Boise State's Kellen Moore honored by Mountain West, Davey O'Brien Award

By Brian Murphy

Boise State senior quarterback Kellen Moore is one of 16 semifinalists for the 2011 Davey O'Brien Award, given annually to the top collegiate quarterback.

Moore is the only Mountain West QB on the list. He is one of three players, along with Stanford's Andrew Luck and Houston's Case Keenum, that was a semifinalist in 2010.

The full list (in alphabetical order):

Matt Barkley, JR, USC, Pac-12
Tajh Boyd, SO, Clemson, ACC
Kirk Cousins, SR, Michigan State, Big Ten
Seth Doege, JR, Texas Tech, Big 12
Robert Griffin III, JR, Baylor, Big 12
Landry Jones, JR, Oklahoma, Big 12
Case Keenum, SR, Houston, C-USA
Andrew Luck, SR, Stanford, Pac-12
Kellen Moore, SR, Boise St., MWC
Keith Price, SO, Washington, Pac-12
Denard Robinson, JR, Michigan, Big Ten
Ryan Tannehill, SR, Texas A&M, Big 12
Darron Thomas, JR, Oregon, Pac-12
Brandon Weeden, SR, Oklahoma State, Big 12
Russell Wilson, SR, Wisconsin, Big Ten
Tyler Wilson, JR, Arkanasas, SEC

Mountain West honors Moore, Hout

Boise State senior quarterback Kellen Moore and senior linebacker Byron Hout were named Mountain West players of the week for their play during the Broncos' 37-26 victory against Air Force on Saturday.

It is the fourth Offensive Player of the Week award this season for Moore, who completed 23-of-29 passes for 281 yards and three touchdowns in the win, which tied Moore with former Texas QB Colt McCoy for the most victories by an FBS quarterback with 45.

Hout had a career-high 18 tackles in the victory to earn Mountain West Defensive Player of the Week honors. It was the most tackles by a Boise State player since Cam Hall recorded 19 against Louisville on Dec. 31, 2004.

• Boise State President Bob Kustra is in Washington, D.C., to speak at a Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics panel on Monday.

Kustra is on the panel "Presidential Viewpoints on the Future of Division I Athletics," along with Michael Martin of LSU and Thomas Ross of North Carolina.

"I'm interested in conference realignment if it can gain us automatic qualifying status," Kustra reportedly said during the discussion.

The line of the day came from LSU's Martin: "We could end up with two conferences — one called ESPN and one called Fox."

Idaho Famous Potato Bowl tickets on sale

Tickets are on sale now for the Saturday, Dec. 17 bowl game at Bronco Stadium. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. The game will pair a team from the Western Athletic Conference against a team from the Mid-American Conference.

Tickets in the premium upper- and lower-level are $50. Upper-level corner tickets cost $30 and end-zone tickets are $18. A family pack of four upper-level corner tickets is available for $50.

All tickets will be available at, by phone at: (208) 426-1494, or at the Bronco Stadium ticket office.

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Kustra in DC

How can a "president" who has been so unsuccessful because of violations even begin to believe that he should have any influence on NCAA athletics? He is to blame, not Bleymeir (SP) for the situation that BSU finds itself in. He should be taking care of home business and hiding his head from the public again and not professing that he knows anything about NCAA athletics.

That's helpful

"He should be taking care of home business and hiding his head from the public again and not professing that he knows anything about NCAA athletics."

If this is what the presidents of universities who have run afoul of NCAA rules should do, then these meetings would end up with an awful lot of empty chairs at them.

Some people

SOME people are simply TOO STUPID to even bother with.


You really shouldn't speak of President Obama this way. He's been too busy to check in on who's 1997 car with 175,000 miles any of the BSU players are borrowing.

so in the future steadhorn.......

talk as if you are the horn end of your stead, not the other end.
Kustra is not to blame for compliance (ultimately responsible, but not to blame),he is not talking to the NCAA but to the Knight commission, he doesn't necessarily believe he has influence but he IS on the panel and would not be doing his job if he DIDN'T go. It would be interesting to know why you blame Kustra and exclude Gene B. from any blame since ALL of the violations took place on Gene's watch, but your answer would probably make no more sense than your post so don't bother.

Say what?

Kustra has not been "unsuccessful because of violations" -- indeed, the so-called violations were simply a side-effect of the program's growth. Except for the tennis matter, all were ridiculous arguments by an NCAA that is in serious need of reform. We have to live with them right now only because the NCAA is a monopoly that should be investigated and reformed.

Nice Try

Gene! Now go back to looking for a job and quit surfing the net.

OMG the Athletic Director is

OMG the Athletic Director is not responsible for Athletic Department violations!!!!!

