State Board gives Boise State's Kustra authority to join Big East

By Brian Murphy

The State Board of Education voted Thursday afternoon to give Boise State President Bob Kustra the authority to "to accept an invitation to the Big East as a football only member and to another conference for the University's remaining intercollegiate sports."

The board voted 7-1 to give Kustra the authority during a special meeting in Boise. The no vote came from Bill Goesling, a board member from Moscow. Goesling made a motion to delay a decision, but no one on the eight-member board seconded his motion.

A decision could come quickly.

"We are certainly working on this day-by-day and I would think that by next week we should have a resolution," Kustra told the board.

Boise State would not move until July 1, 2013 to avoid paying an exit fee. The Broncos would not collect their 2012-13 revenue distribution from the Mountain West, likely to be around $3 million to $4 million, as a penalty for leaving the league.

Kustra said the Broncos might have "an agreement or a set of conditions" from another league for their non-football sports "in the next day or so." He did not name what league the other sports might move into, but said a geographic fit was important. Kustra said Interim Athletic Director Curt Apsey briefed the coaches on campus Thursday morning.

Kustra said it was important that the Boise State have a "Western partner" in the new-look Big East, which is planning to split into two six-team divisions. The league is planning to invite Boise State, Air Force and Navy for football only and add Central Florida, Houston and SMU in all sports.

"Air Force has not indicated it's ready to make that move," Kustra said. "... We made it very clear to them, if I was going to go in, if Boise State was going to go in, we would go in with a Western partner."

Kustra said under the current plan Boise State would be in a Western Division with Air Force, Houston, SMU, Louisville and Cincinnati. He said the league is in discussions with other Western schools about possibly joining the league. He did not name those schools, but reports have surfaced that BYU is a possibility. San Diego State has indicated it would have some interest in joining a Western Division of the Big East.

Kustra said the Mountain West, which Boise State officially joined on July 1, is "not the same conference we first agreed to join." The league lost Utah and BYU before the Broncos joined and TCU is leaving after this academic year.

He said the Big East payout to football-playing schools would be $3.7 million, up from the current $1.4 million to $1.9 million that the Mountain West distributed. Kustra also noted that the Big East is going to renegotiate its television contract in 2012 and "the Big East expects that bidding its media rights on the open market in the fall of 2012 will result in a significant increase in the conference media revenue."

Kustra's statement to the State Board

Remarks of Boise State President Bob Kustra:

“As we have informed you and the media has reported, we’ve been in discussions over the past few weeks with the Big East Conference, regarding the possibility of our joining their conference for football only, beginning in July 2013.

“It was not long ago that I came to you regarding a move to the Mountain West Conference. Unfortunately, and through no fault of Mountain West schools or conference leadership, it is simply not the same conference that we first agreed to join. The loss of Utah, BYU, and TCU, and now, potentially Air Force, dealt a blow to the quality of conference competition and their chances of achieving Automatic Qualifying status in the next BCS evaluation. So my hope for a competitive and compact geographic conference has been dashed on the hard facts of media dollars and BCS membership. And so too will it be for us.

“Given the opportunities that the Big East conference affords us, not only in increased revenues and BCS status, but also to be in the company of outstanding universities, with long histories, outstanding academics, and large fan bases, we are honored to be under consideration for membership. Without question, we are being afforded this opportunity because of the incredible work and success of our nationally ranked Top 10 football program. As president, I take very seriously the responsibility to respond to the opportunities this program has afforded us. It will be good not only for Athletics, but also for the entire University, to forge new relationships with these outstanding institutions. I am always concerned about travel, for our student-athletes, coaches and our fans. The good news is that the Big East is working to provide us partners through the creation of a Western division. Conference play will be among those divisions, with a championship between East and West.

“I have promised throughout this process that the University would conduct a rigorous due diligence process. We have done so, through in-person meetings, countless telephone conversations, careful analysis of options, and, currently, a review and analysis of term of membership and apportionment of revenues. There is no way to know the amount of revenue that will be realized under a new Big East media contract. Under the current Big East contract, the revenue would nearly triple the amount we now receive from the Mountain West, but the Big East contract is due for renegotiation in 2012 and knowledgeable sources universally point to significantly increased conference media revenue in the upcoming contract. No guarantees, but a very strong likelihood, in my judgment.

“There have been no formal invitations, but today I seek your authority to make the decision once an invite is extended, and also to make the decision regarding the conference in which basketball and our other Olympic sports will be located. Both decisions are critically important to the future of the University and its athletic programs.”

