Boise State football opens at No. 5 in BCS; Broncos drop to No. 7 in USA Today poll, stay at No. 5 in others

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team is No. 5 in the first Bowl Championship Series standings, released Sunday evening on ESPN's weekly "BCS Countdown" show.

The top four are LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. LSU and Alabama and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State play each other later this season.

The rest of the top 10 goes Wisconsin, Clemson, Stanford, Arkansas and Oregon.

Houston is No. 19. The Cougars are the only other team in a non-BCS conference that is undefeated.

The BCS standings are one-third USA Today Coaches' Poll (Boise State is No. 7), one-third Harris poll (BSU is No. 5) and one-third computer ratings (BSU is No. 6).

Boise State's BCS score is .8027. The Broncos have a solid lead on Wisconsin, which is at .7708. That could change after the Badgers play Michigan State on Saturday.

The computers rank the teams Oklahoma State, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Clemson, Boise State.

This is actually the lowest Boise State has started since 2008. They were No. 3 last year and No. 4 in 2009.

Here are the full BCS standings.


The Boise State football team dropped another spot in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday, to No. 7. The Broncos were No. 4 on Sept. 11.

The Broncos went from two points ahead of Oklahoma State to one point behind the Cowboys this week. For the Bowl Championship Series standings, which will be released at 6:15 p.m., that change is insignificant because that formula uses points instead of poll position.

Boise State has 1,172 points — two more than last week. The Broncos are 144 points clear of Clemson and Oregon, who are tied for No. 8.

The Broncos remained No. 5 in the Associated Press poll and Harris poll with one first-place vote in each. The Harris poll is part of the BCS formula; the AP is not.


Here’s the USA Today poll:

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week's poll
1. Oklahoma (31) 6-0 1,426 1
2. LSU (15) 7-0 1,410 2
3. Alabama (12) 7-0 1,403 3
4. Wisconsin (1) 6-0 1,262 4
5. Stanford 6-0 1,222 5
6. Oklahoma State 6-0 1,173 7
7. Boise State 6-0 1,172 6
8. (tie) Clemson 7-0 1,028 8
8. (tie) Oregon 5-1 1,028 9
10. Arkansas 5-1 931 11
11. Nebraska 5-1 775 14
12. South Carolina 6-1 765 13
13. Michigan State 4-1 690 19
14. (tie) West Virginia 5-1 688 16
14. (tie) Virginia Tech 6-1 688 17
16. Kansas State 6-0 678 18
17. Michigan 6-1 458 10
18. Texas A&M 4-2 415 23
19. Georgia Tech 6-1 396 12
20. Houston 6-0 359 22
21. Illinois 6-1 260 15
22. Penn State 6-1 253 25
23. Auburn 5-2 202 NR
24. Washington 5-1 174 NR
25. Arizona State 5-2 86 20

Dropped out
No. 21 Texas (4-2, lost to then-No. 7 Oklahoma State 38-26), No. 24 Baylor (4-2, lost to then-No. 23 Texas A&M 55-28).

Others receiving votes
Georgia (5-2) 60; Notre Dame (4-2) 36; Rutgers (5-1) 31; Southern Methodist (5-1) 27; Texas (4-2) 26; Cincinnati (5-1) 14; Southern Mississippi (5-1) 14; Baylor (4-2) 9; North Carolina (5-2) 9; Temple (5-2) 3; Virginia (4-2) 3; TCU (4-2) 1.


Here is the AP poll:

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1. LSU (41) 7-0 1,452 1
2. Alabama (11) 7-0 1,411 2
3. Oklahoma (6) 6-0 1,372 3
4. Wisconsin 6-0 1,252 4
5. Boise State (1) 6-0 1,218 5
6. Oklahoma State 6-0 1,186 6
7. Stanford 6-0 1,164 7
8. Clemson 7-0 1,064 8
9. Oregon 5-1 1,020 9
10. Arkansas 5-1 946 10
11. West Virginia 5-1 778 13
12. Kansas State 6-0 762 17
13. Nebraska 5-1 748 14
14. South Carolina 6-1 690 15
15. Michigan State 5-1 610 23
16. Virginia Tech 6-1 597 19
17. Texas A&M 4-2 467 21
18. Michigan 6-1 442 11
19. Auburn 5-2 374 24
20. Georgia Tech 6-1 281 12
21. Houston 6-0 238 25
22. Washington 5-1 221 NR
23. Illinois 6-1 207 16
24. (tie) Arizona State 5-2 144 18
24. (tie) Georgia 5-2 144 NR


Here is the Harris poll:

The Top 25 teams in the Harris Interactive College Football Poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Oct. 15, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote and previous ranking:

