Boise State 30, Nevada 10 (final)

By Brian Murphy

First quarter

BSU — D.J. Harper 21 pass from Kellen Moore (Dan Goodale kick), 7:37. Key play: Tailback Doug Martin gained 18 yards on a fly sweep to the left. Drive: 7 plays, 57 yards, 3:27. Boise State 7, Nevada 0

Second quarter

BSU — Matt Miller 3 pass from Moore (Goodale kick), 5:51. Key play: Martin dominated the drive with five carries for 37 yards. The TD pass came on a quick slant on third-and-goal. Drive: 9 plays, 56 yards, 3:59. Boise State 14, Nevada 0

BSU — Martin 5 run (Martin run failed), 1:24. Key play: Mitch Burroughs returned the Nevada punt 25 yards to the Wolf Pack 25-yard line. Drive: 6 plays, 25 yards, 2:31. Boise State 20, Nevada 0

Third quarter

BSU — Martin 43 run (Goodale kick), 12:56. Key play: Nevada was flagged for holding on third-and-8 to give the Broncos a first down. Drive: 4 plays, 64 yards, 2:04. Boise State 27, Nevada 0

BSU — Goodale 14 field goal, 8:23. Key play: True freshman Dallas Burroughs made a diving catch despite pass interference for a 13-yard gain. Drive: 6 plays, 25 yards, 2:23. Boise State 30, Nevada 0

Fourth quarter

UN — Allen Hardison 21 field goal, 14:48. Key play: The Broncos were assessed two personal fouls, both of which negated bad Wolf Pack plays. Drive: 10 plays, 85 yards, 4:22. Boise State 30, Nevada 3

UN — Matthews 53 yard pass from Magleby (Hardison kick), :46.

Pregame notes

Boise State will be without CB Jerrell Gavins, WR Chris Potter and OL Jake Broyles.

Gavins was injured during practice this week, a Boise State spokesman told the Idaho Statesman on Saturday. Gavins leads the team with three interceptions, including two last week against Tulsa. Sophomore Quaylon Ewing-Burton will start at cornerback against the Wolf Pack. It will be his first career start.

Boise State head coach Chris Petersen will discuss Gavins' injury after the game.

Potter and Broyles were injured in last week's victory against Tulsa.

Wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn and defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe will miss their fourth consecutive game with "eligibility concerns."

Center Thomas Byrd (knee) will not play. Cory Yriarte will start at center.

Nevada is expected to start Tyler Lantrip at quarterback. Backup Cody Fajardo is not expected to play because of a shoulder injury, Reno Gazette Journal is reporting.

Nevada kicker Anthony Martinez (hip) will not play. Allen Hardison will handle field goals and extra-point attempts.

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No Surprise..

Ewing-Burton will have to step up.

Heal quickly Mr Gavins!

Why is this "No Surprise"?

I hadn't seen anything earlier aout him getting hurt.

If I Told Ya I'd Have To Kill Ya...

I know someone that told me they saw him on crutches all week.

Looks like QEB did step up.

Looks like QEB did step up. Great job for the whole defense.

AND I think I won the NTS pizza to boot! Not sure exactly how that contest works, but IIUC, the pie is mine. ;-)


Way to Go!! Nice Job!!

Yes..secondary play was a plus..


it's not too long

Vote Vote Vote

Vote once a day everyday

Hope they are back really soon.

go wolfpack make my day

tired of mark johnson talkjing bcs settle down johnson

brotzman sighting

showing football wannabees how to kick

nation cooach keeps news quiet till game day

typical of petey


Are you done?

never geek

go wolfpack

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could only hope.....sigh...
enjoy the game!

Wow! BSU beat a 1-2 wac

Wow! BSU beat a 1-2 wac team. You have earned that #4 ranking good job! It only gets easier.... Your one and done season was well played

Thanks Rodney Ive missed ya...

Just walked home. It was the sloppiest Bronco game Ive ever witnessed.

JL..You Know

I bleed blue but we do not look like a Top 5 Team...for 2 Weeks now. This one will hurt. A VERY so so Nev Team, here on the Blue. I'm pretty convinced Nev is not done losing games this year. We get 330 yards,give up a couple turnovers, double digit penalties for triple digit yards.. 5 Dropped Balls Plus some other sloppy play.
Just callin it like I see it.


And great at times. Not worthy at this time of being a top 5 team.

Defense looked good

Really good, actually.

The offense, and Moore, looked very pedestrian. Part of Moore's problem might have been all the pressure he was under - seemed like he got hit quite a few times.

I do agree this did not look like a top 5 team today. Play sloppy like against a team like LSU and that defense will eat you alive (trust me, I've seen it happen).

As as aside, what was with the booing and the crazy guy in the endzone screaming at the refs when BSU got the penalty for roughing the punter? That was an obvious penalty, it tweaked the kicker's knee and was a dangerous play - they're going to call that every time.


Looked like some missed assignments. No excuses, they have shuffled the OLine around

D played with the intensity we've been looking for. Nev has a pretty decent rushing game...4 in nation (2AQ's) and we did shut them down.

Wasn't an intentional penalty, but one none the less. Dunno on the booing and the wac job..

IMO, 1 missed call, 2 bad calls, but overall, with that many penalties going on, pretty decent job.-

Terrible officiating...

But for both teams. There was a flag somewhere on the field all day long...

