Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease says last week's passing woes are 'easily correctable'

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease said the problems in the passing game last week against Nevada were “easily correctable.”

“We were just off a little bit,” he said. “We just left too many plays on the field and weren’t totally on with some of our throws. We definitely had potential for three more touchdowns that result in some yards.”

Quarterback Kellen Moore was 19-of-33 for a career-low 142 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

He had a receiver wide open for a touchdown on the play where he was hit while throwing and intercepted, missed wide-open tight end Gabe Linehan for a likely score and had a potential 51-yard TD pass to Mitch Burroughs dropped. The Broncos also lost a 92-yard TD run by Doug Martin to a holding penalty that coach Chris Petersen said on his radio show shouldn’t have been called.

The Broncos likely will need a cleaner performance Friday night at Fresno State, which has a quick-strike offense.

“You just go back and look at it and kind of correct and review, work the fundamentals of things,” Pease said. “Guys have enough pride and know that’s not what it’s about, so we’ll work to get better.”

The Broncos have shown the ability to control the ball with the run game or the pass game — and mixed in some explosive plays — but have yet to play a complete offensive game. They are 28th in the nation in scoring (36.5 points per game) and 32nd in yards (446.8 per game).

“That’s what we work for,” Pease said of a complete outing. “The thing about it is the guys have done a good job. … We just always try to keep ourselves in good third-down situations and create explosives. I think the guys are doing a good job of executing.”

One element missing from the offense this season is the deep ball that Titus Young made look so routine. The receivers don’t have a 40-yard catch yet.

“Everyone gets so caught up with the guy going over the top,” Pease said. “That’s there. It’s a matter of learning and timing and adjusting. We had so many explosives with Titus over the top, but we don’t have that kid anymore.”

And one element that surprisingly has been part of the offense is the interception. Moore has four — a stunning number considering he had three in 2009 and six in 2010.

Backup Joe Southwick has lost a fumble and was saved by penalty from a pick six last week. No non-quarterback has committed a turnover this season.

“We’ve got to do a better job taking care of the football,” Pease said. “We’ve got too many turnovers throwing the ball.”


Pease is excited about the return of sophomore wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn, who served a four-game NCAA suspension for receiving impermissible benefits.

“He’s been great,” Pease said. “Unbelievable. Totally like you’d want, which speaks of his character and attitude.”

Pease expects Boldewijn to fit right into the offense. He should help with the deep ball because of his speed, 4.37 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

“I’m just excited to see him get out there and play and do his deal and see what he can bring to us,” Pease said.


Junior linebacker Tommy Smith’s defensive teammates might have been happier than he was when he made an 11-yard catch — the first of his career — against Nevada.

“I caught the ball, I got tackled and as soon as I got up everybody was there like I scored,” Smith said.

Said Moore: “He ran a great route. He looked like he was a fullback and burst right upfield.”

Smith, who plays nearly half the snaps at middle linebacker, has doubled as a fullback because of the injury to starter Dan Paul, who hasn’t played this season.

“As a defense, we’re lobbying for them to throw him a deep ball here and there,” senior linebacker Byron Hout said. “Get him a touchdown.”

Smith, who played a little fullback last year, said he likes the role.

“I’m basically a hard-nosed player and that’s the type of player you need at fullback,” he said.

Paul also is a former linebacker. Linebackers coach Bob Gregory said it’s a natural transition because of the mentalities and body types involved.

“They probably want all of ‘em,” he said of his players, “but they can’t have all of ‘em.”


Last week, tailback Doug Martin rushed for more than 120 yards against Nevada for the third straight year.

This week, tailback D.J. Harper will try to complete a Bulldog Stadium trifecta. Harper’s only two 100-yard performances were in 2007 as a true freshman (153 yards, TD) and 2009 (107, TD) as a junior in Fresno.


Boise State is the only team from outside the six BCS conferences in the Top 25. The No. 5 Broncos look like locks to qualify for a BCS game if they go undefeated and are in position to get there with a loss as long as they win at least a share of the Mountain West title. Boise State needs to win the conference and finish in the top 12, or in the top 16 and ahead of a BCS-conference champion, to earn an automatic bid.

