Broncos linebackers need to step up vs. Fresno run game; team manager's suspension unrelated to NCAA cases, Boise State says

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State’s linebacker corps will be key in tonight’s game against Fresno State — and the group has been playing well.

Fresno State’s bulky offensive line — four 300-pounders — will be able to create some holes up front in the run game and the linebackers need to plug them, defensive tackle Chase Baker said.

“They have a big O-line that kind of mauls you and we’re going to need our ‘backers to step up,” Baker said, “and I have no doubt they’ll do that.”

Seniors Aaron Tevis and Byron Hout are the starting linebackers. Juniors J.C. Percy and Tommy Smith rotate into the game, playing nearly half the snaps.

“We’re just progressing as a group, in all phases, which is good to see,” linebackers coach Bob Gregory said. “Every kid who’s played is improving.”

Boise State held Fresno to 49 rushing yards last year but allowed 299 yards in 2009.


Boise State offense team manager Floris Mendonca remains suspended from the program but his situation is unrelated to the NCAA-eligibility investigation into Cedric Febis, Geraldo Boldewijn and Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, Boise State athletics spokesman Max Corbet said.

The reasons for the suspension are a personnel matter, Corbet said, and the school won’t comment further.

The Idaho Statesman reported Mendonca’s suspension Sept. 13. He is from the Netherlands, like the three players, and helped bring Boldewijn and Tjong-A-Tjoe to Boise, where they attended a Boise State camp and decided to play high school football.

At the time of the initial report on Mendonca, Boise State wouldn’t comment on whether his suspension was tied to the players’ cases.

Mendonca’s job is a student position and he receives a scholarship for undergraduate studies.


Fresno State has played the Broncos much tougher at Bulldog Stadium, where Boise State never has won by more than 17 points. The Broncos have won the past two games in Boise by 51 points each.

“When we go to Boise, I remember the last two times we went there, we got there and were playing in pretty cold temperatures,” Fresno State senior defensive tackle Logan Harrell said. “It was freezing and that’s always hard to play in. Playing here and just having home-field advantage and being more comfortable … it’s much easier of a process.”

The No. 5 Broncos will be the highest-ranked opponent to play at Bulldog Stadium.

“It’s a huge game for us and we know what we have to do to prepare for this game,” Harrell said. “It’s going to be the biggest challenge that we’re going to have all year.”


Expect the Bulldogs to come after quarterback Kellen Moore tonight. They blitzed him last year, but it wasn’t particularly effective.

“It’s very important for us to (pressure him),” Harrell said. “Everybody knows that that’s been our main focus for this game.”

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There are no

secrets....everything is opened....

Boise State is good and Fresno wont do anything....

Boise just needs to stay focused on 12-0....

Still building a better 9-3...


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

FLASH if you haven't heard Al Davis has died (see the main site)


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.


They better bring more than their run game because they are going to get stuffed!! Go Broncos!!!


Nothing else to be said; this kid is good. I think that Fresno will be much tougher than many think they will. Their QB is the real deal and plays much tougher and older than a sophmore. Go Bronco's but keep your eye on the ball cause this is going to be a real battle.

I agree

I agree Carr if a good QB, I just think our defense is better. They havent faced a defense like ours this year. They need to be ready as well.

Turned out somewhat less than the battle of Stalingrad

So much for your prediction

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.

BSU didn't have to fight any stupid Nazis like Stalin.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Are you sure that isn't...

Byron "Hunt" and JC "Piercy" as the Versus play by play announcer was calling them last week? Unbelievable really, that he wasn't more prepared than he was. Yup...that is the Mtn. West Conf. telecast crew at work.

CBS announcers

At half time when we played Tulsa the CBS announcer said it had been the Mustangs all first half. Everyone was yelling BRONCOS.

you would think

that after the first time they got Byron Houts name wrong, someone would have been yelling in his ear-bug to correct it. But they kept it up through the whole discussion until the final time, then finally got it right. Kinda like when ESPN had the camera on Winterswyk and carried on and on about Zabranski.

BSU Fans please vote
For the others that have no clue what the heisman award or Davy O'brien award or Coach of the year is don't make stupid coments about it being a new type of spam.
Please vote b/c fan votes do help!
Thank you


The cold?

Really using that as an excuse huh? I guess since the blue uniforms were out of the equation or the fact that Titus Young could outrun your entire team.


saw your question:

The Statesman has removed the link from an article on May 30th 2010 (Sky-high success at Boise State's Stueckle), that explained how the Sky Center was financed as well as other tidbits.

