Boise State freshman QB Grant Hedrick seizes opportunities in run game; Nate Potter makes midseason All-America team

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State redshirt freshman quarterback Grant Hedrick has averaged 11.2 yards per carry on his package of read-option plays this season.

Hedrick, who scored his first college touchdown in the final minute last week at Fresno State, has six carries for 67 yards. He also tried a pass for the first time last week, throwing incomplete.

“Knowing that I only have a few opportunities to play in the game, I need to make them count,” he said. “I need to get positive yards for my team.”

Hedrick doesn’t get many snaps with the offense in practice. He estimates he takes fewer than 10 per day. The way the Broncos run practice, the starter (Kellen Moore) usually gets about 60 percent of the snaps and the backup (Joe Southwick) usually gets about 40 percent.

“Right now, it’s just basically mental reps,” Hedrick said. “That is a little bit difficult that I don’t get physically the reps, but I’ve got to stay on top of it mentally so hopefully I won’t lose anything this fall.”

Hedrick’s reps will increase significantly next spring, when he will get a chance to compete for the starting job. He said his fall camp went smoothly.

“I definitely learned a lot,” he said. “There’s still a ton I need to learn. It’s basically ‘learn on the run’ here. It’s a little overwhelming at times, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.”


This week’s game is a clash between a first-half team (Boise State) and a fourth-quarter team (Colorado State).

The Rams trailed 31-17 in the fourth quarter against San Jose State. They tied the game and lost 38-31.

They trailed New Mexico 10-7 in the fourth and won 14-10.

They trailed Colorado 21-7, pulled within 21-14 and gave up a late TD.

And they trailed Utah State 21-13 before scoring the tying touchdown and two-point conversion and winning in OT.

“Probably in their mind this could be an undefeated team,” Boise State coach Chris Petersen said. “They play very hard. They don’t quit and they keep fighting. Those are always scary teams.”


Yesterday I wrote about the reduced number of sacks for Boise State’s defense. Here’s defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski’s take:

“A lot of that is out of our control, if the quarterback is going to get rid of it. Last week, (Fresno State) got rid of the ball really fast and they had been doing that before.”


Boise State opened 200 tickets for next week’s Air Force game. Check for availability.


Boise State left tackle Nate Potter made’s mid-season All-America team.

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to Nate Potter.....keep up the good I see another eventual 1st round???

Good work Grant...

I remember the fall scrimmage when he got the late touchdown with some impressive running. The guy is just so elusive and has the speed to make his "limited" role really special for the team. Wouldn't mind seeing him occasionally at running back?


I want to see Michael "Bacon" Atkinson RUNNING the ball THIS WEEKEND.........make it so!!!

I agree

I would love to see him get a short yardage carry. It would be pretty difficult to stop a 300lb ball carrier from getting a yard or two. They could call it the "Meat Lover's" package.


Yeah, like that lineman from the Chicago Bears used to run it in from the 1 or 2 yard line and no one could stop him. What was his name now?....hmmm He also ate a lot of bacon.

Congrat Potter good work guys

For the others that have no clue what the heisman award or Davy O'brien award or Coach of the year is don't make stupid coments about it being a new type of spam.
Please vote b/c fan votes do help!
Thank you


funk & other

gamblers. which teams will cover?
clemson by 8 at unranked maryland
south carolina by 3 at unranked miss st
michigan st by 2.5 vs no 11 michigan
boise st by 32 at colorado st
georgia by 11 at unranked(of course)vanderbilt
ok st by 7.5 at no 21 texas

does michigan fall out with a loss? does clemson fall with a small margin win?

All except

Mich St will cover.


All cover...
Ok St.

Mich st no and Boise st. maybe

Clemson climbs with an impressive win...Michigan falls to 22 if they lose, but they wont....





Coach Pete to Arizona - Pros and Cons



I think in the end, Coach Pete stays at BSU, but will twist arms to get committments for 15,000 seats to be added, For Sure This Time Around, summer of 2011 plus new coaches offices and locker rooms.

In addition Coach Pete will demand a new milk machine with both regular white milk and the addition of chocolate milk to the nutritious selection.

Go Broncos.


Coach Pete does stay and....

I dont think Arizona is on his mind....however, if BSU wins another BCS Bowl ie Sugar, then I think the tables could be opened....


Because how much further can he go with the Broncos? The Big East is one small step for BSU; and then one one giant leap backwards, afterwards....

For BSU to win the NC, the Pac-12 or the Big 10-12 would be their best options, other than indy....

Coach Pete can twist arms and get things going....but with a top 5 team in Nation, and top caliber since 2004....should he have too?


At ram at noon Thursday for lunch and nobody from here showed


I'm pretty sure it is next week........

the plan was for today as well as next friday

today was scheduled so we could meet up with Pache. Next Friday is to meet up with 81.