Record Pts Pv
1. LSU (74) 7-0 2,819 1
2. Alabama (25) 7-0 2,744 2
3. Oklahoma (13) 6-0 2,684 3
4. Wisconsin (1) 6-0 2,463 4
5. Boise State (1) 6-0 2,339 5
6. Oklahoma State 6-0 2,315 6
7. Stanford (1) 6-0 2,291 7
8. Clemson 7-0 2,063 8
9. Oregon 5-1 1,955 9
10. Arkansas 5-1 1,805 11
11. Nebraska 5-1 1,484 13
12. Kansas State 6-0 1,457 17
13. South Carolina 6-1 1,396 15
14. West Virginia 5-1 1,359 16
15. Michigan State 5-1 1,290 22
16. Virginia Tech 6-1 1,259 18
17. Michigan 6-1 914 10
18. Georgia Tech 6-1 839 12
19. Texas A&M 4-2 779 23
20. Illinois 6-1 571 14
21. Auburn 5-2 565 NR
22. Houston 6-0 562 24
23. Arizona State 5-2 346 19
24. Penn State 6-1 293 NR
25. Washington 5-1 240 NR
Other teams receiving votes: Notre Dame 124; Georgia 105; Texas 77; SMU 59; Baylor 56; Rutgers 35; Cincinnati 25; Ohio State 14; TCU 11; Virginia 11; Louisiana-Lafayette 6; Texas Tech 6; Southern Miss 5; Florida State 3; South Florida 3; Missouri 2; North Carolina 1.


Here’s my AP ballot. I left the top the same, although I considered reshuffling some teams. If Boise State’s offense continues to click the way it has the past two weeks I might move the Broncos up.

2 Alabama
3 Clemson
4 Oklahoma
5 Boise State
6 Okla State
7 Wisconsin
8 Stanford
9 Oregon
10 Arkansas
11 Kansas St
12 S. Carolina
13 West Virginia
14 Nebraska
15 Auburn
16 Virginia Tech
17 Texas A&M
18 Georgia
19 Notre Dame
20 Michigan St.
21 Michigan
22 Illinois
23 Arizona St
24 Georgia Tech
25 Houston

Dropped out: Baylor, Texas
Also considered: USC, Washington

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Problem with mid-season polls

BSU will get back some of these positions when the SEC and Big-12 schools in front of it play each other.

It definitely helps that Georgia has its mojo back and is working its way up through the rankings.

Yeah, Georgia had a rousing

Yeah, Georgia had a rousing win over Vandy yesterday. Sorry, they're terrible but have had the benefit of an easy SEC East schedule.

what happened to the.....

week in and week out argument of the SEC. The SEC is soooooooooo tough.

You don't understand

The BCS teams play the top 5 teams in the nation every week. Just ask them.

I predicted this 4 months


Only was wrong on the 9-3 so far....

Georgia, Toledo, and Tulsa have helped Boises SOS....However, Georgia and Tulsa will still lose 2-3 more games....Toledo will keep winning....

Boise is the only top 10 team not playing anyone in the top 20....some teams have already played 2-3 top 20 teams....

What does anyone expect....

PS....the Broncos are looking very good....

#5 in the BCS standings though!

Got ahead of Wisconsin and Stanford because a couple of the 'lesser' polls absolutely killed those teams, like Stanford at #23.

That is why the BCS non-AQ system has been

very good to Boise State....Boise State with very good teams has not have had to play top 10 teams to get to the Top....they get there very well thru the BCS back-door system....

Does Boise really want to go AQ?

Fugly - Excellentj point

As always, you have proven youself to be one of the Greatest Football Minds Of Our Time.

You afre exactly right. BSU should stay where they are and not go into an AQ conference.

The BSU Formula for BCS Busting sorked wel in the WAC, for many years; and appears to be working in the MWC.

The TV covrage in the MWC is not so good, like it was in the WAC.

Actually, maybe it is best for BSU to just go back to the WAC and get to bust the BCS every year and have undefeated seasons. I think it is entirely possible, if BSU went back to the WAC, that BSU could possibly go for 5-6 season undefeated and could go over 70 games without a loss. That would be a NCAA record, I think.

I want BSU to get a BCS Natty - So,

I think the best way for BSU to accomplish that is to go back to the WAC.

I don't want BSU to ever play Idaho again, though. So I want Idaho to go to the Big Sky.



