Idaho politics: Democrats rip Crapo, Risch over jobs bill vote

Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch have chosen to play "partisan games" over supporting a bill that would have created some 6,200 jobs in Idaho, the state Democratic Party said today.

The Republicans voted against bill Thursday to funding teaching and first responders' jobs.

"It is pretty obvious that the Republicans don’t want to do anything to improve the economy before the 2012 elections,” state party chairman Larry Grant said. “But the only way we are going to help the people of Idaho is if our lawmakers do the job they were elected to and fund education and infrastructure. Idahoans don’t need political games, they need jobs.”

Here's the Democrats' full news release:

Idaho’s senators have once again voted against Idahoans best interests. Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch both voted “no” on last night’s jobs bill that would have put many teachers and first responders back to work.

State chair of the Idaho Democratic Party Larry Grant said, “Too many Idahoans are either looking for work or trying to get back on their feet, so doing nothing is not a recovery plan. This is the second time in the last few weeks that GOP senators have turned their backs on Idaho’s unemployed. It is time to stop the partisan games and put folks back to work.”

It is estimated that this jobs bill would have created 6,200 jobs for Idahoans. A decade of studies conducted by retired University of Idaho professor of agricultural economics, Dr. Steve Cooke, suggest that Idaho needs jobs like teachers and first responders. His findings shows that for the last decade we have been losing skilled, technical and professional jobs and replacing them with low-skill jobs that pay even lower wages.

“It is pretty obvious that the Republicans don’t want to do anything to improve the economy before the 2012 elections,” Grant said. “But the only way we are going to help the people of Idaho is if our lawmakers do the job they were elected to and fund education and infrastructure. Idahoans don’t need political games, they need jobs.”

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of the sheeple by the Party for the Party!


one-time money for jobs that would then have to be cut again next year is not money well spent. I believe some government spending is necessary to get our economy moving, but this portion was a non-starter.

In past 4 years this admin has spent

well over 4 trillion more than Bush did in 8 years....we are worse govt can create jobs anymore....

enjoy your dollar and pensions siphoning down the toilet....


There are several private sector defense contractors, emergency and security companies, utility, health, private universities, construction companies, etc. that would disagree with you. The private sector is making record profits and sitting on the cash. The private sector can create jobs, but they prefer to use the money for good things like R&D, and other things like executive pay which is at an all time high.

Money spent on infrastructure, not make work projects, but actual infrastructure (roads, bridges, energy grid, technology, etc.) would help out the private sector immensely.


you mean shovel ready jobs?

"Money spent" Ha Ha Ha . Your allowance is spent, son.

Wow, thats what I said to my kids and now they are productive Americans. The private sector is not making record profits, no matter what Harry Reid says.

Have you ever been on a brigde job? Just curious.

Confused. you say "the private sector can createjobs, but they prefer to use the money for good things like R&D". What are you saying?

Sen Harry Reid (D), Oct 19, 2011.......

"Private sector jobs are doing just fine, its the public sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers." Grow the size of that gov't Harry; more union money to launder into the Democrat party. Don't worry about the private sector - It's just fine!

Yeah Harold Reido....

Just keep playing class games....most of us in private enterprise are on 'survival mode'....a game I think we are losing....

We know your plans are to socialize everything, and in doing by destroying the dollar.....

The Occupy people should be at Bank of America, Freddie and Fannie, Unions, etc....

Obviously Republicans

Obviously Republicans politician have made a willful choice to obstruct the American democracy to force the complete failure of American government.

Cutting jobs, blocking all Democratic jobs bills, blocking infrastructure projects, killing unions, blocking small business tax cuts, blocking tax cuts for the middle class and poor, laying off teachers, fire fighters, cops, trying to repeal wall street regulations and the affordable health care act. The list goes on and on.

Here’s just a short list of some of bills that Crapo, Risch, Simpson & the Republicans have blocked.

Taxes on Companies that ship jobs overseas, Political ad disclosure bill, Subpoena Power for the Committee investigating the BP Oil Spill, The Small Business Jobs Act, The DREAM Act, No permanent military bases in Afghanistan, Improvements to Department of Defense domestic violence programs, Fiscal year 2011 increase in military basic pay, Comprehensive policy the military health care system, Anti-Rape Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill, Benefits for Homeless Veterans, Affordable Health Care For America Act, Health Care for the 9/11 First Responders, Wall Street Reform, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Oil Spill Liability, Immigration Reform.

Crapo, Risch, Simpson & the Republicans have proven the republican political party is more important than the American democracy, they will do whatever they can to make the country and the president fail.

Interesting that Crapo, Risch, Simpson & the Republicans have created zilch, zero, zip, nada, no American jobs, yet they voted in the senate to create about 500,000 new jobs in China this year alone.

i83701....Great Report that means....


Our current President is Obama....He has spent trillions in has that worked for you lately....

The Jobs is more bailouts dude....quit being so demmy and look at reality....we are doomed!

Take the time to be objective and balanced

The "bailout" worked very well for the Amercian automobile industry. While the mulit-millionaire radio and TV personalities on Fox and EBN (Rush Limbaugh) accused Obama of being a socialist and using such snarky terms like "Government Motors," the Obama administration's move to save our domestic automobile industry was a brilliant economic (not socialistic) decision. The cost of losing those jobs - and the ancillary jobs in tangential and down-stream industries (retail, manufacturing, service) would have been many times more than just the cost of auto manufacturing jobs (which would have also put more pressure on local businesses to cover huge increases in unemployment benefits).

