Boise State football, Make-A-Wish plan another 'coach for a day' wish for Wyoming game

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football program and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho have come together again for a “coach for a day” wish.

An 8-year-old boy from Forest Park, Ga., will be on the sideline for the Nov. 26 game against Wyoming at Bronco Stadium with his dad and older brother. The family — including the boy’s mom and older sister — also will be visiting relatives in Idaho for Thanksgiving.

The details of the wish are a surprise, but it will generally be modeled after the wish of Stephen Kinsey, the Texas boy whose wish was granted last year.

Stephen’s wish was a huge hit in the community. His family returned to Boise earlier this month for the Serving Up Wishes fund-raiser.

This year’s wish recipient, whose name is Brandon, has Burkitt’s lymphoma. He watches all of the Broncos’ games.

“I’m amazed at the really fabulous support that the Treasure Valley community and the whole entire state of Idaho provides to our wish kids,” said Nancy Berry, the vice president of program services for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho.

The Idaho chapter coordinated 95 wishes last year. It has a close relationship with Boise State athletics. Last week, at the annual Serving Up Wishes dinner, Boise State coaches and athletes helped raise $230,000 for the organization.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen and his wife, Barbara, are former wish parents and major supporters of the Idaho chapter.

“We are so fortunate and I love being able to work directly with them,” Berry said.


I didn't get ahold of the family until late Monday evening. Details on them will be in Tuesday's paper and online. Another kid with a great story to tell. I'll have more on Brandon, who goes by "Binky," when he arrives for his wish.

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Welcome back Chadd! :-)

Welcome back Chadd! :-)

We missed ya Chadd,

It was so boring around here that we had to pick on each other (well, we picked on Murph a little bit too)....Sunny...

I understand Coach Akey

applied to be a make-a-wish recipient. He wanted to see what it was like to be on the sidelines of a winning team, but was wisely turned down. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist)....Sunny...

Now that's funny right there....

that's really funny.

I understand Coach Akey....

will trick or treat tonight dressed as a football coach.

Welcome back Chadd

Minus the smiley face. Never learned how to do that...

Colors for the game

I hope they let Brandon pick the uniform colors for the game. He's bound to come up with something better than grey.

Good job Barbara and Chris

Another great job by Coach, his family and BSU. Hope the young man has a good time on his trip out here.

BSU fans please vote

BSU fans Vote once a day everyday

Kellen is in first place with fan votes in the O'Brien. He needs your vote also in the Heisman. Please vote all three everyday.



I khow the young man will

I know the young man will have the time of his life. Thank you everyong for making this happen for a deserving young man,

GO Broncos

Thank you....

finally, a very nice comment that has to do with the story and is supportive of the boy. Very nice and well said.

Great Story

I look forward to having this little guy in Boise as a coach. Shea McClellan walking hand in hand with Coach Kinsey, leading the team on the field last year was such a great moment for Bronco football. I still get a little choked up thinking about it. Nice to have you back Chadd!

Very well said windex

It was the best moment of the season last year with young Coach Kinsey leading the team on the field.

Cant wait to hear more details about this young fella from Georgia and how he became a fan of the Broncos.

I hope Boise can beat they dont get leap-frogged by Oregon....

Chadd a little fyi

Bama's D gives up 6.9 ppg and their opponents avg score for the season is 22 ppg a drop of 15.1.

BSU's D gives up 16.1 ppg and their opponents avg score for the season is 31 ppg a drop of 14 .9.

Things are not what they appear, BSU is better then the voters think.

What an Honor

Boise State team and coaching staff are really honored. Two kids from different parts of the country choosing Boise State through the Make A Wish Foundation as their wish to be coach for a day, what an honor.

I hope they will grant a wish for BSU as well.

They have terminal conference disease very badly.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled