Boise ranked as No. 62 best sports city in the country

By Brian Murphy

Boise is the No. 62 Best Sports City in the country, according to Sporting News' annual rankings.

Boise was No. 59 in 2010, No. 69 in 2009 and No. 85 in 2008.

Dallas-Fort Worth is No. 1 on the 2011 list, on the strength of the Mavericks' NBA title, TCU's Rose Bowl run and the Rangers' World Series appearance.

Lorman, Miss., is No. 271 — or last.

From Sporting News: Sporting News’ Best Sports Cities rankings, which look at the 12 months from summer 2010 to summer 2011, are based on point values assigned to various categories, including but not limited to, won-lost records, postseason appearances, applicable power ratings, number of teams and attendance.

Among other Idaho cities:

Moscow is 114. Moscow was 111 last year and 128 in 2009.

Pocatello is 244. Pocatello was 236 last year and 181 in 2009.

Idaho Falls was not on the list this year. Idaho Falls was 381 last year and 375 in 2009.

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The Reason For The Pocatello Drop.....

is cuz Ugly moved there.

But I figured him out..I'll post it all soon enough...

Ω Not Pocatello

"Pocy", remember?

don't post it Wiz

not sure what you have but this isn't the place for that. I suggest that you email it or Ram it

Gotcha Kid

Shoot me an email


I think I got it figured out, too. Ugly stuff. Potentially embarrasing stuff for quite a few. If it is what I think it is, and I hope it isn't, Then, by all means, do not post it on a pubic board. I would suggest Fugly, as soon as possible, contact you or I (via e-mail preferably) and arrange a date/time/location of his choosing to discuss it with either you or I (I can travel to Boise anytime - not a problem going to Boise - it is only a little over an hour for me). This could be some real serious stuff is it isn't interpreted in the correct manner and by someone not looking for a fight, but just for the truth. I am not looking for a fight on this one.

I have seen things like this blow up real fast.

Maybe Fugly should contact you or I and explain it real fast. And explain it in a truthful manner. Truthfulness will actually count for good points if done in a timely fashion. Any delays will be interpreted as 'skirting' and 'stonewaling' and will reduce good points and the 'good will' component that goes along with the 'good points'.

It is up to Fugly at this point.

I think Fugly has our e-mail addresses and he should excercise the option of contacting either of us - REAL SOON.


Embarrassing for quite a few?

Naw, just one guy. A fight? Well, no. But some explain'n has to be done...

VNDLBULL....I Kinda Feel Like I Owe

the boards the truth. Been that way a long time. Yes, can get UGLY real fast, we've seen that before. I thought it was all worked out, us all being adults and not Kids and all, but hey...mebbe not. I suppose I'm open to your suggestion. Probably a good thing I read your post 1st as I was getting ready to make a major post. I'll think on it....

PS...I was right way back to last fall and you know it.-


Give me a clue what this is about? I think you guys are on some wild-goose chase....

I have none of your emails and am thinking this is a trick to get all of my info....

Fugly - it is the time . . .

. . . to come clean and level with us about it.


PS - E-mail me with when you and I can get together face-to-face and discuss it. There is some real serious stuff we need to yak about. If you have lost my e-mail, then just say on this board when and where we can get together. Hopefully - pronto. Wiz should be there too. Just us 3 at this point. No need to increase the Circle Of Knowledge. I want to keep this 'In-House' and 'Under Saran Wrap'. No need making this the 'Quest for the Holy Grail' - at this point. Still have time to find out about it on the 'QT' and among friends. This post is 'FYI'.

PPS - Silver is down to about $28 now - was $40 a week or so ago and I almost got rid of a bunch - should have - But I think it will be over $50 by the New Year - so will recover.

VNDL....You Ram Possee Guys need to come


I could email you....I'll just type random addresses and hope one reaches you....

You guys after your RAM meeting became alittle goofy....and I thought I was going to one, but may have to reconsider....I may walk out as a zombie....

You guys keep emailing each other and hope Ugly bites....wont bite this time....

on silver, hold currency is safe....

Now let me ask some secret questions to RAM Possee about Ugly:
1. Do you believe Ugly has a BS and MS degree from the University of Idaho?
2. Do you believe Ugly lives in Eastern-Idaho, very close to Pocy?
3. Do you believe Ugly is a runner?
4. Do you believe Ugly is some-what of a Boise State Bronco Fan?
5. What do you believe?

VNDL, whatever is on your mind....lets keep secret and send smoke signals....I'll go outside in 30 minutes and look west....

