Reports: Big East, Boise State need to be persuaded

By Brian Murphy

The Associated Press is reporting that both the Big East and Boise State have reservations about the Broncos joining the league. That fits with what I have heard from Boise State and what I have read from reports out of the Big East.

One of the questions that Boise State has about joining the Big East is whether the league will be able to retain its BCS AQ status. No one seems to know.

• ESPN: Big East in danger of losing BCS AQ status — even with Boise State

• Outkick The Coverage: Big East in no danger of losing BCS AQ status — even without Boise State

• Big East BCS bid secure until at least 2016

So that's pretty much as clear as mud.

What is obvious is that the Big East is uncertain about the path it wants to take moving forward.

There is no unity in the Big East, reports the Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger. Louisville, Cincinnati and South Florida are lukewarm to the idea of adding Boise State. reports that there is no consensus on new members. The story also details a worst-case scenario for the Big East, including Notre Dame moving its Olympic sports to the ACC.

• For all those talking about the Mountain West taking teams from Conference USA, take a read here. A C-USA team must pay roughly $7 million to get out of the league. No one is going to do that to go to another non-AQ league.

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well duh !

Cincinnati and South Florida are lukewarm to the idea of adding Boise State.
Well duh, They know that each year they would be losing to BSU big time all the time. Shame TCU didn't even do one season and jumped ship before even boarding, as BSU would of been a Good fit in the Big 12.

Cincinnati an

Cinci and SF would not lose every year to BSU. It would be a good fit for them and BSU would probably be close to .500 in the Pac12 or SEC.

Here We Go Again...

WE've beaten PACX, Big 12, MWC, & ACC Champs and an UGA that has a shot at winning their SEC Division but we'd only fare "close" to .500 in those conferences.

Easy to say when you can't prove it....


Enough with all this Big East is a recipe for disaster. MWC will be fine for a few years...Reno...Fresno...Hawaii...Boise State can make it work. Bronco Nation deserves to see their school keep their head in all this football conference nonsense. Who knows the BIG 12 in 2012...a West Coast super is anybodies guess. We need to build in an environment that keeps the program moving at a steady pace...not a breakneck pace. Leon has lots of work inside TACO BELL arena and the football program can continue to try and schedule tougher teams to complete the non-conference schedule. Lets not run off half loaded into a bad situation.

100% agree

Let the Big East Die. Take their AQ status, add to the Mountain West. Joining the Big East would be a bad mistake. Boise State would be looking for another league in a couple years and we would be lucky if the WAC let us back in at that point.

the big east will not die..

the mwc is not even close to getting an aq status they have fell of the map... If the big e adds airforc and airforce has already said that they are gone... then MWC = wac last year.. and Conference USA will now have the inside trac to the first spot for non AQ because the bias will be that it is a better conference.. assuming houston and smu stay put

Bad for school

As a fan I can see no way that a move to the Big East would in any way be beneficial to BSU. No natural rivalries, and travel alone should be reason enough for Boise to decline.

4 million a year

on network tv.. bowls pay more.. sos increases... the mwc is falling fast on aq status and are not even close enough to get an oversight hearing. Two weeks ago everyon said the big 12 is over.. The big east will survive and the superconference is over..

Short term

In the short term, it would mean more money for the school. In the long term, it would probably mean yet another conference jump. The short term money and the short term AQ status is about the only advantage for BSU. Other than that, it's just the wrong conference.

Boise to the Big East

With the Mountain West Conference down Utah, BYU, TCU and possibly Air Force the Big East is the stronger of the conferences. On top of that the Big 12 is happy with 10 right now as long as the Missouri stays. I say we go to the Big East for the money to get our academics, sports and facilities up to the level of the Big 12. Also with the proposed 12 team football conference that the Big East is proposing is a good idea and can put themselves well above the Mountain West. To me this is a stronger conference then the Mountain West that we are in at the moment.
Boise State
Air Force
SMU or Houston

West Virginia

MWC needs to get aggressive

If the MWC would go after Houston & SMU they would be in much better position. They would remain in Texas & be in far better shape than the Big East. The idea of a sort-of merger with C-USA sounds like it offers nothing for the MWC, only helps C-USA.

get aggressive? they couldn't even keep their top tier teams and

their solution was to replace them with the top tiered WAC teams?

If Houstion and SMU would hypothetically save the MWC, then why wouldnt the 3 of us be able to save the Big East? Seriously, which conference is more worthy of saving.....the AQ conference, or the non-AQ conference?

TV Coverage

BSU should tell the MWC if they get rid of there HORRIBLE TV coverage and make some kind of deal with ESPN we will stay. If they don't we may consider the move if it is offered. From what I understand the Big East has a good deal with ESPN.

I'm not sure if going Big East is a good idea, but we might be able to use this to our advantage. We should also tell the MWC until the NCAA says teams cannot wear green on green we are free to wear blue on blue.

well hope theres more thought than the MWC move.

At the same time I dont see Big East and Big 12 being history. Teams left out of the big conferences will be stuck for long time among the small after the fir all flies..
This move is kinda be like when we moved to div 1a. Gonna be alot of naysayers 1 way or the other. BSU needs to use its drawing power and winning record for as much as it can get. If it looks good go for it.
Move sounds fun to me and then play our 1 big aq game we have lined up thru 2000's, the BYU 12 game series and then throw in 2 old rivals Nv and Ida for non conference games and the home games would be sold out with 50000 seat staduim.

Perfect solution.

Why doesn't Boise State just move over by Georgia and take most of the population of Idaho with it.... you know, just the right wing rednecks.

it does not

make any geographic sense plus it will be hard for those who want to road trip to make it there

did you road trip to LaTech or Hawaii?

what about Tusla or Toledo? Miami, Bowling Green or Hattisburg? Nope? Why not?

ps- I'll grant you Hawaii ;-)

The MWC will not bring fans

Dont really believe we'll fill 50000 seat staduim playing the present MWC teams. They dont have travel fans and gonna be tough filling with BSU fans. I believe playing teams like New Mex, UNLV, Colo St and on and on. Theres little football history to draw fans with number of those teams like some Big East teams.

Hello basketball

If Air Force would leave guess we'll be in a good basketball conferenc.

I have agree

with most of the comments; moving to the BE is a sad idea at best and a real disaster in the making if all happens as it could. There is no sure thing that Navy would join the BE even if Air Force does, and playing Air Force and Navy would never bump our schedule strength even a little. Stay the course and try to talk some of the other people into joining us for a change and maybe even help with the conferance change cost if need be to get decent playing teams to join. What will help most is for our conferance companions to get better, not some wild swing thru the landscape looking for a place to land without destroying the ambiance that we already have. Also "Yes" we need a better TV situation - this one stinks.

It'll end up being like the MWC...

BSU joins MWC and what happens. Utah, BYU and TCU leave...and pretty soon AFA is gone too leaving BSU in a conference full of scrub teams similar to those in WAC.

As soon as BSU joins the Big East, Louisville, Cincinnati, West Virginia, & UConn will leave along with the already announced departure of Pittsburgh & Syracuse. Only teams left will be the new scrub teams they invite trying to stay East Carolina, etc.

At this point, the Big East is BSU's best option

Sure, we could stay in a lame conference, run the table and hope to get a BCS bid, but we should aim a little higher than that. So what if we move to the Big East and they lose their AQ status. It's not as if the MWC is going to pick up their AQ staus or anything. Being in the Big East will provide east coast exposure, east coast credibility, and east coast recruiting.

I find the travel angle excuse as the reason not to go to the Big East to be somewhat lame considering that since 1999 we've gone Tulsa OK, Fayetteville AR, lttle Rock AR, Jonesboro AR, Coulumbia SC, Hattiesburg MS, Bowling Green OH, Landover MD, Athens & Atlanta GA. That's in addition to going all the way to Hawaii and LaTech every other year for conference games, so it's not as if anything is really go to change. Did BroncoNation complain about how far away those games were? No!