Downtown Broadway Ram. I know VNDL and TBK were there minimum. I was getting a Moravia fixed for a river trip.-

Pache, VNDL and I were there.

I was delayed and didn't get there until 12:30 or so. VNDL said P2 showed but had his kids with him so he didn't stay very long. Evidently I missed P2 by a few minutes. VNDL said P2 was a decent enough guy and that he might come next week. I sure hope so. I'd love to finally meet the guy. When I waled up, VNDL gave me his phone. It was Wiz. He was in Meridian getting a raft repaired for his Hells Canyon trip. JL wasn't there because he had a prior commitment. Razor is supposedly out of town and I'm not sure where funky was.

I'm Curious as to how long did you waited? I think VNDL was there before 12. Kinda odd that P2 found him but you didn't. Sounds like you three were there at the same time. Did you happen to see a guy with 3 kids talking to a guy by the bar? If so, that was them. I came in after that. Sorry ya missed us. Maybe some other time?

Yup I had...

a meeting. 100% there next week tho. Should be a good one.

Im happy P2 showed up. Hope he comes next week too.

Missed ya JL

VNDL and I engaged in discussions about a wide variety of topics ranging from the current state of football to the ufo cow mutilations of the 80's. I really like that guy.

Looking forward to seeing you and the others next week, and hopefully P2 too!


I was right there on the other side of the bar with an old guard friend. Vandal was wearing some flight jacket? P2 blue jacket short black hair and black l glassses Id asked almost everyone there for Vandal by name

yep...that was them

not sure what P2 was wearing as I wasn't there at the time, but VNDL was indeed the guy in a flight looking jacket.


flight with an NRA patch. VNDL seems rather harmless. TBK: I am really sorry I missed you. I had to run and was there to get something strait with VNDL for a minute. I still owe you an in person apology. Though since you hve come back your posts have been rather insightful, less beligerant, knowlegable an down right intersesting. No more gene bashing and such. I dont really remember what started the whole fiasco but I apologize for my part. I know it got personal and I did a DB thing by calling your work. (though I doubt anything I complained about was given the time of day) Bottom line is you annoyed me and I took a Chicken @%^* way to handle it. I sincerly apologize and hope that you will forgive me.

no worries

as I've told everyone else, it's all water under the bridge. Too bad I missed ya...maybe next time? (11/21)


10-21. one week from today. hoping to meet you.

apache64....not following too closely but

you are saying you were there and the others were long did you stay? Did you make an effort to find the others, even if only 2-3 at time? or did you sit and wait?

At Canyon Crest in Twin, I knew VNDL was one of those dufuses that showed up early to everything--church, tests, football, court-appearance, etc....I was 5 minutes late and when in doors the front clerk ask me if I was dining alone, or waiting for someone....I said I was waiting for someone and she asked if his name was Vandal....then she walked me to where Vandal was sitting....

Hopefully you made an effort and did not leave too soon....

Sorry to hear of your situation....


Was there at 11:30 AM. Didn't see you (but then again, I don't have a clue what you look like as it has been years since I seen you and when I did you were in your Army aviator pajamas.

I walked aroiund the restaurant part about 3 times (11:45, 12:15, and 12:30 but didn't see anybody other than groups of people eating lunch.

I must have walked right past you several times, lolol.

Maybe some other time.


geez louise

i hope it's not that complicated next week. i'm really looking forward to meeting all these intellectual types:)


It shouldn't be too hard to link up.

Today at 12:00 Noon there were 3 people in the bar/lounge - myself sitting in the middle of the room and a booth with 2 older guys accross the room in a corner.

In the restaurant part there were about 20 people in groups of 2, 3, 4 and a larger group.

When I walked around the restaurant part, I was looking for a sinlge dude, not two or more people. It never dawned on me that Pache would be with another dude.

Nobody lookind into the bar/loungwe except P2 and later TBK. There were people that came into the bar/lounge, but they were in groups of 3-5 people and no single dudes.

All I can say is Pache didn't look real hard to find me, is about all I can conclude.

Also, I left word with the front desk/cashier/hostess that if anybody was looking for some one from the internet, it would be me and I would be in the bar/lounge.

I will make it real simple for you to find me. I will be wearing a Vandal Alumni black ball cap. I will be sitting in the bar/lounge part.

It is too bad I drove 2 hours each way to meet Pache and we were not able to hook up.

Maybe some other time, I hope.

Would really like to meet him.



He had to have seen me he was facing right me. The 6 foot guy with brown flat top and blue BSU shirt. I saw p2 pull in he had two flags on car but then when he came in with kids...p2 I know you saw the suburban an with BSU flags?

Saw the sub.