Boise has had to be undefeated every year to get any respect, and has to be undefeated to get a shot at a BCS bowl... Even during an undefeated season we've had to constantly live in fear of being leapfrogged by another non-AQ school (Think Utah or TCU) who the pollsters see has having a stronger "strength of schedule." Back in '09 when Boise and TCU both went undefeated both schools were extended invitations but played each other rather than getting a chance to prove their strength against a AQ-league caliber school. The BCS system has kept us right where they want us: a fun Cinderella story not to be taken seriously. Bring on the top 10 schools, but the way that the system is set up there is absolutely no incentive for a big name to schedule us. Too much to lose and too little to gain. I wish we were in a harder conference, where we may not be conference champions every year but would get respect when we were. We need an AQ league to keep climbing!

isangpogi - you are wiling to accept a loss?

You would really be happy if BSU was not a conference champion but had respect.

I want the Broncos to be undefeated every year and be conference champions and compete for a Natty.

Anything less than that is settling for mediocrity.

The Broncos can go undefeated each and every year in the MWC or WAC or Big East and compete for a BCS Bowl, if not the Natty itself.

I got no problems going to an AQ conference, but this talk about settling for a loss and not being conference champs,but gaining respect, has got to stop.

Nobody respects a conference runnerup. Only the champ is remembered, and even then it is really only the Natty Champ that is truly remembered. Who was the Big East champion last year? Who was the Natty winner last year? See what I mean.

Why upset the apple cart by taking chances.

We got a good formula going for us - why wreck it.

I want to be able to go to a BCS Bowl every year and possibly a Natty some day.

We can't afford thinking that allows us to accept any loss - not even one.

If Bronco fans got no problem traveling to away games East of the mississipi, who am I to say that joining the Big East is a bad thing. I thibnk we could domjinate that conference just as much as we dominated the WAC and are currently dominating the MWC.

Please, just stop this one loss yak yak - it is not good Karma.

Go Broncos.



That's what happens when you play such a weak schedule. Georgia was the only ranked (pre season only) team on the BSU schedule.

Ranked opponents ():
1) LSU (7)
2) Alabama (5)
3) Oklahoma (6)
4) Wisconsin (3)
5) BSU (1)

TCU was ranked

Just sayin

Strength of Schedule

Strength of Schedule from Sagarin (through October 15):

LSU: 10
Alabama: 31
Oklahoma: 21
Wisconsin: 131
Boise State: 29
Oklahoma State: 18
Oregon: 39
Stanford: 90
Clemson: 41
Arkansas: 85

Going forward, Boise State is going to slide in SoS, but the rankings aren't based on what *will* happen.

here is what i found

Alabama A = 105.28 7 0 71.27( 31) 1 0 | 3 0 | 108.02 1 | 102.17 1
2 LSU A = 103.67 7 0 75.20( 10) 1 0 | 3 0 | 103.93 2 | 102.13 2
3 Oklahoma A = 99.89 6 0 73.21( 21) 0 0 | 2 0 | 100.02 5 | 98.45 4
4 Wisconsin A = 98.81 6 0 58.31( 131) 0 0 | 1 0 | 99.77 6 | 96.71 6
5 Boise State A = 98.04 6 0 71.90( 29) 0 0 | 1 0 | 95.95 8 | 99.16 3
6 Oklahoma State A = 94.92 6 0 73.57( 18) 0 0 | 2 0 | 103.77 4 | 89.48 8
7 Oregon A = 92.42 5 1 70.86( 39) 0 1 | 1 1 | 89.85 11 | 94.21 7
8 Stanford A = 91.72 6 0 64.33( 90) 0 0 | 0 0 | 87.15 15 | 97.87 5
9 Clemson A = 90.61 7 0 70.79( 41) 0 0 | 2 0 | 103.79 3 | 84.08 18
10 Arkansas A = 89.26


clemson has trouble with unranked maryland yet you rank them third. why do feel they are better than ok, ok st, boise st, wisc, stanford & oregon?


I'm not going to drop a team for an ugly win. I don't do that to Boise State, either. Those games happen. ... And as I've said many times, I don't vote on who I think is better. I vote on who I think has earned a spot. The difference? I have barely seen Clemson or Oklahoma State play. I'm voting based on results. Hopefully, by the end of the season, I will have seen enough of everybody to vote in a different way. But with all these new-fangled Saturday games, I'm not sure if that will happen.

At least you didn't............

put phony Stanford ahead of us. Saw that Luck played 90% of their game last night, even thou they were well ahead. As they played after our game, guess they'ed played Luck for the "Heisman" numbers to at least match what Kellen's game was.

You should probably start thinking about

dropping teams for ugly wins against bad opponents, especially when they give up 45 points in the process.

I realize you're kinda new at this, so I'm giving you a break, but please stop voting on knee jerk reactions and what happened 4 weeks ago that is no longer relevant (i.e. beating 3 ranked teams in a row all but one of which turned out to be busts and are no longer ranked)... or just please stop voting.

