Boise State football's 'utility guy,' Hunter White, sets up two TDs; receivers bounce back; Broncos dominate first 3 quarters

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State senior nickel Hunter White hasn’t received the playing time he’d probably like on defense, but he showed Friday night at Fresno State what a playmaker he can be.

White blocked a punt and forced a fumble in the first half to help the Broncos dominate the Bulldogs 57-7.

“He had a (heck) of a night,” senior linebacker Byron Hout said. “He knows it was a long time coming. … He can play like that every week.”

White, the preseason starter, hasn’t actually started a game yet. The Broncos used five defensive linemen rather than a nickel twice and three cornerbacks rather than a nickel once. In the other two games, sophomore Jonathan Brown started.

White, though, long has been one of the Broncos’ best and most passionate special teams players.

“A lot of people don’t understand how important special teams are,” he said. “To me, it’s being able to be on the field for more plays. I get like 25 to 30 special teams plays a week. That’s a lot. So I love it, absolutely love it.”

White’s blocked punt showed how smart he is on special teams. He and senior linebacker Byron Hout had discussed all week a way they might be able to gain an edge through the middle of the Bulldogs’ punt formation. On the sideline, they adjusted to what they were seeing.

Hout helped open a hole for White, who was lined up behind him. White blasted through the line and stuffed the punt. Five plays later, the Broncos scored to take a 30-0 lead.

“Me and Byron had been watching film all week, trying to time something up,” White said. “It was just perfect timing.”

White also provided a big play in the first quarter. On his first defensive snap of the game, he grabbed wide receiver Devon Wylie’s arm and jerked — prying the ball loose. The Broncos recovered and scored on the next play for a 16-0 lead.

“It kind of fired me up for special teams, too, and fired the defense up,” White said.

White was playing in front of about a dozen friends and family members, including a couple close friends who surprised him by showing up. He is from Huntington Beach, Calif.

Petersen called White, who is the holder for PATs and field goals, a “utility guy.”

“He’s a great team guy, so it’s awesome to see a guy like that have a huge part,” he said.


Boise State’s receivers made some tough catches against Fresno State a week after playing a subpar game against Nevada.

“It’s good to get those guys back on track, playing more consistent,” Petersen said. “We like that crew and I think they’ll continue to get better.”

Said freshman wide receiver Matt Miller: “We kind of took it on ourselves. We had too many drops against Nevada. We had a great week of practice, caught some extra balls after practice. It showed tonight.”

Miller probably had the two most impressive catches, including a one-hander that was erased by penalty.

Miller took a wicked hit on a 17-yard catch over the middle on third-and-10 in the first quarter. He had the wind knocked out of him but held onto the football.

Miller never saw the hit coming.

“I thought it was going to be another touchdown,” he said. “… Sometimes you can feel it (coming), sometimes you can’t. You just have to keep your eyes on the crosshairs and catch the ball.”


Sophomore cornerback Quaylon Ewing-Burton is a quotable guy. A couple highlights:

— “The whole game, we were just hungry. This environment just makes you want to go out there and play a little harder and play a little tougher.”

— On junior Jamar Taylor’s diving interception a week after dropping one: “It was amazing. I think that was his pick he owed us from last week.”


Fresno State’s offense thrives on balance but the run didn’t work against Boise State. Robbie Rouse, who had four straight 100-yard games, finished with 72 yards. He got 40 on one play.

“He had nowhere to run it,” Hout said. “That was a goal of ours coming into the game and we achieved it.”


I crunched some numbers today that show how dominant Boise State has been:

— The Broncos have outscored opponents 175-33 with quarterback Kellen Moore still in the game.

— The Broncos have outscored opponents 169-30 through the first three quarters. Opponents have scored 44 of their 74 points in the fourth quarter with the game out of reach.

— The Broncos defense has forced more turnovers (13) than it has allowed touchdowns (nine — a 10th TD came on a punt return). Opponents have reached the red zone just nine times and scored touchdowns there four times.