No non-BCS team has qualified for a BCS bowl with a loss but that situation is untested. Since the current rules were put in place in 2006, there has always been an undefeated team available.

Houston (5-0) is the only undefeated non-BCS team left other than Boise State.

The Broncos finished 10th in the BCS with a loss last year.


Petersen called the Broncos’ string of personal fouls late in the Nevada game “dumb, dumb play.”

“That’s not something that we don’t talk about and work on from day one around here,” he said. “It’s such an emotional game and you’re kind of living on that aggressive edge, yet you have to be poised.”


The Broncos are averaging 27.1 yards per kickoff return this season — a 3.6-yard improvement over last year. They rank ninth in the nation.

Special teams coach Jeff Choate says he took a different approach to the unit this year. Each player has been taught a limited number of blocks, but those blocks can be employed anywhere on the field.

“What I’ve really tried to do is latch onto the idea of compartmentalizing what the tasks are,” he said. “We can run any return we want but these are the three basic blocks that these guys execute. … That’s helped us to really kind of hone in on the techniques.”


Senior right guard Chuck Hayes was the Broncos’ lineman of the week for the Nevada game. He made his first start, replacing sophomore Jake Broyles. Broyles is out for the year with a toe injury.

“Chuck did a great job,” Petersen said. “That’s the best I’ve seen Chuck play. Very, very clean, solid job.”


Defensive backs coach Marcel Yates, on injured cornerback Jerrell Gavins: “He was crushed at first. He understands, it’s football, you’re going to have injuries. But he’s a guy that’s never been hurt before, so he was crushed. He was playing so well.”


Fresno State defensive tackle Logan Harrell remembers a play last year when he had Moore wrapped up and the quarterback flipped the ball to a receiver.

“He was so aware. It should have been a sack,” he said. “He tossed it forward and they got a couple yards out of it. It’s just amazing watching them play and how well they do it.

“… (Moore) is probably one of the smartest players I’ve seen as far as reading defenses — in every type of situation.”


Redshirt freshman Dan Goodale remains the starting field-goal kicker. He made his first attempt last week and was perfect on PATs for the first time since the opener.

“Dan, the last two weeks, has been consistent and has been better than (Michael Frisina and Jake Van Ginkel),” Choate said, “so we’re going to continue to roll with him. He’s just got to find his stride, which he is. He’s hitting the ball really well right now.”


Brian Murphy and I will hold a live chat at 11 a.m. MDT Friday to talk about the Broncos and college football. Sign up for a reminder in the Murph’s Turf blog.

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always room for improvement

one of the best traits of this program is the willingness to continue trying to get better even after victories become commonplace.

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Vote once a day everyday


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I didn't even read the article. I only scrolled down to see if weisberg posted. I will continue looking for JFS12.


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No chance of getting BCS bid unless we get the killer instinct. We have to run up the score against these under-performers. Our competition is doing us no favors by losing easy games. TCU was our last hope of playing a ranked team. Now we have to tear them up or we get no respect from the powers that be.

Be Coach Pease & Call The 1st Play vs Fresno

Fresno loves to try and pressure Kellen. Pease will want to remind them right away that they better calculate risk when blitzing or even some stunts. The 1st play will be Kellen moves the pocket left and launches a deep ball for Boldewijen, reminding Fresno they need to not guess too much. BSU is not afraid to burn a play vs Fresno Defense. They will call "keep them honest" plays all day.

If I'm Pease, my first play of the game is .......

victory formation and a knee!


Ω Relegated to water boy

Flubbed as OC and even worse as a GM. I give up, almost.

I'll go with a flanker screen to Mitch. That should have about a 5% chance right there.

Well At Least We Know What

the 1st play WONT be.... ;)

I also

vote for Boldewijen deep out of the newly devised "Toyota Camry" formation with lots of shifts...VROOM!

I'm not a fan of RUTS, however,with the schedule we have

and the fact that we're ranked in the Top 10, coupled with the fact that we have one of the best QB's in the country, who is also a leading Heisman candidate, it's somewhat of a disgrace that our offensive playcalling has resulted in a dismal ranking of 28th in the nation in scoring (36.5 points per game) and 32nd in yards (446.8 per game).

as stated above, I'm not a fan of RUTS, but then again, I'm not a fan of circling the wagons and calling it quits midway through the 3rd quarter either. If Pease wants a "complete" game, perhaps someone should tell him that it requires playing all 4 quarters instead of just 3.

