Boise State president: Broncos have power, options in conference realignment, but no invite from Big East

By Brian Murphy

Boise State President Bob Kustra said the Broncos' football program has options as conference realignment plays out across the country.

Kustra said Boise State has not received an invitation from the Big East as of Saturday.

Asked if he expected one, Kustra told the Idaho Statesman: "I have no idea."

Kustra said he has had several conversations with officials from the league. There have not been any in-person meetings.

"A couple times I’ve heard from them and we’ve listened carefully as they’ve explained what their trying to do and we’re going to sit back and see where they're going," Kustra said, who added in an interview with ESPN that he has not assured the Mountain West the Broncos are staying.

Kustra said he has two major objectives for his program — increasing TV revenue and achieving BCS status. The Big East has AQ status with the BCS. The Mountain West does not.

"Regardless of where you are in this business of conference realignment, Boise State University has to be interested in reaching two objectives: one is the objective of a TV package that makes sense and builds a budget for this program well into the future and the other major objective is AQ status. Making sure as we get closer to 2013 when the BCS will be reorganized or we will have to rewrite the contract we’re operating under now, we’ll be in the best possible position to become or stay an AQ team," he said.

He said the Mountain West TV contract, which pays each member about $1.4 million per year, is not adequate. The Mountain West has games on Versus, CBS Sports and The Mtn.

"I don’t think anybody in the Mountain West thinks the TV deal is what it should be," he said.

If Boise State moves its football program to the Big East, it would have to find a new conference for its other sports teams. Western Athletic Conference Commissioner Karl Benson said he and Kustra have had informal talks.

"We haven’t gotten into that yet. That’s a conversation for another day and is certainly a big factor in what our final decision is and how anything else would work out if we ever were to move in that direction," Kustra said.

"It’s not anything that we have discussed yet. It’s a conversation that would have to happen with the athletic director and his coaches and only then would we know whether or not that would ever make any sense. We would have to weigh that and how that would look and how that positioned the rest of the sports up against this whole AQ conference issue."

But he made it clear the Broncos are popular among other conference commissioners.

"The one thing I can tell you about all these conversations I've had this week is that Boise State is the team of the hour, the team of the day, the team of the week. We are the ones that people are really interested in when it comes to how these conference are going to align and that's really exciting," Kustra said during a pregame interview with KBOI 670 AM.

Kustra said he sent football coach Chris Petersen a note this week.

"I just want you to know in addition to everything you have to do week in and week out to win ballgames, what a dramatic and unbelievable difference you have made, your coaches have made, your players have made in the image, reputation and power of Boise State University," Kustra said.

Kustra said it is too early to know what other conferences are going to look like.

"At the moment, I’m not exaggerating the fact that we really don’t know where we’re going. Some other things have to fall into place. When I say we don’t know where we’re going, I don’t mean Boise State doesn’t know where it’s going as far as a conference is concerned. That may be true," Kustra said.

"But what we really don’t know is where these other arrangements are going. What’s going to happen in the Big East? We don’t know that. Those are things that will have to be worked out by people, in large part, outside our control. But again, we’re keeping in touch and keeping options open."

He said he believes the Mountain West-Conference USA football alliance "is a good solution if, in fact, at the end of this year or whatever the timetable is, we find ourselves continuing to be in the Mountain West. ...

"The question is whether or not in the end this will be the best solution for Boise State or will it be the best solution for other schools in the conference that may not have the opportunities we have."

Kustra said the Pac-12 is the most logical fit for Boise State, but the school's academics need to continue improving before it becomes a realistic option.

"That day will probably come," he said. "... Those days aren't here yet."

Kustra said he has had multiple conversations with presidents and conference leaders throughout the day, trying to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape.

He said Boise's television market, which he said helped keep the Broncos out of the Mountain West until this year, is not an impediment anymore.