— The Broncos have scored touchdowns in the red zone on 21 of 27 possessions (78 percent).


Some highlights from the Broncos’ updated season stats:

— Seven players have at least 10 catches, including four wide receivers, two tight ends and a tailback. Matt Miller and Mitch Burroughs are tied for the lead with 25, nine more than anyone else.

— Seven different players have grabbed interceptions this season. Brown got the first of his career and junior cornerback Jamar Taylor got his first in three years Friday night.

— Taylor (23) and fellow cornerback Quaylon Ewing-Burton (22) are leading the team in tackles. That’s strange on a good defense, but two possible explanations — teams have thrown a lot of quick passes to the outside for short gains and the corners play more snaps than most defenders. Taylor and Ewing-Burton did a nice job in coverage against Fresno State, which has impressive speed on the outside. “Those receivers are scary, and they knew it, and they stepped up,” Petersen said.

— Most tackles by someone you wouldn’t expect: kickoff specialist Trevor Harman, with five (four solo).

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Thanks Good Stuff... Any clue on Jamar's injury?

Ω Wiz, listened to Jamar ...

... in an interview after the game. He said something to the effect that he was fine. Hope that's right.

ps - Texas sinking fast. Youth/inexperience is really showing. Never have seen OK quite so creative on offense.

Thx Razor

Cool hope so.

The TX youth IS showing. Don't understand Harsin playing musical chairs with QB's. Told my brother on phone 2 days ago that was doomed. He's at the game and I'm sure loving it..

Edit: TX does have a vg D line, IMO..

Ω Oklahoma has just 10 yards rushing ...

... on 13 attempts at half. Don't know how significant that is ... by design (because of what Jones is doing) or because of the TX D-line. See if Stoops tries to change that in the second half.

Thanks Chadd

Another great article on a day you should have off to just chill and watch games.

Happy to hear about Taylor. I thought if he hurt anything it was his left knee as it twisted funny and his right just hit the turf. But he was holding his right. Hope hes healthy as our depth there isnt strong.

Anyone else hear Brent talking about how Stoops is going to run it up on Harsin? First, Hars is co-offensive coordinator, not the head coach. And second, its Texas, not Boise State. Im sure Stoops wants to kill Texas because of Texas, not some duel with a coordinator.

Speaking of Harsin I agree with you Wiz. The two QB system rarely produces anything but confusion during the game and eventual animosity off the field.

Ω JL, right. That's dumb.

Brent said it more than once. Like it's some sort of personal deal, which it isn't. But, that's Brent.

Nice comments by Herbie about Kellen (and Colt) being able to see things the D is doing and check off rather than take negative plays.


needs to retire. Lots of mis calls, observations, and just plain crap coming out of his pie hole. He's had a great career and some need to go out before completely embarrasing themselves.

Ω Billings, MT

You should have heard Brent during the LLWS when the Billings team made the US finals. Would have thought Billings was the center of the universe. Brent, of course, is from Billings.

LLWS is about Brent's speed at this point.

Brent, Phyllis, Irv, and Jimmy on CBS NFL football circa 1929.

Billings...Wonder if he

was on the Billings LL team that I beat as a 12 yr old in the regionals at SLC? 6-1 and I hit 2 round trippers. I remember those kids were BIG. I carefully placed one in the #4 hitters ribs top of 2nd and owned him whole game.-

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754 why the hatred?

just some pals havin fun.

BSU dominated the 4th quarter also, pesky TD distracted you.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

defense played a great game

fresno's offensive linemen are huge. not so athletic but big. geraldo is a great addition enabling us to stretch the field. broncos looked good in person, the stadium was full at the start, half empty by half-time. sort of a dull game believe it or not. outcome never in question, we scored nearly at will, only one 3 & out as i recall with km in the game.


Awesome D.

Pat Hill never saw this coming. He's played Neb, Cal, Ole Miss and I suspect he thought it couldn't get much worse on his team.

It did.