Wondered if it was an internet guy. Looked pretty well put together. Sorry we didnt meet I was in a hurry and had something to clear up with VNDL. Maybe next time. Didnt know who the other guy was with you but I like the idea of having backup.....

P2 - Please come home and weed the garden, darnit

I really miss you on these boards. Possibly you can stop by and play, once in a while?

It was very good actually meeting you today. It is too bad you could not stay longer, but hopefully you can break bread with us on 21 OCT 11 at the Broadway Ram at 12:00 Noon.

As we briefly discussed today, it is very hard to interpret other poster's comments, as we cannot see facial exressions nor observe body language (kinesiology) to know when someone is being sarcastic, serious, funny, joking, really pizzed and not acting, and etc. Sometimes hurtful things are said but not intended as such. Like I said today - I know down deep that you do not really want Vandals to die in car wrecks and fall out of windows. I never thought you were really serious about it and it was just your 'schtick' and a way to get a laugh or two.

That is why it is good to actually meet other posters and get a handle on how they are and try to interpret their personalities with their postings, the best we can.

Again, it was very good meeting you today and hopefully we can see you at one of our Board Meetings.




P2 - I see . . .

. . . you are a man of few words.

hmmmm, not what I hoped per our conversation

VNDL, the idea that me insulting a girl who fell out of a window or someone dying in a car wreck that you have never met whos only connection to you is that they went to a school you went to is akin to publically insulting someones own daughter is laughable. Face to face you aplogized. You stated you would post an apology. Yet I have yet to get that.
However, even though in an explination post two weeks ago I stated that I had crossed the line I will yet again apologize for sometimes posting stuff that crosses the line. Including the deaths of UI students. Im sorry. It is a bad representation of me as a person. Please VNDL, as I told you at the ram, do not put a father in the position of having to defend the honor of a sweet little girl. You crossed the line, you apologized to my face, and promised an online apology. If you are having trouble coming up with the words please see my apology to TBK above.
I am waiting and am exited that we will be able to finally put this to bed and behind us.

P2 - what?

I said you were a man of few words as a joke, cuz you just posted two dots.

And you make a leap like you did?

Apparently you did not read both apology posts posts (one on this thread and the other on the other thread). I posted apologies on both the Cripe thread and the Murphy thread yesterday evening, so as to ensure getting it to ALL posters of both boards, as son as possible after our meeting - I did not get home until right before I posted both apologies as it took me over 2 hours drive to get home from Boise.

Oh well. You are going to see the picture in the light that you want to see it in and no amount of my apologizing or whatever I say is going to change that.

I said I was wrong and my actions were uncalled for and I accepted accountability and ownership for my poor actions two timss.


PS - Here is the apology from the Murphy thread:
My sincere apology
Submitted by aqfunk on Thu, 10/13/2011 - 8:29pm.
I sincerely apologize for calling/intimating that P2's daughter was a Welfare Rat. She is not.

I have gone back thru the posts and cannot find it or I would have added this post to that strng, below my Welfare Rat comment, for all to see and judge accordingly.

I accept full accountability and responsibility for this insensitive and totally uncalled for comment.


Read more:
PPS - Here is the apology from the Cripe thread:
My sincere apology
Submitted by aqfunk on Thu, 10/13/2011 - 8:49pm.
I sincerely apologize to all posters to these boards, for calling/intimating that P2's daughter was a Welfare Rat. She is not.

I accept full accountability and responsibility for this insensitive, unwarranted, calous, and totally uncalled for comment.


PS - This post is made with the expressed permission of P2, in the hope of alleviating any mental stress and/or trauma that may have been caused by my comment. P2 and I had a gentlemanly conversation this afternooon, about posting hurtful comments on these boards (my comment about his daughter being a Welfare Rat and his comments about wanting Vandals to die in car wrecks and to fall out of windows and get badly injured) and I believe this matter has been resolved. I have learned a great deal from this matter and P2 and I have both come to the conclusion that we have all gotten too carried away with saying hurtful things to one another, from time to time, and it is time to cease and desist with the hurtful postings. I concur with P2 in this regard. Hopefully we will see P2 back on these boards posting, as he has in the past - except for the hurtful comments part, which none of us should engage in, as P2 has pointed out.

PPS - P2 - if I have left anything out, please advise accordingly. Thanx.

Read more:

Sorry VNDL I missed that,

That was a very nice post. Thank you and lets move on.
Again, thanks.

P2 - just two dots - a man of few words - get it?

You didn't like my joke about the two dots?

I thought that was rather witty.

Yep, let's move on. I am better than I recently demonstrated. These boards deserve better.

Hopefully, we will see you at the Broadway Ram next Friday, 21 Oct at 12:00 Noon and have lunch and our Board Meeeting. Looks like there will be a good turnout from what I am gathering.

