Colt McCoy sends congratulatory text message to Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy sent Kellen Moore a text message congratulating the Boise State senior on breaking the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision record for career wins.

Moore said he received the message Sunday morning.

The message, according to Moore: “Congratulations, good luck and keep it going.”

McCoy held the previous record at 45 wins with Texas. Moore is 46-2 and has a chance to extend the record to 51. Moore is one of only four quarterbacks to win 42 games, so if he gets to 50 it could be a long time before the record is touched.

I recently asked Moore for his thoughts on the three previous quarterbacks to hold the wins record. Here’s his take:

On McCoy (45-8 at Texas, 2006-09): “You never really saw a bad game out of Colt. He was always such a big part of Texas football. He did a lot for that program. He’s certainly a guy that I really enjoyed watching when he played at Texas.”

On David Greene (42-10 at Georgia, 2001-04): “A lefty. He probably got the experience like me where people felt like he played there forever. He was just a consistent guy from what I remember. … He was with the Seahawks for a while. I definitely saw him with the Seahawks.”

On Peyton Manning (39-6 at Tennessee, 1994-97): “Maybe I’m trying to make him sound old, but I don’t remember much from college. I remember him from the Colts. All that stuff speaks for itself. Everyone loves Peyton. He’s been an example for all quarterbacks for years.”


Boise State coach Chris Petersen didn’t provide any specifics on injured starters Doug Martin (tailback), Billy Winn (defensive tackle) and Jamar Taylor (cornerback). None of the injuries are serious, Petersen said. Martin could have returned in the second half against UNLV if necessary, he said.


Boise State’s internal players of the week were tailback D.J. Harper (offense), safety George Iloka (defense), linebacker Byron Hout (special teams), center Cory Yriarte (lineman), nickel Hunter White (Hammer), quarterback Jimmy Laughrea (scout offense), linebacker Dustin Kamper (scout defense) and defensive back Darian Thompson (scout special teams).


Some highlights from Monday’s press conference about this week’s game against TCU:

— “It’s as talented as any team in the country,” Moore said. “… It’s going to take a lot of preparation.”

— Senior defensive tackle Chase Baker noticed that TCU is 4-0 in the conference with home games against Colorado State and UNLV left. “This is it. This is for the championship. There’s not going to be another team beat these guys. We have to bring our A-game. This truly is for the Mountain West title.”

If Boise State wins, the Broncos still could lose one of their final three games and finish with a share of the title.

— Baker on the atmosphere in the weight room Sunday: “You could hear a pin drop when we were doing our warm-ups and stuff. You can just feel it. It’s a different atmosphere right now. And TCU kind of brings that out in us.”

— Petersen on TCU: “To me, they’re just like they’ve always been — extremely athletic, really fast, well coached, they play hard. It’s a different level.”


Former Boise State offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin, now at Texas, was asked this week who would win the Boise State-TCU game.

“BSU, all the way,” he said, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Asked if that was head or heart talking, he said: “Both.”

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That is good


Congrads to Kellen, and to Colt....

''congratulations good luck good luck and keep it going'

Mr. McCoy Text message not a phone call?
Show some class-a big time record.


He did have a game to play on Sunday...

How long did it take to speak that vs punch buttons?

At least it wasn't YO!

The kids can't even spend money to speak to each other...that's when you know cellphones are WORTHLESS.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

weisberg - to this younger generation . . .

. . . a text message is just as good as a phone call. Maybe even better, as there is no need for actual human contact on either end of the call.

I know it sounds bizarre, but this younger generation is not into actual human contact (telephonic, auditory, visual, or tactual) as has been the experience with previous generations.

I bought some B-Day cards for our daughter and her husband (they both share the same B-Day and birth year)) last week from the Hallmark store at the Boise Mall. I noticed the selection was much more sparse than on previous card shopping forays.

I inquired about the reduced selection and was told by a store employee that the younger generation does not go in for cards like our generation does. They would prefer to text rather than be bothered with actually taking the time to get a card, writing something in it, and mailing it (too much hassle). Texts are more efficient, time-wise. Multi-tasking and all.

Prolly, Hallmark Card stores, will be a thing of the past in about 10 years from now, hmmmm? I know the big bookstore in the Boise Mall is closed now, due to lack of people buying actual books anymore, and reliance on these new fangled 'Kindle' gizmos.

So, don't be too judgemental about Colt only texting Kellen his congrats - it is the new way of doing things, and not a 'put down' or nonclassy act, I reckon.

BAA Member #63799

Weisberg -to this younger generation

Good response.I do understand Generation y-also known as Millennial Generation-having raises a large family.A great record-maybe a phone call attempt. The Weisberg

McCoy classy

Throughout this whole thing Colt McCoy has been very classy. He didn't have to do anything but he did. Whenever he was asked about he has only been positive.

How does one get Kellen's

How does one get Kellen's cell number, may I ask? Not that I'd call and bug him or anything. ;-)


I didn't ask Kellen, but I've got two guesses:

A: They met a couple years ago at a banquet and may have traded numbers.

B: McCoy is from Texas. Bryan Harsin is the OC at Texas.



Not enough time to yak some? I won't ever own a crappy cellphone

Just rude.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

No Cellphone [sic]?

My grandma doesn't own a cell phone, either. Then again, she's dead.

You have my deepest condolences.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

"You kids get off my lawn!"

"You kids get off my lawn!"

But Sir, you're paying us to mow, weed, trim and water!


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


A text message? Wow! The things this newspaper considers worthy of a headline never ceases to amaze me.


real class.

Nice Sportsmanship...

but this is the online newspaper's top story? Really?

This Just In!

Coach Pete said "good job" to Kellen for breaking the record!

Seriously Chadd? You write some good stories from time to time, but this is pretty ridiculous. I could see it as a side note to another story, but the lead on the Statesman's website with pic? I'm not seeing it.


Joe Frazier died of liver cancer last night.

Not football, but news if that's what you mean.