Boise State's pre-prepared motion


Boise State University requests permission to change conference affiliation for its intercollegiate athletics teams

President Kustra has informed the Board, and news media organizations have reported, that Boise State is one of several institutions under consideration for potential membership in the Big East Conference for its intercollegiate football team. These discussions are a result of the conference realignment precipitated by the changing membership of many schools in the eastern and mid-west conferences. The domino effect of these changes has caused the potential for a conference change for Boise State. While no invitation to join has been extended at this time, the University anticipates an offer is imminent and is requesting Board approval to proceed in the best interests of the University should an offer be extended.

The primary impact will be the increase in conference revenue. Currently, the Mountain West conference-wide payout is roughly between $1,400,000 and $1,900,000 per year, depending upon football bowl and basketball post season performance of conference teams. If the expansion plans of the Big East proceed as reported, there will be 12 football playing schools in the Big East.

Under the current Big East media agreements (which will lapse and come due for renegotiation in 2012), the payouts to the football playing schools would be approximately $3,700,000 annually. However, the Big East Conference is the only member of the BCS automatic qualifying conferences that has its media rights package coming due for renewal in 2012. The Big East expects that bidding its media rights on the open market in the fall of 2012 will result in a significant increase in the conference media revenue. Finally, the Big East is considered one of the premier conferences in men’s and women’s basketball.

While Boise State will not be a basketball playing member, the increased exposure to the affiliation with such a strong conference will be good for the University and is part of what will drive the increased media value for the 2012 media rights bids.

As noted, the Big East is also a member of the BCS. As such its conference champion is guaranteed a placement in one of the five BCS bowl games. This exposure is important to the University and its football program for various reasons. The Big East is guaranteed the automatic qualifying status through the 2013 season (for the January 2014 BCS bowl games). In addition, the Big East has bowl tie-ins with several other prominent bowl games.

The Big East plans to adopt a 12 team football conference with an East and West Division. The two division alignment allows the addition of a championship game at the end of the season. A conference championship game is expected to also add value to the media rights of the conference.

The University expects increased travel costs in association with the longer charter flights for conference games. However, since the University already charters planes for all away football games, the increased cost is only the incremental cost over the already chartered flights to Mountain West Conference games. The University estimates this increase at approximately $200,000 to $300,000 annually.

Another important impact of joining the Big East as a football only member will be that the University will be required to have all other sports in a conference as well. The University has pursued this by inquiring of several potential conferences. Such discussions are ongoing and the University is confident its quality programs will be a welcome addition to one of those conferences.

The conference change is anticipated to occur July 1, 2013. With more than one year advance notice the University will not pay the $5,000,000 exit penalty to the Mountain West Conference and will, instead, only forfeit the annual conference wide distribution for the 2012 season.

I move to authorize the President of Boise State University to make the final decision as to whether it is in the best interests of the University to accept an invitation to the Big East Conference as a football only member and to another conference for the University’s remaining intercollegiate sports, and in so doing to comply with all Board policies and procedures.

Moved by __________ Seconded by __________ Carried Yes _____ No _____

Kustra will not attend in person

Boise State President Bob Kustra will not attend today's State Board of Education meeting in person. Instead, Kustra will address the eight-member board by phone.

The State Board will discuss Boise State's future conference affiliation at the 2 p.m. meeting in Boise. Boise State is considering moving its highly ranked football program from the Mountain West to the Big East.

Here is our preview of the meeting from Thursday's paper.

I will be attending the meeting and posting regular updates on this blog and to my Twitter account.

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Something as important as this...

And Dr. Bob can't find the time to attend in person??!!

I Agree

This does seem a little strange.


really not that important. Again, it's just a matter of policy and procedure. If BSU says we are moving to the Big East then the state board will say "okay". It's not like they are going to say no to BSU football. Now, it would probably have been more professional and show better manners to be there in person and at least make it look like it matters what he says to the state board of education and to make it appear that they have some power regarding him and BSU football, but he knows better. The only person Mr. Kustra has to worry about is Coach Pete. If Coach Pete were to say that the university was not as supportive as they need to be to the football program and that the university needed new leadership then Kustra would have to start dusting off his resume, but he doesn't have to worry about the state board of education. At least until the football team starts losing.

maybe for...

some people in Idaho this is strange. but to most people who understand that you don't have to be in front of someone physically to make a procedural decision this is nothing.

