Big East commish: No invitations have been extended, no problem expanding to Mountain Time Zone

By Brian Murphy

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto did not rule out expanding to the Mountain Time Zone during a 30-minute teleconference about conference realignment Tuesday. The league has been talking with Boise State about a possible football-only membership, Boise State President Bob Kustra confirmed Saturday.

Marinatto said no invitations have been extended, but the league continues to pursue a 12-team football model. The Big East has six football members moving forward after the defections of Pittsburgh and Syracuse (to the ACC) and TCU (to the Big 12).

Among the rumored invites: Air Force, Navy and Boise State for football-only; Houston, SMU and Central Florida for all sports.

"We've obviously considered schools that are not within our geographic footprint before. We're considering those same kinds of situations. That's part of our flexibility and creativity as a league," Marinatto said. "I don't think there are any real challenges versus what we did when we were looking at that question."

The conference agreed to increase the exit fee for football programs from $5 million to $10 million Monday night. That fee increase takes effect as soon as one new member joins the league. Marinatto said that it was a unanimous vote among all 14 schools — six football and eight basketball members.

"We've identified specific teams, and if any one of those teams commits (to joining the league), the exit fee increases," Marinatto said, without identifying the teams.

The Big East's continuing football members are Cincinnati, Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers, South Florida and West Virginia.

The Big East's non-football members are DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Notre Dame, Providence, St. John's, Seton Hall and Villanova.

Marinatto made it clear that Pittsburgh and Syracuse will remain in the Big East until June 30, 2014. He said the Big East could have a 14-team league in 2012 and 2013 as a result.

Marinatto said the goal is to hold a conference championship game in football, possibly in New York City.

He stressed that the league has BCS AQ status for this season and the next two — the same as every other BCS AQ league. The BCS contract ends after the 2013 regular season and January 2014 bowls.

"We didn’t start this conference realignment situation. I think there is a right way to expand when necessary. We've proven ourselves as a BCS member," Marinatto said. "As we look to improve ourselves, we want to be as open and do it in an open manner as possible. We hope the new members will also be respectful. I don’t think anyone will be blindsided or feel bushwhacked when this process is complete."

• Here is a recap of the teleconference from Brett McMurphy at CBS McMurphy reports that the exit fee will be raised to $10 million once Air Force or Navy commits to the Big East.

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Could that press conference

Could that press conference been a BIGGER waste of time? We literally know nothing more than we knew yesterday at this time. Seemed to be a conference just to have one from my perspective...

No invitations....
No schools names...

Big Whoop!

The fact that

Syracuse and Pitt have to stay until 2014 is news that was not released before....that would mean whatever the Big 12 does with/without Missouri would present to BSU a conference with AQ status and much better than the would also give the Big East 2 years to negotiate a better TV deal and possibly keep Syracuse and Pitt.

The Big East and their mysterious "conditional invitations"

"Yesterday an anonymous member of the Big East spoke to a reporter at The Boston Globe about the conference’s plans to expand. The report states that UCF has received and accepted the invitation to all sports on Friday night. Two other C-USA schools have been sent conditional invitations to participate in all sports in the Big East, Houston and SMU. Air Force and Boise State have been sent football-only invitations which would make the Big East an 11-school conference, and if they can add Navy and get to twelve, then they could split into two six-team divisions and hold a conference championship"

Here's another link.
Big East invites UH to join conference
By SAM KHAN JR., Copyright 2011 Houston Chronicle
Updated 11:09 p.m., Monday, October 17, 2011

The Good Doctor is in...NOT.

So here is Boise State right in the middle of this re-alignment mess and we have the Napoleon university president calling all the shots without the benefit of a tenured, knowledgeable AD; that's just great. I guess Kustra's wish came true as he is in charge of everything. If Missouri bolts...the BIG12 should invite Boise makes some sense though BSU would be the little guy for a while.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

too harsh on the good doctor only lower caps for the doctor

agree agree the good doctor is ignorant and silly

The Big 12 should

but they won' try to improve where you are allowed...the MWC is better than the WAC....The Big East is better than the MWC...even though you could argue a lot of that.....the bottom line to all of this realignment is money and AQ a few years you are either going to be in or out....and Kustra is doing the best of what he is allowed to have on the table by the big boys.....there is never a perfect world....but this is a better ride than the soon to be MWC with the WAC version of the East in Conference USA.

