Boise State football still No. 5 in AP, No. 6 in USA Today; Air Force preparing to leave Mountain West for Big East

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team held its positions in The Associated Press Top 25 and USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday.

The Broncos are No. 5 in AP and No. 6 in USA Today.

The Broncos lost 26 points in AP. They lost 16 points in USA Today and now lead Oklahoma State by just two.

Houston joined the USA Today poll at No. 22 and the AP poll at No. 25, giving the non-BCS conferences a second representative.


The first Harris Poll was released Sunday. The Harris and USA Today are part of the BCS standings, which will be released for the first time next week.

Boise State is No. 5 in the Harris with one first-place vote.

Houston is No. 24.


Air Force has turned down overtures from the Big 12 and is planning to move its football program to the Big East and other sports to the Missouri Valley Conference, The Denver Post reported Sunday.

"Our interest is high in the Big East. That's fair to say," Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh told the Post on Saturday. "This stuff is moving fast."


TCU’s win Saturday night at San Diego State means the Horned Frogs almost certainly will be playing for the outright Mountain West title on Nov. 12 in Boise. The Horned Frogs already have beaten San Diego State and Air Force, the only teams considered title contenders besides the Broncos and Frogs.


Houston quarterback Case Keenum threw three touchdown passes Saturday and has 124 in his career, an eight-TD lead on Boise State’s Kellen Moore (116). Keenum has played one more game than Moore this season but that likely will continue because the Cougars are favored to play in the Conference USA championship game.

Both are expected to break the FBS record of 134 set by Graham Harrell of Texas Tech.

Baylor’s Robert Griffin III (19 TDs in five games) is the only player with more touchdowns per game this season than Moore (17 in five games). Keenum has thrown 17 in six games.


Here’s the AP Top 25:

Record Pts Pv
1. LSU (40) 6-0 1,450 1
2. Alabama (10) 6-0 1,405 2
3. Oklahoma (8) 5-0 1,382 3
4. Wisconsin 5-0 1,243 4
5. Boise St. (1) 5-0 1,222 5
6. Oklahoma St. 5-0 1,176 6
7. Stanford 5-0 1,164 7
8. Clemson 6-0 1,080 8
9. Oregon 4-1 1,000 9
10. Arkansas 5-1 921 10
11. Michigan 6-0 868 12
12. Georgia Tech 6-0 741 13
13. West Virginia 5-1 659 16
14. Nebraska 5-1 642 14
15. South Carolina 5-1 608 18
16. Illinois 6-0 594 19
17. Kansas St. 5-0 580 20
18. Arizona St. 5-1 414 22
19. Virginia Tech 5-1 410 21
20. Baylor 4-1 308 25
21. Texas A&M 3-2 251 24
22. Texas 4-1 216 11
23. Michigan St. 4-1 181 NR
24. Auburn 4-2 156 15
25. Houston 6-0 142 NR
Others receiving votes: Florida 86, Washington 71, Notre Dame 64, Georgia 61, Penn St. 22, Southern Cal 17, North Carolina 13, South Florida 11, Wake Forest 7, Southern Miss. 4, SMU 3, Texas Tech 2, Cincinnati 1.


Here’s the USA Today Coaches’ Poll:

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week's poll
1. Oklahoma (32) 5-0 1,434 1
2. LSU (15) 6-0 1,409 2
3. Alabama (11) 6-0 1,399 3
4. Wisconsin (1) 5-0 1,244 5
5. Stanford 5-0 1,232 4
6. Boise State 5-0 1,170 6
7. Oklahoma State 5-0 1,168 7
8. Clemson 6-0 1,046 8
9. Oregon 4-1 995 9
10. Michigan 6-0 891 11
11. Arkansas 5-1 871 12
12. Georgia Tech 6-0 805 13
13. South Carolina 5-1 678 14
14. Nebraska 5-1 671 15
15. Illinois 6-0 634 16
16. West Virginia 5-1 528 19
17. Virginia Tech 5-1 523 17
18. Kansas State 5-0 462 21
19. Michigan State 4-1 431 20
20. Arizona State 5-1 343 24
21. Texas 4-1 243 10
22. Houston 6-0 200 NR
23. Texas A&M 3-2 198 25
24. Baylor 4-1 185 NR
25. Penn State 5-1 77 NR

Dropped out
No. 18 Florida (4-2, lost to No. 2 LSU 41-11), No. 22 Florida State (2-3, lost to Wake Forest 35-30), No. 23 Auburn (4-2, lost to then-No. 12 Arkansas 38-14).