And they put Boise ahead of Pocatello? Not other reports....

No Possee Ugly, Just The Lone Ranger Here...

and I got you figured out. Last Chance...

Am Offering one on one...just email me a time and place and I'll be problems..we'll break bread and keep this all confidential..No VNDL or anyone else..

PS...Tonto may be watching...

PSS..Remember My Horses Name? are too funny....OK

You got me....yes, I stole the cat food....

Wasnt your Horses Name 'Weirdo', after its owner....

Ok wiz, I will eamil you....I will start randomly and after 66 billion it will get to Weirdo....

Wiz, be careful....there is a UFO over your house....

Fugly - the horse's name was . . .

. . . 'Silver'

As in: "Hi-Ho Silver"


Fugly - answers to your 5 questions

1. Do you believe Ugly has a BS and MS degree from the University of Idaho?

Answer: No.

2. Do you believe Ugly lives in Eastern-Idaho, very close to Pocy?

Answer: No.

3. Do you believe Ugly is a runner?

Answer: No.

4. Do you believe Ugly is some-what of a Boise State Bronco Fan?

Answer: Depends on the script and talking points at the time.

5. What do you believe?

Answer: See above. Actually I do not know what to believe.

Possibly you and I can have lunch together and discuss this matter. Wiz does not need to be there for this luncheon. If you areally are a Vandal, you will show up for the lunch and have copies of your BS and MS diplomas and a copy of your drivers license, A valid passport would be even better. We can meet in Pocatello at the Press Box any day and lunch time of your choosing. Pocatello is a little over an hour away so driving there for lunch with you is no big deal. Or we could split the diference and meet at Burley at the Best Western Motel's restaurant.

Let me know what you decide. Also, to prove you are a potato farmer, you could bring a sack of good potatos that you raise. My wife would appreciate it greatly and I know you are in the middle of harvest at this time, so getting a 50 pound sack of god Idaho potatos would not be a big deal for you, if you are in fact who you say you are and a bona Fide spud raiser.


VNDL....Done Deal....

Either Sand Trap in Pocy, or Canyon Crest In Twin....either way....I dont like the Press Box....Sorry....

and Burley, Perkins? No thanks.....

I'll bring spuds....

I will bring copies of degrees signed by Gibbs, Branen, and another....what will you bring as do I know you are real....maybe you are a cloned zombie hired by the govt to confiscate all silver owners in eastern-Idaho....


I will be driving a forest green Isuzu Trooper with VNDL license plates.

When are we doing lunch?

May I recommend Canyon Crest, as it has fine cuisine.

I will buy lunch - you get the tip.


Ω The Line

Over/Under is 6.5

VNDL is -1

Here is the pre-game simulation:


Canyon Crest is fine....I'll buy and tip....

Also, the Silver Round and B81 if you will see him at RAM....

P2 said he would let me know....

Next week?


Just curious...when did P2 tell you he'd let you know? was in P2s final ode

to the Statesman blog....he actually wished me well, and then admitted he hated me....and said he would let me know later how to get 150 to him....

I will....

I predicted BSU would be 9-3....I know I have lost....

I want to pay debt and spend time rooting for Broncos....

I do not wish Broncos any ill-will....I do want them to win the big one, especially for our State....

Ah Ugly.. I remember

now. I respect your bronco support. Some of us fight back to Vandal jabs here but many of us want the Vandals to be successful too, and ISU, all for our state. And them some, not so much.

Wiz - to be totally fair

Fugly purchased two (2) shares of Bronco Stock @ $100.00 per share. He prolly owns more shares of Bronco Stock than most Broncos who post on these boards. Actually, he has proven, to date, to be more of a Bronco than a Vandal.


VNDL....wrong, Ugly is far

more Vandal, than Bronco....I bought the shares cause of bet....

One More Thing Ugly...

I hold off full disclosure pending you actually meeting with VNDL...

No lost sleep necessary over this time...-


Monday, 10 OCT 11 at 12:00 Noon at the Canyon Crest sound good?

We can do it later in the day if you want (to accomodate any travel time).

Just tell me what day and I will be there at the time you say on the day you say.

My only reason for 10 OCT is because tht is the only day next week I can do it.

I will be wearing a BSU shirt and a Vandal hat.

Look for my rig in the parking lot.

As I understand it, JLandon's wife is P2's doc. So I could give P2s money to JLandon when we do our Board Meetng on 13 OCT at the Ram - as JLandon knows who P2 is. I don't think JLandon has ever met P2, but I am sure he knows how to get the money to P2.