The Big XII should, but you're right

The Big XII should, but you're right, it won't happen. People don't understand that this IS a move up, an AQ conference is a move up. People say it's too unstable, the Big XII wasn't out of the frying pan of unstability until just recently, yet people were more than willing to jump into that mess before the dust settled. No, the Big East is offering Boise St. the chance to move up, it's time to stop playing the spoiled child routine and take what is given you instead of wanting something more out of it. Sure, the Big East might lose its AQ status, then again, they might keep it as well. Food for thought.

I'm not sure how it makes

I'm not sure how it makes sense to rake Dr. Kustra over the coals constantly -- This guy has done more to advance that university than any other 3 people in its history combined. Unlike us, he has the advantage of having ALL available information. Judging his action or inaction is kind of silly, given that we're a bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks basing our opinions on speculation.

iam not sure

this man is interested in atletics only needs to act like a president publicity hound needs to become some kind of a atletic director somewhere he is the laughing stock of all major universities does that say enough geek

I suppose we will have to agree to disagree...

I suppose we will have to agree to disagree...
I don't think he's a laughing stock at all. There's simply no data to support that conclusion. It's clear that some in this community aren't appreciative of his efforts -- but the advancement of Boise State (academically and athletically) during his tenure are impossible to ignore. I'm not suggesting that people "like" him, but I would like for us to be intellectually honest about his contributions to our community via Boise State University. They are fortunate to have him at the helm.

new college of business & econ

is a fine addition to the campus and will further support a high quality business college.


Morning quarterbacks.

Exit Fees to High

Seems to me that the exit fees for a school being offered football only membership is outrageous. If those teams later found a league that was a better fit and where they could participate in all sports, the exit fee would make it unreasonable. Why not offer an exit fee of 5 million for a football only conference, especially with what BSU brings to the table in football creditability.

Also if the BCS should decide to drop the Big East from AQ status then that 10 million exit fee is totally out of line. I would think that the Big East should be paying Boise State to join as it is the only school with a top 25 national ranking and a program that has shown that they can maintain a viable BCS program. What does the Big East bring to the table that equates to 10 million dollars to leave? Has any thought gone into this other than how to rip off the membership and hold them hostage?

High exit fees are a good move

For the conference as a whole, it's a great decision. It deters current schools from jumping the fence to greener pastures and creates a sense of stability as the conference attempts to move forward. If I were in a a position to call the shots for BSU, I'd be excited and willing to join the Big East, however, I'd do my best to make the $10M exit fee contingent upon the conference being able to keep it's BCS affiliation.

I'm happy that BSU is no longer in the WAC, but I was never thriled about the move to the MWC due to the TV contract, but all in all it was a step forward for BSU, that is, until the conference started to lose it's better teams. As things are today, BSU would probably be better of in the WAC with it's ESPN contract, but things are what they are.

I liken our existance in the MWC to that of suvivors clinging to debris remaining from a sunken ship, and while the Big East isn't the luxury liner that most of us prefer to be on, it's still a really nice ship that may not be as grand of a ship as it once was, but at this point, it's the only ship on the horizon and it looks to be willing to go out of it's way to come pull us out of the water and rescue us.


I read this morning that the Big East was working on a TV deal worth between $100M to $130M before 'Cuse and and Pitt left. Assuming the addition of 4 more markets makes up for the loss, the new TV deal could be worth right around $10M per year. I wonder if this was the guiding factor in the $10M exit fee?


"I Got It !! Go Figure.......Tracy 59 is TheBroncoKid's scrubby g/f" - Wiz

lots of speculation and rumor going on funky

what's your gut feeling on what BSU should do? I think the Big East is a good move


I was initially against the move, but after some research (also you and Caves make a good argument) I don't think BSU could turn down an offer from the Big East (as long as the money is right). Frankly the idea that BSU could get an extra $7-8M a year could really put the stadium expansion on the fast track. Also, after listening to the MWC/CUSA call, I'm not sure they have a clue.

