UNLV suspends five players, including two starters, for Boise State football game

By Chadd Cripe
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UNLV has suspended five players for Saturday's football game against Boise State for disciplinary reasons, according to a press release on the school website.

The players include:

— Starting running back Tim Cornett, who leads the team with 5.5 yards per carry and four touchdowns but hasn't been the featured back recently.

— Starting weak-side linebacker Tani Maka, who is tied for the team lead with 42 tackles and leads the team with two interceptions.

— Backup middle linebacker Princeton Jackson, who is tied for fourth on the team with 31 tackles.

— Backup wide receiver Devante Davis, who has three catches.

— And reserve linebacker Peni Vea.

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BSU should sit Moore for this game

and start Hedrick so he can run our offense and get some quality game time. We need to keep Moore healthy for our BCS game, plus, we should be able to easily win the game without him, besides, Coach Pete and Kellen aren't into personal stats, padding stats, or RUTS, so it'll be ok keeping him on the sidelines for this one. right?


you are not right....the team has been off for a bye week....sitting Kellen this weekend would mean that he would have no game snaps for 3 weeks going into the TCU game....WRONG!!!! Coach Pete will let Kellen start, play a couple quarters and then move on like he always does....this game will be ugly but the first teams need to get their snaps in on offense as well as defense.


I say we hang 96 on them. That's 14 touchdowns and two missed extra points.


Are you sure that Not-so-Goodale is capable of hitting 12 of 14 extra points? Just asking....Sunny...


Playing a lot of other players will help. Keep the starters healthy for the TCU game. Hedrick and Southwick need some playing time.

Not so fast ! ! !

are we looking for next year's starting QB???....I think not ..more in the stables than you know..may be not another Kellen but we will see what CP has wrought for Boise State....2012-2015 Go Broncos

Kellen's Record

We want Kellen to play and win every game
so his win record will never broken.

Kellen needs to empty the chamber of his gun.

10 passing TD's will shift talk one Moore time from the ever indulgent press that primes the BCS pump in a sinking ship.

Sure glad some of you posting comments are not on the

Bronco coaching staff

Suspended Players for UNLV

Since UNLV has never been a 41 pt. underdog before they probably figured if they got rid of some of their good players it would give them a reason for their getting beat by so many points. What it does is take more credibility away from BSU for the win. No matter what BSU does the BCS and the ESPN analysts will never give them the credit they deserve. Kellen is every bit as good as Stanford's QB, but he doesn't have a chance in the Heisman race. At least if Andrew Luck wins it will go to a quarterback that is worthy, unlike last year when Cam Newton got it. If the Heisman is only going to be given for on field play and not for the rest of the qualities that it used to stand for they might as well quit giving the award. Kellen gets his stats in 2 1/2 quarters of play and other QBs play the whole game. Not really comparing apples to apples in my book.

this way...

they'll have, what they think is, a good excuse for losing...

Fine - Kellen will get his usual 2.25 quarters

- thanks for playing


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lol hi VNDL ;-)

A tip of the 'Ol Sombrero to ya

Well played, Sir.

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"TBK" and "aqfunk" sound like a couple of commie conspirators and need to be watched. As for how to play UNLV … play them as alway.
Soundly beat them in a sportsmanlike manner.


How do you know for sure that 'TBK' and 'aqfunk' are separate posters?

I see you are up on your 'commie' rhetoric.

Possibly, we have a 'Potemkin Village' on our hands with these boards, where things are not always as they appear to be?

One never really knows for sure when dealing with the Pinko Threat.

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PS - FYI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potemkin_village

Second string

in the first 10 minutes including the 2 sub quarter backs.....

Then let the first string and Moore score 50 plus until the end of 3rd quarter and place the 3rd-4th group back to finish the game.

Sounds logical

to suspend key players for a game that would take a miracle to win anyway and instead let them play in games that can actually be won.

All i can say is...........

......... When TCU comes to town, Just SMASH THEM.

BTW, are Gary Patterson (TCU) and Chip Kelly (OU) twin brothers, They both look the same, and sure as heck they both 'act' the same while on the sidelines. Never seen coaches like these two get as ugly as they do during games.

Are you saying...

your not worried about UNLV? and that you are okay looking forward to TCU?


the Rebs will krush the tots from Idanha 77-5


Now THAT's funny!!!

That is...

funny. However, I would encourage you to return to the mental health facility you recently escaped from. You need your medication!