Donnie Mac's restaurant to close in Boise


Boiseans will have to look elsewhere soon if they’re craving that classic grilled cheese on sourdough or a PB&J sandwich with Fritos on the side: Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine is closing next week.

The restaurant at 1515 W. Grove St. will serve up its “high and low falutin’” food for the last time Wednesday.

An upscale deli with a retail component — called a'Tavola — is being opened in the spot by well-known local foodie Lisa Peterson (Boise Co-op deli, Shakespeare Cafe at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Lisa Peterson Catering) and her husband Peter. The target opening date is mid-December. Check out Food Notes in next Friday's Scene for additional details.

Donnie Mac’s opened in 2005 and quickly became popular for its tongue-in-cheek style and unique décor, including a booth set in a replica of a ’41 Chevy.

“It is with great sadness that we have decided to close the doors,” owner Jim Finch said. "Donnie Mac’s certainly was one of a kind. … In recent years, it has become increasingly challenging to manage from my home in Colorado. The restaurant business changes every day, and it currently requires more time and attention than I can give it.”

In addition to serving food, Donnie Mac’s hosted popular live entertainment events, including the “Donnie Mac’s Got Talent” series. Guy Fieri of Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins” and Dives” visited in 2009, giving the eatery national TV exposure.

Donnie Mac's

I am always sorry to hear of a business closing, however Donnie Mac's was fun and the food different for Boise. Unfortunately the prices were a little high for the type of food they sold. The food was ok but honestly not great. The atmosphere was fun but the service was mediocre at best. It sounds like the replacement will not be much better... that part of town is hard to have anything in as there is not really much around it to attract a food crowd.

I went to Donnie Mac's

I went to Donnie Mac's twice...once when they first opened, and again a year later with some company from out of town. The service was terrible during both visits, and the food was overpriced. I'm sorry to hear of a business closing, but in this case, good riddance!

The service

Check out the online reviews for them and the service there has been generally derided. In fact, I can't think of any other place around here that has been more criticized for their service. I'm sure that didn't help them either. It certainly kept me from ever going and supporting them.

Over priced.

yes,and not that great.

I could make all of that but I hate peanut butter.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.


was enough.

So True

Everyone I work with were raving on and on about Donnie Mac's. Went for lunch about a year after they opened. The food was awful, the service horrid and I was late getting back to work (very uncool). Nobody could ever convince me to go back. It was the first and last time I ever ate sweet potato fries. They were so disgusting that I refuse to eat them anywhere else. LOL

Not surprising, over priced

Not surprising, over priced and average at best food.

D. Macs service was not good

Got agree with quite a few of the other comments. My 4 or 5 visits there are most remembered by the slow service/non existent wait staff and food a bit high priced for what they served.

BTW, how did the owner manage to afford to travel to Hawaii? That's right, you were seen. Got to wonder how many vendors/creditors/employees are owed money.

McDonalds is still


Donnie Macs

Well, it's the end of an era for sure. Maybe some of these comments are true but their chicken strips, vegetarian chili and Taylor Taco salad could not be beaten! It was a funky, comfortable place to go with some unique and good different foods. Yes, service was a bit slow but if you wanted fast, McDonald's was close. Too bad that anything different has to go. I loved it! It was my place!

Actually the last time I

Actually the last time I went there I had the taco salad and it was very below average. BTW: if you can't hit the place during lunch and be back to work on time then that is a problem. Many restaurants cater to the lunch crowd, which means service is prompt.


DONNIE MACS IS CLOSING??????? Crap! I have been meaning to get down there. When did they open?

"Boiseans will have to look

"Boiseans will have to look elsewhere soon if they’re craving that classic grilled cheese on sourdough or a PB&J sandwich with Fritos on the side"

Like.. Their kitchen?

I liked it, and I am sorry

I liked it, and I am sorry to see another business close.

Buh Bye

I understand the novelty of Donnie Macs. But I gotta wonder how many folks only went there once. It could have been open another 50 years and I never would have returned... mediocre food, okay atmosphere, and horrible prices.

Hey....You just described 95% of all


everytime I go to eat-out, I say I wont go there again....and then I go there again....I love being ripped-off and leave a big-tip to show it....

Use to go there often, but the novelty wore off...

Never did like the table on wheels that kept rolling around on us as we ate... funky, yes, but after a few times, it's just annoying. Same with the car in the middle of the room... the kids always wanted to sit in it, but it's never empty. After a while we just avoided Donnie Mac's because we didn't want to deal with the kids whining from not being able to sit in the car.

No big loss - BUT....

An upscale deli with a retail component — called a'Tavola — is being opened in the spot by well-known local foodie Lisa Peterson

I hope by upscale they mean great food, not overpriced crap. A good, reasonably priced deli would be great there. Just watch the prices with this economy or Mr Deeds will be printing your obituary by next spring.



With a provenance extending

With a provenance extending back to the Boise Coop, the safe bet is over-priced.

I went once and never saw a

I went once and never saw a reason to go back. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good enough to displace the urge to go to places I liked more. Good luck to Lisa Peterson in that spot.

Raise a glass of Good Value lemonade and kiss their gluts ciao!


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

So much potential

I really loved the Donnie Mac's concept and I'm sorry to see that they didn't make it. There was so much potential there. Best of luck to Lisa and Peter.

My family has visited them

My family has visited them several times with each experience being great. The food and service is wonderful and served up with a fun atmosphere. I am sad to hear they are closing down. :(
BTW...they have the best sweet potato fries ever!

New Deli going in

Perhaps Lisa's new location will allow the COOP deli to actually sell organic product. The salads, sandwiches, and soup are not organic at the COOP and never have been. One would think the prices charged warrant organic. Think again- ever wonder why the Sysco truck pulls up to the COOP? Lisa placed an order again. $8.99 a pound for regular macaroni salad?



I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.


I'm excited to have a new place to eat downtown! The space has their own parking lot which is great and I have always loved Lisa's food. I'm also looking forward to her retail section as well. As far as "Hippy's" comment above, Lisa has NOT worked for the Co-Op in several years so that Sysco truck must be pulling up for someone else!

It's all moot because I'll continue at Subway and Burger West...


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

All service related comments aside

I think it's a shame that the reason given for closing is the apparent apathy of an out of state owner. Why not give more power to a local manager or offer to sell to someone local?

I doubt the prices at a place with a name like a'Tavola will be any less, and I'd also be that many who complained about food and service at Donnie Mac's will have the same to say about ANY eatery they post about here.

Nobody donates powered milk to Oregon Food Bank, SO?

You got the money for eating out, groovy.

Me and my cooking, cornflake consumption, we care about other things.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled