Boise State coaches will learn on the fly as they face new opponents in Mountain West

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football coaches did a little research during the offseason but mostly will figure out their new Mountain West opponents as the season progresses.

Special teams coach Jeff Choate met with his counterpart at Utah as part of his offseason professional development. Part of that conversation centered on what Choate could expect from the Mountain West.

Defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski watched a couple games played by each team during the offseason to get an idea what kind of schemes he would face.

Offensive coordinator Brent Pease also took a brief look at the opponents, but the coaches say the early scouting doesn’t help much.

“You see what they do on tape, but until you play them you just don’t really know what you’re going to be going against, starting with the players,” Kwiatkowski said.

Said Pease: “We’re not going to overwhelm the kids or us. I don’t know about the rest of the teams right now. I know about Colorado State.”


Twenty-five years ago this week, Pease and Kwiatkowski went head to head on the blue turf. Pease was a quarterback at Montana and Kwiatkowski was a defensive lineman at Boise State.

The Broncos won 31-0. Pease was 9-of-28 for 65 yards with two interceptions and Kwiatkowski finished with two tackles and a sack.

“He got me a few times,” Pease said.


The touchdown throw quarterback Kellen Moore made to wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn on a quick slant last week was part of the Broncos’ package of run-pass option plays. Moore decides at the line of scrimmage which play has the best chance, depending on the defensive alignment.

He has to get rid of the ball quickly because the offensive line is blocking for the run play and doesn’t have all of the pass rushers covered.

That’s why Moore threw the pass to Boldewijn while backpedaling.

“Half our run game is like that,” coach Chris Petersen said.


Colorado State has issued a record 830 working credentials for this week’s game, which includes media, staff from both teams, sponsors, cheerleaders and others.

The previous record was 650 for the Colorado game in 1996.

Among the media outlets covering the game are Sports Illustrated and

The school has fewer than 1,500 tickets for the game remaining.


The Rams had a bye last week, which added to the anticipation for Saturday’s game.

“All the fans are going crazy, talking to a lot of us, trying to get us pumped up for the game,” Colorado State linebacker Mike Orakpo said. “In the bye week, that’s all we were hearing about.”


Boise State leads the nation in third-down defense, allowing opponents to convert just 24.2 percent of those attempts.


Better late than never:

Boise State’s internal players of the week were wide receiver Matt Miller (offense), defensive tackle Billy Winn (defense), safety Travis Stanaway (special teams), right tackle Charles Leno (lineman), linebacker J.C. Percy (Hammer), wide receiver Troy Ware (scout offense), defensive lineman Beau Martin (scout defense) and tight end Holden Huff (scout special teams).

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With the bronco D doing as good as they are I don't think the Rams being new and all will do much of anything. Even if new schemes are presented.

Good to see

Winn's name as the internal defensive player of the week.....don't think he is getting enough credit from the TV folks for what he does up front on the defense.


Thanks, Billy.

Here we go...BSU will builf

Here we go...BSU will build up Colorado like they are a NC contender when they probably couldn't be those power house Vandals! Go are well deserved to be #1 in the country...especially after playing New Mexico!!

hey lame

Idaho did beat em, beat em 31-29

I rest my case...

I rest my case...


That is not the ONLY thing you are "resting". Clearly that thing between your ears has been resting for a very long time.

Since you're too stupid to figure it out

I'll point out that the Broncos are not playing Colorado, which is a Pac-12 team from Boulder. They're playing Colorado State, a Mountain West team residing in Fort Collins. Do you ever get tired of exposing your lack of intelligence on this forum?


OK..splitting hairs...Colorado or Colorado St...they are both horrible. Sorry for the mix up. Do I need to use the crayons for you?

No crayons needed

But growing a brain, or at least getting a clue, would be a good idea.

How about growing the

Bronco Stadium....

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