If Kustra felt like he had to "sell" this to the SBOE, that is different. He doesn't

He shouldn't go, nor should BSU to the Big East

The Big Least needs BSU football more than we need them. BSU will continue to get BCS bids for non-NCG's. Going to the Big Least with it's membership going forward does NOT help us get closer to the NCG. We are really in no substantively different position now, save a few mil. And we need the $, no question. But we have the bargaining upper hand here. Why not tell the Big Least we will go if they take ALL sports so we can cash in on the basketball pie? If they don't want basketball, they don't get us. Good luck moving forward as Conference USA. Good luck getting a tv deal without Bronco football. Wait a year or two, see how things shake out, and hopefully end up in a conference with some staying power.

This board is a rubber stamp

for anything that Luna and state institutions want. These are not elected officials, but appointed the Governor. It would be a waste of tax payer money and time for him to go. I don't disagree with the move to the Big East, but no reason to wag your finger at Bob for a rubber stamp.

Why would Luna want the Broncos in the

Big East????



And Just Who

do you refer to as "our?" If you refer to "our" as you and the fecal matter you carry around in your pocket then ok, but you do not speak for me and a lot of others as well.

well said...

Thanks Steve

He's out of town

preparing for a press conference perhaps......

(I Agree) Nothing surprises me abiut Bob?

NOT ATTENDING THE MEETING? Bob-you and Gene Bleymaier-began the soap opera in Washington Dc awhile back testifying in front of Congress in regard to the BCS AND YOU HAVE CONTINUED THIS SILLINESS-Bob not attending the meeting today says what about you BOB what is the Spanish word for Goodbye?




Thanks blogger.


idiocy in this post all around

obviously you are not happy about something, and before you blow a gasket, you should take some chill pills.


I am sure that every negative connotation Vandals make only manages to fuel the fire that much more for president Kustra to continue to widen the gap between the UofI and BSU. Does it surprise anyone that the only no vote came from Moscow? Does it surprise anyone that the majority of people talking negatively about BSU moving to a bigger and better conference are Vandals jealous that 1) their beloved school's administrators have wasted away every opportunity to build for the future, 2) the "rivalry" between BSU and the UofI, with the move, will drive the final nail into the coffin and finally (which to me is the most enjoyable), ensures the Vandals will never be in the same conference as BSU ever again. Please Mr. Kustra make this happen.

Steve probably also noticed that many

Vandals have become BAA members....

We are not jelous....Bout time you moved East....when gone, we can eat and party at the RAM with silence and comfort....

No nails in our coffins....our futures of endowments are worth well over $200 million....yours? what, maybe 20 thousand?




Steve. What is your Bronco Athletic Association Membership Number?

Please provide, or remain sitting in the High Chair of No Credibility.

Thanx, in advance.

BAA Member #63799


You should avoid making a blanket statement that ascertains that all Vandals are jealous. There are Vandals on this board who whole heartedly support the Broncos and their endeavor to join the BE. You should get some therapy so the Vandal vs Bronco rivalry that exists in your mind can be cured.


SORRY all you bloggers! (spelling)

Wearing multiple hats is a

Wearing multiple hats is a full time job.
You can forget who you are at the moment....


not at the article, just weezy's continued poor attempts.
vandy deathknell?

LOL (Definition)

Who is Weezy?

so asks Weezy

LOL still laughing

All ready made a decision

I think a decision has already been made and the "meeting" is nothing more then a formality. I think that we are saying no to the Big East. I think that the unstability out weighs the money in this case.

ALL ready made a decision

What are you saying?Bob -made a decision not too give the Board any information - and say nothing- and Bob apologizes to the Board for not acting like a President of a University.


You have no idea how one should act. The reality is that the SBOE probably would rather he not be there trying o sway the debate.

Good Grief people.

Kinda like getting caught letting your kid drink your whiskey.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


Yea, because the MWC is stable.

The decision has already been made, but opposite of what you say

You don't go to the SBOE for approval if you are going to turn down the offer.

The Big East doesn't announce it is extending invites (even if they didn't disclose who the teams were) without all parties agreeing beforehand.

Boise and the Big East have been in talks for more than a few weeks and the deal is all but done. At this point, you are merely jumping through the necessary hoops to get accept the 'official invitation'.

It's already been speculated that the schools were all going to announce the move together, so I expect that is where Kustra is. Likely in NYC, with the other University Presidents and Athletic Directors preparing for some press conference or another.

And you are wrong about the 'instability'. Money and BCS access FAR outweigh any positives that the MWC/ConfUSA monstrosity could possibly present.