Good things:

Doug ran hard
Defense was stout all day long
JC Nickel transfer Dex Simmons played fast
QEB was solid in his first start
Some really good grabs on the sideline by Wrs
A made FG
Great field position all day/bad fp for Pack all day

The Bad:
O Line and tight ends cannot sustain blocks (still.. and now in week 4)
Dropped balls
Wrong routes
Bad Jump ball by Kellen
Personal foul penalties (a few were questionable)
Sloppy personal groupings
And for tomato2, horrid play calling.
And for tfunk, still way unsold on Joe Southwick. Another bad pick (negated by 2 penalties)

Pretty Much

sums it all up...

Pete maintained during mic quickies at end of half and end of game..but you could sure tell he was "irritated".

Game balls to D front 4..all of them.

block in the back

The replay clearly showed the running into.... was aided by the wing blockers push in the back with extended arms. Granted, the angle to the punter was not ideal, but a little shove here or there can go a long way at the speed the game is played at. But to answer your

another tough non conference opponent

such tough competition

razor wake up fron nap

game is over


how times have changed. BSU fans admitting they don't deserve to be ranked in the top 5 and/or other teams are more deserving of being ranked higher. Whatever happened to we've won every game on our schedule, we can't control our schedule, if we've won all our games why shouldn't we be number 1, our schedule strength is rated higher than _____ SEC teams, etc.?

TMD....the criticism is not on the

Boise State football team....they are good again as usual....

It is on their chances at an NC....and maybe even Sugar if Houston goes 12-0....


Because Houstons and Boises SOS are close....unless teams change, Boises SOS will most likely keep slipping, while Houstons will gain alittle strength....

The key will be if TCU loses one or two more and SMU keeps on winning but then loses to Houston....the other keys will be Georgia and UCLA....

Another small criticism is Boises aggressiveness after they have 20 point seems to go alittle stale, which could haunt them later in the season....

With such a good class of seniors and Boises rated #6, should they not want the best opponent at the Sugar Bowl with their best team, and should not an NC be their ultimate goal?....

Fugly - BSU's Ultimate Goal

Cannot be a Natty. What if it was and they did accomplish that goal. Then what would BSU do for a follow-on.

Gotta keep the Natty in the future; close but almost unreachable and untouchable. Can see it close up but can't quite reachit to touch it.

A replica of it dangles just a few inches from the finger tips at the Bronco Offices.

If the Broncos wre to ever get a NATTY, interest in Bronco football would wane. Ticket sales would drop. The realil sales of Bronco Gear would go up over the short term and then fall like a rock over the long term.

The BSU Broncos would be Yesterday's News/Team if they ever won a Natty. The logic to not give money for fundraising stadium expansion projects would be - 'Well, we won it all - we won a Natty with this here old stadium - why do we need to spend $75 million on getting 5,000 more seats. We made it to the top of the mountain with what we got and it was good enuff to get us there, so it is good enuff to take us into the future, as it is.

If Coach Pete actually wins a Natty, then what? He has to do it again to prove his viability?

Lets face it - it is just not in BSU's best interests Business Wise to win a Natty. And it certainly does not bnefit Coach Pete to win one, this early in his career - maybe 5 years from now at a larger AQ school, where a Natty win will be remembered and translated into Bigger Bucks (BSU can only pay so much based on BAA donations from fans - just about hit that limit already and Coach Pete knows it)).


stop posting from your meth lab

I think the fumes are getting to you


If you stop and process it and really think it thruough, it is not in BSU's best interests to win a Natty right now. Give it about 4-5 more years and then nail it. Get enough money committed to finish stadium expansion project to 50,000 seats and then win a Natty.

Cuz you gotta face it - once BSU wins a NATTY - the money train will dry up for BSU from long time Brinco supporters. Their goal will have been attained and then they take their bucks onto something else.

But for BSU, winning a NATTY is the end of the Dream - a fulfillment of the dream - yes - of course - but the end of the DREAM - nevertheless.

Think about it, unemotionally for a moment, and you will know, deep down inside of you, that it is true.

The worst thing for BSU is to win a NATTY at this time.

Besides Coach Pete can't get us there from here, or NOW wuold be the time for a NATTY - but Coach Pete is not the coach to take the BSU Broncos all the way. Someday we will have a coach that goes for the throat and really wants to win a NATTY.

But, we don't have one right now.

Maybe someday,


not right now, darned it.

VNDL least open a window

You're right. The 16 conference titles is a bit overkill. Add in the JC and FCS natty's and it's just laughable at how much energy the broncos have wasted all these years. The 2nd Fiesta Bowl was a fluke. I'm sure that BSU really didn't even want to be in that game for the reasons in which you've presented, and it really explains why BSU didn't want to win last years Nevada game. Seriously, we've alreday been to two BCS Bowls, so why would we want to go to another? Brotzman's missed FG's are now starting to make sense. He was told to miss them so BSU wouldn't have to go to a 3rd BCS bowl! Geez aqfunk, you're one wise cracker. Thanks from showing me the light.


You're welcome.


VNDL....I agree with postings....

there is more behind the ultimate NC strategy....

It will back-fire tho....

Ω Which meeting will you be attending?

10/13 or 10/21?

razor....dont know


Why do you ask?

Ω The first meeting was a good one.

We all enjoyed getting to learn about each other in person. You are a frequent poster and I'm sure many of us would like to meet you. That's all.

razor....same here....good to put faces to the long it is not facebook....

Just not sure which one, but I'll make it to one of them....trying to kill two birds with one stone by driving a truck down and getting a ride back....if that dont work, then....

I'll just drive myself....

Oct 13 would be good, but Oct 22 might be better in that the real scenarios of Boises BCS games and Houston and others will have unfolded....would be ineteresting to hear the groups take on that....