If you do decide to continue to vote, watching the teams ACTUALLY play is a great way to gauge them as opposed to just scanning box scores. Thanks.

Concerned life-long college football fan.


was unaware you had clemson at the 3 spot last week. my bad.

I've got to kind of wonder

I've got to kind of wonder why a voter wouldn't vote based on who the better team is as opposed to those who "earned" a spot. If earning the spot is the criteria, how can you vote Stanford above Oregon when they have played a second-rate schedule to date. Of course, we know Stanford's schedule is going to improve beginning this weekend--but it hasn't happened yet. Oregon's crime is they lost to #1. I fail to understand your logic, if you're being consistent with your ballot.

At any rate, IMHO opinion, voters should be voting for those teams they believe is the best team--that is, after all, who we want in the title game and top bowls later in the year. I would hate to see a team "earn" a spot if a better team is available. The title of National Champions should be reserved for the best team in football, not the team who has "earned" it in the mind of voters.

Your voting rationale, as I see it, merely reinforces the dubious position of the naysayers. I'm not suggesting you vote Boise State #1; only that (1) Your position on earning a spot is inconsistent with your voting; and (2) that teams earning a position does not necessarily reveal the best team--which is what makes voting a process of failure.

Perhaps watching them play

Perhaps watching them play should be a prerequisite to voting. Putting a team at #3 and then making a statement like "I have barely seen Clemson play" really brings your credibility into question. Clemson looked terrible against Maryland, and their previous victories look worse and worse every week. Either way, they didn't "earn their spot".

And shouldn't the polls be based on who is better? Isn't that what these polls are meant to determine who is better? Really, at this point, it would be nice to see Prater take back the AP vote.

chadd, whatever you do....please do not ask any

Bronco about Stadium Expansion....

PS....your poll is correct....

Ugly - a Cripe story about Bronco Stadium would be good

I for one would like to see some reporter/journalist really jump into finding out more about Bronco Stadium and what the End State looks like.

When will it be totally completed?

What is the End State goal for the number of seats?

How much money has been poured into Bronco Stadium to see it now, as we know it at this time?

How much more will be poured into Bronco Stadium before the End State is achieved?

Has any consideration been given to a totally new stadium somewhere else off the current campus (possibly SE Boise by Micron)?

Is there a Master Plan for Bronco Stadium? Where can the public view it?

How many Phases are left before the End State is achieved (Phase I or II or II - how many)?

How much money has been collected to date to achieve Phase I?

Who actually owns Bronco Stadium? The BAA or the State of Idaho or who? I understand a private corporation owns Taco Bell Arena and not the State of Idaho. Is bronco Stadium the same way?

How much money does the Humanitarian Bowl pay to Bronco Stadium every year to use it?

There are so many Bronco Stadium oriented questions to ask, I could see a multi-part story about it.

That is if some reporter/journalist really wanted to jump into it with both feet.

Prolly won't happen, I am guessing. Too onerous of a task.

Go Broncos.


VNDL....I agree and did not

think of that....that thought takes a Higher Mind of 3D capabilities....

Yes, Cripe or Murph, could provide a good indepth report of phase I....and the stuff you just said....

This is not negative; it is a positive....How are we doing, and what must we do?

When Pete said 10,000, do fans realize he is saying hurry on phase I and get into phase II ASAP?....

That would be a very good article....the end result would be more of us as knowledgeable donors to the stadium expansion; and donating because we know the financial goals of where we are and what we need....

Yes, a good indepth article would stir interest

and educate potential donors. This would do wonders toward stirring up interest in getting Vandals and Broncos to donate more money to the Bronco Stadium expansion project.

I find it absolutley amazing that you and I get hammered, incessantly, by some very myopic and Vandal hate filled Broncos, for being Vandals/Broncos who advocate that both Vandals and Broncos contribute money for the Bronco Stadium expansion project.

Still scratching my head that these so-called Broncos will cut off their noses to spite their faces - just because they are filled with hatred for Idaho Vandals.

Thank God that the majority of Broncos are not like that. Just a very few, a small minority of Small Thinkers, are, I guess.

Tiny Brains for Tiny Minds. Maybe too much sex. drugs, and rock and roll when they were younger, or you think they are just that way naturally?

Go Broncos.


PS - I think if the two of them had their way, all Vandals would be turned away from Bronco Stadium.

PPS - The amazingly tragic thing is they don't even want Vandal money to help with Bronco projects. Truley amazing and short sighted. Does that mean they don't want Idaho grant money for potato research at BSU anymore, too?

