Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore lead crowded Idaho Statesman Heisman Tracker

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Votes are so scattered this week in the Idaho Statesman Heisman Tracker poll that Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore is in second place overall but was second on only two of the 10 ballots.

Baylor quarterback Robert Giffin III tumbled from first to sixth after the Bears suffered their first loss of the season. He still leads the nation in pass efficiency, but his fate shows how closely voters tie winning to each candidacy.

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is No. 1. He and Moore are returning finalists.

Alabama running back Trent Richardson, Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson and Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones are tied for third with 16 points, four behind Moore.

The top five candidates all play for teams ranked in the top seven in the country. Twelve players received votes.

Here are the results:

1. Andrew Luck
QB, Stanford, junior
38 points (5)
Last week: 2nd
Luck has climbed to sixth in pass efficiency with 11 touchdowns and one interception. He isn’t scheduled to face a ranked opponent until Oregon on Nov. 12 — and the Ducks might be the only one he faces.

2. Kellen Moore
QB, Boise State, senior
Last week: 3rd
Moore lost six points but moved up a spot because of the variety of candidates who have emerged. He may have benefited from the Nevada game airing on Versus instead of ESPN but needs to take advantage of this week’s ESPN exposure to leave a positive impression in the minds of voters who don’t wander into the 600s on DirecTV.

3 (tie). Landry Jones
QB, Oklahoma, junior
16 (1)
Last week: 5th
Jones’ interception count (five) is hurting him, but as the quarterback of one of the leading contenders for the national title he’s going to hang around long term. He could climb with a strong outing Saturday against Texas.

3 (tie). Trent Richardson
RB, Alabama, junior
Last week: 7th
Richardson is charging with four straight 100-yard games and 11 total touchdowns. He had 211 yards from scrimmage against Arkansas and 208 against Florida.

3 (tie). Russell Wilson
QB, Wisconsin, senior
16 (1)
Last week: Tied for 11th
Wilson’s Heisman hype was fueled by Saturday’s blowout defeat of Nebraska on national TV. He’s second in the nation in pass efficiency with 13 touchdowns and one interception. The Badgers play four of their next six games on the road, which will be his chance to cement himself as a top contender.

Others receiving votes: QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor (15, 2); QB Denard Robinson, Michigan (10, 1); RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina (7); QB Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State (5); DB Tyrann Mathieu (3); WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State (2); RB LaMichael James, Oregon (2).

Here’s our panel: Jenni Carlson, The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City); Anthony Gimino, Lindy’s (Tucson, Ariz.); Coley Harvey, Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel; Josh Kendall, The State (Columbia, S.C.); Doug Lesmerises, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland); Andrew Logue, Des Moines (Iowa) Register; Tom Luicci, The Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.); Mike Prater, Idaho Statesman; George Schroeder, The Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.); Kyle Tucker, The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.).

Voters ranked their top five candidates. Scoring was five points for first, four points for second, three points for third, two points for fourth and one point for fifth.


Moore is third, behind Luck and Wilson, in this week’s Heisman Watch but sixth at

Based on Moore's performance vs. Nevada

He better throw 5 TD's to no INTs this week vs. Fresno and rack up 450 yards to stay evenly remotely a consideration. Don't get me wrong - he's an awesome QB, but he's got to perform lights out from here on.

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I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

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I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

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I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.