They are.

Not soley, but quite a lot. The AD is responsible for knowing and understanding the rules. Passing this information to the president and advising the president.

When you advise the president incorectly you should get fired. Gene did!


What is your problem? Please apply for a athletic director joplease get out of the Education profession you are the brunt of jokes there are openings go away please

being the brunt of jokes...

hasn't kept you away. Why should it be different for Kustra?


Please do not blame the President for violations- specifically football the responsibility falls on the head varsity football coach

wrong again oh-not-so-wise(berg)

the blame is on the compliance office. It is their responsibility. That is why they oversee the entire athletic department. But congratulations are in order little buddy. That was almost a coherent sentence!


Please don't encourage him, he just got lucky--he'll revert to true form and we'll suffer.

He'll get lucky no matter what we should call him BOB.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Players may get $2K more per year

Per NCAA briefing to Knight Commission, yesterday:

Also, being considered is not letting teams play in post season bowls unless about half of their players actually graduate (this is currently being studied by the NCAA, as a possible policy that if a college/university has less than a 50% graduation rate) - as it appears that some fools on the NCAA think student athletes actually go to college for an education and to learn something.

Thank God we have BSU, a Regional Destination University, where teaching has reestablished the guesswork methodology of didactic learning - and the University of Idaho, where the amount of per capita alcohol consumption is a determinant of social acceptability and the always continuing effort by Greeks to disprove Newton's Theory of Gravity.


It will be interesting

There is no way under the current model that many schools will be able to afford this. At BSU this could add as much as $850,000 a year to their budget. Will see, they need to do something. The multi-year idea is a great one and would put an end to over-signing (for the most part) and so called "medical scholarships".
I hadn't heard the 50% grad rate thing. I know that when they adopted the APR, they wanted it extended to the bowls, didn't happen, I assumed it was BCS pressure.


"He gives MOUTH TO MOUTH a whole new definition, eh??" - Wiz

tfunky - FYI - 50% thingy


Funky, VNDL check out this link

Kid - Great link



The content was great, especialy after reading Death to the BCS

I found that report to be a very interesting follow up to Death to the BCS, which is a great book BTW, and a must read for college football fans. Thanks for lending it to me VNDL. I'll return it at the next meeting. Speaking of which, has a set date been established yet?

TBK - bring it to lunch and we will pass it on - 22 NOV Noon

Kid: Just bring the book "Death To The BCS' to our next lunch get together, and we can pass it onto somebody at lunch that has not read it yet - kinda like a group rotional book for those who want to read it, but do not have it. A good book is like a hottie college sorority chicka - it is meant to be shared.

So - felow board posters - if you want to read a copy of "'Death To The BCS" and don't have it yeat - just meet us for lunch and you can get it and read it.

It is a 'must' for all CFB Affecianados to read. An absolute must.

This brings us to when the next Board Meeting is gonna be held. Some folks don't like Thursdays and some don't like Fridays. Let's try a Tuesday and see how that works out (if you are adamantly opposed to Tuesdays, just say so in a post and we can always change - as we are darned flexible (that translates to being retired and having nothing else to do; so, whatever day of the week is fine with me).

I am thinking of 22 November, 2011 (Tuesday), 12:00 Noon, at the Broadway Ram.

Here is my thinking. It is close to Thanksgiving and we will have played TCU by then, with Wyoming looming on the horizon on 26 NOV. We would have some good stuff to yak about then.

Whatever the group wants is fine by me, but until I read differently from readers postings coming up with something else, let's plan for 22 November, 2011, 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram, Boise, Idaho.

Any poster to these boards is welcome to attend. The only requirement to attend is a desire to talk about CFB. Fans of any college team are more than welcome to throw their thoughts into the pot and get them stirred around. Lots of good topics to yak about. It is not limited to being a Bronco or having Blorange Gear). If you got LSU Gold and Prurple, WSU Crimson and Grey, or Oregon Pink and Chartreuse, wear it proudly:

A. Individual teams.
B. Conference realignments.
C. Individual awards nominees and winners.
D. BCS standings.
E. NCAA unfairness and inequality.
F. Who is sleeping with who, these days.
G. Are Craig James and Mark May really 'closet clowns' and do they do
the 'hootchie cootchie' while wearing each other's 'nonspeakables'?

Come on down to the Broadway Ram and get to know your fellow CFB board posters and find out how absolutely 'normal' everybody really is. A real shocker for sure, the first time you meet them!!!!!! No ax murderers or Baby Killers amongst us. Is that boring, or what?

See you guys on 22 NOV for lunch at the Broadway Ram.


ESPN and Fox


But ya gotta love Michael Martin's comment "We could end up with two conferences — one called ESPN and one called Fox."