The Big East wants a 2 division, 12 team conference. We'd be lumped with schools on this side of the country. AF, Houston, SMU, just to name a few. Heck, if TCU were still in the MWC, we'd have to go to texas anyway, so if the Big East can get the ball rolling, It'll be great for BSU. Lastly, even if we're only in that conference for a season or two, it's still better than being in the WAC or the WAC 2.0

TBK....Good post and points....however,

The move would be the move to end all moves....It would be Boise States version of Idaho's Boise Center....

Boise State should stay put and the MWC should get alittle aggressive and attrack other teams from Nation to the MWC conference....Boise State would be the draw to bring others in and possibly become an AQ themselves....the Big East will most likely lose AQ unless 2-3 top teams, such as BSU, join....

The MWC should compete with the Big East and take their AQ status....Boise always jumping ships to the greener pasture will eventually catch-up to them, financially and team ratings....

maybe....maybe not

The MWC is a dying conference. We need to get out before rigamortis sets in and the maggots ( Nevada Fresno) show up. ;-)

Seriously though, we are the MWC, just as we were the WAC....we're Big Fish in a little pond. Besides, who are WE to turn down an offer from an AQ conference? Think about it. BSU has found itself in a position in which it's being viewed not only as AQ material, but as "the savior" of an AQ conference, how great is that? I know that it's far from ideal, but it's the best option BSU has. lets face it, Boise State's long sought after MWC bride turned out to be a tranny. BSU needs to get as far away from him/her/it as possible.

I want to be the first to quash this athletic/sexual fantasy...

Oh, you're never gonna get it
Never ever gonna get it!

Oooooooooooo BOP!


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Big East Improves BSU's Big 12 Chances

BSU uses being in the Big East to continue to improve it's brand, increase stadium to 50K, improve recruiting, improve academics, and get in two more BCS bowls. Join Big 12 in 2014.

Don't read, just complain

People ask why doesn't the MWC get more aggressive. To whom should they be aggressive for? Conference USA? Paying 7 million to jump from one Non-AQ to another just doesn't make much sense. The WAC? Enough said. FCS teams? Montana would be nice but they've made it clear they are really happy where they are. So where, pray tell, should they go? The MWC is dead. Boise St. only hope to staying relevant is to move conferences. Boise St doesn't need the MWC, nor did they need the WAC, those conferences need them to stay relevant.

Bowl Money.

Lots of mention here @ bowl money. Here's a link that explains and charts last years revenue sharing distribution, by conference.

Notice Big Easy was almost, not quite, but almost twice what MWC was.


thanks for the link hope you guys have a great time on Hells Canyon!


All packed, coolers, dry bags and boxes, even firewood. Everything comes out, even ashes and human waste. We're excited. 6 Boats, 12 people all in 1 party group!

PS...Don't tell, but I even got a bottle of ULLR....which is normally reserved for the slopes!

Peterson in charge of Academic Retention Rate

Put Coach Pete in charge of BSU's academic Retention Rate. He talks about goals in a few TV spots. Maybe makes two or three 10 minute speeches during the year while handing out some sort of a "Retention" award, and suddenly people want to get in and help. More of our kids stay in college, and BSU gets in a better league in a couple of years.

No unity in the Big East?


On Tuesday, the Big East presidents/chancellors voted in favor of expanding to a two division, 12 team model and gave the ok for the conference to start contacting prospective universities.

How is that a lack of unity?

BSU should release a statement declaring their intent to go to the Big East. Doing this would probably reduce the speculation of other schools that are considering a move. If BSU is going to be the anchor of the Big East, then they need to show leadership by declaring their intent to leave the MWC and become involved in the Big East expansion discussion of who else the conference should bring in. If BSU doesn't jump at this chance to move to an AQ conference and be THE program that helps stabilize it, then from this moment onward, we shouldn't be able to ever complain about how unfair and unjust the BCS is. EVER!


I was against this from the get-go, but if the money is there, the exit fee is reasonable, I see no way that we can't take an invite if it comes. I just wish there was a better option for basketball, I feel like sending them back to the WAC will be the end of the program.

