Mixup in Georgia complicates speeding ticket for Idaho candidate Jimmy Farris

A misdemeanor driving without privileges charge will be dropped against newly minted Democratic 1st District congressional candidate Jimmy Farris after Georgia officials corrected the record and confirmed Farris has a valid drivers license.

Farris said he will pay an $85 speeding ticket he received on U.S. 95 just north of Lewiston as he returned from the Sept. 24 Idaho Vandal game in Moscow.

Clearing the matter was important for Farris, who didn't need a misdemeanor to begin his long-shot race against 1st-term GOP Rep. Raul Labrador. Farris, a Lewiston native, moved to Meridian in August from Atlanta, where he played for the NFL Atlanta Falcons.

When the coincidentally named ISP Trooper John Farris stopped Jimmy Farris for speeding, the dispatcher's records showed Jimmy Farris's license had been suspended for failing to pay a fine for an infraction in Georgia due in August. In fact, Farris, 33, made the payment on time, which Georgia officials confirmed on Thursday, said Nez Perce County Deputy Prosecutor Justin Coleman.

"Mr. Farris had made an appearance at the appropriate time on the matter in Georgia and should never have been suspended out of that state," Coleman said. "In light of that, I will be dismissing the driving without privileges charge in the interest of justice."

Coleman said he will drop the charge no later than Tuesday.

Farris joked that "we should all ride our brakes harder coming down Lewiston Hill," adding that "the officer was simply doing his job."

Still, Farris said the incident suggests a need for better communication between law enforcement agencies across state lines. "It's disappointing when an Idaho citizen is responsible and fulfills his or her obligations but is punished because of the incompetence of an out of state agency," Farris said. "All in all it was an unfortunate ending to an otherwise great day at the Vandal game."

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Just try

To be a non-candidate and get that kind of action on an error at any DMV in the country.

If he moved here in August

If he moved here in August he has had plenty of time to get a valid Idaho license.

If you read the article

While he moved here in August the ticket was issued in late September well within the time frame required by Idaho to replace your out of state license. According to the DMV you have 90 days after moving here to get an Idaho License.


If he were truly responsibile would he have 2 speeding tickets within such a short time frame? Typical Democrat, blaming others when in fact if he had not been speeding in the first place this would not have been an issue....

Like Republican DUI's?

Tried driving in Georgia recently? It's not difficult to get a speeding ticket, with the traffic generally driving faster than the limits and the limits changing constantly.

Moreover, I didn't see Farris blaming anyone else except for the obvious fact that the records weren't properly kept.

In a state where both the Republican Governor and a senior Republican Senator were driving under the influence (not to mention stealing a truck), it seems more than a little bit partisan hypocrisy to criticize someone for a speeding ticket.


So 2 wrongs make it right? This is about him, stop deflecting and saying well someone else did worse..blah blah..

You're right, he should have

You're right, he should have been like a Republican and just blamed his wide stance

Republicans speed too

Typical Republican...The good congressman from the 1st Congressional District, Mr Labrador (and his wife) seems to have a lead foot too. One of his infractions was an inability to produce proof of insurance. You can go to: https://www.idcourts.us/repository/partyResults.do and put in a name and see everyone's record....including Rep Phil Hart, Senator McGee, Governor Otter, many of his Department Directors....etc. Its a fun little game to play to dig around in peoples legal history. Problem is, your guy has skeletons too.

Is he a Vandal fan?

Do democrats go for nasty and inebriated politicians?

You know its a dem when you read

excuses, speeding, law-breaking and finally getting away with it....

definite dem attributes....

dont worry jimmy, being a dem gets you off no matter what....dont switch parties or that would change.....

While it's pretty obvious

While it's pretty obvious you're just a troll, just in case you actually believe what you barfed on your keyboard, you should look up John McGee.


Ted Kennedy... how far you wanna go?

Uh, my comment was a reply

Uh, my comment was a reply to the troll who said Republicans don't get away with breaking the law.

Do I need to explain further?

Ah yes , hundreds of GOP pond lice .............

......... locally and no matter what the GOPer has done and ......... look it's Ted Kennedy . You would think the local branch of the GOPers could come up with something local to post ....... but no , why is that NUKE ? LOL
I under stand that there was a Demarcate in the 1800s that cheated at cards -- why not dredge that up ------ haven't got much have you .

reddung....I love reading spin-doctors of

the Socialist Left....

Wars and deficits only matter when repubs are in control....how come no dem even mentions any of those today? All dems have only one theme at is anti-repub, and that is it....

The deficits will continue, so hang on to your rearie enda....we will all be affected....

I can honestly say there is

I can honestly say there is no help for you.

You have gone off the anti-American deep end and are never coming back.

You are willing to believe any lie told to you that fits your perception of Americans.

There is nothing different between you and any foreign America hater.


How come you are not in Oakland?

I didn't say anything about Americans; as a true dem you put those words in....my post was that Farris is a dem and he does not need to worry....no media will buzz him like if it was Otter, or some other repub....he is ok....

I love America....thats why I will either vote for Herman Cain, or Ron Paul....

Someone has to get this fiscal mess in order before its to late for all of us, including you....

Once again you want a do over on the history of Bush .

"Wars and deficits only matter when repubs are in control"....
I suppose you remember just who was in the White House when 2 wars "spontaneously" broke out and Bush wouldn't include the cost of looking for WMDs in the budget ----- it was "emergency funding" -------- you do remember that don't you ? Well maybe not , they probably don't talk about that much on Faux .


I'm not defending any of Bush's stuff....and Obama has increased spending over Bush in 2009-2010....at the tune of 2 trillion....you can re-write history if you want....

Both Presidents have written blank checks and IOUs....Obama's are just higher amounts....

Both parties are going to have to deal with the very difficult issues right at our front door....I just dont know if America has that resolve....

It doesnt matter whom, what or where 3Monkies....

the crooked dems out-number the repubs at least 4:1....

Look around at US from the arms to cartel stuff....to just about any bail-out that crooked dems got....

Wow, we are in trouble....dont worry, he is a dem; hes fine....

Arms? Cartels? Bailouts? I

Arms? Cartels? Bailouts?

I think you're confusing the two parties. Look up Iran-Contra and the 2008 Wall Street bailouts.

It's ok. We'll wait.

3monkies....the Iran-Contra went thru

Congressional hearings....Holden and this admin with the arms to druggies wont make it anywhere....

Bush's bailouts were extremely small as compared to what Obama wrote....Bush was around 400 billion, while Obamas has exceeded 2 trillion....

Fannie and Freddie got the biggest bailouts and they are still over a trillion in debt....Solyandra got more money than all of Bush's bailouts....

Yes Bush's bailouts were no good....Obamas are even far worse....

Who cares....its only money....

Where is the story here?

Ferris got some traffic tickets. He paid them. Big news!

Could not agree more.

Could not agree more.

Typical Republican

Hard to believe the system didn't let this republican off; he presumed as a republican the rules didn't apply to him.


Dude, Farris is a democrat....

Now what say?

Who is he?


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Seriously, you drive in a big diaper to mess up exBF new girl...

And it takes at least a day or two to infest the airwaves.

Every poopie is earthshattering to the bored and dammed.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled