WR Geraldo Boldewijn will play for Boise State on Friday night; QB Kellen Moore says his knee isn't an issue

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State sophomore wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn will play Friday night at Fresno State, coach Chris Petersen said Monday.

Boldewijn was suspended by the university and reinstated by the NCAA over an eligibility concern. The NCAA informed Boise State of his reinstatement late Friday but he was required to miss four games, Boise State athletics spokesman Max Corbet said.

The university is expected to release a statement about the situation involving Boldewijn, senior safety Cedric Febis (suspended for first game) and sophomore defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe (still out), who all are from Amsterdam.

No reasons for their suspensions have been provided other than that they are related to non-academic, NCAA-eligibility matters.

Boldewijn’s return should provide a spark in the passing game. He is the Broncos’ fastest and tallest wide receiver and he was a consistent playmaker in this year’s scrimmages.

Boldewijn had been practicing with the scout team in recent weeks.

“It’ll be fun,” senior quarterback Kellen Moore said. “Geraldo, he deserves some opportunities and finally they’re here. We’ll be excited to get him out there. He brings some stuff that probably some other guys can’t.”

Senior defensive tackle Billy Winn said the process has been difficult for the three Dutch players.

“They’ve been kind of bummed about it, but they understand what’s going on and they’re just glad they’re going to be back,” Winn said.


Moore said his knee is not causing any problems for him. He was injured and left the game for one play against Toledo. He has worn a knee brace in the two games since.

“It’s nothing. Not injured,” he said. “Just something that happened a few weeks ago and sort of a doctor deal.”


Petersen said several of Moore’s incompletions against Nevada came down to timing.

“So many of the passes that he throws that everybody goes, ‘That was an unbelievable throw,’ are thrown so early with so much timing that most people aren’t going to throw them,” Petersen said.

On the two interceptions, Petersen said Moore had a receiver wide open for a touchdown when he was nearly sacked and misjudged how much he could get on the throw and was trying to throw the deep ball to the sideline and missed to the inside.

“Not every throw is going to be perfect,” Petersen said. “You guys have fallen under that spell as well.”

Moore, as was the case after the game, said little about the least-efficient performance of his career.

“I just take it and move on,” he said.


On the injury front:

— Cornerback Jerrell Gavins still is likely to redshirt. “If we thought he could get back in four weeks, then it’s a tougher decision,” Petersen said. “At this point, we don’t think it will be that soon.”

— Backup center Matt Paradis will be able to play this week but it hasn’t been determined whether he or Cory Yriarte will start. Yriarte started and played well last week. Senior starter Thomas Byrd is improving, Petersen said.

— Wide receiver and punt returner Chris Potter’s status will be determined later this week.

— Senior fullback Dan Paul remains week to week.


Here is the Petersen audio.


Moore will make a live appearance on Jim Rome's radio show at noon Tuesday. The show airs on KTIK.

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That is great news.

Last year in Fresno... Score

Last year in Fresno... Score BSU 51 Fresno 0
This year in Fresno... BSU wins again


I'm sure Pete has pointed this out the team:

Last 3 home game vs. FSU (3-0) 157-31

Last 3 road games (2-1) 92-82


It is a tough house for us.

Fresno allowing 32.4 p/g vs Cal Id, NDakota, Miss, Neb. We'll hang 40plus on em unless theres a downpour.

How'd you like to have had their OOC this year? Keep UGA and dump ND or U/I?


I watched the Ole' Miss game. We match up with them really well. Carr has a future but right now he's a freshman with happy feet and a mind set to think he can thread triple coverage.

I Did Too...

and Ole Miss racked 38 w/o much of a passing game, although it was a kinda "Play One for The Gipper(Nutt)" affair.

Martin carves and slices them in this one.

You know..I was watching the Baltimore game last night...found myself comparing Martin to Ray Rice. Posters will think I'm nuts but Martin is VERY similar. Size, speed, receiving abilities..and I actually think Martins burst is a touch quicker and he's more physical.