Others receiving votes
Florida (4-2) 72; Washington (4-1) 52; North Carolina (5-1) 43; Auburn (4-2) 33; Notre Dame (4-2) 31; South Florida (4-1) 30; Wake Forest (4-1) 22; Georgia (4-2) 15; Southern Methodist (4-1) 11; Texas Tech (4-1) 9; Rutgers (4-1) 8; Southern Mississippi (5-1) 7; TCU (4-2) 4; Hawaii (3-2) 1.


Here’s my AP ballot:

2 Alabama
3 Clemson
4 Oklahoma
5 Boise State
6 Okla State
7 Wisconsin
8 Stanford
9 Oregon
10 Arkansas
11 Georgia Tech
12 Kansas St
13 Illinois
14 S. Carolina
15 West Virginia
16 Baylor
17 Michigan
18 Arizona St
19 Nebraska
20 Auburn
21 Texas
22 Virginia Tech
23 Texas A&M
24 Georgia
25 Houston

Dropped out: Florida, Florida State
Also considered: USC, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Rutgers

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good to hear

I get what you're saying, but that's not what I'm getting at. Let's start by admitting that BSU's schedule is pretty weak and that a lot of what BSU, Coach Pete, and Kellen have accomplished is in large part, due to the weak opposition we face. That being said, IMHO, we should have been averaging 50-60 points per game. It's not as if that's against Pete's nature or anything, considering that during Coach Pete's tenure, and not counting this season, he's gone over 40+ in a game 41x, and over 50 points 20x so it's not as if RUTS is a foreign concept to him. It's just that he's selective in who he RUTS on.


Are you seriously saying Pete picks and chooses which Teams he decides to try and run up a score margin?


During Coach Pete's tenure he's won by a 40+ margin 11x and by a margin of 50+ 6x.

5 of Petersen's 6, 50+ point margin wins, came against two teams- Fresno and New Mexico State. He's beaten Fresno by 51, 51, and 50 and NMSU by 58, 59, and in 08' he put 49 on NWSU, so yeah, I do think he RUTS on those teams.

OK Kid...

Just wanted to make sure I read it right, that you believe Pete selectively picks who he ruts on. You're entitled to your opinion and it's not proveable, either no reason to debate it.

BTW..your 2 posts have different numbers, 40+ and 50+...Which are they?

do margins of victory not speak for themselves?

I used the 40+ and 50+ distinguish the number of wins in the 40 point range, from the number of wins in the 50 point range. That being said, when a coach beats a particular team by a combined margin of victory of 166 points in 3 games, and beats another team by a 375 point margin of victory in 4 games, wouldn't you consider that to be RUTS on those two teams? I certainly would

Well kid

You've changed the argument from getting records for Kellen, to RUTS. First I would argue that Pete did not RUTS in previous years because he pulled starters early in those games as well. Teams can still RUTS when pulling their stars by allowing the second team to run a standard offense rather than a base-ground offense. Does Pete do this? It could be argued that he did in the Tulsa game, also in the Nevada game. The Fresno game it could be argued that the starters were left in longer than typical.

My feeling on RUTS in general, there is no evidence that RUTS make one bit of difference to the human voters (especially with the coaches).

My feeling on keeping someone in the game the for purpose of future personal records, is just a dumb idea. I can a situation where Kellen needs one more completion, or one more TD for some kind of record, and it's the last game, running him back out there in a 50-0 game to give him a shot.

here's all I'm getting at funky

Kellen is 18 TDs away from the TD record. All he needs to do in order to break the record is average 3 TDs per game from here on out. It's doable, but had he been allowd to toss just 1 extra TD in each game of his career, at this point in time, Kellen would have already tossed a ncaa record of 157 TDs, breaking Graham Harrell's record by 23 Touchdowns with 7 games left. Kind of puts things into perspective doesn't it?

One extra TD

per game over his career? What kind of perspective is that? That works out to 12 additional pa$$es per game over 45 games. You would have take off the 14 complete games, which means over the 31 games he came out early (from the 3rd qtr to the last series) he would have to throw an additional 19 pa$$es per game to get 157 TD's to date. That is an completely unrealistic perspective.