This is from memory so don't kill me if I'm not spot on.

* $10M came from donations
* $28M was financed for 30 years
* They used the credit rating of the academic building fund, since this lowered the amount academics could barrow in the future, the Sky center is going to pay "academics" $500K a year (increasing $100K every 5 years) for the term of the loan.
* An amount, $500K (I'm not sure though) would be put in escrow each year for future loan payments if needed.
* No SBOE funds were used and no bond was issued.

At the time of the article was pulling in a hefty profit which was going to athletics. And if I remember right their event bookings were out as far as 3 years.

Sorry about the link, I was little surprised it had been removed.

Ω tfunk

Chadd did not answer my question about the use of bonds. He replied that a large loan was taken to finance the effort.

A long-term loan is not the same as the issuance of bonds, even though both represent debt.

I remember in the article cited in your recent debate (was it JFS?) there was mention made that financing for the Sky Center was possible because of BSU's top bond rating (not the credit rating, but I know what you meant there). It did not state, nor did Chadd, that bonds were ever issued.

To me that's a bit similar to an individual consumer having his/her credit rating checked for just about any transaction that takes place today ... even though you might be paying in cash. Want to buy a dog? Check that credit rating. "Ah, good credit; here's your pooch."

What I'm guessing is that BSU was able to secure a long-term note with an interest rate that either compared favorably or was better than the cost of servicing bond debt. Either that, or BSU (by whatever guidelines or cap, if such exist) was "over the limit" in its ability to issue bonds. That's what is a little unclear and makes it unfortunate not to have that article.


Yes, they used bonds (I didn't have a complete answer off the top of my head). It appears the money was lumped in with a couple other projects, including the student rec center.

Ω Thanks, Chadd

Appreciate all you and Murph do for us fans.

Stuekle Center

I found the the original Statesman article on another site:

About halfway down:

"That's $1.83 million per year for 30 years for the loan, $370,000 per year for a debt reserve that would cover any revenue shortfall and a $600,000 payment to the academic capital projects fund. The academic payment helps offset the Sky Center's impact on the university's ability to borrow, and increases by $100,000 every five years."

I also found this:

Which explains the bond rating usage.

I have yet to find where taxpayers or SBOE paid a dime for this project.

How could they use bonds, a baseball player?

Steroids forever!

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.

After a certain period those things are archived, paid sub?


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Hey Hunky Punky Dunky Funky.....

How'd you like the way I got "B41" slipped in the chat?
You should be honored....

It's a good

thing I was sittin down :)

And Don't Try to Deny...

you posted as BCS return..


Sorry bud, wasn't me.

Ω I thought he was "Saratoga"

Getting the field lowered, putting in all the "trickeration" plays, and making sure Chadd and Murph were attending practices regularly.

Cal Soccer

Didn't make an appearence last night...that was appreciated. Wish the crowd wasn't booing so much, though - that one dude had a bum arm for real.

Maynard wasn't nearly as good as I expected. If he wasn't awful that would have been a close game.


wiz just dropped in front computer and grabbed his leg..........


I was surprised The blitzkrieg didn't show up in the 1st half.

QB is a big problem for da Bears. And thats strange as Tedford has produced quite a few.. Too bad as theres some pretty good receivers there. Also question Sofele riding pine in favor of Anderson in the Red Zone.. Word is he better bowl qualify (50-50 on that) or a new coach may christen the new Memorial...

I hope LaMichel-le is ok. Awesome back.


Likely will miss a couple of weeks. That's my guess, anyway. He popped the arm back into place while he was laying out there and apparently did the same thing once in HS (and played the following week in that case). Scary looking injury, and he will be missed next week against ASU. But Oregon is lucky - not to many teams out there have the likes of Barner, Thomas and Carson as their 2, 3, and 4 backs.

Cal will lose some more games this year if they don't improve at QB.

Oregon will gain 2 spots

in polls and go to number 7....

Ugly Ugly

surprise, it's Wiz not B43S42U

Your ignorance is showing again. Every team above Oregon is Undefeated. The best chance of any losing are Ok playing Texas and AL playing Fla. Doubtful. Oregon will not pass an undefeated team above them at this time.

Ω Only if two teams ...

... in front of them lose. All eight are undefeated. Oregon doesn't jump anyone after that lackadaisical first half last night.

