NCAA, Boise State provide details of Febis, Boldewijn suspensions; Tjong-A-Tjoe case still unresolved

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Impermissible benefits and recruiting violations were the cause of the suspensions for Boise State football players Cedric Febis and Geraldo Boldewijn, the NCAA told the Idaho Statesman on Wednesday.

Febis received a one-game suspension for “recruiting violations and impermissible transportation,” according to an e-mail response from Emily Potter, the NCAA assistant director of public and media relations.

Boldewijn received a four-game suspension for receiving $700 in impermissible benefits, including a car and driver’s insurance coverage. He repaid the $700 to the charity of his choice, Potter said. Boldewijn will make his 2011 debut Friday night at Fresno State.

Boise State has requested the reinstatement of a third player, defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, but the NCAA “is waiting for the university to provide additional necessary information to complete the case,” Potter said. No details of his case were provided.

All three players are from Amsterdam but played high school football in Boise while staying with host families.

Potter points out that Boise State was required to declare the players ineligible when it learned that NCAA violations had occurred and request reinstatement from the NCAA. The NCAA staff reviews each athlete’s reinstatement request individually.

Earlier this year, two Miami players were suspended for four games each for receiving benefits valued at slightly more than $700.

“The NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff considers a number of factors including the student-athlete’s responsibility for the violations, if a significant competitive advantage was gained and any mitigating circumstances presented by the school,” Potter said, “and guidelines for the type of violations and value of benefits, among other factors.”

Boise State has not provided any details on the three cases, but indicated it would put out a statement this week.

Last month, in an interview with Brian Murphy, Boise State president Bob Kustra suggested that the case revolved around behavior of boosters.

“What we have to make sure we do very well here is educate our boosters and make sure that they understand what boosters can and cannot do,” Kustra said when asked about the three Dutch players. “That will be an important component of moving forward, that we not just spend time working with coaches and not just spend time working with student athletes, but that we work with boosters as well to help them understand that it’s hands off when it comes to certain kinds of behavior that they may have been accustomed to in earlier years when this was a small program and the NCAA rules were different. That’s no longer the case in this world that we live in.”


Boise State issued a release Wednesday evening that provided some additional details:

— Boldewijn’s $700 penalty was for impermissible use of a 1990 Toyota Camry with 177,000 miles and driver’s insurance coverage.

— Febis paid a $20 penalty to charity, representing the value of his impermissible benefits.

— In each case, Boise State, the Mountain West and the NCAA have concluded that the violations involved are secondary (“isolated and inadvertent”), so no major case proceeding will result from the investigation.

— The case began on Aug. 23. The NCAA called Boise State and informed the school of alleged violations involving the three Dutch players. Boise State was directed to investigate, and did so immediately. All three players were found to have received impermissible benefits.


USA Today did a story on the possible conflict of interest for athletic directors whose bonuses are tied to the success of the football program. The story uses former Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier as an example.

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So stupid

So the families that these boys lived with while attending high school allowed them to come to dinner and drive their cars like they did in High School, and that is an NCAA violation. So they miss games, while the QB for Ohio State got free tattoos, money for signing memorabilia, and then played in the Bowl game after it was discovered and walked away with no penalty served.

The NCAA is the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the world. Literally ridiculous.

I agree with you completely!

You read my mind...thank you! Hopefully we get TAT back soon! GO BRONCOS!

you think that's stupid? check this out

Geraldo gets nailed for driving a beat up 1990 Camry while La Michael James exchanged his car for a 2003 Range Rover with a man who said he "considers" himself as an uncle to LaMichael, and THAT isn't a violation? Wow!

Oregon said in a statement Wednesday that star running back LaMichael James did not violate any NCAA rules and is eligible despite exchanging vehicles this year with a person described as a family friend.
The statement was released following a report in the Willamette Week Online that James had been using a 2003 Range Rover after exchanging his 2000 Mustang with Pernell Brown, a man who said he considers himself an uncle to James. According to the statement, Oregon worked with the NCAA and found the friend was neither an Oregon booster nor agent. "Based on the information available at this time, it was determined that the vehicle exchange did not constitute a violation of NCAA legislation and LaMichael James remains eligible to represent the institution in outside competition," the statement read.
Oregon spokesman Dave Williford said the matter is considered closed at this time. According to the report, Brown said James wanted a different vehicle because he was being harassed by somebody that was leaving notes on his car.

and yet Cam Newton and his father got thousands

and was cleared to play in a couple of hours. Good system there buddy.

The System

That was "different"-- it was for Jesus and the SEC!