If it's true that Kellen has been pulled from 31 of the 45 games he's played, he's still averaging 2.5 TDs per game, so is it not conceivable for one to think, had he not been pulled, he could have anywhere between 15 and 31 additional TDs as of right now. If so, going into this weeks game, Kellen "could" be as close as 4 TD's shy of breaking the record to have alreday broken the record by 13TDs. Factor that into him having 7 games left, but because he's been pulled early so many times, he's going to need 18 TD pa$$es over the next 7 weeks and with his average of 2.5 TDs per game, he's going to be close to getting the record, despite not being allowed to finish 31 of his 45 games thus far.


You went from

"It's doable, but had he been allowd to toss just 1 extra TD in each game of his career"

Which is 45


"he could have anywhere between 15 and 31 additional TDs as of right now"

Again, in those 31 games, not only would he have to stay in, but throw at least 11 pa$$es (on avg.) each game.

Here is what you want:

Moore stays in at Toledo with a 33-15 and 4:33 left in the game. He runs a no-huddle offense throws 6 straight paSSes and gets his TD with still 3:00 minutes left on the clock, still hope he can get one more chance.

Moore stays in with 4:11 left in the 3rd leading 34-0 and already throwing 4 TD's, marches the team 80 yards, completes 8 pa$$es and gets yet one more TD pass to go 41-0

Moore stays in at Fresno, with 2:05 left in the 3rd with the 50-0, already throwing 3 TD's, Marches the team 85 yards, completing 7 of 9 pa$$es, ending with yet one more TD to go up 57-0

Moore stays in against Nevada, with 6:57 left in the game and the score 30-3, He marches the team 92 yards, ending with a 52 yard bomb for a TD as time expires.

Sorry kid, Pete would be crucified.

You want to pick out a couple games during his career where it could be argued that not only should Moore have stayed in but also pass, fine. Otherwise your argument just doesn't hold water.

You're only seeing what you want to see

Kellen is 18 TD's shy of the ncaa TD record with 7 games left. He's had 45 games thus far in which he could have tossed those 18 TDs. It doesn't matter against who or what time in the game he could have thrown them, he just needed to throw them, but since he wasn't in the game to throw them, it's very likely that he'll come up just shy of the record. If that happens, it'll be a crying shame considering that over his career, his coaches made him sit out for what would equal 1/2 a season


did you not read my post? are you saying that you would no problem with the scenarios I posed?

Let's just do this:

A.) 5:00 minutes left in the 3rd, score 50-0, do you keep Kellen in the game AND let him throw to get a score?

B.) 10:00 left in the game, score 40-0, do you keep Kellen in the game AND let him throw to get a score?

C.) 5:00 left in the game, score 38-7,do you keep Kellen in the game AND let him throw to get a score?

It's your call

Scenarios aside, Kellen should have the record by now

If I were OC, I'd have a bar set for what I'd like to see in a game. If I 'm an OC with Kellen Moore at my disposal, that bar would be set at 350 pa$$ing yards and 4 TD's per game, so regardless of what the score is, I'm sticking with my QB until I reach my goal.

btw- yes, I read your post. If you had read mine, you would have known that I feel that Kellen should already have the record, as such, the game scenarios you're mentoning would be nothing but icing on the ncaa record cake, same with the 7 games that are left.

Given the fact that

Kellen only hit your "bar" once in his career (Toledo this year). You are saying that you would have Kellen stay in every game of his career AND have him passing for TD's, no matter what the what the score is.

I was going to say you didn't answer my three questions, but you really did.

Been fun kid.

Toledo score was 40-15

just goes to show that BSU doesn't need to RUTS by an obscene amount for Kellen to toss 5 TDs and go over 400 yards.


Every game of his career, he would have had to stay in.

Every game..........

so what?

most QBs play evey game -all game


Now you're just being silly.

Please vote for our team

For the others that have no clue what the heisman award or Davy O'brien award or Coach of the year award is don't make stupid coments about it being a new type of spam.
Please vote b/c fan votes do help!
Thank you


Should have seen it coming

Can we really be surprised? This is BSU's story. Join what was supposed to be a bigger and better conference only to have those who made it such leave and BSU is left with a crappy conference with no respect. Let's be honest with ourselves, now that Utah, BYU, TCU and Air Force have left, we might as well have stayed in the WAC because the strength of schedule is the same in both conferences.

