Boise State 37, Air Force 26 (final)

By Brian Murphy

First quarter

BSU — Tyler Shoemaker 24 pass from Kellen Moore (Dan Goodale kick), 11:36. Key play: Moore was 5-for-5 on the drive, including the TD strike on second-and-13. Drive: 8 plays, 60 yards, 11:36. Boise State 7, Air Force 0

Second quarter

AF — Tim Jefferson 1 run (Parker Herrington kick), 7:17. Key play: Zack Kauth made a 32-yard catch to get the Falcons out of their own end and a face-mask penalty on Ebo Makinde gave them a critical first down at the Boise State 7-yard line. Drive: 17 plays, 90 yards, 7:31. Boise State 7, Air Force 7

BSU — Matt Miller 19 pass from Moore (Goodale kick blocked), 4:57. Key play: Miller made a leaping catch along the sideline for 24 yards on the opening play. Drive: 5 plays, 67 yards, 2:20. Boise State 13, Air Force 7

Third quarter

AF — Herrington 39 field goal, 7:05. Key play: The Falcons ran the ball nine times on the drive, including a 17-yard run by Jonathan Warzeka on third-and-3. Drive: 11 plays, 59 yards, 4:46. Boise State 20, Air Force 13

BSU — Doug Martin 15 run (Goodale kick), 2:05. Key play: Moore converted two third downs with passes, including a 20-yard strike to Shoemaker on third-and-7 to begin the drive. Drive: 11 plays, 77 yards, 5:00. Boise State 27, Air Force 13

Fourth quarter

AF — Asher Clark 3 run (Herrington kick), 9:47. Key play: Fullback Mike DeWitt darted up the middle on a third-and-21 dive for 22 yards. Later, Clark gained 21 yards on fourth-and-6. Drive: 18 plays, 80 yards, 7:18. Boise State 27, Air Force 20

BSU — Martin 2 pass from Moore (Goodale kick), 5:07. Key play: On back-to-back plays, Martin spun out of a tackle for a 13-yard gain and Shoemaker made a nice grab for 22 yards. Drive: 10 plays, 69 yards, 4:40. Boise State 34, Air Force 20

AF — Jefferson 1 run (Herrington kick blocked), 3:31. Key play: Kauth made a 51-yard catch, setting up Air Force at the 3-yard line. Drive: 5 plays, 75 yards, 1:36. Boise State 34, Air Force 26

BSU — Goodale 25 field goal, :42. Boise State 37, Air Force 26

Pregame notes

Boise State freshman running back Jay Ajayi was on crutches with a right leg injury before the Broncos' home game with Air Force. Ajayi, who was one of the Broncos' most highly regarded recruits, was expected to redshirt the season.

But his injury highlights the Broncos' lack of depth at running back. Malcolm Johnson is already out for the season with a knee injury. Behind starter Doug Martin, Boise State has D.J. Harper, Drew Wright and Raphiel Lambert.

Boise State officials would not discuss Ajayi's injury before the game, referring all questions to coach Chris Petersen.

Defensive tackle Chase Baker (calf) is out for Saturday's game with Air Force.

Joe Kellogg will start at left guard. He missed last week's game against Colorado State.

Defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe (NCAA suspension) is practicing with the No. 2 defense.

• The latest expansion effort: A 32-team mega-conference with teams from the Mountain West, Conference USA, Big East and the WAC. The Boston Globe has the details of the proposal.

From the Boston Globe:

In the 32-team format, the West Division would consist of Boise State, Hawaii, UNLV, Nevada, Fresno State, San Diego State, Utah State and San Jose State.

The Mountain Division would consist of Air Force, Wyoming, Colorado State, New Mexico, UTEP, SMU, Tulsa and Houston.

The Central Division would consist of Marshall, Memphis, Southern Mississippi, Tulane, UAB, Rice, Temple and Louisiana Tech.

And the Big East Division would consist of Louisville, UConn, Rutgers, Cincinnati, South Florida, Central Florida, East Carolina and Navy.

West Virginia is not included in this plan, with the assumption being the Mountaineers would be headed to the Big 12 to replace Missouri which will presumably wind up in the SEC along with Texas A&M.

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They wont need Ajayi


The Broncos will win....

However, Air Force can make it very close if their offense keeps the ball longer than BSU; say 36 min to 24 mins....and if Air Force options go good....

if they try too much pa$$ing, Boise will clobber Air Force by 30 points....

