Boise State coach Chris Petersen tries to lower expectations on WR Geraldo Boldewijn; Broncos could wear all blue for MW debut

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen on Tuesday tried to reduce the expectations that have been placed on sophomore wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn.

Boldewijn, who was suspended for the first four games because of NCAA violations, made two touchdown catches and dropped what would have been a third in his season debut Friday night at Fresno State.

Fans, teammates, the media and even opposing coaches have talked about the added dimension Boldewijn brings to the receiving corps. He is the tallest, fastest receiver on the team.

Boldewijn made 11 catches last season as a redshirt freshman.

“I thought he did fine,” Petersen said. “I say this to take pressure off of him — Geraldo’s caught 10 passes for us in the past year. It’s not like getting Austin Pettis or Titus Young back. He’s a young guy that’s a work in progress. But I thought he did well. I thought Kellen (Moore’s) passes to him were as accurate as possibly could be to make it easier on him.”

Colorado State coach Steve Fairchild was impressed with Boldewijn.

“He makes them more dynamic than they were,” he said. “They were doing just fine, but he certainly brings another element to their offense.”


Colorado State is wearing all white Saturday and staging a white-out, with a tie-in to cancer awareness.

That means Boise State could wear all blue for its first Mountain West game — just not on the blue turf.

“I believe we’re wearing blue,” Petersen said. “Something dark, I know that. That’s still to be determined.”


Boise State is 74th in the nation with nine sacks this season. The Broncos led the nation last year, with 49.

The Broncos still are getting good pressure but opposing offenses seem to be throwing more quick passes. Opposing quarterbacks’ numbers are similar to last year: 52.7 percent completions (51.2 last year), six touchdowns (eight last year), nine interceptions (14 last year) and 104.14 efficiency (95.20 last year).

“That’s where numbers can lie to you,” Petersen said of the lower sack count. “… If you look at the overall numbers, a lot of it has to do with what those guys are doing up front.”

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I didn't think about the lack of sacks

There's been such great pressure on the QB that Im surprised there isn't more. I think they will slowly climb up the sack list now with conference play starting.

I would be curious.

I would be curious if any stats are kept on the number of hits and hurries the defense has inflicted on opponents. The games I have watched, it seems like there are many.

I was amazed

last year by how long opposing QB's held the ball trying to find open receivers. I am less suprized this year by how quickly they are shifting to the short field throws and quick screens to get rid of the ball and stay on their feet. At least someone has finally noticed that our D line is not just good but darned quick too.

Geraldo is dynamic,

and Coach Pete is smart to downplay expectations at this point--we don't want to call him "Megatron II" just yet. Also, the sacks will increase if we keep starting fast, since opponents can't rely on screens and will be forced into a more vertical game when they are playing catch up.

Add a little pink to the unis.

I never really paid a lot of attention until my sis was diagnosed and operated on for breast cancer last month.


Hoping for a speedy, successful recovery for your Sister...


I too am hoping for a quick recovery for your sister and much blessings to the whole family.

it seems to me that opponets

are getting a lack of first downs


I do not know the stats but it seems as if there are more 3 and outs than last season.

It'll be interesting to see

It'll be interesting to see the Bronco blue uniforms on a grass field.

Remember to vote

For the others that have no clue what the heisman award or Davy O'brien award or Coach of the year is don't make stupid coments about it being a new type of spam.
Please vote b/c fan votes do help!
Thank you

Prayers are with your sis mateo.
Our guys are all doing great.

Sack Total

JUst wait until AFTER they play New Mexico and UNLV. The sack total should explode after those games.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.

Ricky T-A-T

Still no word on Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe??? This is getting ridiculous - well I guess that's just business as usual for the NCAA

The report on TAT isn't good...

evidently he drank water from a water fountain and didn't offer to pay the city for the water he drank. The ncaa's hold up is that they're having trouble calculating exactly how much water he drank.


That was pretty good. Got a good chuckle from it.

Are you hearing that today or tomorrow an invite to the Big East is coming? Have a source that said it could happen as early as this afternoon. What say you?


I'm hearing nothing but speculation and rumor. One of which is that we received a preliminary offer on Monday...kind of like a RSVP type of thing that, if we accept the terms, it's a done deal. If that rumor is true, and I have no idea if it is or isn't, I would assume that it might take a few days for the university legal council to look it over, so I doubt we'd be hearing anything today or tomorrow, but who knows?
What have you heard?

The exact same thing...

That the offer had already been extended but not publicly. Almost as if the Big East will denounce ever offerring an invite if the Broncos reject the invitation. As you said, if its true, its something the Broncos need a few days to review before acting on. If the Broncos say "yes" then the Big East officially announces the invitation. Kinda backwards, but theres a lot of pride at stake.

Why blame the NCAA = BSU is not a victim

It is BSU that has to provide the NCAQA with more information and doc@mentation so the NCAA can make their evaluation.