"When I tried to get into the Mountain West back when they took TCU when they turned us down, the argument they gave me was we don’t have a large enough TV market. You know what? In 2011, no one cares about the size of our TV market," Kustra said.

"Because the fact of the matter is no matter where we play, no matter when we play, people will show up at the stadium, they’ll turn their TV sets on. If I’ve heard that once this week from presidents and commissioners I’ve heard it a dozen times. And that is because of our fans, that’s because of Boise, the Treasure Valley. This is the place where it all started, where it all grew. And from there now, we’ve developed this national fan base and that national fan base is what is making us this incredibly powerful team now as we wrestle with this issue of conference realignment."

Big East commish: 'Conference has not extended membership invitations to any institutions'

Associated Press national college football writer Ralph Russo got a statement from Big East Commissioner John Marinatto about expansion Saturday morning. Russo put part of the statement on his Twitter account.

Russo tweeted:

"Statement from BE commish: despite recent published reports the big east conf has not extended membership invitations to any institutions."

"Big east statement continued: media reports to the contrary are erroneous."

"To sum up, the big east's plan is still a plan. Lots of momentum in that direction, but not a done deal."

Boise State Interim Athletic Director Curt Apsey told the Idaho Statesman on Friday that Boise State had not been invited to join the Big East.

It might be just semantics at this point, as multiple outlets are reporting the Big East invitations won't come until early next week after a 72-hour waiting period from Friday's decision to invite the Broncos and five others, including Air Force, Houston and SMU.

We'll have much more on this story throughout the day.

• Note: Kustra said 160 people have either contacted Boise State or been contacted by the search consultant about the Broncos' vacant athletic director position.

Here is my Big East-Boise State story from this morning.

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2 yrs in Big East

Our two years in the Big East will give BSU a great jump start on stadium expansion, and improving academics. Just subtract our BE buyout from the 20 million first year payout from Big 12.

Coach Pete in charge of Academic Retention

Put Coach Pete in charge of Academic Retention, where BSU's 68% is embarassingly low. Kustra and BSU faculty would perk right up and start making changes if Pete said one paragraph of support in a televised interview. Then, he makes a couple TV spots telling HS students in Idaho to earn more Dual Credits, and bam, retention shoots up to respectable 80% in a few years.

What's embarassing is that I TALK AND NOBODY LISTENS!

Not that kind of college, ya freeky pilgrim!


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

pilgrim - RE: Dual Credits

Dual Credits is the Biggest Joke and Waste of Money and Time that has come along in recent years.

Been there and done that with our Daughter.

I would never, ever, recommend any high school student and/or parent waste any time or money getting involved with Dual Credit stuff.

The Dual Credits, usualy don't apply for a specific degree program and the credits on a college transcript result in a reduction of scholarship money initially awarded to the serious student.

The Dual Credit program is a scam for JUCOs and colleges to make money off of unwtting and naive high school students, is about all it is.

When a kid goes to a real college at the end of high school, the Dual Credits earned are transferred into the college from the other JUCO/college. The student runs the risk of having academic scholarship monies withdrawn by the Financial Aid office (and yes, Financial Aid Offices can take away academic schollie monies granted by private entities not associated with the state or the university - been there done that). So an 18 year old kid can think they are a Freshman, but when the transcripts hit the college about a month after the start of school, maybe the kid is technically a Sophomore and the university will withdraw Freshman specific schollie monies and redistribute the monies and/or return the monies to the granting entity.

Also, the Dual Credits will transfer as 'college credits', but try to use them as part of a specific degree program. The academic departments/colleges wil not allow Dual Credits to be applied to Resident Cla$s requirements, especialy at the 100 and 200 levels. A perfect example is Bio, Chemistry, English clas$es. The kid might have taken English AP in high school and paid $85.00 per credit hour, to get that converted to 3 credits of CSI Dual Credits (assuming a grade of B or better in the high school clas$). But try to get that applied by the English Department to an English degreen They won't do it. The university will post the transfer Dual Credits to a university transcript and it looks cool, is about all.