You're absolutely correct. While the Big East hasn't provided us an with an "offical invite" they did unoffically invite us several weeks ago. That's what set this whole thing into action, it's just that we needed time to get our ducks in a row. The crazy thing is the way this is being played out in the media, it almost seems to come across as if BSU went to the SBOE and asked for permission to join a athletic conference that hasn't bothered inviting them into their conference yet. If that were the case, then it could have been prudent for BSU to just go ahead and seek the SBOE's permission to seek entry into the ACC, Pac12, SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 while they were at it, because none of those conferences have officially invited us yet either.

I agree again about the 'instability' comments. If anything, the MWC was swimming in instability. Instability created by the exodus of it's top tier programs of BYU, UTAH, and TCU, combined the influx of Frenso, Hawaii and Nevada to fill the void. In short, and as you're aware of, the MWC that we joined wasn't the MWC that we thought we were joining, and while there might be some uncertainty associated with our move to the Big East, the move should be solid enough to save us from our demise on a sinking sink and put us onto a better ship, albeit severely damaged, but one that with a little work can become seaworthy again. Hopefully those who think this is a bad move will sooner, rather than later, finally come around to seeing the bigger picture of what the new Big East is going to look like.

In a complex and uncertain college football landscape, I commend Kustra in orchestrating this move in a methodical and cohesive fashion

TBK - BSU will never go to the Big East - just smoke and mirrors

I was baffled last night when I read that Kustra was talking about going to the Big East for the 2013 season- when most discussion was for the 2012 season in the national media. The first I heard of the 2013 scenario was last night's close reading of Kustra's comments from yesterday.

I went back and read one of Murphy's threads:

We know that the Big East is an AQ conference until Spring of 2013 and then renegotiations and restructuring of the BCS are on the table and lots of things could happen Spring of 2013 - possibly even a 'breakout' of teams wanting a playoff scenario.

Bottom line: Look how much change has transpired in Division I CFB in the past 6 months and we still have almost 18 months until Spring of 2013. Lots of time for lots of substantive change opportunities.

Somehow, I don't think President Kustra has any real intentions of joining the Big East. What has been derived so far is lots of national media exposure for the Bronco football program - sans any real financial investment - free advertising in essence.

I could see Bronco Bob getting up to Summer of 2013 and staying in the MWC or joining another AQ conference closer to home - i.e., the PAC. I do not for one minute, buy the arguement that BSU has been precluded from the PAC because of 'standards of academics' or 'size of endowenment'. The hesitation to let BSU join the PAC has been capitation, pure and simple. The number of heads that follow the Broncos. I think more people are following the Broncos and the PAC will go to 16 teams in a year or so from now and BSU gets a PAC invite and Bob knows it.

I honestly believe BSU's football program will be a member of the PAC, long before the Big East.

It is all just smoke and mirrors. The SBOE gave President Kustra what exactly? No investment of Idaho's money - just a piece of paper authorizing Kustra to accept a Big East invite, if offered. No real expenditure of any money by BSU or Idaho to get a ton of media exposure nationwide, for the BSU Football Program.

Pretty slick of Bronco Bob. My hat is off to him.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL, what does BSU have that the PAC doesn't already have?

aside from blue turf


A couple million more viewers. and prospective customers for Regional TV advertisers of products and services in the Pacific States, is all.

You really think the Big East is using the fact that BSU is a West Coast based team as a selling point to regional TV adverstisers in the New York and Pennsylvania markets?

Next time you watch a football game on TV notice how the marketing is 'regionalized' with different tv advertisements on during differing marketing slots, around the country.

A perfect example is how Kellen's pic is on an issue of SI in one part of the States but not another part of America.

Think outside the box. Ugly hit the nail on the head when he said it sounded silly for people to think of BSU as an East Coast team. People are not stupid - they know Idaho is not on the East Coast. unless the Big East was gonna rename itself - it just sounds stupid for BSU to say it is an 'eastern' team.

But you asked what does BSU have that the PAC doesn't already have - and I believe it is about two milion sheeple that watch the TVeeple. Lots of Broncos and Vandals live outside the borders of Idaho these days in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Cali, and etc.

Marketing has become more regionalized and not State-oriented like it was 20 years ago.

Just a thought.

BAA Member #63799

PS - The PAC will bring in Idaho at the same time as BSU to dominate a given market share. I hope it doesn't go down that way, as I want Idaho to return to the Big Sky, but I see Idaho going to the PAC ina year or so with BSU.