I would wait as long as possible before making the move, but I'd make the move.


"The Kid...30 ish...5'9'..230-240. Long black ponytail. Fat face" - Wiz

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Remember to vote

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Thank you



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I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Is that your motto?

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Big east. Kustra show us a plan

This is all so interesting but I want to see a plan. Here is why: 1) BSU is stepping into the same mess the vandals did with the sun belt, playing in a conference with no local or obvious rival, ie. Interest game; 2) BSU will have the smallest TV market, smallest stadium, lowest number of season ticket holders/alumni/donor base of any team in the Big East, 3) the program is running on a high octane great success level, what will the inevitable losing season look like? Butts in seats ? Is there a plan to build better facilities beyond the small plans in known to the public? What about financing university improvements ? I feel so warm right now but what happens during those down times. It is easy to plan when the program is in this season of success but I want to know about the down years

That's not true

Cincinnati plays in a 35K stadium
Connecticut plays in a 40K stadium

Smallest market? Are you kidding? Some of the Big East schools are located in bigger population areas, but have far worse community support. You think those markets are better than Boise's?

P2 et al...If you're going to strafe Weisberg's posts...

Be a man and show up.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.


Show up where?

Boise State Should Take What Is Given Them

It's interesting that Boise State fans are debating this. Take the Big East offer and run with it. There won't be any other offers anytime soon. Don't be ungrateful when you get a gift. Until Boise State develops a well rounded and rigorous academic program, they will be on the outside looking in on any legitimate conference.

Good thing you aren't

in a position to make that call......


"Lastly, are you this stupid about everything?" - Wiz

eyesnorthwest - several questions for you

Yo said, en parte: " . . . Until Boise State develops a well rounded and rigorous academic program, they will be on the outside looking in on any legitimate conference."

After reading your post I am left with several questions that you might be able to answer as verification and foundation for your seminal post;

A. Which the 'legitimate'conferences and which are the 'illegitimate' conferences - is there a body/entity that determines this and publishes this listing to the public?

B. What are the determining factors (criterion) that make conferences 'legitimate' as opposed to 'illegitimate'

C. What are the components of a 'well rounded and rigorous academic program' and how is it determined to be such - by what accrediting entity?

D. Where, in what policy manual and/or publication and/or Mmorandum of Unerstanding and/or By-laws of any conference (legitimate or illegitimate) are the precepts of determining what is a well rounded and rigorous academic program and how the scoring methedology/paradigm is established to determine if a university qualifies for membership into said conference or not?

I have many more questions for you that have been generated in my mind per your seminal posting - however - go ahead and please take the time to thoughtfully answer my four questions, and I will hold off asking the follow-on guestions for a future date, later this week, after tomorow afternoon.

Thank you in advance.


Stay in the West.... Please.

I despise the East coast "almost" as much as I despise Joe Smith U, aka 20 Wife U... aka Legalistic U. At least we get to enjoy an upcoming ten year series of 50-12 (2003) drubbings of Pompus U.

Playing the Big East championship in NYC??? Sure, you might be able to find a plane ticket for a reasonable price, but to stay in NYC? Plan on $1,000 a night for an undersized room, and another $1000 for "roller coasters", I mean Taxis.

I love being associated with the Western half of the U.S. It doesn't make any sense to affiliate with the East. We "live" in Idaho. People "quasi-exist" in the East.

BCS sucks - Lobby for a playoff!!

Twenty wives - my God that is punishment and torture

One wife is challenge enough.

I could not imagine having 19 more.

I spend my entire life doing 'honey dos' and walking on egshel!s once a month with one wife, as it is. But with 20 wives and a cycle of 27-28 days per month - EVERYDAY would be like walking on eggshel!s!!!! No let up. 24/7 - 365.

If Joe and Brigham wanted it, so be it. But I can see why suicide was big in its day along the Wasatch Front.