Then the kids can tell their friends or their parents tell their friends how smart they are because their kid is 18 years old and has 31 college credits.


University, not JUCO credits

Dual Credits need to be issued by universities, not JUCO's. JC credits are often only transferred if an Associate has been earned. When the U of I, BSU, NNU oversees the Dual Credits, they are transferrable. Parents need to be smart about what kind of Dual Credits their kids are earning. Get good info from the university to which your son/daughter plans to attend. What do they accept. Unfortunately you are not the only parent that has had a bad experience, and is mad about what has happened. There needs to be collaboration between the legislature, universities, and high schools, but this is a way to make high school more rigorous, and vastly improve the number of Idaho students that go to college and are successful...that can get jobs that are more recession proof, that pay living wages. Right now, the percentage of Idaho high school graduates going to college and being successful is deplorable, 50th in America. Let's use the Big 12/Pac 12's opinion of BSU's academics as leverage to improve our K-16 system.

Top 10 things that you don't know about Duel Credit program.

1) New Dual Credit program at Renaissance High School guarantees an associate degree valid at all Idaho Universities and Colleges (all credits are pre-approved).
2) These Credits are purchased at 1/3 the cost of regular tuition.
3) These dual credit courses are taught in conjunction with courses given by ISU, BSU, and CWI.
4) Enter College as a junior
5) No General education courses once you get to University to get in the way of core required courses. If you have an associates degree, they waive it all.
6) Starting your career at 20 years old, or entering graduate school.
7) Once you have your Bachelors degree from BSU/ISU/IDAHO (etc.), No one ever asks to see your Associates degree certificate.
8) The YEARLY Financial Aid is exactly the same for all students who enter any Idaho higher educational institution. Don't worry, you'll only need half of what others will need.
9) Books are provided for most courses. This is big bucks savings over college.
10) Your kid will be two to three years ahead of her peers.


About as good for you as double bacon and cheese.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

JPClark - Maybe if a student . . .

. . . just wants a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies, it is okay to transfer an AA degree and credits to BSU.

However, if a students wants a specific science or technical/engineering type degree, the AA thingy is no good in the long run and just a waste of time and money.

Our daughter (Pre-Med) went to Idaho in 2004 as an 18 year old with 31 credits of Dual credits from ISU, CSI, and BSU.

These Dual Credits were for 2 Biology, one Chemistry, 2 English, and some other clas$es.

She was thinking (and so were her Mother and I after talking to her high school counselor and the Dual Credit folks at ISU, CSI, and BSU) that she would not need to take English 101 and 102 at Idaho, as she had 3 credits of each on her 'college 'transcript. She was told, specificaly, that if she knocked out both English 101 an 102, that she wouldn't need to take them at Idaho and could concentrate on other Pre-Med type stuff. Well, she found out differently. She had to take English 101 and 102 in a classromm at Moscow, because 'Core' courses had to be 'in residence'. I wish we would have talked to the Idaho folks first (I had assumed her high school couinselor and the ISU, CSI, and BSU folks knew what the heck they were talking about), before paying the money for all the Dual Credit credits. We would have found out her Juniior and Senior high school years, that the Dual Credits stuff was pointless for a Pre-Med major.

She also, found out from the Head of the Biology Department that the Biology starter clas$ Bio 101, had to be taken as a prerequisite to Bio 201 and 202 (same instructor and used the same set of boks that built upon each other from Bio 101). So none of her Dual Credit stuff helped satiate any degree requirements.

It is technically on her transcripts as having been accepted as transfer credits, but they didn't really do anything for her in the long run, as they were never applied toward any graduation requirements.

Transferring an AA ddegree into a Pre-Med type program would be totally assinine, as none of it would apply AND the immediate Red Flag would go up about why the student didn't just go to a real university to begin with (must be a weak student academically - just looking for the easy softer route) - a definite Black Mark against getting into Med School.