So you two nutjobs think

a resposible bronco reporter should do a story asking fundraising questions in the middle of two games during the regular season? Not doing stories on players, or opponents, or conf expantion, or injuries, or heisman races, or BCS stories, but when will phase one and phase two be completed? congrats on hijacking a bronco blog. You two did it. Two vandies have destroyed any sort of football conversation on these boards. Try that at obnug.

I'd hihjack vandie blogs in national newspapers if I could find any.

Again you two congrats!


I talked, in depth today about the BSU/CSU game, as did Ugly. I don't seem to recall you joining in on that discussion/thread.

Would be interested in your synopsis of the game and how it differs from mine.

Possibly you can go find it under the tread about the final score of the game.

Am looking forward to your contribution to that discussion and football conversation, we had, apparently in your absence.

Go Broncos.


Potato2 from Ugly....

I know, you and wiz and razor and many others think this blog has been hijacked by namely Ugly, and somewhat VNDL....not true....

look at all posts and youll see I rarely respond to 95% of them....

On hijacking a vandie blog, try

On obnug....why? I have no intentions of hijacking anything....OBNUG is 100% Bronco and a designed website for that....there are no subjects there other than Broncos, which is Stadium stuff cause everyone knows 'Joe Albertson' is footing the bill....

The Stadium Expansion questions are not hijacking....they are real world scenarios that you Bronco fans will have to deal with....they are coming up....This is not Ripley's Believe it or Not....

What is so wrong with a discussion on Stadium Exapnsion? esp since Coach Pete stated now is the time for the 10,000 seats....

Why is that hijacking?

Ugly - it is considered hijacking by them, because

they didn't think of it first. They got coopted and are pizzed, is all.

Time will heal and they will revert back to their hollow little existences in time. It is best to just give them escape routes to slink back home to.

It is laughable. Coach Pete says he wants to see a plus up of 10,000 seats at Bronco Stadium, as soon as possible and we concur and try to stir up interest. Then get blamed for hijacking their private thread/blog.

Go Broncos.


PS - Actually, I participate on OBNUG (different screen name of course) and you would be surprised that OBNUG is a little more Vandal liberal than P2 lets on. I don't think he participates on OBNUG. Don't recall seeing any vitriolic Vandal hate filled postings there for about a year now.

BSU owns the Arena, Taco Bell only the naming rights. ONLY!

We did not sell the Pavilion.

Likewise with Bronco Stadium, which so far has not asked anyone to pay to name it.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

FO - thanx

for clearing that up. Always wondered about that.


Are you sure about that ?

or do you just think you're sure about that?

Everyone knows that Yum! Brands, Inc. pays for the naming rights (which they have until 2019) and that it doesn't "own" the arena, but what everyone doesn't know is that BSU doesn't own it either. FYI - BSU "rents" it for every practice and every game.

Hopefully this will be something that the new AD will address and correct.

TBK - quick question

Who owns it then?


I have no idea

On the surface, it appears that BSU owns the Pavillion/TBA, but if so, I have no clue as to why the university and the athletic department are having to pay an hourly rate for each and every hour that the Pavillion/TBA is used for an academic or athletic activity. That's a mystery, but the bigger question is who is the university and the athletic department paying, and why are they having to pay anything at all if BSU "owns" the arena? As far as I know, football doesn't pay rent to use Bronco stadium....That being said, I'd rather not discuss this any further here, so lets put it on Fridays lunch agenda and discuss it then.

If that is true

then it is probably some creative accounting. Its done all the time. Say a certain grocery store chain owns a shopping center sometimes it can "rent" a space to its own store. taxes, accounting, and accountabily all come into play. Couold be another way to get money from the ad department to another entity. Dont think there is any fire here. Back in the day I worked as an accountant for a company. Just shuffeling around money for budgets and such. kinda makes sense. That is space that can be rented out for money. The team sometimes uses it and you may need to justify the use in order to keep it as a building that serves many purposes. Probably a million different legal and financial reason it could be.


I hear ya, it does happen all the time and for those exact scenarios, but it becomes an issue when BB wants court time and TBA tells them NO you can't come in. There was a former asst bb coach who was beside himself that his players couldn't shoot around when they wanted to. Everywhere he's ever coached, his guys could shoot around anytime they wanted to, evidently that's the case almost everywhere, but that hasn't been the case here. Access is a lot better now with the Arguinchona BB Complex having it's own access to the practice courts and all the other perks that facility has to offer, but nothing has changed in that the access still comes at a huge cost. Where do you think the football program would be today, if it had to pay rent to someone everytime a kid stepped onto the Blue? I'm not saying that's the difference between where the FB program is at in relation to where the BB program is, but it's certainly not a good blueprint for growing a viable BB program.

once again, lets talk about this on Friday, as it's not "football" related. You're planning on being there, right?