Now we need BSU to fill in the blanks

Were the benefits given by the host family (that's the rumor)? Did they receive the benefits because they were BSU football players or because the "booster" already had an established relationship with the players? Was Geraldo given a car or was he allowed to use the host family's car? If the rumors are in fact true, we need to take to the social media sites and expose the hypocrisy of the NCAA. The info needs to be passed on to all the major sports outlets to prove that BSU does not have a dirty football program but that the NCAA applies different standards to AQ and non-AQ teams. The NCAA sucks!

Preaching to the Choir

The major sports outlets are already crawling all over the NCAA. Since the NCAA is beholden to nobody, it doesn't really matter. As much as I hate to say it, the NCAA will only be reined in by a federal lawsuit or Congressional action.


they have no accountability which always leads to abuses. Hence, the arrogance and lack of fairness.

That's not exactly true...

The BCS organization has a strangle-hold on the NCAA. They pull a lot of strings in Indianapolis and the puppet dances how they guide it.

And the BCS, of course...

Is guided by what certain universities and conferences deem necessary.

Its about time the NCAA got Barracked!

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.


I think the NCAA needs new leadership and is as disorganized and incompetent as they come. That being said, our compliance department failed us on this issue. These young men were not getting hooked up with Range Rovers and dirty dirty strippers.

Who's the Boss?

I'm admittedly not schooled in all things NCAA. I was just wondering - who is the governing body over the NCAA? It seems to me they have a real h*rd-on for Boise State. Who do they have to answer to...or do they?


The NCAA answers to the university presidents, just like the Mountain West answers to the presidents of the league members.

Come on Chadd

Who has more power and influence, the university presidents of the BCS conferences or those of the non-AQ conferences? That's not true accountability, we need changes. A compliance committee comprised of officials all east of the Rockies isn't helpful either. Step up, or I'm going to drop a "d" from your name. This stuff against Boise State just isn't right--not to mention fair and balanced.


The question was who do they answer to....not whether it's right or fair.


Don't shoot the messenger. At least Chadd/Statesman dug some info out of the NCAA prior to the BSU press release.

Here's an interesting read for ya BoySeeSt8

remove the dash in the SI link


Thanks, TBK - the article kind of reinforces my gut feeling about all of this. The fact that they can basically impose whatever restrictions they want and there are "no official guidelines or precedents" - and that they have gotten away with this crap for years - is just beyond me. I don't believe in the "two wrongs make a right" way of thinking but when you compare these infractions to the "bigger schools" there is a terrible imbalance here (and dare I say corruption?) and I hope people are paying attention. It's a shame it all comes at the expense of some good kids who want to play for a team that dares to upset the BCS apple-cart.

So now we know

that playing a college football game is worth $175. What a joke!!!! This means the players at Ohio State should miss the rest of their collegiate eligibility.

Not clear

Where does it say in this article that the violations occurred when these players were in high school? I think I am missing something here. Also, I don't think USC would agree that the NCAA only punishes non-AQ schools!

AD Bonuses from BCS Bowls

Dan Wentzel, et al in "Death to the BCS" reported that Athletic Directors received five figure bonuses for sending their teams to BCS bowls. The USA Today article limited their discussion to bonuses provided internally and completely omits outside money. It appears their research was incomplete. The question this begs is what did Bleymeaier receive for both Fiesta Bowl appearances?

NCAA is a Freakin' Joke!

Cam Newton is cleared to play in less than 24 hours, while these poor guys get hung out to dry for weeks and weeks?? Whoops; I forgot that BSU isn't in the SEC. My bad!

The more details released,

the more this smells of hypocrisy and an NCAA agenda pre-occupied with Boise State. With so much bigger fish to fry at Ohio State, Miami, and Auburn they have so much time on their hands that they can investigate and place suspensions for a $700 violation? Worse, they proceed at a snail's pace that leaves the players in limbo to the extent that it negatively affects their aspirations as well as those of the whole team--and coaching staff. All under the pretense that Boise State received a "competitive advantage". Ridiculous!

the ncaa would need to be competent in order to create an agenda

take a look at the link in my response to boyseest8


Only biased...

Gene B

This man did more towards BSU being where it is athletically today than any of our presidents or coaches. He was behind the scenes and now will be unheralded. He deserves to be recognized for what he did for the University. Not for a couple of insignificant violations of NCAA manure. The NCAA should of it's own accord abolish the BCS and make the championship similiar to what happens in basketball. Then the real athletes could rise to the top and be recognized. Just sayin.......

Gene has retired...

Please stop wasting your effort trying to somehow let GB not be respnsible for these things. Booster relationships belong to him. It happened on HIS watch...he is respnsible, he is no longer at BSU.

