Reports: West Virginia headed to Big 12; Mountain West officials to discuss merger with Big East leftovers

By Brian Murphy

After a lull in conference realignment news, as the college football world waited on Missouri, schools are on the move again.

When — and it seems to be no longer a matter of if, but when — Missouri leaves for the SEC, West Virginia will replace the Tigers in the Big 12.

The New York Times is reporting that West Virgina has already applied and been accepted to the Big 12.

CBS is reporting that West Virginia will be announced by the Big 12 within 24 to 48 hours of Missouri leaving. The report also says that Boise State and Air Force — potential targets of the Big East — are pushing for the Big East to add BYU as part of a Western Division. Further it says Boise State officials met with Big East officials in D.C. on Sunday. Boise State President Bob Kustra was in D.C. over the weekend and took part in the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics panel Monday.

USA Today is reporting that West Virginia will only have to pay a $5 million exit fee because the Big East's exit fee increase has not gone into effect yet since no teams have joined league.

Given the upheaval in the Big East, which now has just five football-playing members moving forward (Connecticut, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Louisville and South Florida), the commissioners of the Mountain West and Conference USA are planning to pitch a merger with the Big East to the league on Wednesday, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

"According to a document obtained by the Review-Journal, UNLV could be in a division that also includes Boise State, Fresno State, Hawaii, San Diego State, UNR and Utah State, with San Jose State a possibility if the conference includes 32 teams rather than 28.

"We would figure out some way -- four divisions of seven teams each, a playoff and then a conference championship game -- to come up with the (automatic qualifier)," UNLV athletic director Jim Livengood said. "Craig and Britton are going into this meeting in New York with one thing in mind, to make this happen with the Big East."

Here is the Associated Press story:

AP Source: Big 12 approves WVU to replace Missouri

By Ralph D. Russo
AP College Football Writer

The Big 12 has approved bringing in West Virginia to replace Missouri when the Tigers complete their move to the Southeastern Conference, a person with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because neither the school nor the Big 12 had announced that its board of directors unanimously approved inviting West Virginia when Missouri's spot comes open.

The move would allow the Big 12 to maintain 10 members and is another blow to the embattled Big East, which already has lost two members and one member-to-be in the last six weeks.

The Big East is trying to reconfigure as a 12-team football league and has been courting Boise State, Navy and Air Force as football-only members and Central Florida, SMU and Houston for all sports. Commissioner John Marinatto met with officials from some of those schools Sunday in Washington.

Since there is no timetable for Missouri to complete its expected departure from the Big 12 — and the league's board of directors announced that it expressed "a strong desire" for Missouri to stay during a Monday meeting — there is no timetable for West Virginia to receive a formal invitation, the person said.

But the school will accept an invitation once it is offered, the person said.

Big 12 Commissioner Chuck Neinas has already said he expects Missouri to compete in the Big 12 in 2012, but all signs indicate Missouri is leaving and now the conference is prepared for that.

On Friday, the Missouri Board of Curators gave Chancellor Brady Deaton the authority to move the school out of the Big 12. The school has been considering a move to the SEC, where it would become that conference's 14th member and join Texas A&M, which made its move from the Big 12 official earlier this month.

The SEC has not publicly acknowledged interest in Missouri and Commissioner Mike Slive has said his conference was making plans to have 13 members next season, but there are scheduling problems — especially in football — that come with that number.

West Virginia has been the Big East's most successful football program since the league lost Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College to the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2004 and '05. The Mountaineers have been to a bowl game every season since and won two BCS games.

Without West Virginia, only one of the original eight schools that made up the Big East's football conference when it began in 1991 will remain: Rutgers.

Last month, Pittsburgh and Syracuse announced they were leaving the Big East for the ACC, and earlier this month TCU reneged on its plans to join the Big East in 2012 to instead go to the Big 12.

Marinatto has said he plans to make Pitt and Syracuse abide by the league's bylaws and stay in the Big East for the next two years. The Big East's 27-month notification will likely be a hurdle for West Virginia to clear on its way to the Big 12.

TCU only must pay the league's $5 million exit fee.

The Big East presidents voted last week to double that fee to $10 million if the league added either Navy or Air Force, but the conference has not formally invited any new members yet.