I would love to be there on Fri. Especially after the sad news today but I cant. Im going out of the country for a few weeks and need all of friday to do stuff for my trip with my wife. Catcha next time.



I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Stadium expansion

Stadium expansion is not an issue right now. They're working on the football complex instead. And whatever plans they have had, the new athletic director is going to have a say in shaping what the plans eventually will be. So right now, that story would be out of date as soon as it ran.

Thanx Chadd

Well, we now know that what Coach Pete says publicly he wants from BSU, Coach Pete does not get.

Also, it looks like BSU does not have a Master Plan for Bronco Stadium or an End State as to when Bronco Stadium renovations will be considered completed.

I guess there is no Phase II - just a Phae I.

To save typng time it could have just been called 'Phase'. Would have saved a space and an 'I'.

It is a good thing to not write a story about it, as it would prolly always be out of date when the story ran, as stories usually are that way. I guess, the only 'Real Time' news story are the vido stories of the hurricanes, when the reporter is standing on a beach with waves crashing over him and torrential rain downpour and wearing a brightly colored NorthFace rain parka, microphone in hand, reorting the 'real time' happenings.

It looks like printed word media news is always out of date when it runs, darn it. Can never catch up with being 'in date'.

Thanx for responding Chadd.

Are you going to consider interviewing Coach Pete and get his thoughts about having his public statements concerning his desire to get 10,000 seats constructed at Bronco Stadium as soon as possibe and how 'now' is the time to add 10,000 more seats to Bronco Stadium, dissed by BSU?

Once again it appears as though Coach Pete is out of step with Bronco Bob. First it is, what is best for BSU in the long run - BCS or playoffs; and now it is getting 10,000 seats added to Bronco Stadium.

Is Coach Pete getting irritated with Bronco Bob and/or is Bronco Bob getting irritated with Coach Pete.

I am baffled by why Coach Pete would publicly say, a few weeks ago, that 'now' is the time to add 10,000 seats to Bronco Stadium, only to have those comments ignored.

Maybe he got told to sit down and shut the heck up and that there wasn't any money to make it happen?

Real strange, no matter how you slice it.


PS - Here are some quotes from Murphy's story about what Coach Pete wants at Bronco stadium:

". . . OK, now onto Petersen. In the past, he has emphasized construction of the new football facility over expanding Bronco Stadium. But with the football facility project moving along, Petersen is now advocating for increased capacity . . . — and lower ticket prices . . .

Q: Outside of the football facility project, what changes do you want to see at Bronco Stadium?

A: “I really would like to see more seats in the stadium.”

Q: Do you have a number in mind? (Note: Bronco Stadium current capacity is 33,500.)

A: “To tell you the truth . . . I don’t know if 10,000 more seats at this point might be an ideal number. . . “Hopefully we can do it in a way that we don’t have to charge a ton more because everything costs so much money, that we cannot price everybody out of the game here. Everybody would like to do that on campus here and try to figure out a way that we could add more seats but not at a cost that now every ticket is really, really expensive . . . I just think that’s the next step in the progression around here . . . hopefully we can get more seats in here. I don’t think every game needs to be sold out completely, standing-room only to add 10,000 seats. I think everybody knows that. Now it’s a matter of, ‘OK, where do we get this money.’ ”

Q: Do you want the track removed after the track program moves to Dona Larsen Park and what do you want to use the space for?

A: “The ideal situation is you lower the field, but it’s going to come down to cost again. From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t add up to put 2,500 extra seats around here for however many million dollars. Again, that’s not going to help us get who we want in this stadium. Would it be great for the stadium and the ambiance? No question. There’s going to be some give and take.”

Q: In Toledo, the student section was in the end zone. Is that something you’d like to see here, putting the students in each end zone?

A: “First and foremost, we just need to get more seats. Now where you put people, we can figure that out. That’s the easy part of figure out. But I just think if we can figure out . . . how to get more seats in here, I think it’d be great for the community.”

Q: Do you have any idea on the shape of the stadium? Would you like to bowl-in the South end zone or add seats to the North end zone?

A: “No. I just think we need to get them. And however best that works.”

Q: Have you had input into the design?

A: I’ve met with them a few different times and to even start with, (we told them) this is what we want. We want it to be functional. We want to be around our kids. This is what we think draws our kids to us, and those types of things. We’ve seen the drawings and we’ve tweaked them a couple different times. We’re really pleased.”

PPS - Here is a link to the compete interview, in its entirety, that you just read snippets of:

so you can read it for yourselves and form your own opinions of what Coach Pete said and meant.