First off

Air Force isn't "gone" yet.

Second, Nevada, Hawaii, and Fresno would have still bolted the WAC. So to think the WAC is/was a viable option for BSU is just dumb.

Or were you thinking we could start a rivalry with Texas State?


At least BSU doesn't have to play Idaho anymore

Air Force

Anyone not seeing Cripe jumping people above BSU must not have been looking, him and the other local writers all dislike BSU. Plus there is still a lot of the football season to go. I have to say I was a little surprised that Air Force turned down the Big 12, must be why they invited TCU. The Mountain West is falling apart fast, to bad for us. The MWC commissioner is weak and wont ever let his precious TV deal go. I can only cross my fingers and hope somehow we get an invite from the Big 12 before this is all done. Though I wont hold my breath till then, I can't hold it that long I am afraid.


The AP has BSU #5

The coaches have BSU #6

Chadd has BSU #5

What's your complaint again?

Nice move

We certainly made a great move from the WAC to the MWC. So far all I can see is that we lost the TV coverage we were getting from ESPN which as Coach Pete says was a huge recuiting tool. What next an invitation to Utah State to join the MWC. This was a step backward and slipping. Nevada beats UNLV, NM State beats New Mexico. Am I the only one who thinks maybe we should have looked around a little more before we decided to take this step. Didn't we think there was a reason BYU chose to be independent rather than stay in the MWC. What's next Craig? I'm starting to think maybe the headline should read. BOISE STATE DECIDES TO GO INDEPENDENT. What a mess, where's our administrations heads.

Craig Thompson

I'm hoping that the headline tomorrow reads, Craig Thompson decides to drop the rule that BSU can no longer wear the Blue Uniforms on the blue turf due to the fact that all complaining schools have left the MWC. Now that would make to much sense and Craig Thompson hasn't made sense since well before BSU join the MWC. Like back when he fought to not let the Broncos join the MWC. When we left the WAC we should have brought our Commissioner with us. At least Carl didn't bend over and make MIckey Mouse decisions like Craig does. No flower lei's in Hawaii the players and coaches will tend to blend in with the surroundings.


With the Mountain West a shadow of the conference that BSU joined earlier this year, I think BSU should go independent and wait for an invite from an AQ conference. There is no reason to stay in the Mountain West now that TCU, Utah, BYU, and Air Force will not be around in 2012. Independence gives them the best shot at taking the best option in the uncertain future.

First of many questions would be

who would we schedule home games with?

This is where it hurts

This is where it hurts for Kustra to have fired the AD without having a new one ready to hire.

BSU needs to find a real conference. The Mountain West TV thing is killing the conference, and Thompson's commitment to it (does he get a kickback) is puzzling. Without all the major teams in that conference, except those coming with BSU from the WAC, this is a net loss for BSU and the Broncos need to find a new conference quickly before the music stops.

Boise State and the Big East

Reports comiing out again that Boise State is being looked at seriously as football only member of the Big East...

So many things - Wow & a question for tfunky

Just got back home and getting caught up on news and whats hapen4d since afternoon of Friday.

Nice win by the Broncos over Fresno - listened to it on the radio. Broncos played better, but still having problems 'swarming' to the ball on defense and basic defense from what I heard. Haven't seen a video of the game yet. But better defensive effort, nevertheless.

BSU to maybe move to another conference !!!!

Some long term committment by BSU. I am guessing Fresno and Nevada are kinda pizzed they followed BSU's lead to move from the WAC to the MWC - only for what? For BSU to abandon the MWC and go to the Big Easy.

Let's analyze this for a moment - if BSU wins the MWC Conference title - how many Division I conference titles does that give BSU - in how many different conferences? Maybe BSU can win the Big East conference title for 2012 season?

BSU won the Div I conference championship in the Big West and WAC conferences. If we win the MWC this year then that will be three Div I conferences that BSU has conference titles in.

tfunky - is that some type of a record?

The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence - BSU should have stayed in the WAC where the Broncos were the ESPN Darlings and had lots and lots of national coverage. Now it is the MTN. Ever spent much time these days watching the MTN - hardly anything about BSU. Lots on New Mexico this and Wyoming that, but hardly anything about the BSU Broncos. I am real dissapointed I am spnding $15.00 per month for the cableone package. Knowing what I know now, had it been 3 months ago - I would have opted to just listen to the radio or try to follow it at a sports bar that showed the games.