Apparently, the NCAA has requested the information from BSU, some time ago, and it appears as though BSU still has not provided it. From the Statesman:

" . . . the NCAA “is waiting for the university to provide additional necessary information to complete the case,” Potter said. No details of his case were provided. . . "

Read more:

Also, there may be several reasons why BSU has not complied:

The information is hard to get,

The information is being withheld by some entity, pursuant to some type of restriction against providing the information,



Bottom line thought, is that BSU has to provide this information to the NCAA, the NCAA has requested the information, and BSU has stil not complied.

It does not sound to me as though the NCAA is being unreasonable and acting ridiculous toward Ricky Tongue-'n'-Toe.

Of coure, some Broncos, not all, but some (a small minority, I am sure), such as yourself, will go to great lengths to make BSU out to be the poor innocent vctims in all things they do. Watching BSU play the 'victim' card gets tiring after a while.

Face it. This TAT player apparently didn't follow some rules, got caught, and is now having to be investigated and ultimately pay the price and have a penalty against him.

I have to admit, that I am a little baffled that it is taking so long for BSU to provide the NCAA the information the NCAA has requested. This can not mean anything good. It only means to me that the information is not good and proly very bad, in the long run for getting this TAT player back on the Blue for BSU. Somehow (almost half way thru the season) I think he is done for the year.

Go Broncos.


Just tell the truth VNDL.

Our program boosters are smarter than the Donks. We kept our foreign player clean.

Razor - an opportunity for you to be a man

I will be in the Broadway Ram parking lot at 12:00 Noon on 13 OCT 11. I will be driving a forest green Isuzu Trooper with VNDL license plates.

I will drive into the parking lot and sit in my vehicle. You can go to the back of the Trooper and open the back door.

You will find a cardboard box of potatoes and an envelope containing $150.00.

You can take the potatoes and the cash and give the spuds to whoevr you want and give the cash to B81 when you see him at the Broadway Ram the following week.

If I had an address to mail the cash to B81, I would do that, as it would save me a drive to Boise as I got stuck being the middle man with the cash delivery.

Go Broncos



you are obligated to show up at the ram on 10-21 for the following reasons: 1) you said you would. 2) you are the official delivery person of the money. 3) you organized the meeting. 4) i have something for you that is not transferable to any other. 5) you must honor your word. see you on the 21st.


Yes, my obligation is to show up at the Ram and I will.

But I am curious how I am now the 'official delivery person' of the money. I was merely doing Ugly a favor of getting his bet money to you. I was letting razor know that if razor does not like the way I am doing it, he can just take the money himself and do it himself, if he thinks he can do it better, was all (an inside joke about honesty of honoring a bet was all - nothing to do with the board at all). There is some history you are not aware of, I believe. We are all mytsteries and enigmas wraped in our online screen roles and screen names. In real life, everybody is entirely different. JLandon is the one that surprises me the most. On line, I had him pegged as an old washed up hermit type dude living by himself. In real life he is very good looking and very athletic and fit. He is very articulate and I really enjoyed listening to him. He is 180 degrees from what he comes accross as, online. Real nice gentleman.

I will be seeing you on the 21st. However, I am not the organizer of the meetings. They just happen. All participants are very nice gentlemen in real life and we are all adult and respectful of each other's space and opinions and positions during out get togethers. Possibly you will be somewhat taken aback, that the meetings are nothing like the boards where we have roles and personas and role around and tumble with words and stuff.

In real life, all I have met so far are very nice people. I have met Ugly and he is very nice and a gentleman also. I know Ugly does have plans of eventually coming to a Board Meeting at the Ram when his potato harvest is completed the first and middle of November. He is a very nice man and much more knowledgeable about CFB than he lets on.

I am looking forward to meeting you on 21 OCT at Noon at the Broadway Ram. I have your $150.00 cash money from Ugly. If you want, you have my phone number - hjust call me and give me an address and I can get you a check for $150.00 so you can have the money sooner. Whatever you decide.


PS - I believe you will like the other guys as much as I do, too.

looking forward to it vndl

not nervous about the $$. only offered it up because i thought i might get to meet ugly. wish i could. really looking forward to meeting everyone else. ugly can mail me a check later if that works better and the $150 you have can go to p2.


Sorry about that, I didnt have intentions of you being a middleman....I can mail B81 his and you can keep 150 until P2 lets me know....this will give another reason for lunch at Canyon Crest and I can get the 150 and onto P2....

Keep your chin up....remember, this is only a blog....

Ugly - ain't nothing big enuff that a VNDL can't handle.

There ain't nothing big enuff that a VNDL can't handle.

This is only a sport - a game - entertainment.

Keep it in perspective dude. It's all good.

In real life all these guys are great guys and fun to be with. On the screens they are jerks and snakes and maggots and such.

I am going to see B81 on 21 OCT and will give him the cash then.

I had never thought about not going on 21 OCT. Just having my type of fun 'n games.

Will be changing that though, as Wiz and tfunky have kind of reminded me it is time to move onto another schtick as the past one got old. Is true, can't argue with it.

So be it - lots of stuff in the old Bag O' Tricks.


You are a phony liar, a fraud, and you are not a Vandal.

VNDL, I see you still have this snot nosed fraud following you around. When you keep tossing him candy, he just lays more Baby Ruth's on these blogs.