Otter for president? New York Times columnist is rooting for Butch

Columnist Gail Collins links the historic collapse of the Boston Red Sox with the withering of challengers to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination, most recently Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

In a column titled, "The Curse of the Mitt," Gail Collins writes, "Maybe Mitt made a pact with the Baseball Gods and traded the pennant for his nomination."

Collins suggests that Romney's Faustian bargain could explain his remaining above the fray while opponents like Perry, Michele Bachman and Newt Gingrich self-destruct. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the latest potential rival to Romney's front-runner status and is apparently revisiting his Shermanesque statement that he will not enter the race.

Could Otter step in if Christie disintegrates? "The Republicans are running out of governors to put up against Romney. This week the cry has been for Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey to get into the race, although I am personally rooting for Gov. Butch Otter of Idaho because of his strong record of fiscal conservatism and the fact that I really enjoy writing 'Butch Otter' over and over and over."

In her kicker, Collins says Otter should pay attention to Sunday's NFL game between the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders: "We’ll see what happens. But if the Patriots lose on Sunday, Butch Otter had better watch out."

Oh brother

Otter is NOT a fiscal conservative. He never saw a federal dollar he didn't like to take, especially if he could brag about how good it makes him look.


'oh, brother' is the kindest thing I could say.

Why not Otter????

Why not Otter???

He's as good as anyone they've put up so far... (and that ain't saying much).

We wouldn't have to pay IBM's Watson


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

He's too old

I hope he runs

America would benefit greatly if Otter is President.

It's, B itch Otter

Idaho would benefit greatly as well,,, he would be out of here

Why not.

He would be the first Goat Roper to occupy the White House.

Not the first goat roper . . .

You forgot about Benjamin Harrison and his goat, Old Whiskers. For example, see here:


has been drinking the tea.

At the New York Times?

I'm not thinking so. I took it more tongue in cheek than that.

You look pretty silly with your tongue in your cheek.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

That's never going to happen ...


why i otter . . .

Sarcasm is not wasted on me.

Sarcasm is not wasted on me. Once again, Idaho is the butt of a joke.

Fluff and make

Fluff and make believe......what else would one expect from the New York Times?

Gail who? The Red Sox choked. Nothing else matters.

Totally lame piece by Popkey. What do you do all day?


Since when did Popkey write for the NY Times; he is just reporting on that article. Havin' trouble reading or just comprehending an article from another source being shared with Idaho readers?

He is being slant eyed....

Popkey...slanted left as usual.

They've lost the will to write, call a doctor.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Whisky soaked chewn' tobacco. Campaign over.

Though next to Crazy-Eyes Bachmann, not bad...

NYT does a humor column?

When did the NYT start a humor column?

They are a sister publication to Highlights for Children...


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

I can see it now... Attorney

I can see it now... Attorney General John Bujak, Secretary of Transportation John McGee

Enos, we gotta get them Duke boys!


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.


is an idiot.

Which country and how many CARE packages do we send?


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Reminds me of what they said in California about Regan

They used to say that the Country's loss was California's gain.

Otter's Problem

Otter's problem is the same as Rick Perry's problem. Their loyalties are to the almighty dollar and their Communist Chinese friends with money.

Perry is 15x dumber than Otter will ever get to.

Perry would mix beans and gravel to make kidney stones.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Butch is much dumber

Perry may be dumber - but Butch is a cheaper poli-ho.

The real problem is how well the NYT cat can score drugs.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

No faith

I have no faith in politicians. By the time they get elected to office, they have sold themselves out, and not one of them has any moral compass. The concepts of "Liberal" and "Conservative" are lies to fool us common people. Figure out who the puppeteers are, and then vote for the one with the best handlers. Anyone who thinks Bush had any control, or thinks Obama has any control is kidding himself. Under that scenario, the people behind Otter or Romney terrify me.