For a good game, Air Force must keep ball on the ground, not in the air....

ugly sympathize

act like a champion ugly big smiles

again not reporting injuries during the week

get better young man

smurf turf fumble

yes yes

triple option uh oh

good game

I see our kicker, Dan not-so-Goodale

is at it again. C'mon Pete, enough is enough....Sunny...

Sunny - why not use Ricky TAT as kicker

I remember reading where Ricky TAT was a standout at soccer when he was younger, but grew so big he wasn't mobile enough to continue to develop in soccer. This tells me he can kick (that is what soccer players do).

Why not use one of the Broncos on the team as a kicker (maybe even Ricky TAT) - they can't do any worse than the actual scholly kicker that keeps failing at it.

When Jerry Kramer played for the Packers, in addition to being an offinsive guard he was their kicker and Max McGhee was their punter. Wayne Walker was the kicker for the Detroit Lions and was also a linebacker. And, you have George Blanda who played in 4 decades as a defensive back, quarterback and kicker and punter for the Oakland Raiders. Pro and college teams in those days did not havea 'specialist' position of a 'kicker' or 'punter'. Those duties were handled by some player on the team.

My basic point is: let some other schollie player on the team be the kicker and free up a schollie for a player that can contribute to the team and possibly make a PAT or a Field Goal, once in a while.

Too much emphasis on the 'specialist' position of kicker, I think. Coaches have become overly reliant on kickers to bail them out of trouble, instead of just going for it on 4th down. Didn't used to be that way.



Totally with you vndl. I'd rather see them go for it.

Air Force came to play, ya gotta appreciate that triple option they run, half the handoffs you didn't even see on versus. Exciting game but gotta wonder if the defense only playing half a game to date, if it affected them.

Did love the reception AF got. Shows a lotta class.

Hey VNDL....

I grew up watching the Packers and don't remember Kramer kicking. Paul Hornig kicked PAT's and field goals. Did Jerry handle kickoffs? I guess I'm too old to remember that far back.


Apparently your memory is failing you, lolol. Kramer handled PATs and FGs. If you find any pics of him playing, you will notice the right toe of his shoe is straight accross the front, like the shoes kickers of the day wore in those days. Kickers did a straight on kick then and not the soccer style kicks of today. Even when Blanda was QBing he had the same type shoe on his right foot.

Also, get a copy of Jerry Kramer's book "Instant Replay' and you will read about how he didn't practice for the kicks - just did them during the games, cold turkey - and how he made about half of them - which was considered very good for his day. But, in those days PATs and FGs were just 'gravy' points and not such determining factors for a game's outcome like today - meaning coaches did not plan strategy around the kicking game, like they do today. Most times if a team was accross the 50, they went for it on 4th down and didn't rely on FG points. More confidence in their defense back then, I am guessing.

Times have changed.


Have to absolutely agree,

but if Ricky kicked it, the seams would probably split and it would not only miss, it would sound like a fat lady pharting. There's gotta be an answer to this dilemma. I've seen some high school highlights from the valley. There's some darn good kickers out there....Sunny...

Air Force not

playing very good....

Maybe they will pick it up alittle in 4th quarter?

Go Air Force

BSU needs to be playing teams that are actually a challenge, this winning streak with no competition is a bunch of hooey, go Air Force, give the Broncos something to work for.\


Watched rugby this week, New Zealand vs Australia, Pure athletes, no timeouts, no gear, just endurance, legs and lungs, it was AWESOME

triple option nation told you

slow linebackers

Air Force coming back, but the early 'gifts' of

fumble recovery for touch-down and the 5 penalties that stopped Air Forces drives have kept this game close....

The 48th rank Falcons not doing too bad....

Now I know why

so many coaches talk about their misgivings of playing Air Force.


They play so disciplined and hard. And I also see why opposing coaches prepare for them in the Spring.

Hats off to Air Force. They had our defense constantly on its heels and their guys looked to be better conditioned. Their OC called a brilliant game.

Hats off also to the crowd. A standing ovation for Air Force before the game and a moment of reverence after with both teams together for the Air Force anthem. A hard fought, classy game from both teams.

Heres to hoping we can find a way to get these two teams back on the schedule again in the near future.

Saw the crowd

Thought it was great.