That's asinine VNDL

Do you think that people are under the impression that Arizona, Colorado and Utah have beachfront property on the Pacific Ocean? Of course they don't. So I'm sorry, but only the dumbest people alive would under the impression that BSU would somehow become a "East Coast" team by joining the Big East Conference.

BSU will never become an 'eastern' team. What BSU will be is a team out west playing in the "WESTERN" division of an expanding conference.

Geezus.....I know you baited me into a response to your stupid post. Congrats.

TBK - I answered your question

of: "VNDL, what does BSU have that the PAC doesn't already have?"

and yet you call my answer asinine.

But, okay;

give me an answer to your question that is not asinine.

All questions have answers that are germane and not asinine. I want to see you provide a germane one.

For every action there is a reaction.

For every up there is a down,

A left for a right,

An in for an out.

You will find that my response was not asinine at all, but was basically a well balanced and reasoned answer to your question, if you are totally honest and fair about it.

Go ahead and try it. Let's see what you come up with.

Go ahead.

BAA Member # 63799

VNDL....You definitely in 3D....Ugly

thinking the same about PAC16....Big East makes no sense at all....Bloggers are funny on here when they say it will get Boise closer to a BCS....Dudes, they could not have been any closer last year....

The PAC12 may or may not expand 4....but Boise should not be arrogant enough to act like they would be a shoe-in....

My opinion Fresno and Nevada would have a chance because of location....San Diego State would be an out-side candidate....Boise would make sense because of would add another state to the list....but Houston or even Texas Tech could be possibilities....

If Boise were in PAC16, it would be very big money for school and for all would be a sell-out with USC, Oregon, Stanford on the menu....would definitely need more than 30,000 seats....


I have talked to about a hundred people (both Vandals and Broncos) who follow BSU and only a very small handful are supportive of a move by BSU to the Big East.

I myself, don't care one way or another cuz I am not going to go to the games so it matters not to me where they play the games. I will let President Kustra make, what he thinks is the best decision for BSU.

However, if BSU wants to increase the odds of going to a BCS Bowl every year and a possible BCS NATTY - then stay in the MWC or go back to the WAC.

I don't buy the logic that going to an AQW conference increases the opportunity for BSU to go to a BCS Bowl game or lplay for the BCS Natty. Only a fool would believe that line of logic.

I will admit, there appear to be plenty of fools on these boards, sometimes.

A choice has to be made - Big Money or playing in Bowls.

Bronco Bob and the BSU sports folks want Big Money.

The common Bronco Fans want Bowls.

Last year the Broncos were very close to a BCS Natty - actually closer than this year, maybe.


the Bronco players and coaches themselves, blew it at Reno !!!

The common Bronco Fans didn't blow it.

The BAA and Real Bronco Supporters/Boosters didn't blow it.

Moving to the Big East conference does nothing to improve BSU's chances of playing in BCS Bowls and one day playingfor a BCS Natty. In fact, I think a case might be made that a move to the Big East wou,d decrease BSU's chances, because of the old weak SOS arguemnt.

I think Idaho and BSU will be brought into the PAC (two per state) at the same time. I don't favor that, as I want Idaho to drop down to the Big Sky, But realisticlly I see Idaho and BSU joining the PAC in a year or so. The PAC is already a perrenial BCS conference, and needs to have a few cupcakes in the conference (all conferences need their cupcakes, at times).

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....I have goose-bumps up and down

both arms....

Are you saying the Great Rivalry may not be over?

What about all these Bronco fans that say the Big East is the final nail in the Vandals coffin? Even OBNUG this week had a poll: Whence the Vandals? and made fun of them....

I thought you were joking at first, but then realized that each state in PAC12 has two teams, with California and Utah as the exception....

Utah has one; thus does that mean of the 4 new invitees Utah State or BYU may be next on list?

Then it is Boise and Idaho....for the state of Idaho....

Thus that leaves one....most likely Nevada-Reno?

Is it possible Bronco Bob is holding for his little Brother? Maybe Bob has looked at the BAA donors and the Vandals really are ahead of the Broncos....

Maybe Bronco Bob is mad about Bronco Stock? Possibly no donors except for two?

I like this PAC16 scenario....I really like it!

PS....What will happen to these Boards if both Boise and Idaho are in?

Ugly - all things go in cycles and repetetive iterations.

I really do not know of any Vandals that want a continuance of the Great Rivalry. It appears it is a minority of ultra small thinking common Bronco Fans that are stuck in the past that insist on this Great Rivalry thingy. Vandals really do not care. Just look at those B3246 and razor dudes. Stuck in the past - frothing at the lips to have the rivalry games again, so BSU fans can say that it is Vandals who want the rivalry games when they don't and so on and so on and so on.