Maybe BSU thinks Dual Credit is the Cat's Meow, cuz it is making money off of the high schol class$s the students take, but a real university does not share that opinion.


I didn't hear you say anything about your daughter's Associate?

31 credits wont get you an associate, and negates the agreement with BSU, ISU, UI, etc. They then are free to make you do any/or all of the general credits. Even if it's just a General Associate degree, it covers all of the not-core required credits. Regardless of what Major you choose, this cuts out two years worth of credits. Yes, some majors take five years, but that is a moot point since it still cuts off exact same amount of credits. You don't have to do course by course comparisons. You don't have to even worry about not having a GE course that would otherwise be required. It's just policy. They waive all 48 credits. Trying to transfer 31 concurrent credits isn't what I'm talking about. It's the NEW program at Renaissance that I'm talking about. I'm sorry that you got screwed. I transferred from a much much better college, which required a 3.75 GPA just to apply, and BSU made me take a bunch of coursesf that were slightly different, but in their minds somehow superior, all over again. It added a year to my degree. I lost an entire years' worth of a much more expensive tuition (and no, they weren't low grades, I had a GPA north of 3.2)However, I got double whammied because they determine your class status solely on your total credits and won't look past the credits they wont acknowledge in for financial issues. Essentially, you have a bunch of credits hanging around your neck that don't count toward your degree at all, but for which you have to acknowledge when seeking financial help. I had to live with a Senior status and all that implies in regards to loans/scholarship. But, I had to take sophomore and junior credits. Why? No associates degree. They told me if I had an associate degree from ANY accredited university, they would waive ALL general requirements...Period. It really sucks. If your daughter had just 31 credits from any college, and transferred, it would still be similar to what you went through.

She got 31 credits, not an AA degree

During her high school years, she amassed 31 total credits from Dual Credit highschool courses - some from ISU - some from CSI - and some from BSU. These Dual credit courses were basically agreements the ghih schools had with the colleges. If a kid signed up for he Dual Creedits and paid the money to the colege, before the semester started and bot a B or higher in the class at the end of the semester, the student got so many credits for college credit from the colege.
The amount of credits varied. Her total was 31 by the time she graduated from high school and went on to Idaho.

She was in high school 2000 thru 2004. I don't remember any high school kids taking Dual Credit clas$es working toward an Associate degree. At CSI they wre called Early Eagle credits and BSU was Beginning Bronco or something like that.

During three summers she had to take real college summer class$s at Poky for 2 afternoons a week for 10 weeks and do papers and such for a 4 credit clas$ in Health Something or other.

She also went to Mountain Home Afir Force Base one summer for 5 days a week for 8 weeks, at the Bas'es Civilian Education Center to take a real BSU English 102 Literature clas$. That was worth 3 credits. Gas was cheap then. She got a B in the real BSU English 102 clas$ but it was not allowed to count toward her eventual Idaho Core Requirement for English, because it was not an Idaho clas$ in residence, on campus.

In the long run, all the hard work she did preparing for a Pre-Med study at Idaho was a waste of time and money. Several of her high school clas$mates, who did nothing to prepare becasme Pre-Med students at Idaho and have gone on to Med School. Our Duaghter gave up the pre-med chase her Junkor year in Idaho and went Psychology route.

So what good does an AA do if a person really wants to get a degree they can do something with in life?

An AA degree from CSI will do absolutely nothing if a person wants to get an BS in engineering degree from Idaho or a BSN (Nursing) degree from Idaho State or BSU.

One guy I know has a boy who applied for West Point last year. Was Valedictorian of his high school clas$ in Hagerman, wonderful athlete for Hagerman level. finished a 2 year Associate degree at CSI and applied for West Point. He went to the interview and got turnd down because he was asked why he went the 2 year JUCO route and din't jsut go to a real 4 year university to begin with. It looked like he wanted to take the Easy Route. It looks the same way to real university professors when they get students who got AA degreesright out of high school. Getting an AA degree in the military is difference, cuz it is a statement of the studen'ts desie to learn, but a kid right out of high school should not waste time or money on a meaningless AA degree, they should go straight to a real 4 year school.