Ugly - The title of Murphy's article is:

Petersen: Time is right to add 10,000 seats to Bronco Stadium

I gathered from the title of the article and Murphy's interview with Coach Peteren, that Coach Petersen wants BSU to add 10,000 seats to Bronco stadium 'now' - as soon as possible, but the prohibiting factor is lack of money.

I got the impression that Coach Pete was appealing to Bronco Nation to contribute/donate money to get that accomplished 'now - as soon as possible.

But, if Chadd says there is no story here, I guess he knows best.

No sense trying to help Coach Pete with his fundraising for any expansions to Bronco Stadium. The marketing and public awareness an education process is best left for next March and April and May, when members of Bronco Nation and potential contributors have things other than Bronco football on their minds and don't have any discretionary cash, cuz it is right after the Tax Man Commeth.

What you think, Ugly, is BSU serious or not about really expanding Bronco Stadium: or is it just some Happy Talk to make Broncos think, for the Short Term, that BSU is wanting to someday lower ticket prices - not 'now' - but someday - after 10,000 more seats get constructed?

You know, that could be years from now. Until then, I guess Bronco Nation will still have to pay high prices for tickets - and they will prolly go higher with time - never lower.

Smoke and mirrors is all it is. BSU is not serious about expanding Bronco Stadium. Why should they? It is not a determining factor, one way or another, as to which conference the Broncos wind up playing in - TV share/viewership is - not the number of seats in a concrete box with seats. That seats number arguement does not hold water now that we have 3-Dimensional HD TV. Old Timey thinking.

The future is for BSU to get into the Virtual Venue game/business for Bronco gFootball - and forget improvements to Bronco Stadium.

We live in a digital and cellular world. BSU could make more money with virtual Venues if they had open minds about it and thought 'outside the box'.

Someday, all Big Schools will be going to Virtul Venues and the traditional football stadiums will still exist, but they will not be the sole source of game day revenue for the schools. The Virtual Venues will bring in the majority of it.

Go Broncos.


VNDL....I would have posted sooner but had to recover from


The phase I stuff no longer adds up and is now scary and shocking....

What this is telling me is that they can only focus on the facilities because there are no monies to go any further....what may even be worse is that the large contributions by Caven and Williams may be valid only thru matching this is that their $8 million donation can only be cashed if they can match it with fund-raisning of another $8 million, or so....not sure on this....

so theoretically, we could be looking at zero funds so far....

The last time I drove by the northend of stadium in April, all I saw was a street-sweeper....

Maybe Coach Pete is realizing the fact that 'What does it take to energize the Bronco fans base to donate?'....The Broncos were top 3 last year and top 5 this year....What does it take, or are we at a dead-end....

What is eve more scary is they are realizing that if facilities go on northend, the limit on stadium expansion has been maximized....They are not even sure how to fit the 10,000 seats after removal of track....

They are talking of lowering the field to a deeper dpeth....who knows, maybe this is actually the beginning of Boise States Water Polo complex?

I guess the only thing we can ask is how is the funding coming along for the facilites?....How can Bronco Fans donate to it....after the facilities, then comes the Oval Moat....thus phase I-A and phase I-B....then comes lowering football field for dual purcpose of polo and football....

then, comes the 10,000 seats....

Kuna anyone?

What's "real strange"

is why a couple of Vandals are so enamored with Boise State, let alone Boise State expansion. You would think that they would be more concerned about their own stadium issues. But for some reason they've decided that BSU stadium expansion is bigger than the football season, in-fact they act like it's the biggest thing since JR was shot.

I think the solution is to create a Vandal/Bengal board so that those fans bases have a place to voice their opinion on whatever subject they want, even the demise of Boise State.

B43S42U - You are a Silly Willy

When did you graduate from BSU?

You have never shared that information with us, as I recall. Maybe you have in the past and I just missed it.

If I have missed it, my apology. Possibly you would be kind enough to share it again.

As for the Vandal football program - I have said I advocate the Vandals going back to the Big Sky - so I don't really follow it any more.

You prolly know more about Vandal football, this year, than I do.

I follow and support Bronco football - not Vandal football. I will get back into Vandal football if they ever go back to the Big Sky, but not if they continue this idiotic concept of Idaho being a FBS team.

I do not want a demise of Bronco Football - they are the Great Hope for winning a Natty and bringing great credit and pride to the State of Idaho.

As for BSU academics - you and I have had this discussion before, so you know my position very well. I thought you and I were in agreement that the best thing is for BSU to remain in the BCS to bring in money to help with BSU academics. Have you changed your position on this issue from last January - March?

I am guessing that it surprises you that many Vandals are also Broncos and are supportive of Bronco Football.