TBK, There You Are Again....

stirring up controversy.

Don't you think the play calling would look better if the execution was up to snuff?

When do you "circle the wagons" ? 21 point lead...28?...35..? 50?? Never?

you yourself have commented on the predictability of playcalling

here's how I see it. If you RUTS, you not only keep the ball out of your opponents hands, but you improve your national ranking in scoring, yardage, passing, rushing, 1st downs, FG's, and just about everything else, and when Joe Schmo, down in Redneck Bay Florida is watching his beloved Gators playing Bama and the BSU score rolls across the bottom of his TV screen and he sees Boise State 65.......he's not going to focus on who it is we're pounding because it doesn't matter, he's gonna think wow BSU scored a lot of points, which brings me to this - Isn't the #5 team in the country supposed to put a bunch of points on the board against teams like Toledo and Tulsa? Isn't that the point of having teams like that on our schedule? It's not as if we schedule them so we could play a highly competitive game and impress the naysayers or anything. Because we can't play the big boys, we schedule teams that will enable us to go undefeated. That's the secret to our success, so why f-art around with those teams? If I'm a Bronco coach, I say never circle the wagons, and if anyone is ever critical and mentions our weak schedule, I'd say you're right, but if we can't play the LSU's and Alabamas week in and week out, we gotta play someone, and I'd leave it at that.

What's our average pass play? 8-10 yards? Do you think those types of pass plays set up run plays? They don't, and IMO, that's why we've struggled with the run game this year. It's getting better, but our perception isn't, as the polls and rankings indicate


Agree 100% 65-10 should have been the BSU-NV score. Rip out their throats and crap down the hole.

Kid...Tell that to Bill Walsh...

who won SB rings with short pas-ses to establish the run game..

Now..I can tell we may debate this at length as well as more than once this season so let me start by telling you where I'm coming from here.

1) I believe if your on the field you do your best to score no matter what the score is. Running out the clock is BS because that can and does backfire on teams. The only exception is when you have a team beat down and you're getting 6-8 a pop with every handoff. Trying to score means your giving the players on the field what they need to score, and that includes enough 1st Team personnel and the play calls to let them be successful

2) Substitutions- I don't believe in ma-ss 2nd/3rd team substitutions. I do believe they should occur all game long with personnel rotations. I do believe even late in the 4th quarter, you have 6-7 starters in the game with the subs that dont play much. I believe this keeps people fresher, conditions them better, and does not put as much pressure on the subs.This means Southwick gets to play with Martin and half the starting skilled position players. Vice Versa's.

3) I do belive that when your Team heavily depends on ONE QB and the backup is Unproven and or Has NOT performed well, you do NOT put him at risk when the game is well out of reach. Look at Andy Reid...I've seen him keep VICK on the field with 4 minutes left and a 24 plus point lead..and even though Vicks on my fantasy teams, I cringe.

Yes, I've been critical of some play calling. I thought it was better last week and will continue to criticize when I feel it's off and predictable.

I respect your run game opinion but I think you're wrong. Whats been wrong with it is obvious. Watch replay games or if you have them recorded and pay attention to the penetration other teams get. Too many hit behind the line. We're better at pass blocking and it's a different type of block when run blocking. Sometimes it a hit and prevent a dlinemans drive, sometimes it's a hit to seal off, other times it's a glancing hit to disrupt balance and direction. Point is, we haven't executed. I will grant you run predictability in play calling is part of the problem and as I said, there was improvement.

And don't forget margin of victory means nothing in the BCS computer formula. ZHuman influence, of course, it's human nature to notice.

Also don't forget execution kept us from the blowout we all wanted to see vs Nevada.

Bill Walsh?

Bill Walsh won his SB's with Montana & Young QB's who both had some of the highest Yards Per Attempt in NFL history. Young (8.0 yards) Montana (7.5 yards)

TBK...With All Due Respect...