Yes, Dual Credits stuff and 2 year Associate Degree might be good for some people. But for those who want to get the biggest bang for their buck and really learn something - there is no substitute for just going to a real university reight out of high school.


You are patently wrong

I did dual credits as an experiment in 1972. It saved me academically and emotionally. It probably saved my life. No, it's not for everyone, but it should be an option. To conclude it's wrong for everyone because of your experience with your daughter indicates a narrow view on your part. As for the use of the credits worked just fine when I finally got my chance to finish my college education in 2000. I think you just need to do more college yourself, then figure out how to work the system properly.

Top 10 things that joining that The Big East Offers BSU

Top 10 things that joining that The Big East Offers BSU

I’ll let others decide if the Big East move is good or bad, but there are a lot of great things that need to be considered about joining the BE.

1) East Coast Bias on our side, as far as reporting on games/issues.
2) More exposure to recruiting grounds. We can keep our non-conference games in the west to keep a presence there. We recruit well from Texas, and until this year, we’ve never had a Texas school in our conference.
3) More attractive travel destinations that I think will draw more BSU fans than people think. With the exception of games that you can drive in 8 hours (Nevada), the fans that travel largely can afford an extra 2-3 hundred to go to a much funner destination. Some of these guys pick up tickets at the last minute for hundreds. They’ve got money.
4) Much larger TV income (it’s going to go way up from what it is right now. not because of realignment, but because their old undervalued contract is up and is expected to be much larger. Nothing like the other five, but better than it is now).
5) Regardless of what’s flying around about the Big East AQ status, I think it will stay there. They BCS would only further alienate people if they cut out an AQ slot, and I don’t think that the 22 team Jumbo conference will be as attractive.
6) We’re playing games in the East when the East Coast media is actually watching games and not just looking at the box score the next day.
7) Good place to sit until the Big 12 calls? Really…would we have some increased chance of getting into a different AQ if we stayed with the Jumbo 22?
8) Much larger viewing audience.
9) No more "The Mtn", or Versus, or CBSsports that no one will watch. This is huge.
10)And last but not least I’m geeked up to take in NY, watch BSU play syracuse, then head to NYC to see the Jets, and then watch the Yankees loose to the Red Socks all in one weekend! Who knows, Try doing something that cool in the Jumbo 22.

Great post JPCLARK, except #10

Extremely valid and important points to consider, want to go watch the Red Sux fold again?
#10 could have been: BSU's brand gets better and better known.


Awesome number ten my friend. Can I still keep mine? I'll move it to number 11.

Sorry, collateral damage...somebody will listen to me now.

The Devil will not take your tickets because there is no way in He11 we're going and the story says so.


Shake The Disease

Obviously haven't been paying attention

2. Recruiting? Northeast is not exactly a hot bed and BSU will never compete against OSU, Michigan, ect. They already have a good in-road in TX and FL.

3. HuH? Other than central Fl (and I'll debate you on that) what are the attractive destinations. Storrs? Trenton? Cincy? In Nov/Dec?

10. Syracuse is leaving next year and besides it's an 8 hour drive to the city.

The rest is purely speculative and wishful thinking.