You do not singlehandedly own the Bronco Football Team, or these Statesman Sports Blogs, nor are you the Gatekeeper to determine who can support or not support the Bronco Football Team.

Get used to the fact that Vandals contribute money to the BAA and are members of the BAA, also.

Apparently you believe Lyle Smith and Tony Knapp should not have been Broncos because they were also, Vandal football players, once upon a time.

You are looking like a simpleton and a fool, with your constant Vandal Hatred pronouncements. We got the drift, you hate Vandals. You have made your vitriolic point very clearly.

That is what you are known for and your legacy is on thee boards - a poster who hates Vandals more than he supports the Broncos. You and P2 share that singular distinction.

At least P2 has my respect for his position. He makes no bones about hating Vandals more than he loves Broncos. He has been consistent and straight up about his Hatred for me and all Vandals since Day One that I first encountered him on these boards, several years ago. I respect his honesty about his Vandal Hatred. You on the other hand have tried to dance around the issue when countered with it.

Now is your chance to finally come clean and just admit you hate Vandals more than you love Broncos.

The truth will set you free and a great weight will be lifted from your shoulders, like a flock of seagulls taking off into the sky and raining poop all over the fishermen sitting on the shore (it might not go exactly like that, but something kinda close, as I recall).

Congrats - at least you are remembered for something.

Go Broncos.


When did you become a BSU fan?


Summer of 1968

Spent a week at the old gym, sleeping upstairs on Army cots, when I attended Boys State.

I got a t-shirt (white with a blorange Bronco rearing up on his hind legs on the front) at the bookstore in the old SUB and had it for years.

It was tough for me the first time Idaho played BSU cuz I liked them both.

How about you?

Were you even born yet in 1968 or still a dribble?



You sure about that?

Do these statements sound like they are being made by a BSU fan?

"My hat is off to your football team (they really are great and a credit to our great State) - but as to your academic prowess - well that's arguably circ*umspect at best. Donkos take pride in your football team - but leave the real ethereal pursuits to the Vandals"
"Granted, Bozo State has a great football program, any Vandal will concede that point - but - even acquiring just an an average standard ordinary academic program seems out of reach for them. While BSU alums make great lawn boys, house framers,and bartenders - they don't seem to have much of a track record of success other than that."
"I can conclude nothing other that it was not a spelling error on your part, but a reflection of the level of your English grammar proficiency and/or the standard of education of the BSU English program. Pretty much par for the course for Bozo State alumni and/or fans."
"A real national level football power program always has at least 2 symbiotic components: 1. the team and 2. a large loyal fan base. You have a great team, but your large loyal fan base sucks."
" The difference between the 2 fan bases is simple: after the season is over the Bozo State fans put away their blue and orange Donko Gear and go back to their jobs at Burger King, detailing cars, cleaning motel room, or whatever they do; while - the Vandal fans are reminded daily, throughout the off-season, by the framed graduation diplomas hanging in their offices and/or conference rooms, of their connection to and love for their alma matre."
"I got no problem buying 1 share - can always use it as a cat box liner.

Actually, seriously, no shi$. I think the 'share' idea is pretty good and I must admit - in the world of realistic athletic monetary whoredom and pimperty that college football and the BCS farce (Body of Work theory and such) has become nationwide - its probably a very pragmatic and progressive thing for you guys to do.

My hats off to you guys if you can pull it off."
"The little burros that barely beat a bunch of cupcakes and their BCS hopes are in jeopardy because of their lackl*uster performance are now, all of a sudden, 'broncos of war'?"
"And you buck tooth, mule eared, broke down Donko morons are so proud that a horse beat a duck the first part of September."

There's plenty more........but what's the point.


Exactly, what's the point.

You must spend hours digging up those old Vandal BSU Hate Week posts.


Actually it is razor that digs them up for you and feeds you the information like little bullts, lolol.

Either way - you have still refused to answer whether ornot you are a BSU graduate or former BSU student.

I have absolutely no idea what your Bronco roots are.

Al I can surmise is that you are a Bronco because it is a convenient vehicle for you to vent your extreme hatred of Vandals.

So sad to go thru live hating things more than loving them.

Your Hatred of Vandals appears to be more of a motivator in your life than any love of the Broncos.

I guess, just another Bronco Wannabe and Charlaton.

Go Real Broncos.


PS - When are you gonna 'man up' like P2 has and just admt you hate Vandals more than you love Broncos. P2 did it and earned my respect and the respect of others, for his honesty. Your turn for honesty and the respect of others, if you want it. Just tell the truth.

No, you too are getting into this graven idol worship crap.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Thanks Chadd

cant be more clear than that. Hmmmmmmmm but yet some cant quite understand......