Sports Illustrated to feature Kellen Moore this week; Mountain West honors Boise State's Doug Martin, Tyrone Crawford

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State senior quarterback Kellen Moore will be featured in Sports Illustrated this week.

Writer Austin Murphy spent a couple days in Boise last week reporting the story and two photographers shot Saturday’s game at Colorado State.

The feature is a four-page spread. Sports Illustrated usually reaches Idaho on Thursday or Friday.

Moore was on a regional cover earlier this season and is not on the cover this week.


Boise State tailback Doug Martin and defensive end Tyrone Crawford were named Mountain West players of the week Monday.

Martin was the co-offensive player of the week. He rushed 20 times for 200 yards and three touchdowns last week at Colorado State. His touchdowns covered 26, 65 and 14 yards.

After a slow start, Martin is averaging 103.7 rushing yards per game and 5.1 yards per carry with eight touchdowns. The team’s rushing average has jumped from 3.4 yards per carry in the first three games to 4.7 yards per carry now.

Martin shared the offense award with San Diego State running back Ronnie Hillman, who rushed for 172 yards and two scores against Air Force.

Crawford was the defensive player of the week. He made five tackles against Colorado State, including two sacks, and also recovered a fumble. He’s tied for third on the team with 23 tackles, first with 4.5 sacks and first with 7.5 tackles for loss.

Chris McNeill of Wyoming was the special teams player of the week with a 76-yard punt return for a TD, a 28-yard TD pass and a 2-point pass.

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I thought I saw #40 in on a couple of offensive plays as well.

Really MWC?

How are Ronnie Hillman's #'s as good as Doug Martin's to the point that he deserves a share of offensive player of the week?

Politics as usual

Think about it.

If the truth be known it would be a Bronco for every award, almost evry week.

This week it was 2 out of 3 (offense and defense).

The MWC has to include other teams in the awardws, somehow, for political shomanship and to keep the other univer5sity Presidents happy. A BSU runaway and domination of all the awards, week after week, would not be good for sypmatico reasons.

So, they do this by having multiple recipients for the same award.

If they didn't do this, interest would fade, as the awards would consistently go to Bronco players, and become somewhat meaningless from a news and 'feelgood' standpoint.

Go Broncos.


PS - Martin had a great day, but I would have chosen Kellen.

nation fan

i agree

me 3

I say ok

The real question is

how can Kellen Moore go 26-of-30 for 338 yards and four touchdowns and not be named? Obviously they should call it the "Non-Kellen Moore Player of the Week" because they don't want to name him every week of the season.

If Martin was going to

share with anyone it should have been with Kellen.

Crawford was

a beast on Saturday!!

nation will go to vegas bowl

book it

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Martin showing up in First Round of mock NFL drafts

Doug Martin has elevated himself to the first round of several mock NFL drafts as reported by the Mountain network's sport analysts. That's great news. Boise State may have several players chosen in the early rounds this year. Go Blue!!!

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There isn't anything I can do about that — I'd love to clean it up. I forwarded your message to our online folks but they usually only remove someone for personal attacks. Best thing is for people to ignore it, so it's just one post instead of a string of them.

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