One wife is too much sometimes. Unless it is elk season and your horse is laid up with Ringbone. Then she comes in real handy, or so I've been told. I don't know for sure, cuz I got healthy horses.


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steepndeep....I agree on West....

The Boise v Cincinnati is not as exciting as Boise v Nebraska, Boise v Arizona, or Boise v BYU....or even to me, Ugly, the future Boise v Idaho....yes, a Big-12 v Big what? the 6 of 10 highest attendances at Bronco Stadium and beer sales at the RAM have been Idaho v Boise....How many extra kegs do you think the RAM will order on BYU v Boise????

I'd rather see Boise v Idaho, than a continous hum-drums of Boise v San Jose St....

and the BCS does not suck....think about it....Boise has played in 3 Major BCS bowls because of its rules for the you think Boise going into the AQ system, we will see them in 3 major BCS Bowls in the next 7 years?

Have the Big East Boise's only hope and offer?


The biggest difference (being in the Big East) is that BSU would not have to be undefeated to get a BCS invite.

Also I wouldn't say that the Big East is the only "hope" but it appears to be the only offer.

(Correction: BSU has only been to 2 BCS bowls)

Here's a possible schedule for next year
(completely hypothetical)

8/31 - @Michigan State
9/2 - BYE
9/15 - Miami (OH)
9/22 - BYU
9/29 - Houston
10-6 - @S. Miss
10-13 - @Air Force
10/20 - Lousville
10/27 - @Pitt
11/3 - South Florida
11/10 - @Cuse
11-17 - Cincinnati
11/24 - @SMU
(conference swap home games in 2013)

These are BSU's MWC home games next year (CSU, SDST, UNLV, Fresno)


"How is your supply of Manly Vandal Beer holding up?" - Wiz

Imagine Ugly's 9-3 prediction

If we were in the Big East wit a 9-3 record and won the conference, there's a very good chance that we'd go to a BCS bowl because I doubt any of the non-BCS teams would be ranked high enough to bust the system

For the record

Big East bowls:

1) BCS bowl vs BCS at large
2) Champs bowl vs ACC #3
3) Belk bowl vs ACC #5
4) Pinstripe bowl vs Big12 #7
5) BBVA bowl vs SEC 8/9
6) Liberty bowl vs CUSA #1 or SEC 8/9
7) Beef bowl vs CUSA


"Made me wish I'd taken up golf in hi school rather than football and chasin chics" - Wiz

BSU4342....No doubt your proposed Big

East schedule is much better and challenging than the MWC one....Its not the Big East that bothers me, it is the schedule itself....look at yours, only two from the West (Air Force; BYU), and two from Southwest (SMU; Houston)....the rest are easternly....

Maybe it will work?


But you are only looking at 2 eastern road trips per year. So what does east/west mean? Even when they go to 12 teams you are still only looking at 3 eastern trips about every 3 years.

So we have after 'Cuse and Pitt leave you would have
(in-division rotating home games)

and then 3 conference games against


I don't know that you can say Fresno, Nevada, NM, UNLV, Wyoming, SDST, CSU are better just because they are in the west......


"They ran out of Preparation H when preparing for the BSU game. He said so. After all, they do have to insert and grease up to get ready for those Big Time games, week after week. BSU does not have to do that. He said so.
Sheez...." - Wiz

BSU4342....I cant argue with you on your


Maybe this is Boise's big chance and had not better let slip by when offer comes....

I'd like them to drop most of the western teams they have played in the past and start picking one high quality western team for home and home series....the Washington one is a good start....WSU would be good too....It is time to let Fresno and Nevada go....The 12 year BYU deal is good, but I feel is too lengthy and shortens their flexibility to schedule others....

but I am probably wrong as with the 9-3....


I'm going to step out of the box here a bit.

West coast teams (PAC2) have a tough time getting east coast exposure (Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, Penn) as well as Texas. What's the next best thing to playing a team from those area's? playing teams that play team's from those areas. I think this east coast thing can be packaged in a way to show the advantages of scheduling BSU over a BYU (exposure) or an east coast team (expense) that we could get a PAC2 team every year (Being an AQ and all). It's just a thought.