Next question?

Oh, me...

Why do guys always wish fat women to be pregnant to the point of embarra$$ing themselves asking?


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.


Don't disparage fat girls; I was always told that fat girls try harder. Good to know if you're a young man--which I'm not.

I'm 45 so no. The baby kid hit 40 last month-all over the hill.

It's still a dumb, hopeful male thing.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Then why are you still in pampers?

Get them free from the government like everything else

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.

Time to move on for GB & BSU

Comparable programs of BSU's size have 4 compliance personnel BSU had 1& 1/2 and went through 4 compliance diectors in 4 years. If anything Kustra waited too long to lower the boom. GB is also an attorney and realistically should have known better. BSU has a chance to start with a clean slate and move on to a program we can all be proud of regardless what other schools sre doing.

Hold On There A Momento...

Clean slate? Are you quite sure? I won't defend the lack of accountability for what happened...but everyone seems to think this is all over and done. I hope so. I just have to wonder that if these sloppy issues came to light..are there more petty infractions BSU officials are NOT aware of yet? As you know, BSU found out (by whatever means), suspended them, then applied for reinstatement. There's been a lot of speculation about HOW it came to their attention and I hope no other sources report issues other than BSU policing things thenselves..which obviously wasn't done enough or correctly.
I'm hoping a thorough "carpet cleaning" has been done by now.

I remember Pete

once saying that compliance is a daily chore and is never really behind them......

NCAA is stupid!!

I think the NCAA should be examined.. And have their jobs taken also. There are plenty of people out of work right now that could use their jobs AND probably do a better job at it.

You do realize the other schools in it see that you're venting?

Like anybody else in a jam.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

This is great news!

It's great there is some resolution for two of the three athletes. I'm sorry to see they had to miss games.

Is this a joke?

$20? A 1990 Toyota Camry with 177K miles? I think this would make me less likely to join a program if these are the benefits that "boosters" are pushing. These have got to be benefits from their foreign exchange families.

So dumb.

How many games did Michael Oher

get from the "impermissible" benefits he received from his adopted Ole Miss family???

Oh wait...SEC.

Lets just move on-----

BSU fans need to just be happy theres no major violations so far with 1st two kids. Nice to see our new compliance office caught these problems. Anyway I'm assuming that.


Thats the wrong type of attitude to have. I agree we have to move on but "BSU fans need to just be happy theres no major violations" is a BS copout. Theres no way our players committed major violations so whats the point of being happy? I know you spend a lot of time on those ESPN threads but dont let haters on there make you believe "it could have been worse".

The Broncos have taken accountability. It is time to move on.

Any bets on

who dropped the dime?

two nickels equals a dime

After looking at the time line - I would guess it was Gene B. who dropped the dime.


I was kinda thinking

it was you.......


gave me a good chuckle


Nope - not in your wildest dreams.

Wiz did a timeline the other day:

8/10/11.... BSU announces GB terminated
8/10/11.....BSU (BroncoBob) announces New Compliance Director Hired

8/18/11....Apsey Named Interim AD

9/02/11....BSU Press Release announces 3 Dutch Man players suspended, not going to UGA
9/02/11....Pete address issue with press in Ga

9/7/11....Cripe posts story of Bley Interview

9/12/11...NCAA Report released

9/13/11....Kustra responds to NCAA report
9/13/11....BSU student manager with Dutch Man player connections suspended/canned

Notice the article said the NCAA notified BSU about the violations on 23 AUG 11 or 8/23/11.

As I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong, the NCAA received an anonymous letter regarding the 3 Dutch Boys violations and the NCAA then contacted BSU about it on 8/23/11. I do not know when the NCAA received the anonymous letter. Is that how you undeerstand it?

If so, then you will notice that possibly the anonymous letter to the NCAA was sent after 8/10/11 when a new NCAA compliance guru was hired and Gene B. was terminated.

I am not saying that Gene B. was positively the voice behind the anonymous letter to the NCAA. All I am saying i that per the timeline, it could have been a disgruntled Gene B. who did it. Motivation - yes; opportunity - yes; capability - yes.

You asked for thoughts as to who might have dropped the dime. I gave you a possibility. I am not saying a probability - just a possibility.

It could have been you for al we know - as it was a slimy action by a spineless coward - which it appears could fit your mold - as a possibility.

Just sayin'.



I still think it was you...... :)


I will take a polygraph. It was not me.

You set it up and I will show up for it.



it wasn't you, it wasn't Gene, and it wasn't me.

I was told from a pretty good source who it was.....

We can discuss it at the next meeting.