Local homebrewer Chris Hillman’s award winning Dirty Hippie Hef now at Boise’s best beer bars

For those of you beer nuts who want to support local, be sure to enjoy a pint or two of Boise homebrewer Chris Hillman’s Dirty Hippie Hef hefeweizen at Boise’s best beer bars this week.

Hillman’s hefeweizen won the top prize for this year’s Treasure Valley Organic Homebrew Challenge —  and the reward for that victory was having his beer commercially brewed at the Payette Brewing Co.

Hillman and Payette brewmaster Michael Francis brewed a 15 barrel batch of the hefe earlier this fall (about 30 kegs). The Payette folks kegged it up last week and took a keg or two to several of our best watering holes — Bittercreek Alehouse, The Front Door, The Falcon Tavern, Bar Gernika, and Bardenay in the Downtown area; Parilla Grill in the North End; Brewforia in Meridian; Bier:Thirty in Bown Crossing; and Flatbread Community Oven in Meridian.

Kegs were delivered last week so I can’t say for sure if there is any left, or if it has been tapped at all yet. A quick call to any of the above establishments should get you an answer.

Payette Brewing Co., which is open on the weekends and Monday nights, kept some Dirty Hippie Hef and has some on tap as well.

Hillman’s beer is a traditional Bavarian unfiltered hefeweizen, which means a subtle banana flavor is detectable in the beer, which is brewed with wheat and barley. (Helpful language hint —  weizen is the German word for wheat).

It was brewed with 95 percent organic ingredients. Organic hops are kind of hard to come by, especially in large quantities, but the vast majority of the ingredients are organic.

This is a really cool idea — and Chris Hillman is a homebrewing master —  so if you get a chance, support our local beer scene with a drink or two.

Chris Hillman said he was aiming for a traditional hefeweizen style and was pleased with the results.

"The beer is mostly wheat, and all of the hops were German Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, the original German lager hop," Hillman said. "The name was inspired from the organic ingredient requirements of the contest."

"It has been really exciting to see my beer on tap around town, and it was a lot of fun to brew it with Mike Francis over at Payette Brewing. I hope to have the opportunity to do it again."

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