to play one tough game all year to open the year. It's a joke that anyone would rank BSU in the top 10 after losing at home to TCU given that they haven't played anyone except a decent Georgia team that has feasted on a weak SEC East.

hey bsuniv

which team do you support and how did they do yesterday? could it be they were beaten 42-7? could it be their record is 2-8?

This is funny

Because rather than deal with the question at hand (a bias writer) you resort to ad hominem attacks.

bsuniv it's a question

which team do you support?

A team that

is ranked above your's. Once again this technique that you are trying to employ of switching the conversation to something else rather than deal with the issue is hand is something I learned in 9th grade debate class. I won't go there. I have made my case, have a nice day.


you have made your case. separate topic: which team do you support? did you attend school at that institution or are you a bandwagoner?

Right. Only BSU grads go to Bronco games.

I didn't attend any universities in Idaho, so I don't have a horse in this race nor care what BSU does in football, but for a BSU football fan to make the comment that unless you attended a school you are a bandwagon fan is easily the most hypocritical comment I have seen on this site in a long time. If I had a dime for time I ran into a BSU fan who doesn't have a degree from that school I would be a millionaire. The majority of that stadium and people wearing BSU gear around town do not have degrees from BSU, so unless you are prepared to call the majority of Bronco Nation fair weather bandwagon fans, I would retract that statement.

You dont have a horse in this race?

Then sit down and be quiet. You aint half the man b81 is and dont have even an ounce of his character.


i'm not of the opinion you must attend a school to be a fan. my point is this: if you are going to bash boise state on this blog, name the team you do support so we can point out their shortcomings as well.

I can't get them on regular TV. That's annoying...

What kind of crap did they pull to do that?


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

FO....You have made probably the most

important statement of all....that is, we fans cannot get the game unless we go to a sports bar....

The Broncos left the 'out-of-boise' fans high-and-dry....

and we are suppose to love them for it?

Why would any fan 'outside-of-boise' want to donate to the Broncos when they have left us with tv that shows other great cfb games, other than boise?

Does BroncoBob have the Big East by the knut-sack now? have missed

probably the most important point. It's all about the money. If you area true "fan" you will spend the money to prove it by paying for the increased TV package to get all the channels, by traveling 3,000 miles for a regular season game, but paying horribly increased ticket prices, by purchasing a new sweatshirt every week due to changes in color schemes, etc. etc. etc. Also, if you aren't worth anything to the football team you aren't worth anything (i.e., the other sports at BSU) and all the fans that can't afford to "support" the team. Well, if you won't do it the boosters and television stations will. And, luckily for BSU there are still enough who will part with a large amount of their hard earned money to support the team. They more than make up for those who can't. Remember rule #1: It's all about the money!

Once again

Another troll that bashes BSU but is embarrassed to say what team they support. Your team must be a real loser, if you won't even tell people who they are.


a biased writer? yes. is he alone in that regard? he is not.

My ballot

First of all, everything you guys are questioning about my ballot is very similar to the national poll.

As for the individual complaints:

— I've had Boise State ahead of Stanford all along. Boise State lost by one point on a missed field goal to TCU, who you call unranked but was in the Top 25 in two polls and barely out of the other two, so that's a technicality. Stanford got absolutely whipped by Oregon. And the reason I had Boise State ahead of Stanford before still applies — better schedule (it's not even close in the SOS rankings), better best win.

— Someone else complained about Houston. Boise State is ahead of Houston nationally, too. Houston's best win is over No. 51 UCLA. Boise State has played four teams ranked higher than that and beaten three of them. If Houston beats Tulsa and Southern Miss, I'll put them ahead of Boise State. But right now, they haven't done enough.

— Someone mentioned putting a team in the Top 10 that had lost to an unranked team. Well, Oklahoma is in the Top 10 with a loss to Texas Tech and Clemson is in the Top 10 with a loss to Georgia Tech. And unlike those teams, TCU is ranked now.

— Someone mentioned having Boise State ahead of TCU. I actually thought hard about moving TCU ahead of Boise State, but couldn't justify putting them ahead of that many teams or justify dropping Boise State that far. You still have to look at the complete season, and TCU has two losses. Oklahoma is ahead of Texas Tech, Clemson is ahead of Georgia Tech, Michigan State is ahead of Nebraska, Nebraska is ahead of Northwestern, etc. That's just how it goes in the polls. In case nobody has noticed, ranking these teams is an impossible task. I just try to be consistent as much as possible.

thank you chadd

my comments are with regard to regional bias which i believe is widespread.