Sounds like everyone is getting sick of the way College football is run.

I doubt he

he even blinks when depositing his $17M SEC TV check every year........


No way I can argue with that.



I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Kustra's comment on AQ conference

Based on his comment it looks like Kustra will accept the Big East invitation and BSU will join as a football member. As an Alumnus and lifelong Bronco fan I am all for it. BSU has earned it's way to this position. Let's grab this opportunity. Go Broncos!

Do you have to have kind of education

qualifications, or stadium expansion stuff for acceptance in the BCS Big East?....Or is the Big East a conference that will lose BCS AQ status in 3 years?....

Has the Big East given the Broncos the invite yet?

Big East

The BE want Boise State for football-only, and they've been very frank about just wanting Boise State's stats to boost their AQ chances. As for academics/tradition/olympics/etc Boise State would be considered a WAC team again.

The Big East have not issued an invite because they don't know if Boise State would accept. Boise State is seen nationally as the comely chick that can't get a date to the prom... if the Big East invites them only to be turned down by the ugly girl, they can kiss football recruiting and fundraising goodbye overnight.

Well then, why does not Mr

Kustra allude to, by giving hints and subliminal language (even a code), the Big East that Boise is ready if Boise gets an invite to the Big East....that way Big East does not have to worry about Big Embarra$$ment....

The BE wants nobody. All others want the BE. Please confess it.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

what are you smoking just a football school

you are silly what about the academics? that is a word not used by the football fanatics

what are you smoking just a football school

you are silly what about the academics? that is a word not used by the football fanatics

BSU fans please vote

Congrats to Kellen and Hout

BSU fans Vote once a day everyday second round was suppose to open today for fan votes but the site says it is closed still. I will check back everyday to see if and when they open it up to voting. Will update when or if it opens back up.)




O'Brien Award

Yes it is. Thank you I was trying to get the update in, I didn't see your post till after I had updated. We need to get Kellen back on top so please everyone vote.

Davey Obrien the winner is

The guy from Stanford what is his name mm Andrew Luck

BSU fans please vote

BSU fans Vote once a day everyday ----Second round is open now


I think that

Dr. Kustra was making a pretty clear statement directly to the Big East. Make your conference stable, and then give us a call. Then, you can perhaps help us with our exit fee from the Mountain West as a reimbursement for ensuring that you keep your AQ status. Let's do it!


Surely there has to be some kind of an NCAA rule against that. If not, they will make one up just for BSU.

I seriously doubt another conference can/will buy out exit fees.

First of all, it's not ethical.

Secondly, and most important, the conferences are not developed as a bank...they are administering the operations between their schools. If you expect the Big East or anybody to eat that kind of money you are INSANE. Ask to have your PRN.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

FO - Why unethical ?

I am not aware of any legal and/or civil restrictions that would preclude a conference to act as a bank for it's members if the other members agreed to it.

Also, CFB is all about money and business. CFB Football is just Big Business, in all reality. Lots of new and marvel things occur in business every day. - Caveat Emptor.

I am trying to understand your position that it would somehow be 'unethical' for a gaining conference to pay the exit fees/penalty for a futue member to leave the losing conference and swithch to the gaining conference.

Business is business.

It prolly won't happen anyhoo for nonassociated and peripheral reasons; but, I just don't see it as an 'ethical' or 'unethical' matter.

If you have a solid response/retort - I would love to hear it.

Thanx in advance.


If that is what Kustra is looking for, then

maybe the Big East wont call after all....Is there suppose to be a deadline or date to when the Big East may ask Boise to join?

No, ugly...the only ones saying we'd join BE were NY reporters!

They were oversexed with making the rumors and this paper's staff and readers got off on it as well.

It's all a simultaneous wet dream.

Wake up and change into your away pajamas...

Hey, I can say wet dream and oversexed but not hor-ny?

Wow, that says a lot about corporate ignorance.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Here is an interesting link with somre very interesting fiananci

with some vry interesting financial data links, toward the bottom:


Voting this week Murph

Hey Brian,

How do you justify your voting this week:,com_psreport/Itemid,3/lang,en/p,36/p_1,36/r,V/r_1,V/s,17/s_1,17/t1,0/t1_1,0/t2,0/t2_1,0/v,384/v_1,384/w,8/w_1,8/

Boise State #8. Washington #16. Are you on a crack bender?

You might want to try

Brett instead of Brian......


"When did you get promoted to dick?" - Wiz

We all saw yours and opted to refrain.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Wonder how Chipper handles it this time


"Oregon passed on him....He has a poor right hook, he failed the burgularly quiz, and he didn't know what paraphernalia was..." - Wiz

That didn't take long