It's unclear how the loss of West Virginia will affect the Big East's expansion plans. The Big East made protecting its status as a BCS automatic qualifying conference its expansion priority, and adding Boise State's high successful football program to the conference with West Virginia had league officials optimistic.

Boise State President Bob Kustra has said that getting into conference with an automatic bid to the BCS was one of his top priorities, but the stability of the Big East was a concern. Boise State is in its first season in the Mountain West Conference. Air Force also plays in the MWC. Navy is an independent in football.
To replace West Virginia, the Big East could turn to Temple, which was also being considered before the conference decided to try to add the two Texas schools from Conference USA.

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That would be pretty awesome

A large division with a playoff system at the end. I hope it works out that way.

Truth is hard to come by

off topic

i think a few of us have already seen this.

also, out of friday's meeting a question arises. whatever became of truthteller?

B81 - beats the heck out of me

Possibly 'truthteller' was Steve's Number 3 or Number 4?

He was 'wisdomman' and 'VandalsruleBJC'. Those two I knew about - for a certainty. He told me several times he had 4 that he used and played around with on these football boards. He never would tell me who the other two were.

Possibly Truthteller?

Possibly BDuck?

I dunno who the last 2 were - just knew of 2 for sure. I guess if there are no future posts by BDuck or Truthteller, it willl look circ@mstantially, like it was Steve, lolol.

I did engage with im in somewhat of a tryst to legitimize 'VandalsruleBJC' as a legitimate and singular poster - per my postings of having met with VandalsruleBJC in Moscow many times for dinner and such and that VandalsruleBJC was a very important Idahoan and most long time Idahoan posters would instantly know who he was and his importance to Idaho politics and Idaho history, if his real name was ever used publicly.

I have always wondered about Number 3 and Number 4.



truthteller has been mia for a very long time. interesting point to ponder.

Where is


Fugly - you don't get out much, do you?

Ahem !!!!!!!

Had you been to the last Board Meeting, you too could have learned the true identity of Tomato2 and the sad and tragic saga of his demise.

But no;

You chose to be with your potatos, instead of your Fotball Board Friends.

So you got left out of the Group Loop and don't know the Poop From The Group.

So (sniff), I guess you will just have to not know what happened to tomato2, until and unless some other board poster spills the beans to you. I am not that kind of guy, so I won't.

All I can say is tomato2 is not who you would even remotely think he is.

I will give you 3 guesses and will honetly tell you if you are correct if you guess any of your 3 guesses correctly, I will honestly tell you. Trust me.

Here are some clues:

1. Does not raise tomatoes.
2. Has eaten tomatoes.
3. Dos not look like a tomatoe.
4. Has known somebody who raises tomatoes.
5. Has a bottle of ketchup in his refrigerator, which contains tomatoes.
6. Is a long time poster to these boards.
7. Eats Armadillo Eggs.
8. Is not a known Extreme Vandal Hater, like P2 and tfunky are.
9. Is not Steve Lane - is still with us and is still posting on these boards.

Go ahead and gimme your 3 guesses.


I think most of the football roulette rumor stories are poop.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

New Big East?

So now if the Big East survives and get what it wants it would look like this, right?

Air Force
Boise State

South Florida

I guess I still like this better than the MWC/USA huge bunch of average teams.


That's 10 teams. You need 12 to break into 2 divisions.

I recommend Colorado State or UTEP in the West and Central Florida in the East.

My 2 cents....

Big 16 or Big East

What became evident to me last weekend while watching BSU play Air Force is that playing good teams in tight games is fun. With that in mind I think our goal should be to leave the MWC/Conference USA behind in the best way possible. The 28/32 team superconference is a joke. Playing the likes of Hawaii, Fresno, UT state, etc. week in week out does absolutely nothing for me.

The Big East with the addition of the aformentioned teams plus BYU is not a great option but better than the MWC.

Best option is that the Big 12 eventually expands to 16 as some have rumored with BSU included.

No merger of BE with MWC/CUSA

A mega conference is not good for Boise State. The new Big East with the best of CUSA and MWC creates a strong 6th BCS conference.

Name the conference!

"From Sea to Shining Sea"

"America's Conference"

"THE USA Conference"

Walter Mitty


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

No Merger!

Geez, a large merger like that would dilute revenues so much that it wouldn't be much different then what we already have. Why bother??? Got to take the Big East invite and hope BYU is on board!