You guys were having too much fun debating this article so I think I'll throw a curve ball and change gears a moment and give you some cerebrawl rest:) The SEC , ACC, BIG 10, Pac 12 and the Big XII all need for the BIG XII to invite Boise St. for membership. If not then they need the Pac 12 to do it. This is all about money, right? How much money do the BCS bullies get if there is no non AQ team in a BCS game and compared to when there is a BCS buster? Wouldnt that be enough to help offset lack of tv market in the Boise area? No one else will ever be always knocking on the BCS doors on any regular basis if BSU is already in a BCS conference. It would make everyone some extra cash. In turn they could give the Big XII some schedualing favours in return! Just a thought! Now you can go back to your debate:)


Interesting point, indeed.



weigh in on Olamans thoughts..


Didn't you just suggest the BCS Bullies buy BSU off? There are some who think that's what they've been doing, at a lesser price..

Sort of kind of like

raking in the chips. Its been all about money so far. So why go ideologistic now? I read a blog that says academically BSU is compatible with Oklahoma, so it wouldn't be all that much of a stretch there either.
In other words: Yes! That's what they've been doing so far so why change just cause it's BSU?

I see Your Logic Olaman

but have trouble applying it to current conditions. With Conferences back stabbing, sly picking, secretly courting schools such as Tx, TT, OK, OKSt, WVA, ND, the list goes on..I have trouble seeing why one would vault BSU to the top of the list to "buy" them off. Delaney alluded to the BCS throwin the "LilSistas of the Poor" bones in his warning response to BroncoBob after BB read the "Death to the BCS" book. I think they feel they can get us all out of the way by modifying the rules to allow 3, not 2. AQ's to the Dance Party and tweaking the puter formula a lil bit. You know it had them seething when, under current rules, that BSU AND TCU both made it in...

But who knows in the wzcky CFB world.

PS...maybe we vould persuade VNDLBULL to call Delaney or Scott or Slive and present such an idea...heck ..he wouldn't stop till he got to Hancoc-k...

Ω That's one of the reasons ...

... why I think the Cotton Bowl goes BCS asap. I gather you meant "3, not 2, non-AQs". Having two actually get in wouldn't be as much of a thorn then.


My ideal senario is for the Mtn west to get a better tv deal and go AQ. Simple as that, but idealology is lost now days, traded for mo money. pick a slogan for the conferences; "It's my money and I want it now!", or "Show me the money!". If they want Airforce in the Big East, why not Boise State in the Big 12? Neither makes much sense, but neither does much of whats going on in realignment. Follow the money, mo mo money!

The only problem with

your theory is the BCS bowl money is chump change to the big 6 conferences.


but they have to pick someone, and there is only one Notre Dame out there. It is embarresing and hurts the ego for a constant bcs busting going on. It was meant to only happen once in a blue moon. Now with BSU always banging on the door giving weight to the call for a playoff. That could be put to rest. BCS money back into their pockets. BSU will eventually build a bigger stadium making it profitable to come. Idaho is growing too increasing the tv market. It is not about football anymore anyways. So why not kill to birds with one dollar? Every bit of "chunk change" seems to matter more than rivalries, geography or common ground these days anyway. So why not?

I had an interesting

discussion the other night. Basically, BSU has such a popular national TV following that it could override the Boise market size. If you look at it from the view point of who would get better national ratings, Oklahoma v Kansas or Oklahoma v Boise State? Texas Tech v Texas or Texas v Boise State? etc etc. Imagine the rating each time a Big 12 team played on the blue?

The argument has legs, the one draw back is does it have sustainability.......

Funky I Know You Read

a lot of blogs, so do I. That precise point appears to be experienceing growth with the BSU arguement. There also appears to be more acceptance of BSU as a legitimate top 10 FB program....but very little KNOWLEDGE and many perceptions @ BSU's facilities and academics. Also, a lot of erroneous perceptions re BSU's other sports.-

I've put some thought in that

I wonder if BSU would be smart to hire some work-study dudes to just sit on sports blogs and answer BSU questions with facts.......