I did see one BSU car flag on a pickup truck in Copper Basin about 5 miles from The Devil's Bedstead. Really surprised the heck out of me. Well, I have seen at least one now for the year - so didn't get skunked.

Speaking of skunks - Tommorrow at Noon I will be at the Canyon Crest in Twin Falls for our scheduled luncheon. I wonder if Pugly Fugly Ugly will actually show up?

Go Broncos.


Dual Conference Championships: Big West & WAC?

Did you play every team in the Big West(although I have never heard of it) or did I miss something? If I am taking a test and get the most difficult answer right without answering the rest of the test will my grade be an "A"? This logic doesn't make sense. I am sure BSU is better than the other teams in the Big West, but think that crowning the team with a championship without playing every team in the Big West is inaccurate.

Don't you have to be an official and accepted member of a conference to claim that prize?

Where yoiu been Balanced? Out to lunch?

BSU won the Big West Conference title three times (94, 99, and 00). However, only 99 and 00 count as Division I conference titles, as the Big West was Division II in 94.

You got a 'D' on the test. I would give you an 'F', but you might get upset and not come back.

This is so much fun!!!!

I just love Noobs.

Of course the Broncos played all the teams in the conference to win the conference championship. If you doubt that fact - then please provide the name of the Big West team that the Broncos did not play and the year they did not play them, to make your case. Otherwise just sit in your chair and face the corner.

Here is a link to prove my point:

Not tryng to rub it in you face (well maybe a little bit) by giving you a link, but instead, just providing a link, so that many people can determine for themselves what a stinky stinky poo poo you are, for not knonng basic Bronco History 101.

See ya.

Go Broncos.



Have you seen my list of requests for your lunch meeting today?


Not sure it is, but probably, BSU was not exactly a baby-boomer.

PAC 12 football only?

Boise State should apply to the PAC 12 for a wrestling/football only membership. The football team is certainly better than the two bottom feeders they just added. I understand they wanted to expand their TV footprint but I wonder if anyone really watches them. Boise State would add some entertaining games that many people would like to watch whether they are in Idaho or not!

Boise connections

on the Harris poll

Mike Prater
Pete Cavender

Ω #4 in the BCS (prelim)

The Anderson computer ranking is not showing through 10/8. Probably will appear later today. Wolfe next week and then all the parts are together.

This may be too long

We'll see

As of 10/10/11

Big 12
Ranked: (6) 1, 7, 18, 21, 23, 24
Vs. 25: 5-9
vs. AQ: 6-3
vs. NAQ: 14-0
vs. FCS: 6-0
Non-con: 26-3

Ranked: (4) 2, 3, 11, 13
Vs. 25: 11-13
vs. AQ: 6-2
vs. NAQ: 16-2
vs. FCS: 7-0
Non-con: 29-4

Big 10
Ranked: (6) 4, 10,14, 15, 19, 25
Vs. 25: 1-8
vs. AQ: 7-7
vs. NAQ: 17-5
vs. FCS: 10-1
Non-con: 34-13

Ranked: (3) 8, 12, 17
Vs. 25: 6-9
vs. AQ: 6-7
vs. NAQ: 11-3
vs. FCS: 12-1
Non-con: 29-11

Big East
Ranked: (1) 16
Vs. 25: 2-2
vs. AQ: 5-9
vs. NAQ: 11-3
vs. FCS: 8-0
Non-con: 24-12

PAC 12
Ranked: (3) 5, 9, 20
Vs. 25: 1-13
vs. AQ: 5-8
vs. NAQ: 8-3
vs. FCS: 7-1
Non-con: 20-12

Ranked: (1) 6
Vs. 25: 2-4
vs. AQ: 2-9
vs. NAQ: 10-5
vs. FCS: 7-2
Non-con: 19-16

Ranked: (1) 22
Vs. 25: 1-9
vs. AQ: 5-16
vs. NAQ: 7-7
vs. FCS: 7-0
Non-con: 19-23

Sun Belt
Ranked: (0)
Vs. 25: 0-7
vs. AQ: 2-15
vs. NAQ: 6-4
vs. FCS: 3-1
Non-con: 11-20

(vs. 25 = ranking when game was played)