This would be good

A 32 team, 4 division, conference in football would accomplish a couple of very good things.

1. Would provide AQ status (via the Big East)
2. Would kill the current MWC TV deal - the Big East TV deal is with ESPN
3. Would give Boise 7 western division games & let's say 1 game from each of the Mtn, Central & East divisions each year.
4. Would still allow 2 OOC Big games each year.
5. Big enough conference to be able to absorb other schools leaving the conference (like Rutgers to the Big 10, UConn to the ACC, etc.).

1. Revenue could be diluted
2. The BCS bigots may still try to take away the AQ status
3. NCAA would need to approve an additional game (12 regular games + Division playoff + conference championship)

A better situation would be to get BYU in the west (if possible) and get Army included somehow so all 3 service acadamies are together. I would leave San Jose & Temple out of the picture.

what...something like this??

Southern Miss
La Tech


East Carolina
South Florida

Boise St
San Diego State
Air Force
Fresno St


You left one out.


on purpose!

on purpose!

Reports Rrports

As the world turns

These people are giving everyone a headache
Please please go away

Yes yes yes let all the academic institutions in one conference?

I am using some kind of sense of humor
Tomorrow will bring more news

Yes it will, all of it PHONY.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Bubble screen conference Big

Bubble screen conference Big 12

West Virginia to Big 12

A question for Nation

The Nation to the Big 12 only?

Big East / MWC / Conference USA merger would be like creating

a new level of football between FCS and FBS.

Kid - I was thnking the same thing

I remember back last Fall, reading how college Preidents might get tgether, in time, and create a Super Duper Huge conference, in the hope of cutting into the BCS and making playoffs inevitable to determine a National Champion for Division I Fotball.

This just might work.


Let us assume a 32 team Super Duper Conference is created. This would start the ball rolling.

And what would happen if a year or so later 32 more teams left the BCS and created another Super Duper Huge conference. That would be 64 teams (roughly a little over half of what the FBS system is now - 120 teams)

Now we could have a Championship Game between the winners of the two Super Duper Huge conferences - and they could claim their Champion to be the Real National Champion.

I believe the Public's sympathy and loyalty and viewership would go toward the Super Duper Champion.

Apparently, the NCAA would not stop this concept as they have seemed to have abdicated excercisiong any control over the BCS and FBS football and Natty, so far. Logically, why would they start now?

I think these are exciting times to be a CFB Affecianado. Who knows what lies ahead. What the possibilities are.

It might turn out this is how the BCS gets taken down and busted up. This might be the start of 'radical change'.


It might be only a small phart in a hurricane and nothing much comes of it. Either way, the BCS's back is against the wall, as I see it. Let's see how visciously the BCS fights back in the next few weeks.

It is gonna become a 'hot LZ' for sure.

Time will tell.


BSU fans please vote

BSU fans Vote once a day everyday ----Second round is open


Bashful-and vote

Bashful-I am not going to give you the business anymore,Triple yes Kellen Moore the quarterback nobody wanted out of the prep ranks deserves all the accolades .One question Bashful-Does BSU promote Kellen Moore like all the other Universities promote their candidates?

Vote for Hedda Hopper and Luella Parsons! No meaning now!


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Weisberg is starting to make sense to me----

All I can say is at least Air Force gave us a good game to watch for a change. Reaching a point where I dont really care where we're at if I have to keep watching blowouts.
And the MWC across the board wont cure that blowout problem.

careful iffy

you're getting dangerously close to being committed.
The Super conference idea is no good. Dilutes the money beyond the point of being an non-AQ, adds an extra game that no one else plays (increases odds of injury), Big East will lose AQ status anyway (it's not their's to use in a negotiation), and it would give the BCS even more of a reason to NOT grant AQ status (i.e. larger piece of the pie for the 5 remaining AQ conferences). Not a good idea on the surface. BSU needs to take their time and do their due diligence.

better new

FAUX is just copying AOL.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

TBK is close to right also----

Ugh, kinda about like the old WAC 16 less Utah, TCU, BYU.

22 November, 11; 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram ?

What do you guys think?

Some folks don't like Thursdays and some don't like Fridays. Let's try a Tuesday and see how that works out (if you are adamantly opposed to Tuesdays, just say so in a post and we can always change - as we are darned flexible (that translates to being retired and having nothing else to do; so, whatever day of the week is fine with me).