Walshs' Super bowls

XVI.....6.72 P/A

XIX.....5.79 P/A

XXIII... 4.92 P/A

No response to the body of my post? Focus on my Statement (with Walsh) you CAN pass to run...the whole basis behind WC offense.

No other response?

wasn't aware you were focused on single game SB YPA's

I thought you were talking about Bill Walsh's "career" that included SB's. Areyou saying that Young and Montana's career YPAs are meaningless? The lower SB YPAs just show how well the D defended the WC offense, no?

In a WC offense the pass spreads out the D which opens up the run. I'm aware of how it's used. Are you saying we have a WC offense? If so, I'd have to disagree.

No. I didn't have a response to the body of your post. I saw it you expressing your thoughts and opinions and repected them as such. If you wish, i can go back and pick them apart just for the sake of argument, but I'd rather not engage in such activity.

I do agree that our D line is better at pass protection than they are at run blocking, and for all I know, their pass blocking could have been the emphasis on why they were recruited. If we do have a WC style, that explains why we've been heavy with stud WRs and not stud RB'S (Martin is the exception) but then again, he was recruited as a defensive player. We can disagree all day on the details, but at the end of teh day, we're not effective on the ground. i think it's play selection and the timing of said play selections, more than i think it's the fault of the team not executing. I think we need to spread the D more than we are before we can get a run game. I think a better passing game plan will allow for that, but we all know that giving the rock to martin isn't they key to our pass game. I say if it's not broke, don't fix it and our passing game isn't broke, it's our bread and butter and I feel that we need to exploit it more. Once we do, our run game will develop

TBK..Just For The Record, as Tfunky Would Say...

Do you know what BSU is averageing in the passing game this year? I'm not sure you did when you started your original post and our discussion. I didn't. I had to check..

Per attempt..... 8.1

Per reception....11.0

You're both confused.

Only 4 games into the season, but you sound like your debating a career.

Did anyone see the Dallas game

this past week-end?

Perfect example of what can go wrong when you try to RUTS.


So, what happened?



5 minutes into the 3rd. Instead of running it out, they wanted more points.

Final 34-30 Detroit.


Espn CFB show, just now..ran a very nice piece on Bryan Harsin...The players, fans, staff in love with the guy.
Kudo's for him..

That's cool

Chatted with some Tennessee dudes that had real good stuff to say about Wilcox.


Sure, super for him. What should be bothering to BSU fans is that when Harsin was at BSU he was considered a creative play caller, but now that Harsin is at Texas he's suddenly a football genius who will usher in a new frontier of offensive schemes, ridiculous!

No different when a poor kid on the block gets a new toy that actually is cool, but the other rich kids pay no attention because it's common knowledge poor kids don't have cool toys. The poor kid then gives up his toy to a rich kid and suddenly it's the coolest toy ever. What I'd like to do is march up and rank the toy away from the rich kid (crying) and give it back to the poor one. Then we'd go get some ice cream too.

I'd love for Boise to play Texas. Maybe schedule it a couple of years out to give Harsin time to get their offense comfortable. Then we show them the magic only works in Idaho. I think people tend to get too caught up in coaches thinking they are the one reason for a team’s success. Those who have coached at BSU in the past inherited a winning tradition that stretches back decades. That's a foundation that gives you a clear advantage.

Don't think I'm not happy for Harsin. This is a great opportunity for him, I just don't care for Texas.

Hi Ho Silver Quick, You're Not The Lone Ranger Here...

can't stand Texas myself. You are correct @ coahes inheriting a winning tradition...and evidence failures by those departed..Nutt..Koetter, Hawk..

Read story on Harsin, link posted below by Razor..The calls he gets are testimonial to BSU's prominence in CFB..

Myself, I think Petes in a different class than his predecessors.

I did and it wasn't playcalling or trying to RUTS

Joe Theismann, now an NFL Network analyst, explained his frustrations with the quarterback on's "Dave Dameshek Football Program", calling Romo "average" and saying the Dallas Cowboys need to actively seek a replacement.
"Tony Romo continues to do things to hurt his football team," Theismann said. "He doesn't understand how to play the quarterback position. Somebody had to say it, and I just said it. Tony, you have to start proving to everyone you understand football. You're doing things that Pop Warner kids would get benched for."