Water Cooler Geniouses. Don't you hate 'em? Worth The Read

Please do not believe that this is a comment to "Brandor." It is most certainly not. I've just been pondering. That's all. It's interesting when someone starts out with an insult to counter someone's opinion, isn't it? I've always wondered about that type of person. Are they the kid in high school who elevated themselves by putting others down first? I've always wondered if that isn't just compensation for a lack of perspective and possibly the inability to share points of view with others. Not to elevate one's intellect above another's, but to respectfully open vistas of new knowledge and understanding. Every once in a while though, it just gets down right irksome. For instance, there is this guy who's never played at the college lever or really gotten too deep into the weeds about sports. He's is a fiery fan, no doubt. But this type of person likes to really sound smart. So, he listened to the sports radio show and thought..."hey, I can go to work tomorrow and act like I'm informed by repeating what I've heard without really thinking about it or even maybe understanding what was said. He "pays attention" and tells everyone else how it works (without acknowledging that he just actually heard it on the radio on the way to work that morning). I believe that informed people are really the ones who make others pay attention. I think that before these people start popping off... they should pay attention to this: Syracuse is in fact leaving the Big east (in two years), but Rutgers, who is at the present time staying, is pretty dang close to NYC last time I checked. The Northeast is an excellent and premier recruiting ground. It's just not an excellent College Football supporting region. Pro sports are king. But, some fans hear that the NE is not a college football supporting region and assume that that means that it's bad for recruiting too. They confuse "disinterest in college football" with lack of high-school talent. Truth is that talent is essentially all about probability. More talent exists where there's more to choose from and the NE has a massive number high school superstars. MASSIVE. If this type of person were to actually look up the home towns of players in college and pros, they would understand the difference. For instance, the NE has been considered premier for quarterback talent for years and boasts more hall-of-famers than any other US region. OSU and Michigan are from the Midwest, but even at that they do in fact recruit the NE. I heard one guy say that BSU would have little chance of recruiting the very small and untalented recruits from the region because Michigan and OSU would snatch up those few semi-talented recruits. But, I thought, if I used that same logic, then BSU should not be wasting their time trying to recruit in TX, FL, and CA. After all, these areas won't provide us with any talent because we have to compete with Texas, Oklahoma (lives and dies on Texas talent) Florida, Florida State, USC, and Oregon? Does that really make any all? I've been racking my brain trying to figure out that logic, but it escapes me. In reality the NE has few college powerhouses, but massive population. Most of the kids there leave the region to play at Universities with better programs, so when you hear their name on TV/Radio it sounds like they're from Florida or something. Don't confuse the idea that the NE does not have talent just because it does not support college football. The areas mentioned by this fan as superior recruiting grounds actually have smaller populations (just a tad smaller, but I’m going there) AND much, much more big-time Universities to compete for that talent. This same person made the argument that these areas were not desirable to travel to, particularly mentioning Cincinnati and Trenton. I just KNOW this person has never been to the ugly town of Cincinnati. But I've worked in Cincinnati. It is one of the most beautiful cities you'll ever visit. Trenton on the other hand does some would parrot. But even if you a homeless individual sleeping on a bench in Trenton, you're within four hours of almost all of the major historical sites associated with the revolution, the founding of our country, Broadway, the statue of liberty, the Smithsonian, Washington DC...on and on. I've come to the conclusion that this person was clearly a poser making uninformed comments, and masking it with arrogant dismisiveness. This is the same type of person who follows up with attacks on others' grammar/spelling, etc. Whatever it takes to obfuscate the fact that he or she does not know you know what from Shin olla.

I've seen Shinola and you didn't type it either.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

FO - P2 don't read this post, as it is for older men only

When I first got into the Army we had black Shinola for our boots in Basic. Then went to Fort Bragg and the 82nd Airborne and got intorduced to black Kiwi. Now that is a shiny wax - just perfect for real paratrooper jump boots.

Threw my Shinola way after that.

Do they even still make Shinola anymore?


I do not know offhand, I used Lincoln on my shoes.


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

The Big Least will not retain...

...its BCS conference status...therefore Boise should not join...

Houston, SMU, Cent Fla, Air Force, Boise St, Navy, Louisville, W. Vir, Conn, Rutgers & Cinnci...

This is a non aq conference waiting to happen. Only Louisville and W Vir have any real BCS status and they sound like they are leaving for the ACC.

Then what happens...Boise stuck traveling east for half its games against competition no better than it plays now or would play in the MWC/CUSA alliance.