I am thinking of 22 November, 2011 (Tuesday), 12:00 Noon, at the Broadway Ram.

Here is my thinking. It is close to Thanksgiving and we will have played TCU by then, with Wyoming looming on the horizon on 26 NOV. We would have some good stuff to yak about then.

Whatever the group wants is fine by me, but until I read differently from readers postings coming up with something else, let's plan for 22 November, 2011, 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram, Boise, Idaho.

Any poster to these boards is welcome to attend. The only requirement to attend is a desire to talk about CFB. Fans of any college team are more than welcome to throw their thoughts into the pot and get them stirred around. Lots of good topics to yak about. It is not limited to being a Bronco or having Blorange Gear). If you got LSU Gold and Prurple, WSU Crimson and Grey, or Oregon Pink and Chartreuse, wear it proudly:

A. Individual teams.
B. Conference realignments.
C. Individual awards nominees and winners.
D. BCS standings.
E. NCAA unfairness and inequality.
F. Who is sleeping with who, these days.
G. Are Craig James and Mark May really 'closet clowns' and do they do
the 'hootchie cootchie' while wearing each other's 'nonspeakables'?

Come on down to the Broadway Ram and get to know your fellow CFB board posters and find out how absolutely 'normal' everybody really is. A real shocker for sure, the first time you meet them!!!!!! No ax murderers or Baby Killers amongst us. Is that boring, or what?

See you guys on 22 NOV for lunch at the Broadway Ram.


PS - Yes - I duplicate this post on both Cripe and Murphy blogs, in the spirit of makng sure everybody gets a chance to know they are invited and welcome to attend.

I just wish we met more often.

Had a BLAST last Friday.

"Oregon Pink and Chartreuse"


Let's shoot for the week of the San Diego State game

That way, it'll be mid-month. Anyway, the week of the 22 is Thanksgiving Break and I might not be in town, so lets shoot for the week prior to that, plus, it'd be a good lead up to the SDS game on the 19th. Fridays work best for me, but whatever works for everyone will be fine.

Maybe 11 NOV - before TCU game? tfunky, TBK, JLandon?

We been trying to keep them before a home game so people can attend and even pick up out of towners coming into Boise for the home games - like B81 last week. I seem to remember tfunk and others saying they were going to some away games - especially San Diego.

Maybe 11 NOV would work.

It is right before the TCU home game and is a Friday.

Any comments from any board posters about this?

Open for input.

Willing to do whatever the group wants.


Sure 11-11 works for me

anyone else?


We'll give it a few days to cook and then make a decision based on input from those that want to attend.

Sound fair?



sounds good.

It's good

I'll be there.


11/11/11 works best for me too. I like the idea of doing it on other days as well for those who may not be able to attend Thursdays/Fridays. Those two days are easier for most of us, however.

Im up for any time. The last one was really good and it'll be even better with razor and P2 and a few others.


As it stands now, if the BCS is going anywhere, it ain't out. Why do you think conferences like the PAC-12, Big XII, B1G, SEC and ACC are scrambling to snatch worthwhile universities like they're the new girl in school. Because the BCS crooks have had this in the works for a long time: Four mega-conferences, 16 teams each and no NCAA to tell them what to do. These four conferences will vote to have the NCAA out while having the BCS make all the calls. If there was no BCS, we wouldn't even be having all this talk about confrences re-aligning, big bowl berths, etc. However, when you have a mafia type scheme running the show because no one was bright enough to see the danger before it got out of hand, we have the mess we have now in college football. Congress can't run a country let alone fix it, so our hope in them is limited. Dept. of Justice isn't too far behind Congress and the BCS keeps paying off politicians so they can continue to screw one of the greatest sports. No, until university presidents and AD's get the clue, the BCS ins't going anyhwere. As a side note. A three conference merger? Didn't the WAC try something like this 16 years ago, and because of that the MWC was formed? Yeah, don't see this as a good venture. Let's just face reality guys, Boise St., despite being the best for awhile now, will be left out again.

We need Chuck Norris!

He'll handle the BCS and the crooks.........DELTA FORCE STYLE!!!!

WAC/Sun Belt

What happens to them in all this? $!?& rolls downhill and I don't seem them going unscathed in this mess.



I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.