May I recommend the fish and chips. Not a big portion of fod, but the fish is excellent. If you are hungry and want lots of volume for chow, get the Jack Daniels Burger or the ribs.




All posters are invited to join us for a Board Meeting 21 OCT

on 21 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon, at theBroadway Ram in Boise (close to Bronco Stadium).

This will be another opportunity to meet fellow posters and break bread together and discuss CFB and anything else anybody wants to yak yak about.

I understand B81 and P2 will be joining us. Looking forward to having lunch with both of them.

I met P2 today and he seems like a fine gentleman, very thoughtful, and will be a good conversationalist for lunch, I am sure.

Unfortunately, Apache64 was at the Broadway Ram and I just did not link up with him. I knew him years ago when both of us were in the Idaho Army National Guard. I am hoping I will get the opportunity to meet him again, in person, some time.

I have the $150.00 cash money to give to B81 from Fugly and will get it to B81 on 21 Oct. I wasn't thinking today, or I could have given P2 the $150.00 cash from Fugly, and given B81 another $150.00 cash next week. Just didn't have enough time with P2 and it really shocked me that he showed up. I am glad he did and said he may stop by and break bread with us on 21 Oct.

I understand JLandon was out of town on business and so was razor. Will see them next week, also.

Wiz was getting a boat fixed so he and his wife can float the Snake River for 3 days from Brownlee Dam to Pittsburgh Landing (lucky dogs) and was unable to break bread today. He said he will be thee on 21 Oct.

Hopefuly other posters can join us as well, as it is very interesting to actually meet our fellow posters and find out 'they ain't anything like we thought they were' (in a good surprise kind of way.

Everybody has been very nice and fun to be around and yak yak with so far. Whoi knows maybe even Weisberg might be cool to have lunch with.

Everybody on these boards is welcome to attend as far as I am concerned - especially FO and BDuck. Would really like to meet this BDuck dude and Weisberg, as I seem to remember they both live in the Boise area from their posts last year. FO you can make it from Ontario to Boise, possibly?

Lunch today with TBK was a hoot.

I really enjoyed lunch today with TBK. He showed up about 12:20 and we left the Broadway Ram at almost 6. We covered much ground - all facets of CFB and conference expansion to Bronco Stadium expansion and fundraising to how Idaho was initially surveyed and ranges and townships established per both North/South and East/West Prime Meridians and Baseline Roads near Kuna.

TBK is fun to talk to and really informed about many things besides CFB. could be a cool dude to play poker or pinochle with.

We even ate Armadillo Eggs. A first time for everything. They were pretty tasty. For real - Armadillo Eggs (appetizer on the menue).

Again, hope to see as many posters as want to break bread with each other and get to know one another in an entirely different environment than the board poses.

Go Broncos.


Lunch was great

conversation was ever better. There's an adage that goes something like 'you learn something new everyday'. Well, I learned a lot. You're a wealth of information and I think you should change your screename to VNDLpedia! Good call on those Armadillo Eggs BTW - The Ram should sell em by the dozen!

next week...It's on me!


would he have to register and turn off his porch light on haloween?


from one father to another, I'm surprised that you find that funny

Ah come on it was funny...VNDL prob laughed

Unless you live in an area where thats true....

So do have some confirmed for next week?

JL you had my back while I was out. Thanks.

Stand up guy.

Well some days I didnt do a good job...

Let my emotions and arrogance get the better of me. Boards are a hard way to gauge someones true intentions.

that's the great thing about these lunches

it allows us the opportunity to get to know one another. In fact, I'd rather discuss football in a group setting as opposed to doing it online, but when we are online, those of us who have met, seem to have a better understanding of the people we're been communicating with. I'm planning on taking the afernoon off next week, like I did yesterday. VNDL and I talked for hours. It's a shame I missed P2 and Apache missed us all. Hopefully we'll have a better turnout next week for 81

on the ada county sheriff's

on the ada county sheriff's website, you can enter your address and see if you have any offenders in your hood.

it's a real eye opener.

I think everyone from the first one will be there and hopefully P2 and soem others


Very interesting...and disturbing.

Changing the subject, Wiz sent me an email that was pretty insightful about how the rest of the Bronco season, and the college football season, will play out. Im hoping when he gets home he'll post some of it. For a guy who spends a lot of time enjoying life he really understands the game.

Second the ada website

no one should ever buy a house without checking it. Also it is a good idea to check it at least once every six months. None in my neighborhood but there are some within a mile of my house. Good to know who they are, where they are and what they are but one should never use it to harass.

another gem of a

website is
Search by name and it pulls up traffic tickets, divorces, Financial court decisions, DUI's, and such. On one hand it is scary how much personal info is on there, on the other it is nice to know. Database only goes back to 94 and only handles state of Idaho cases.