Well. Certainly They Could Squeeze

some time out of existing staff or even hire a position for that. Couldn't cost that much.
How much they payin you? You've been carrying that torch..I've seen it.


is still on the payroll , how about using him?


You're just full of insightful ideas.

You need to consider coming to the next Meeting at The Broadway Battering Ram...Oct 13th High Noon....

PS..The only thing to fear is VNDLBULL..he's full of awful gas...


Go Broncos!


Kudos on that neighborhood grapevine..... :)

Thanks buddy

Cant take too much credit. Heard it yesterday, which makes me wonder why he wasnt cleared for Saturday knowing the NCAA probably didnt clear him on a Sunday. Maybe the Broncos heard on Friday and wasnt enough time for game plan OR the suspension lasted through Saturday.

Did I just give VNDL some unneeded ammo?

EDIT: Guess now we know...


I added some detail above that answers that question.

Wonderful news

I do not like the concept of the secretiveness of the volations of the NCAA rules and the warranting of a 4 game suspension, without the light of day on it.

The NCAA should at least say what justified them imposing a 4 game suspension on any player. That equates to one third of the players's season. And for what violation.

Does BSU even know what the violation was?

And, if so, why is BSU not fortcoming with it.

If the player was cleared and reinstated, after serving his 4 game suspension, then honesty must prevail and the fans be told, upfront and honestly by BSU what warranted the 4 game suspension. That is, of course, if they even know. But I am guessing Coach Pete knows as much about it as us fans do.

Either way, it is good he is back with the team.

Go Broncos


here's the low down on why

Somebody bought them a Big Mac Meal.

But Ronald said a Happy Meal was on the list

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.


Boise State knows why. The school is the one that investigated the issue, suspended the players and requested that the NCAA reinstate them. The NCAA doesn't suspend them.

Chadd - all very interesting

Your piece from almost a month ago, RE: Coach Pete placing the blame and onus on the NCAA, and acting role of the uninformed spectator:


Apparebntly Coach Pete knew it was a BSU investigation all along and shifted the blame to the NCAA for the feet dragging and slowness of a conclusion, remedy to the matter, when the NCAA was blameless to begin with. I have no problms blaming the NCAA for things, but there needs to be merit to place the blame. Apparently there clearly is none in this case.

It looks like one has to read between the lines when listening to Coach Pete in the future. I know I will pay more attention to what he says, and not take his words automatically as truthful and righteous from now on out. Trust, but verify and validate are the watchwords from now on out.

I gotta admit. I am kinda disssapointed in Coach Pete and how he apparently thinks the fans and followers of Bronco Football are stupid unassuming oafs that can't remember from week to week what they read about what he said.

But, be that as it may be;

Go Broncos.


Just Hold On There Dr DimlitGlimmerman.......

Just where in the linked story did Pete place blame on the NC2A??

He's not misrepresented anything..here's a quote "They’re looking from A to Z,” he said. “I don’t know everything myself.”
You doubt that? Why? On what Basis?

If you've paid careful attention...Pete is always asked this way " Is there any news from the Nc2A re the Dutch whizzes?" And NOOO, there has not been any "New" news. Whats wrong with that?

Maybe the Press outta ask the real questions..ie...What are the facts that you are aware of to put these boys in a suspended status? To my knowledge, no ones asked him directly the tough chit..Why do you suppose that is?

Notice: I am asking YOU, not the idiot shadow Ugly....

Fair question

You ask where in the linked story did Pete place blame on the NCAA.

Here is the passage: " . . . “Like you guys, I check every day,” Petersen said at his weekly press conference. “The NCAA doesn’t work during the weekends. . .
Petersen hopes to get some clarity before the Broncos return to the field Sept. 16 at Toledo . . . I know we’re going to know more and we’re really hopeful that we will (have an answer),” he said."

Now Wiz - anybody with a Second Grade reading comprehension level would get out of the article/story the understanding that Coach Pete was saying he was waiting for an answer from the NCAA, but they don't work on weekends (an unkind reference to the NCAA not working hard to resolve the matter) and did not know any more about the matter than the members of the media (you guys) who were interviewing him.

This article was from almost a month ago.

Even Totato2 has the same question I have.

Put on your thinking cap for a moment.

Just because a person thinks that the Head Coach of the Broncos has not been totally forthcoming with the fans, does not make the person less of a Bronco Supporter. It is ludicrous for you to think that, as a free thinking man with a brain of your own.

Go Broncos.


So VNDL...You Really Think......

1) Pete lied ?

2) BroncoBob didn't school him on what he could or couldn't say?

3) that if he talked much about it...there was no risk of damaging the NCAA probe?

4) That theres nothing to protect these kids from, on a personal level?

I could prolly come up with more..but being with a 2nd grade comprehension level, I taxed myself with those...

Maybe you can ad more, after you answer...

Notice: These questions are for VNDL, not that shadow lemming idiot known as Ugly...

Wiz- talking about it damages the NCAA probe?

I think Coach Pete was told what to say and what not to say by BSU PR Managers (maybe even Bronco Bob himself). He is inexperienced in matters such as this and wasn't as convincing as a more experienced spokesperson would have been.

Talking about it would not damage the NCAA probe, cuz according to you earlier, the probe was a BSU probe and the only involvement was the NCAA agreeing with BSU's sanction in the matter.

Is that correct - the probe was a BSU probe and not a NCAA probe? With the NCAA's involvement only being in agreeing or not agreeing with BSU's sanctions/punishment in the matter?

Can't have it both ways. Which was it. BSU's investigation or the NCAA's investigation.

This is where the confusion comes in, as the BSU public position (what little they have divilged about it) is that they were 'blindsided' and totally surprised about it and it was 'out of their control and hands' - pretty much painting a picture that it was an NCAA investigation and the three BSU players were the victims about the entire NCAA precipitated matter.

FERPA protects students by placing rules on the release of their public educational records from the schools they attend. It does not however protect them from any other matters not related to the academic side of the house. If a student violates civil or criminal laws within a state, FERPA has no bearing on the release of that information, whatsoever.

Go Broncos


It's All Tied Up in CIA Interagency Red Tape !!!

Time for me to go plug my fingers into an electrical outlet.

aqfunk, that's the misinformation I was talking about

In that link you provided, coach pete, when he said he hopes to “know something soon” and “Like you guys, I check every day,” and “The NCAA doesn’t work during the weekends" he isn't saying that he doesn't know what the violations are. Instead, he sidestepped answering THAT question and was giving an answer to not knowing when the ncaa would give BSU the go ahead to re-instate the players. That's the misinformation I was talking about. Looking back and knowing what we now know know, Pete's chosen answer was deliberate and calculated


Yes, it was deliberate and calculated.

That is what is bothering me about this entire matter.

It shows Coach Pete as not being respectful of the Fans that are his base.

He is in essence, thumbing his nose at the intelligence capability of his base.

I do somewhat share Wiz's observation that Coach Pete was cajoled and coached into saying what he has said and how he has said it.

Apparently Pete is worried about keeping his job. I guess that is good news for Bronco Fans - it is good to know that Coach Pete, behind the scenes will sell himself out to be able to keep his job.

At least that is how a passing observation could be shaped by it.

Go Broncos.


PS - Maybe there is more to this behind the scene stuff with Gene B., too. Maybe Gene B. had had enough of the manipulations by Bronco Bob and objected and wanted the story out in the jopen n a truthful manner, and Bronco Bob and Gene had a go around about it. We will never know for sure. I am convinced there is more to this entire matter than is meeting the eye at this time.


maybe Gene told Petersen what he was doing was a violation and Pete told him that nobody was going to find out about it. Maybe Gene's mad that Pete wasn't fired too. Oh Gawd...I'm catching aqfunkitis! I gotta log off and go for a ride and get some air. Maybe take a few days off from the blog, maybe I'll just quit and hang out with P-youknowwho and chomp on cheetos and watch Jerry Springer because this place is getting pretty close to that anyway.