Yes, I read the OBNUG piece and have been following their readers comments. It appears as their joy is not about the Broncos getting into the Big East - but instead - the joy is watching the demise of the WAC and a 'destruction' of Idaho. That is how they derive their 'happiness'.

The death of Idaho is more important to some ultra small minded common Bronco Fans than the growth and success of the BSU Bronco Football Team. Have you ever noticed that. Amazing, isn't it? While Vandals, as Idahoans, want BSU to succeed, because it brings credit to our Great State; a very small minority of the common Bronco Fans want only for the death and destruction of the University of Idaho. Real sticko stuff.

It is possible that Bronco Bob has been following our lead, reading our collective thoughts formulated in the crucible of 3-D Thinking, and has discovered what we have concluded - that "the Broncos need the Vandals more than the Vandals want the Broncos".

Bronco Stock is officially a dead issue. Apparently, only Vandals were buying it, and it is possible that the Broncos did not want Vandals owning a simple majority of the Bronco Company and the resulting fear that the Vandals might change to name of 'Bronco Stadium' to 'Vandal Landia' or 'Joe Vee's Pleasure Palace'.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....Yeah I remember B3246 and

razor....they were some of the best posters on this blog....I miss many of their comments....They left these blogs cause they said there were two Vandal troublemakers that have hijacked this place....I have been searching for these two Vandal troublemakers as to report them in....

Thus far, the only Vandals I see so far have donated to the BAA and Boise football....

I think these two Vandals that B3246 and razor were talking about may be inconspicous? I'll keep searching this end, if youll do so on yours....when we find these two perpetrators, we will turn them in....

Yeah, OBNUG is good reading but definitely anti-Vandal....their poll on Boise fans and the Big East and the fans comments are very amusing....the Whence the Vandals? was quite hateful....

We will see about the Big East....

Ugly - Actually they said there was only one poster being three

screen names:


They could not handle the truth that all three are separate individuals with differing screen names, could not convince everybody that they were right and others were wrong - so they did what little boys do - had a temper tantrum and walked off the play ground.

I will keep looking for these two possible Vandal trouble makers (if they are hybrids - both Bronco and Vandal crosses - why is it assumed they are Vandal trouble makers and not Bronco troublemakers - seems like maybe it could be one of them Equal Discrimination claims) out in the country. I picked up about 50 of the forms, as I want to put some by the cash registers of Bronco Supporer/Booster businesses that I know of in my town. The owners of the businesses wanted me to get them some so I did so they have some to give to other Broncos who want to help build/expand Bronco Stadium.

I know some Vandals arouind my town who have been members of the BAA for many years, as they have gone to BSU themselves or have kids that have, and they are season ticket holders for the games.

Isn't it absolutely shocking that there are Vandals that are season ticket holders for Bronco football games. It is totally bizarre.

I wonder if it is okay with and pas$es the approval of some of these common Bronco Fans, for Vandals to be more than just common Bronco Fans.

If I run accross these two Vandal trioublemakers that are conspiring against the best interests of the Bronco Football Program or BSU or the BAA or hijacking anything from anybody; I will let you know, right off the bat, so we can turn 'em in.

But right now we gotta figure on getting the word out about the importance of more people joining the BAA and contributing money for Phase I expansion of Bronco Stadium - now that Coach Pete has done a 'Call For Action' a couple of times and tried to get Bronc Nation stirred up and working to get the money rounded up to make it a reality.

I think that the common Bronco Fans, thatdo not understand that Coach Pete has in fact done a 'call for Action' are the same Bronco people who are not ever gonna contribute any money to BSU or the BAA and are just coming up with an excuse/reason/rationale to not contribute any of their money, by blaming 'two Vandals' for the bad things that befall them.

BAA Member #63799

But your provider stinks, that it? : )


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

BSU fans please vote

BSU fans Vote once a day everyday

Kellen is in first place with fan votes in the O'Brien. He needs your vote also in the Heisman. Please vote all three everyday.

GO Broncos

Bashful (Voting for the first time)

I will be voting for All American Kellen Moore-for every6 honor.


Thank you
GO Broncos

I vote for new shoes.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Is this really a story?

Some people use technology on a regular basis to attend meetings. Why shouldn't the BOE?

Heck...why even have the Board convene in one place then...

Save money on travel, food, etc. I mean...seeing each other in person...what a lame idea when you can use technology!!!