Latest from the Big East: Vote planned Monday to raise exit fees, commissioner to discuss realignment Tuesday

By Brian Murphy

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto will hold a conference call Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Mountain Time with media members to discuss "current information on Big East realignment."

KTIK 93.1 FM will carry the press conference live — and we will have updates on

The Big East has just six continuing football-playing members. Under a reported plan, the league will extend football-only invitations to Boise State, Air Force and Navy and all-sport invites to Central Florida, Houston and SMU to rebuild the league.

Under the reported plan, Boise State would be in a six-team Western Division along with Air Force, Houston, SMU, Louisville and Cincinnati.

On Monday night, the 14 continuing members of the Big East, will hold a vote on raising exit fees from its current $5 million to $10 million. The league needs 11 of 14 votes to raise fees, which is seen as a key move in creating stability for the conference.

"Stability in any league is important to us. Certainly we’ve been reading a lot about that issue of stability," Boise State President Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman on Saturday in Fort Collins, Colo. "That would be one of the due diligence issues we’d have to deal with."

Since Boise State agreed to join the Mountain West in June 2010, the league has lost Utah and BYU. TCU will leave after this academic year.

Big East stalwart West Virginia plans to vote in favor of raising exit fees, according to the Charleston (W.V.) Gazette. The Mountaineers' vote could be critical.

Connecticut's president seemed resigned to the fact that the Big East will have expand outside of its regional area. "One of the things I think we're all resigned to is that regionalism is pretty much over," UConn President Susan Herbst told USA Today.

• UPDATE: The New York Times is reporting that Missouri's application to the SEC is "inevitable and imminent."

If Missouri leaves, the Big 12 is expected to invite Louisville from the Big East to fill its spot, further damaging the Big East's brand.

The SEC is looking for a 14th member after adding Texas A&M. The Aggies will start play in 2012.

I asked Kustra about the Big 12 — which could be looking for as many as three teams — on Saturday.

"I can say, as of now, I am not working behind the scenes with the Big 12. They certainly know who we are and I will continue to do anything I need to do if there’s some evidence that they’re interested in us. At the moment, it’s not like we’re talking to them. It’s not like I have recieved any indications from them that there is something imminent," he said.

I asked him if Boise State needed BYU in order to get into the Big 12.

"I saw that in writing and it make sense to me. It really does. I’m all for the possibility of Boise State and Brigham Young University going in somewhere together in the sense of traveling partners. That would make a lot of sense," he said.

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Here we go!

BSU realizes its BCS dreams. Its huge. Yet because it isnt PAC12 or Big 12 BSU fans are somewhat surprisingly reserved?


Not to mention BSU will dominate first year in.

potato head here we go

you are not informed their is a book on football teaching women football

your tenacity

is hilarious , LOL.

Not necessarily

big time money or big time exposure....but it is AQ right now and tied in with BCS bowls. As long as the last 2 stay in place the tv money will come and it would be a better move for BSU.

Its big time money

more money for a bowl invite and more money from tv and from revenue sharing from all the conferences.

Its better for exposure as it is a BCS conf and it puts us on the east coast. BSU nation will litterally be a nation.


It would be great if it happens, but I will have to wait and see.

slow sports day

the nation will never leave yea the plane rides are too long petey would like it as he has said bcs bcs petey all he cares about the head coach leave leave back to where are you from ucdavis opening petey

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The only thing I wish would take a long plane ride is you and your nitwit comments. Oops ya got me, I promised myself I would ignore anything you post.

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I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

You'll never get away with your E-VIL plans, Snidely Whiplash!


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Remember to Vote
For the others that have no clue what the heisman award or Davy O'brien award or Coach of the year is don't make stupid coments about it being a new type of spam.
Please vote b/c fan votes do help!
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Boise - take your time on this

Boise is in the drivers seat on this. Boise needs to wait for the Missouri/SEC move to play out followed by the B12 moves. Based on what the B12 does, then Boise can decide. If by some miracle the B12 invites Boise, they will jump on it. If the B12 invites WV & Louisville from the BE, you're much better staying in the MWC, even if Houston & SMU go to the BE.

farmerjohn....I agree I think the

wait and then the invite to Big 12 is a better way for Boise State....

Then later maybe someone would leave the Pac-12 which would be their ultimate destination to join Pac-12 at that time....

Jumping into Big East could be a Big Mistake....Everyone knows Boise now and conferences do want them....

Ugly the big 12 is not going to call

Are you willing to bet a AQ invite that they will? Well, ugly probably is willing to make that bet but BSU should take the first (and only) offer like the gift it is. are probably

right....however, the Big-12 is not stable yet and neither is the Big East....I just hate seeing Boise take the Big East and find out a year later that they could have an opening in the Big-12....the Big-12 is a much better fit for Boise....

PS....have fun in Italy....

Football is King

and Bronco Bob has to accept an invitation to keep the football program playing at the BCS level in order to keep coach Pete. In the meantime, the basketball program still has to improve to compete in the BE. I think BSU has to accept an offer to keep moving up and to become one of the haves.


This may be the first time you and I kinda sorta agree. I'm not enamored with the Big East deal, but I don't see anyway around it.


"re the game, yeah yeah yeah...blah blah..blah...ain't happenin...." - Wiz

I was never enamored with the MW

because I felt Bronco Bob was biting-off the hand (espn) that was feeding the football programs success. And, today...I don't think many people can argue against the TV issues I had with the manuever to leave the WAC. So, today...I don't think BSU can afford to ignore a gift-horse when it presents itself particularly if the school wants to compete for a national championship. In the meantime, I still think the BCS schools should consider leaving the NCAA and creating a private-for-profit venture that becomes the stepping stone the the NFL. This would enable the remaining NCAA members to reorganize themselves to establish athletic programs that returns to the true mission of NCAA athletic competition.

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I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Late reports last night

that Missouri is headed to the SEC (Missouri's departure from the Big 12 to the SEC is "inevitable and imminent," the New York Times reported Monday night), puts another wrinkle in this deal. As of yesterday, prior to the Missouri news, Louisville and WV were said to be in agreement with the $10M exit fee. Will that change now? Will the Big 12 stop at 10 teams or go to 12. Is a 4 team Big East worth taking a chance on? I read that the Big 12 and BYU have had talks, but they basically ended when it came to BYU's unwillingness to budge on their TV plans. Is a CUSA/NWC "merger" really a road to AQ?

Bronco Bob is going to earn his paycheck on this one.

“Wizs' wife will run. Wiz? Naw, Wiz is manning the beer stop at the upper lodge.” - Wiz