aq- don't go down with the ship, there's no honor in that. Grab the dingy and save yourself, get to land and then run like he77 and don't stop

yep, I'm gonna quit

I'm pulling myself out of the game just like coach pete-occhio pulls Kellen out. I have full confidence that we'll win all of our games and get snubbed for a BCS bowl again. Kellen won't win the hardware, but hey, who cares, about individual stats, right? Well Pete does, all he cares about is getting that "W' to pad his win-loss coaching stats. This could have been a spectacular season, starting off with an amazing win vs UGA on he road, but it's just another ho-hum we beat a no-one type of season that will end in utter disappointment as we win ugly game after ugly game and continue to fall in the polls. I guess if I were getting Pete's paycheck, I really wouldn't care either. I'm just joking about Pete, he's great but the real reason I'm leaving is because of all the people here on the bandwagon who can't tell that we've been going in circles for far too long. Fight the good fight aqfunk and get them going in the right dirction cause I have fields to tend to and kids to homeschool and I gotta leave this nonsesne be. I'm a spoiled rotten Bronco fan that expects way too much from this football program and the happenings of this season is already making me sick. Aqfunk, to us, and those like...I'll see ya on the dark side of the moon................ Communication Terminated

Might Be A Good Idea...

rather than have it turn out like last time...-

wiz,vndl,JL, razor, funky - check yer email

check yer email

Ω Got it and responded.



It was the NCAA's role to reinstate the players and determine how long the players needed to sit out before being reinstated, so in that sense Boise State was waiting on the NCAA. My understanding is that the information also changed as the process went along. It's not like they knew all the facts the first day and were waiting for an answer.

As for asking questions, we have asked every which way what is going on and we're getting no answers from Boise State. We've requested public records and been denied because of federal education records laws.

I'm not sure AQUGLY

has ever understood the whole ED. laws situation.

The same laws that protect BSU football players protects the the sons and daughters of both aqfunk and ugly......

tfunky - FERPA - that is what it sounds like after eating prunes

I understand FERPA very well.

I also, understand the requests for Public Records of Idaho agencies per the IDAPA provsions for it. The IDAPA provisions are what is controlling to access BSU public records - not FERPA. FERPA applies to the individual records of individual students (transcripts, health records, financial records, attendance records, parking tickets, and etc). Also, I have seen you, in the past, make reference to FOIAs to get information from BSU (long time ago). FOIAs (Freedom of Information Act) is a Federal thingy and has absolutely no bearing on getting public records from Idaho State agencies. That is the purview of the IDAPA (Idaho Administrative Procedures Act) and its encompassing Requests for Public Information.

But then again, you know all about this kind of stuff as you deal in it daily, I am sure.

It appears as though BSU is going to great lengths to stonewall the media regarding this entire matter.

The larger question is 'WHY' for a matter supposedly of insignificance and of no consequence. It has piqued my idle curiosity

Maybe there is nothing here but smoke - who knows. But it is unusual for an Idaho public agency (and that is what BSU is, pure and simple) to go to such great lengths to not provide information to the media. Chadd and his colleagues are most frustrated concerning this, I am guessinhg.

But you know all about it and have your normal closed mind - so no need my wasting any more time about it with you.

Go Broncos.




You are really butt-hurt over BSU not telling AQUGLY what's up.


Makes no difference to me. If Coach Pete wants to look like he was played for as a fool by Bronco Bob - fine by me.


Ok Chadd Then Here's a Tough One...

theres imaginations running wild re Pete's level of knowledge and unwillingness to disclose such...to a point some are questioning his integrity.

Do you think Pete has willingly withheld information when he says "You know what I know"? Or..was he "schooled" by his boss on what to say and what not to say? I believe his statement was in reference point to "waiting" on the NC2A...

Hey wiz

Look at it this way. Let's say you decided to tell someone about an employees drug test......

Would that cause you a little trouble?