Our defense was on the field for close to 100 plays.....


"Sincerely, Smartazz" - Wiz


had a good game.....that was good to see

TAT had a Great Game

Was really impressed with his level of play.

But what happened to 'Bacon'? I watched him get pushed around, time and again, by AFA's center or Left Guard. He was slow and almost sloth like. A non factor. Looks like he is not in good shape at all this year. Very slow and not nimble like he used to be. I always like watching him, but today he did not impress. Maybe he has the flu or something? Maybe drinking too much milk.

But congrats for the Broncos. I thought it was a great effort by BSU and a hard fought win.

And that hit Mitch Burroughs took - wow. The dude came back in the second half, but I am guessing he will be one sore puppy tommorrow morning. It hurts to watch it on replay.



What was air force's 3rd down conversion percentage? I think they only punted twice. That will wear a D down. Looked like those cut blocks were taking their toll too.

9 of 19 on 3rd down,

which is not too bad, but what really killed the Broncos was that they were 4 of 5 on 4th down, too. The only 4th down attempt they failed on was the fake punt they fumbled that White returned for a TD. Boise State was rarely put in 3rd down, but they were an efficient 5 of 8 on converting them. The Falcons had 82 offensive plays to Boise State's 55.

thanks marcsulf

Just watching it felt like their third down conversion percentage was higher, but ya those fourth down conversions were a killer.



Keep patting yourself on the backs....

That was a cupcake win. BSU fans are delusional.

Falcon offense

is deadly and one of the most explosive nationwide, which is why they are ranked 10th in college ball offensively. On a good day their offense could take any team in the country. Thank god for our total team effort today.

The man...

who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely the one who dropped it.

Yeah right, that is why Air Force is


They have a very weak finishing they should finish at 8-4....

Air Force is fun to watch tho....

this is the kind of win

that causes a drop in the polls. if you an east coast writer, you look at the pounding a weak notre dame team put on air force and you look at our performance and you conclude: they must not be that tough. landon, i agree they looked to be in better shape. funk, 100 plays for our defense is crazy. that seems like a recipe for disaster with injuries.

AF rolled up...

... 565 yards of offense on ND, and outgained the Irish in that game. Boise State held them to 408 total yards (100 below their average, and their second lowest of the season) and edged them out in total yards. The difference is that ND didn't have a turnover in their game. Boise State coughed it up twice on scoring opportunities. While I agree that an uninterested assistant coach submitting their USA Today ballot probably will not notice these things, we as educated fans should recognize that the difference in the two games comes down to two plays (Martin's fumble at the 10 yard line and Moore's INT that went right through Boldewijn's hands).

You are right

BSU might be on par with ND and ND is terrible.

REALLY? Struggling Against Air Force?

What a joke for a #5 squad. BSU plays a powder puff schedule and barely escapes against a 0-3 Air Force.... With the Oklahoma loss, Stanford should jump over BSU.

eyes shut

Barely escape? Did you watch the game? Air Force played well and executed well, but BSU was in control the entire game. I don't believe there was a time in the second half that AF had the ball that they weren't down at least two scores. That isn't barely escaping. Why not just admit BSU is a very good football team? They are and if you don't realize that, than it is obvious you don't understand football, and I'm thinking you probably don't.

It should be noted...

... that the Broncos held the Falcons to their second lowest yardage total of the season. Only Navy held them to fewer yards, and Navy gets to practice against that offense every day. Only TCU has held them to fewer points, and TCU holds special practice time in the spring and fall to prepare for the option.

Also, keep in mind that in the second half, Air Force never had the ball with a chance to tie the game.

The only...

difference between Champ and Chump is U.


it's A and U. Keep practicing, though, and one day you might be able to find Waldo, too.

I bet

you went on one date and wanted to get married.

Sometimes that is all it takes


If you...

burn your neighbors house down, it doesn't make your house look any better.

Not understanding your snivels

Run along now. This is a thread for grownups, not crybaby whiners.

You'll never

get ahead of anyone as long as you try to get even with him

Says the troll...

... who comes here lobbing Molotov Cocktails...

It's not

the load that breaks you down - its the way you carry it

BSU/ AFA football game.

The Air Force offense is like playing the nut game. Which half nut has the pea under it. Where is the ball. That offense confused the BSU defense as well as the Versus camera man.