B81 will be having lunch with the Baord Meeting on 21 OCT at the Broadway Ram. I could give him the money at that time.

As for my silver round - we can do another bet between you and I and it could be a Double or Nothing kinda thing, if you want. Maybe on a BCCS Bowl game if the Broncos get into one. I am not betting on any Vandies games this year, as they suck real bad and I have no confidence in them, at all, this year.

Let me know if Monday 10 OCT works for you at the Canyon Crest and what time would be the best for you. I am flexible, somewhat.


VNDL....sounds good....

I was suppose to be in Ashton area Monday, but can re-arrange for Tuesday since we have got alot of rain....

Monday is it....dont be surprised when seeing a skinny runner that is a Vandal....

10:30 to 1:00 would work best for me if your time is flexible....

No. I will bring the silver....

maybe we can do another bet at bet $50 he misses the put (caddy)....

I am a Ram fan....always a sucker on the Rams....

How about BSU v Air Force and a point spread?


Okay - I will be at Canyon Crest at 12:00 Noon, 10 OCT 11.

The food is great there. Hopefully it will not be raining so we can sit on the patio.


PS - Remember, I will be wearing an Idaho Alumni hat. Will also, have a Vandal helmet with Akey's and other players signatures on it, from the H-Bowl Victory Parade I put together in Moscow a couple of weeks after the H-Bowl, for verification. It is not a real helmet - it is life sized but is a replica sold in the bokstore. It looks like a real helmet, though. but you can't get it on your head cuz there is a black plastic plug/part inside.

VNDL....As Michael Jackson sang....

I'll Be There....

Topics: Bronco Football
Stadium Expansion
The Three Amigos, minus one....
University of Idaho Direction (School and Football)
Our experience at Idaho (VNDLs and Uglys)....
Silver or Gold, hard or ETF?
Creation or Evolution
Noahs Ark

Yes, I am also a Creationist....

Be Prepared....

Do you want to add anything to the list?


You have a good list.


VNDL....Sounds good....

See ya Monday....

Ring A Ding Ding...Calling VNDLBULL.....

Hey Don the pow wow lunch meeting Monday with the spandex queen..

Please secure proof Ugly is whom he purports. A picture, pic of Degrees, the more the better.

Wanna make sure no Statue of Liberty is run... ;)

Thanks in advance...

P.S. VNDLBULL.........

Please inspect Ugly's vehicle. Verify it a Dodge, not a Ford. Check the registration (and compare to Drivers License) to make sure it isn't borrowed..or worse yet, stolen.
Please take a cell phone picture of said vehicle.

Thanks in advance...


Perhaps, upon receipt of a sack of those Idaho grown taters, you could bring a few to share to the Broadway Battering Ram on Oct 12 at High Noon?

Just a thought...


Please have Ugly, on Monday, draw a map with the location of the Clocktower in Moscow. Have him sign it, then compare his signature to the one on his D.L., and bring it to the Meeting at the Broadway Battering Ram on 13Oct.

Thanks in advance.


Please verify if UGLY wears spandex unders. I don't care which hand you use. Take a cell pic for verification.

Thanks in advance..

So you lived on SW 1st St near the Creek House once?


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

FO....if your talking sw 1st in Ontario, yes

I did....

Dont remeber the Creek House?....the two complex was on southside not far from TVCC, near the Cementery area....

We both had many good friend that lived in the same area....

PS....if refering to sw 1st in I do dine in that was called Senangs, but changed name....also go to the Portneuf Valley Brewing on same said street....

You were somewhere near the Walker family (TVCC music prof).

The Creek House was a big grey Victorian on a corner that was run as a B and B for a while and then Wilson Creek died. He and his wife Ruth were involved in Onionskin Players. Another lite Victorian used to belong to a Mills (related to former council member who owned the Manhattan Deli where Romio's is now, across from Eldredge's on N. Oregon).


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

FO....there were several TVCC profs

living within 8-10 blocks of where I lived....most I dont remember....the only ones I remember was Stork and McAlpine....My favorite class was Business Law, and dont remember his name either....the computer class I took in 1986 and I believe it was Visual Basic, not could have been Basic itself....

I lived in said area in summers of 1984 and 1985....and also after I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1986 (actually Dec 1985)....I lived their about May 1986 until end of November 1986, and then moved to eastern Idaho and have live here, albeit moved many times, since....

I have been in the Ontario area visiting only a few times since 1986....


Better go with basic BASIC. VB didn't come on the scene until the early 90s. probably right....the class was pretty much a

waste those days, correct me if I wrong, was Fortran, Cobol, and BASIC....If I remember correctly we used BASIC on the TRS-80 with the 5" (5+")floppy....