Besides, it's crazy to think the Cowboys are even somewhat capable of RUTS on anyone , much less an undefeated NFL team.


Take a look at the plays.....Pass on first down with a 24 point lead? Pass on 3rd 2 at midfield with 5 minutes left in the third and 17 point lead.....

I listened to the post game and they were all over Dallas wanting to prove they were back so they came out to score more TD's, not protect the lead.

What exactly is RUTS?

Take the time to type out the word and you strengthen your mind :)
...and people actually know what you’re talking about.

Quick....RUTS is


It is a secret code for expansion....must RUTS to get more donors like the Vandals have....

Good luck Tonite Broncos....RUTS!

Ugly.....Please Clarify

The Vandies have more donors by head count...or...the Vandies have donated more money than BSU supporters??

Either way, I am asking you to prove it...

If you can't, just admits it's another BS troll line..


Didn't say Vandals donated more than Broncos on Bronco sports....

Why wait?

Stadium project would proceed much faster if find location and build new....this step-by-step stuff takes more time and money....too many comittees and time wasted stuff....just build....

People get more excited at donating something new, than rebuilding old....donations would go way up on something new....

Gee Ugly My Mistake...

nice tap dance in spandex..

"....must RUTS to get more donors like the Vandals have"

You must have meant the Vandies run up the score to get more donors..just like you literally said..

My mistake...

You need no secret codes...

Double bacon cheeseburgers are a sure way to expansion.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.


Running Up The Score




I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Been watching?

If you've been keeping up on team news BSU's deep threat receiver had been suspended. BSU's schedule alone won't get them into the championship game no matter how badly they beat opponents. What they do have in their sites is a BCS bowl, which they can achieve by just winning. No need to try and average more points than Chip Kelly. They need to do just what the article mentioned and that is get better. I don't know about you, but just going to a bowl game isn't the goal, be nicer to win! If BSU can't clean up their play and become more consistent they won't be able to take advantage when an opportunity presents itself. Also, you make Tulsa and Toledo sound like New Mexico?! Each of those teams are in a similar boat as BSU, that being nobody will play them besides there in-state rivals (Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State). Both of these teams are better than people think. It took BSU years to prove they were a better team than their schedule suggested. Now that they are getting the respect from voters I am not sure they have played like a top 5 team so far this year. Let’s hope they had a good week of practice because you don't want to sleep on Fresno.


You make it sound that BSU has zero depth at the WR position. Boldewijns return is welcomed, but BSU's bread and butter is di nk and dunk tosses and not the long ball.

You say we don't need to try and average more points than Chip Kelly and that we just need to do what the article mentioned and that is get better. Well, get better at what exactly? Moving the ball and getting into the endzone? If so, does that not translate into putting points on the board? Scoring points is what football is all about. If you don't score more then the other team you lose. If you're expected to score a lot more than the othe rguy and you fall short of that expectation, you don't cover the spread, which created the perception that you struggled.

As far as just winning, BSU has been doing that. They're undefeated and they're slipping in the polls. Same story differnt season. What they need this week is a repeat performance of last years Fresno game - a major blowout. If they don't, they're likely to get jumped yet again.

As far as Chip Kelly and Oregon, well, they're not really all that good, they just score a lot of points which has creatd the perception that they're really good. let's not forget that BSU is, in part, where they are today due to blowout wins by Hendricks, Dinwiddie, Zabransky, and now with Kellen. Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to tune into BSU to see mediocre football. people tune into BSU to see an offensive showcase and like it o rnot, that's how we're judged


JFS12 where are you?

(No subject)


milton knox will run crazy against the defense sorry that defense

Question to all

Are you all having trouble seeing the Oregon players tonight or is just me?

Ω Not at all.

I am having trouble seeing the guys in white once LaJames gets near the sidelines. Those guys in white are kinda off-camera ... or something.

I have to admit

Oregon looks like they have 12 guys on offense......

I don't have cable so I default to 'just you'...


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Of Course Not Funky, Like Idaduck says...

their shades of green are different ..not like bsu's blue on blue......