Why would it be the end of the bb program?

all BB needs to do is land in a conference that's really really horrible and then start beating everyone.
I can't seem to put my finger on it, but for some odd reason I think that model would work out for them

BSU has a Bball program?

Seriously. Do they?
The point is that if we are basing the decision on basketball then we should be in the big sky. These conferences are about one sport only and that is football. Bball will always be secondary in the BCS conference discussion as it should be. In BSU's case it should not be part of the discussion at all.


First, welcome back.

Second, I realize this decision will be made on football only. I still wish there was a way not to throw the Bball program under the bus. The Big Sky comment is kinda dumb, we have D1 facilities with D1 players, why would you think the Big Sky is where they belong. Now, if BSU goes back the WAC we may as well turn TA into a parking garage.

Yeah I dont really think Big Sky

I was embellashing to make a point. fact is Bball doesnt pay the bills and doesnt win. This is squarely on the coaches. More precisely the last one. I hope we can find a decent home for our B ball program but that is really secondary to getting into an AQ...

thanks for the welcome back.

Please vote

For the others that have no clue what the heisman award or Davy O'brien award or Coach of the year is don't make stupid coments about it being a new type of spam.

Please vote b/c fan votes do help!
Thank you


Big East

Sure hope they are listening to Coach Pete...He's a big reason for the success we've had the past several years. Tough decision if an invitation comes.

Super Conference

How about a Big East/Big West Conference with a showdown in Dallas? Obliterate C-USA, divide the teams to one side or another with ten teams on each side. AQ Status. Big payday for championship game and BCS game. Little guys get their chance.

We now return you to reality, already in progress.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

All posters are invited to join us for a Board Meeting 21 OCT

on 21 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon, at theBroadway Ram in Boise (close to Bronco Stadium).

This will be another opportunity to meet fellow posters and break bread together and discuss CFB and anything else anybody wants to yak yak about.

Hopefuly other posters can join us as well, as it is very interesting to actually meet our fellow posters and find out 'they ain't anything like we thought they were' (in a good surprise kind of way).

Everybody has been very nice and fun to be around and yak yak with so far. Who knows - maybe even Weisberg might be cool to have lunch with.

Everybody on these boards is welcome to attend as far as I am concerned - especially FO and BDuck. Would really like to meet this BDuck dude and Weisberg, as I seem to remember they both live in the Boise area from their posts last year. FO you can make it from Ontario to Boise, possibly?

Again, hope to see as many posters as want to break bread with each other and get to know one another in an entirely different environment than the board poses.

Go Broncos.


Who was that BUM on the Mountain Channel yesterday

That guy who apparently is so broke he can't even afford a razor to SHAVE his ugly mug that is.

Oh, yeah, it was BRIAN MURPHY of the Idaho Statesman. Nice job of "representing" there Mr. Murphy. You REALLY looked like a SLOB who just doesn't give a f### about his appearance. not shaving nor

brushing of teeth, one can save much for a Bronco donation....too many preppies in Bronco fandom, thus no extra income....

How many Bronco Stocks did/do you own?

BCS will not add a new conference...

...unless they are threatened again by Congressional oversight. The BCS cartel wants to grow their pot of cash while letting as few people in as possible. They'll find any excuse they can to let the Big East keep its AQ status. If the Big East can get their remaining members to agree to hiking the exit fee for stability, take the offer if it comes. If BSU is offered a seat at the BCS table and they turn it down, it's curtains for the program. Pete will know that we weren't serious about growing the program. The cash for the stadium upgrades will dry up. It will be mid-major status permanently. I know the travel will be tough, but the destinations are so much better! Playing USF? How about planning a family vacation to Disneyworld around it? Playing Navy? How about a trip to DC while you're there. Playing Rutgers? The Big Apple or Atlantic City is calling your name.

The bottom line is that a bird in the hand...


you nailed it.

HA HA HA! Thr disease of gossip runs deep and hard!


I was dreamin when I wrote this, forgive me it won't go away

'cause when I woke up this morning, all the Big East crap was still getting play