Ω Nightmare

My intro to programming came in about 1975 with a version of Fortran called FastFor. It was anything but fast. Punch cards. Make one mistake and start over.

If you did indeed have a TRS-80 with a floppy drive, you weren't bad off. Lots of those old clunkers used cassette tapes. At least they had screens.

I love when someone tries to mess with me about computers. Started with DOS 1.1 and Windows 1.04 (the first widespread release). First hard disk was a Miniscribe 40Mb (that's right, Mb) "monster". Cost about $540 and put it in an IBM-PC portable, which weighed about 30 pounds. Some portable.

Yes, TRS-80

And it was a BASIC class taught by Mr. Kolander (I took it also), on HP 3000 mini mainframe...often came across the 'IT' guy Jeff in the little room built under the stairway near the front entrance. Watched Jeff mount a tape a couple-three times.

The entire campus was wired for the 3000 and featured the earliest version of 'intranet' (messaging) I can recall.

Every faculty member had a terminal.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

FO....we probably took the same

BASIC class....I did it for a language requirement to get into grad school....after class, 3-4 of us met at Arts Casa for notes sharing and a few brewskys....maybe you were one of them....

I wasn't rich enough then to dine fancy.

Art's Casa is now Malheur Council On Aging and the only Ontario business I recall ever making it relocated (other than three radio stations) was Howard's Tackle Shoppe, whose truck I saw the other day in town so I know it's still going strong.

Ontario Market/Tsubaki's GONE
Masingill's came from Payette to the old Radio Shack location (after it burned) GONE
Art's Casa GONE as far as I know, the Karcher location, once a Country Kitchen I seem to recall, became Mongolian BBQ.

I had the pleasure of eating at Pizzano's now and then and Mark Stringer would feed us calzones when we got mailings ready for his state senate race (lost to Gene Timms). Still, one of the fondest memories I have of that campaigh was that June Hartley, a longtime friend and Republican Party spokesperson came and visited on Election Night.

While long since having passed away I fondly remember her as such a wonderful lady!

1984 may have been the turning point in politics as we knew them but my first election was a satisfying effort for me.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

FO....You always talk Radio....

Do you remember radio jockey 'Rockin Rick Fife'?

"Lindalou" spoke of him. tt's a familiar name but...

I still cannot remember how to place it. KYET/KWBJ was in the West Park Plaza until the mid eighties and then moved into a house on SW 5th Ave, on the same block as Holy Rosary Hospital. They went dark for a long time until they were bought by Miller-Kohl Broadcasting and I worked there a short time until I got the willies for no good reason and quit. Later on the crew who made the FM (then KQPD) into KQXR with the Pirate Radio format they borrowed from Los Angeles and featured talent such as Byl Carrico, Roche11e, and the last times I recall seeing "Bad" Bob Lee. I saw them a number of times in the Canyon Village shopping center, right at the "Airport Corner" which is now a 4-way lighted intersection as part of the Yturri Beltway and truck exchange.

KYET became KACY and was bought by West Valley and renamed KIOV before it was moved to NOTUS. FCC certification of the new tower site and equipment held up the re-airing date by maybe a year.

It's my understanding Rick possibly worked for KYET with Ray Amaya etc up until the move and maybe I didn't connect?

By the way, Dave Adams engineered KACY and later KSRV AM-FM where he did an exemplary job replacing the monstrous Gates BC5E from c.1957 (the year KIDO vacated 1380 and moved to 630) with a wonderful Gates Five PCM AM 5 kW transmitter and also replaced all 19 18 disc Pioneer CD changers (3x 6) with a hard drive system for the both of them. He later went on to Baker City I beiieve.

I knew Leo Ellsworth at KSRV and I remember fondly Bob Sullivan's TV station, K19AR/Cable 8. Bob passed away a couple months ago it seems, I'll miss that fellow!


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Rick was at KYET in

Mall until about 1983....He had a popular evening show....

I remember the reel decks at the front window, visiting the

studios often and winning a Schwinn 10-speed in the Mello Yello Sing The Jingle Contest. I remember the music more than the announcers, unfortunately. I have no idea why.

I almost remember the lady who was the secretary.

Ray Amaya worked there then and he moved on to Sundance (630 KIDO/KLTB 104.3 at that time, which sold itself to Clear Channel to form the group that eventually became Peak) and I think KBOI at Citadel, now Cumulus.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Hes already been baptised by the cosmos clergy in starville

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.