Rex Rammell's Halloween message: Shock collars for cops, prosecutors, judges

Rammell's latest missive to the media says Americans are "brainwashed" to sheepishly follow immoral laws and that he'll stay in the news crusading for legal reform.

A perennial losing candidate for high office, Rammell was convicted of poaching an elk and criminal contempt this summer in Bonneville County, prompting his August essay predicting "blood in the streets" and collapse of the US government. He is appealing the poaching conviction. A misdemeanor battery charge in connection with a September dispute in Idaho County was dismissed last week, but Rammell faces a March trial on four misdemeanor Fish & Game violations in Idaho County.

His Halloween message focuses on his legal reform ideas. Writes Rammell: "There are too many laws and regulations and our policemen, prosecutors, and judges need electric shock collars to remind them that we are not all criminals!"

Rammell calls himself proud of his reputation as Idaho's "poster child for government insubordination."

The former U.S. Senate, gubernatorial and legislative candidate's submission to editorial pages across Idaho follows in its holiday-themed entirety:

We are all criminals!

Idaho County Sheriff, Doug Giddings, stated, “People are basically bad.” According to the Bonneville County deputy prosecutor, Dan Bevilacqua, everyone is a criminal. He held up Idaho’s three inch thick criminal code book before the jury and stated, “We are all presumed to know the law; ignorance of the law is no excuse.” I would have given a $1000.00 for a picture showing the horror on the juror’s faces as they wondered what laws they had broken. He paused only for second realizing that he had just shocked the jury, so quickly he followed with, “now you may not agree with some of the laws, but no one is above the law, are they?”

Heavens no! We have all been thoroughly brainwashed since we were kids that to stand up against the law is immoral, even if the law is immoral itself. However, there are a few of us (real criminals) who refuse to have our liberties destroyed just because some policemen, prosecutors, and judges think that everyone who makes a mistake must meet the full demands of the law, no matter how unjust. I proudly am one of them and the reason my face is constantly in the news. It would appear I have become Idaho’s poster child for government insubordination. A reputation I am proud to accept.

There are too many laws and regulations and our policemen, prosecutors, and judges need electric shock collars to remind them that we are not all criminals! The truth is ignorance or mistake of fact is an excuse to violation of a crime. To commit a crime as compared to an infraction (speeding ticket) a person must not only commit the act, but he/she must have done it with criminal intent. Just because a person makes a mistake in violation of a law does not means he/she is guilty of committing a crime. The Idaho legislature to their credit has made this clear in Idaho Code 18-114, 18-115, and 18-201, but obviously not clear enough.

Agencies like the Fish and Game, along with many of our prosecutors and judges have perverted the law. That is why I committed myself to fixing this problem. And while I am fixing that I plan to fix the corruption in our courts wherein the judges tell the jurors how they must vote. Jurors should be able to vote however they want, without reprisal. We must return our constitutional form of government back to solvency. So don’t be surprised when you see my face in news again. Just remember, I am on your side.

Rex Rammell, 104 Blackberry Dr., Kooskia, Idaho 83539 208-360-2240

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Well, this is one way

to build an insanity defense. Although, I think he should be working with "experts".

Just for the comedy?

Why else report on every statement this perennial loser makes? Unless he has actually announced as a candidate for some new office, he is nothing more than a loud-mouth extremist who can't stay out of trouble with the law.

Rex is still a formidable republican candidate in Idaho.

Rammell lost to Butch Otter in the last Primary and Idaho County was one of only two counties in the state where Rammell prevailed over Otter, drawing 1,510 votes to the governor's 1,296. Benewah County was the other where Rammell finished ahead in the race. Didn't Rammell actually garner 42,436 primary votes versus Otter's 89,117 ? I can't remember, but I think Rex and his views are aligned with many people of Idaho, according to those primary numbers, almost half of voting Idaho Republicans like him. His views are not anything that appeal to me, but if he had the right campaign manager, he has a better chance than anyone else in this state at becoming the republican primary candidate.

Formidable or Proven Loser....time will tell

He had only 26% of the primary vote (where only 27% of registered voters participated). While surprising, I don't consider that formidable, particularly considering the strong showing of Tea Party supporters and the "vote them all out" sentiment should have given him even more of a bump.

The only way I see Rammell having any chance at all is if the GOP closed primaries really keep mainstream Idahoans away from the polls...assuming he can stay out of jail in the meantime.

Then again, in a state where Phil Hart can get elected, anything is possible.

Thanks! I always appreciate your perspective and info.

I think he's already proven himself to be a loser.

But he is entertaining a political train wreck sort of way.:)

No one

will be surprised to see your face in the news again Rex, or your hands behind you in cuffs.

"Violation of a Law Does Not Means"

Evidently he is also protesting the rules of grammar and punctuation.

Every tough job requires the right tools, and I think Rex is a perfect tool.

English so sucks, you know.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Wow...I mean Wow.

He is really Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs isn't he...Wow. But as they say...if your insane and don't know your insane, then you are just happy all the time with why worry!

claim to infamy

Texas has Warren Jeffs and Idaho has Rex Rammell.

Now wait a minute

His reputation is "poster child for government insubordination."?

I thought his reputation was "local lunatic and outlandish nutter" When did that change?

Man, you blink your eye and the town crazy turns into some sort of hero around here.

Rex is at home in ID County

He fits right in with the Idaho County anti-government types. It's hysterical to watch ID County Commissioner Skip Brandt get eaten by one of his own. In Idaho County you have right wing, extreme right wing and black UN helicopter coming to take our guns right wing.

I want to know

what his stance is on:

-abortion and

-gay marriage.

Is he really a libertarian, or is he like the GOP where businesses are deregulated but morals are legislated into law?

RexR is a mormon

so is against abortion and is against gay marriage, just like Romney.

If you don't give them army boots and a clown wig...

You aren't getting any caramel apples, Gen. Rammell.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

He got something right...

Americans are brainswashed...listen to AM talk radio here every morning.



Everybody wants to hue the knurled