Did you hook up with JL?

did not

did not know landon was in the house. could have been standing next to him after the game as we greeted the players and not known it. will solve that problem on 10-21:)

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BSU fan reminde to vote

For the others that have no clue what the heisman award or Davy O'brien award or Coach of the year is don't make stupid coments about it being a new type of spam.
Please vote b/c fan votes do help!
Thank you


Wow...Boise really looked good... there any team in the country that dominates another the way Boise dominated Fresno??

Another nice win, large margin of victory, shouldn't be any complaints...

Of Course There Is...

Oregon and Portland State..........

BDuck....quit being so


You and I and everyone knows Oregon schedule far harder than Boises....Oregon is doing very well....

This year with 10 great teams, a cfb playoff would have beed superior to anything of NFL....It will be interesting to see who plays Boise in the Sugar Bowl....

ugly...I am a nice guy...

...I agree, a playoff would be awesome, especially this season. never gonna happen though.

Yes Oregon's schedule is tougher than Boise's and that certainly potentially can hurt Boise, but we'll just see how it all plays out.

One thing is for loss and Boise is toast...I dont think there is going to be a loss, but there are a couple of challenging games left.

As for Oregon...lots of football left but if they run the table and win the PAC title game, that would be 12 wins in a row...12-1...I like their chances to still be in the conversation...there are going to be losses...Alabama/LSU. Okla/Ok St, Stanford, Clemson, Wisconsin, Boise...some of them will lose...Hopefully a 12-1 Oregon will be there to capitalize.

BDuck....yeah but Oregon still has left to play....

Arizona State, Washinton, Stanford, and USC....pretty tough finale which anyone could easily lose one of those....

If Oregon goes with only 1 loss, they should be in top 5....something tells me Oklahoma is for real, but LSU is not....I think LSU may lose one or two....

Ω Oregon will cruise

Against all those teams with the possible exception of the Trees.

Stanford still hasn't played anyone decent ... and won't until 10/22 or 10/29. By the time BDuck and friends show up in Palo Alto, LMJ will be 100% and the Ducks might just turn the trees into a corduroy road.

LSU has no obstacles until 11/5 (AlaSaban).

Alabama and Oklahoma (along with Wisconsin and BSU) have the best chances to go undefeated. Don't like Clemson's chances.

But forget...about.....


Ω Houston will lose ...

... to either (or both) SMU or Tulsa.

Even if they get by those games, they don't rise to better than 12-15. Not even in the top 25 yet ... and you know how hard it is to climb.


...for sure there are obstacles on Oregon's schedule. ASU & Stanford. Washington is improved, but has shown no fight or ability to stop Oregon's offense as Oregon has won seven straight over them. USC hasn absolutely no defense. If Barkley conects with Woods about 35 times they may keep up, but they are terrible running the ball and stopping anyone.

Big test in Autzen next week against ASU without LMJ. I agree LSU appears shaky, but hey just keep comiong up with plays. Should be a very interesting final 2/3 of the season.

Boise has now shown through Georgia and now with

dominance in Fresno that they are the team to bad no playoff system....

Boise is in the Olympics with their pint sized stadium....

Maybe we can build a third wall much like Jerusalem....


maybe you can pay off the bet on 10-21 at the ram. i'll give you a $5 early payment discount.

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My hat goes off to the Broncos....they are the team to beat....

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They already tore down the Berlin wall, why build another?

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.

Ω Nick Patti

Patti had 3 TD pásses last night in Dr. Phillips' (6-0) 35-27 win over Boone. Couldn't find a box score.

That gives him 11 TD pásses on the year; not sure on the INTs ... he had just 1 going in.

BSU is scheduling a couple

BSU is scheduling a couple high school teams next season so make sure they can keep winning. Nice!!


yup, thanks for checking in, now move along...........

Bduck-lamesched been

posting on and off all day.....

Funky can you believe Mich???

More surprised

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And Funky...

Could an unimpressive (so far) Stanford drop?


the game is on Versus