And not only did the Obama administration take the actions necessary to help secure long-term protection of these industries, but the taxpayers got their money back! Pretty smart. That's why you don't hear Hannity, Limbaugh and their ilk talk about "Government Motors" anymore. Just like you don't hear people claim that Obama isn't a US citizen. This constant rhetoric is a calculated effort paid for by the billionaires who want to regain the control of government they lost in Congress and the White House when the Democrats won in 2008.

And remember the awful $1 trillion Stimulus Bill - the one that the Republcans call a complete failure because it hasn't created jobs? The same Republicans who say that we need to cut taxes so employers can start hiring people? Well, HALF of the Stimuls Bill was in the for of tax cuts. I guess that means that Republicans are wrong-headed about tax cuts making things better.

Or maybe it means that people need to stop believing Fox and Rush and the billionaire-backed Tea Party acolytes. When Obama took office, we were losing over 700,000 jobs a MONTH. Now we are gaining a modest number of jobs a month - nowhere near what we need to see real economic growth, but better than where the country was four years ago. We need to plug the dam before you can start filling it again.

Looking back, the Obama administration has done well in stopping the bleeding. But the patient (our economy) is dealing with multiple traumas that are not easy to diagnose and the remedies for which may not be fully known. In other words, this is a very complex problem that will not be accurately (or truthfully) characterized by radio and TV celebrities and not be solved by Republicans and Tea Party people in Congress whose top priority is to maximize their political gains by preventing the Obama administration from succeeding. (Remember when Rush Limbaugh said four months after Obama took office, "I want Obama to fail"?)

This doesn't mean that everything the Obama administration has done is perfect; no President's administration is. (Remember George Bush and Dick Cheney? When was the last time you heard a Republican or Tea Party-er mention their names?) But it does mean that voters need to be more objective and balanced in their analysis. Otherwise, you will get the government you deserve.

Thank you

Very nice points.

seevee....there were no good


Just spin-doctoring.....

The O admin has increased Bush's spending by 2.5 Trillion per year, and no intentions of slowing down....We will all get to enjoy those ramifications soon....both repubs and dems....

The O admin has had the largest bailouts to the rich over all prez's was the largest tax cut for the rich in history of USA....

The jobs bill is just more bailouts; dems too naive to see it....Your dollar and mine down the drain daily....

Spin doctoring

You sure you're not spin doctoring. Which largest tax cut for the rich are you talking about. The one that Congress continued from Bush's day or?. Please note that the poster before you listed actual segments that got bailed out (and the repayment to the tax payer) Have you actually countered this data? No. If you wish to do so please cite something pertinent.

What many people forget is that helping with jobs has a rippple effect. If more people have jobs more people, for instance, buy food, making or soldifying jobs at the grocery store. If more peole have jobs other local stores may add jobs or at least not go out of business. If enough local jobs are shored up more demand may be created which will create more jobs. And remember prior to and during the crisis 700,000 jobs a month were being lost. Currently the job gain may not be enough but for most months it is a job gain and any loss has not even remotely approached that 700,000 figure.

mtnplace....more spin-doctoring....I love your

analysis of more jobs people buy more duh....

but you dont create jobs thru bounced checks and more bailouts of do it by producing something of real value....the real jobs are leaving to over-seas stuff; even strong dems such as Microsoft, Apple, Soros, Buffet, auto-makers, etc....have out-sourced....

Bush over-spent, no doubt....yet his annual deficits were in the 400 billion we have a president that can easily out-spend Bush; and by the trillions per year....we are in trouble, but go ahead re-elect him that is fine....that is the American system....

If Obama really wanted to have taxed the rich he would have done so during their lame-duck session where no republicans should up because they did not have enough votes....instaed the dems increased the spending by 2 trillion per year, with no tax increase on the rich....

The democrats are very keep spinning....

The Republicans have their share of the pie of deficit fault.....what percent of the pie do you think the democrats have at our problems? None? 1%? 10%? 20?....

Average salary of Government employees in DC $126,000.

Idahos what suckers.

see below


6200 new government employees?

Yuk! This would be bad news if the jobs were permanently funded, but they are not, so this is really bad news.

Idaho Democrat Party - Yuk!!

Thank you senators Crapo and Risch for voting against a nonsolution for Idaho's unemployed, very few of whom are teachers or first responders.

slipstream, check your info

Slipstream - don't know what you are reading or where you are getting your information but for the last two quarters (and longer) banks, big oil, auto and tech companies have made record profits. Microsoft's off shore cash has doubled in the last quarter to more than $76 billion. Similiar numbers for Apple, GE, and many more. Try checking your "facts".

Bloomberg News 10/19/11, Tim Homan, Frank Bass.

Washigton DC has passed San Jose as US city with highest average earnings, $126,000/year. Wish I was wrong. Interesting though, the article states that the DC average income is up from $84,523 last year.

holy reading miscomprehension batman!

This is how bull pucky gets rolling. Having read the article you refer to, it says different and much more. Let me help you understand what it said, and I'll provide a link so others might see as well.

First off, you are mixing income with total compensation ( compensation includes benefits along with earnings). Last year the typical Washington household earned $84,523, The year before it earned $85,168. If you get out your calculator, you'll see that that is actually a decrease in income.

While the earnings decreased, the total compensation did increase about $4,000. But, here's something you didn't bother to mention that the article points out; "Wall Street has moved to K Street," said the CEO of the DC Chamber of Commerce. "Those two industries have grown in our city." It looks to me like the the city has seen an influx of lawyers to lobby for the insurance and banking industries against healthcare and banking reforms.

So, to sum up; you were comparing apples to oranges, and the high level of compensation in DC is not just due to government workers, but to a significant increase in high paid lawyers lobbying against your best interests.

Oh look, a link...