What say you Bronco fans...are you excited for the move because the Big East is currently a BCS conference? Or can you look beyond the next season or two and see where you would be then??

None of the schools on your new big east list

are as bad as having to play New Mexico, UNLV, Wyoming or Colo. State every year. Not to mention the desparation move to consolidate the MWC and CUSA...that is a joke...come on.

Biggest concern with Big East is whether or not W. Virginia, Cincinnati and others remain. If they end up going and Big East pulls in more CUSA nobody's then BSU will have been screwed again.

Remember to vote
For the others that have no clue what the heisman award or Davy O'brien award or Coach of the year is don't make stupid coments about it being a new type of spam.
Please vote b/c fan votes do help!
Thank you


Why? Many of the fans here salivate like those dogs 4 any crap,

And hardly know to quit whe Chadd and Brian toss any stupid rumors at them.

Wannabees! Need Madonna tour info?


I NEVER hate telling you I was right...I would be dead if I did. Get real.

Worst case scenario...

what if...Louisville, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Rutgers all leave…BSU is still better off than staying with the MWC/C-USA monster!

We would be left in a conference with Houston, SMU, Air Force, Navy, UCF, USF, and Cincinnati. Top to bottom upgrade! They could then add San Diego State or cherry pick whatever non-AQ they desire from the East or West Coast. If anything it would allow The Big East (or whatever they decide to call it) to recruit new members that are closer to Boise.

How is that scenario worse than our current situation of sharing a conference with Nevada, Fresno State, Hawaii, UNLV, New Mexico, Colorado State?

I'm pretty sick-------

Espn tv boy said early this morning that BSU offical told MWC that they wouldnt accept Big East offer.
Man I'm about sick of playing these WAC, MWC and Conf USA teams during this run last 10 years. Sure 1 beats us every now and then. But really these easy wins is getting "real" old.

Don't believe it...the rumor mill is going at light speed.

If the source has no name, be very suspicious! ESPN ran an article a few days ago saying that BSU getting a Big East invite was a huge long shot.

So if the Big East said they weren't calling, you'd disbelieve?


It's all DRUGS



The disease is PANDEMIC!


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

beat the nation colorado state

so i can enjoy the rest of football so the nerds and geks willy finally stop saying the three letter word


not wise at all.


Great interview with President Kustra. I really appreciate his honesty and his open-mindedness as he helps to direct BSU's place in college athletics. I'm sure there needs to be a commitment from the existing Big East teams along with the future Big East teams before BSU makes a decision. Reading between the lines of the interview - is the the Big 12 still in play? That would be really cool if we could get all of ours sports into a BCS conference.

3 most popular college football teams?


IN your opinion what are the 3 most popular college football programs in SW Idaho?

Hint: #1 is BSU... what are #2 and #3 ?

Idaho and BYU?

Idaho and BYU?

Take the invite.

Although I'm dismayed by the prospect of playing teams 2,500 miles away and just don't see how any rivalry will develop, the idea of a MWC-CUSA merger is an even worse thought. That is still a LOT of travel and what do we get? SMU...B*F*D*. The rest of the schools would have trouble competing in the WAC. So, there we'd be in a HUGE conference of also rans. I don't see how that merger gets to AQ status. Did Thompson move to California or Oregon? I think he's smoking too much herb.

Kustra is correct

Kustra said the Pac-12 is the most logical fit for Boise State, but the school's academics need to continue improving before it becomes a realistic option.

Based on the US News and World Report data Idaho State, Idaho, and NNU are cloere to the Pac-12 in Academics than BSU!

The US News and World Report data show ZERO undergrad programs in the 100 at all at BSU. That is a long way to improve.

hop off frog boy


I was dreamin when I wrote this, forgive me it won't go away

'cause when I woke up this morning, all the Big East crap was still getting play

RE: Big East

As long as they let us play in blue uniforms on the blue turf I'm all for it! ;)