Beating Cal at home, when Cal took a nice, long 2nd half lunch break, didn't surprise. Cal is not good.

BSU 9-3, huh?

Cal is average

I wouldn't necessarily call them bad quite yet, although I'll be pretty surprised if they finish with more than 7-8 wins. They do have some really good playmakers on offense and some very talented young guys on defense. Maynard is their biggest problem. They did manage to beat Fresno 36-21, so after tonight you may have a better feel for how good they are.

Rankings are irrelevant for Oregon right now. Win out and they'll go to Pasadena, lose one or more and the Alamo or Holiday are likely destinations. Their success will depend a lot on how soon LMJ and Clay (out since Nevada) are able to come back. They won't be Stanford without a healthy Clay on the field.


CAL is going no where with a QB that can't hit a open beer vendor with two-thirds of his pa$$es........


Two things about Cal -

1 - They're a much different team at home. That's always been the case under Tedford.

2 - Their remaining schedule:


They are capable of beating USC and Utah at home, and I expect them to split those two games. They should handle UCLA, WSU and OSU without much trouble. That's 4 games which puts them at 7 wins.


quite honestly Cal could/should wind up 5/7. 7/7 at best.


I think we all have a "feel" for how good Cal is now....

Wiz, guys forget that

when tougher schedules of SOS week in and week out....anyone can win or lose....Most of the top ten have some pretty tough opponents each week....we will see....

On 9-3....I already admitted I lost....didnt know TCU, CSU, Tulsa, SDSU were going to be that mistake....

Is Georgia good? We will see within next 4 weeks....or are they a team that 20 other cfb teams can beat too....

California will have a better record than Utah....

Yep Ugly.....

this week Kansas, Colorado, Vanderbuilt, and BC appear to be real tough.......

Ω Baloney

Stop beating that tired old SoS drum.

Try to talk football. This isn't Frito Layville. "Most of the top ten have some pretty tough opponents each week ..." BS ... Wiz just pointed out some of this week's weakling foes.

"Anyone can win or lose." Nice call, Brent.

"Is Georgia good? We will see within next 4 weeks....or are they a team that 20 other cfb teams can beat too...." Gee, let me guess.

"California will have a better record than Utah...." What a tremendous prediction! Cal is odds-on to lose 4 more games, Utah probably loses 6 more.

Geez, you sound like some idot from the SEC.

Good advice to Chip Musburgler pass the sandwich stuff

Baloney is much better than peanut butter

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.

That outlet's dead, padre.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Ugly Wins! Ugly Is Right! Ugly Wins !

Wiz just ran an errand so I conducted a WUgly survey. The errand was in a high traffic area and was 6.4 miles round trip. I drove my Ford PU..oops...Dodge PU slowly so I could get a very accurate count of BSU Vehicle Flags. I counted 23. Now, at this precise point in the season last year, I ran similar errand and WUgly survey and although 1.3 mi shorter, I only counted 21 vehicles with BSU flags on them. Wiz is thorough so I know this is as accurate and as meaningfull as any work JD Power could perform.

Conclusion: Bronco support is definately down and stadium expansion shoulf be put on hold. The latest WUgly survey confirms it.

Ugly was right!

PS... will BSU's 4 starting linebackers perform tonight?

Wiz....No Wizard....Let me


Your study has problems and not as scientific as Ugly's....You see,

You drove 6.4 miles and counted 23 BSU flags, this is 3.59 flags per mile....and then next year, you drove only 5.1 miles and counted 21 BSU flags, but is 4.12 flags per mile, thus an decrease in number, but an increase in flags per mile....

You missed at least two variables. The first is distance, should have kept the exact same route....second is population growth in same said distance travelled, were there 800 more vehicles on road the first versus the second? You needed to add vehicle traffic as well....

and a possible third variable was also missing....that is the competitive variable....did you skip the 1.3 mile section because of the many Vandal decals? Was the 1.3 mile area you drove the first year a mostly non-BSU area and so you skipped it the second year....

Hope that study again in Fall 2012....

Ugly Falls For Dumb Vandal Trap...Bites Down Hard..

Ah yes Ugly...more flags per mile means support is up..expand stadium..

Case closed. linebacker question?

Right now the other side is from Romper Room anyway. Point plz


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

I just did

a round trip to the liquor store, counted 13,428 VANDAL flags.......

Ω Happy hour?

At a liquor store?

Must Have Been Your...

2nd trip today........

It was down

from last week by about 5,000, but last week was Dad's weekend......................