Boise State already has played 10 offensive linemen with the first team as injuries mount

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team already has used 10 offensive linemen with the first team this season.

Some backups played by design — but nearly all have been called upon to replace an injured starter, too.

The rundown:

Left tackle: Nate Potter

Left guard: Joe Kellogg, Spencer Gerke (injury replacement vs. Georgia, started vs. Toledo)

Center: Thomas Byrd, Matt Paradis (played in first two games, started vs. Tulsa), Cory Yriarte (injury replacement vs. Tulsa)

Right guard: Jake Broyles, Chuck Hayes (played vs. Toledo, injury replacement vs. Tulsa)

Right tackle: Charles Leno Jr., Michael Ames (played vs. Toledo)

“It’s a nice situation for us to have, but it’s certainly not ideal,” coach Chris Petersen said of the line depth. “We’d like to get (10) kids in kind of on our terms, not really having our hand forced like it’s been.”

Petersen and offensive line coach Chris Strausser have floated the idea over the years of subbing an entire second-team line into the game for a drive, part of the job-sharing that is rampant on the team. They might have enough depth to do that this year but not enough health.

Petersen didn’t provide injury updates this week. Broyles and Paradis came out of last week’s game with injuries.

“We’re glad that we’ve got a pool of guys that we think are good players that we can win with,” Petersen said.

It would be easy to blame the turnover for the Broncos’ unproductive run game — a 3.4-yards-per-carry average — but the linemen aren’t making excuses.

“I don’t think it’s holding us back,” Potter said. “We have depth and we have guys that have played a lot.”

The biggest change is the loss of Byrd, who had started 36 straight games until last week. He is considered week to week and Petersen’s comments about him needing “rest” didn’t make it sound like he’ll return in the near future.

“He’s one of our big leaders,” Kellogg said.

Kellogg has prepared for an emergency role at center because of Byrd’s injury. He competed with Byrd in fall camp last year but hasn’t played the position in a game.

“If my number is called, I’ll go out there and do my best,” he said. “… The only thing different really is snapping the ball.”


Speaking of the run game, the players made it clear this week that they need to improve their play in that area.

“It’s multiple things, but just finishing blocks — we need to do that,” Potter said. “We’ve got great running backs. We’ve just got to finish blocks, focus on the details a little more and get those guys loose.”

Kellogg says many of the plays have been agonizingly close to big gains. Last week, tailback Doug Martin had a 33-yard TD run, and another long run was called back by penalty.

“I feel like each play it’s like one block from springing it,” Kellogg said. “It’s kind of frustrating because we’re so close.”

Senior tight end Kyle Efaw said the tight ends also need to perform better. The group is missing its best blocker, fullback Dan Paul, and just got back Chandler Koch, another capable blocker.

“We need to step it up,” Efaw said. “In years past, as a group, we’ve been very good at run-blocking and helping out. We have some guys down so we’re kind of short at tight end right now. Hopefully, we can keep getting better.”

Martin, who is averaging a surprisingly low 3.2 yards per carry, says he isn’t worried.

“We have quite a few young guys on the O-line and some are hurt, so we’ve got to work them in and get a rhythm going,” Martin said.

At times, defenses have ganged up to stop the run — an ill-advised strategy, Martin says. Quarterback Kellen Moore has taken advantage with the most efficient passing of his career.

“Sometimes they’ll stack the box,” Martin said, “which I don’t think would be the smartest idea having Kellen back there.”


The rest of Boise State’s home schedule is sold out. The students have taken all of their tickets for this week’s game.

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are the Amsterdam 2 going to be able to play....if this keeps going on will they be allowed an extra year of eligibility since they are being s.c.r.e.w.e.d this year??

The Dutch Boyz are toast

for the rest of this season, from what I can ascertain (or ot ascertain depending on the scenario). If they use a schollie for tuition money but don't play, I think that counts as a year of eligibility they have used, even though they have not played a down. It jwould notbe an injury so no injury execption. I think they just loose a year of eligibility.

However, I would like to see some smart guy weigh in here.

It looks to me like they will not play for BSU again.



They were, like, sophmores should have a couple more years, no?

I'm not very smart

But I think you are right. They're on scholarship, on the team and in school, so they are using a year of eligibility.

However, if they don't ever play in a game this season they should be able to use this as their redshirt year, assuming they haven't used a redshirt year already. I do not know whether they have a redshirt year available or not.

I suppose the NCAA could also determine that they've destroyed their eligibility, meaning they'd be done forever. I don't know if they'd do that or not. It does strike me as odd that one of the Dutch kids was reinstated while two were not.


take much for a kid from Holland to get in "dutch" I guess. Must be used to it.

title idacluck

I love your title here.


curious as to who sent the "anonymous" letter, being such a "good neighborly type". Maybe they should have just did something bad like Jordan J of LSU and had their court charges reduced to "not as bad", and then they could be reinstated. Oh thats right this is not the SEC, sorry my bad.


can we rename the team The BSU Tufnels (Spinal Tap joke)?


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

10 OL Getting Reps

Anybody know what happened to Faraji Wright and Brenel Myers, injured?

Wright and Myers

Wright is the backup to Nate Potter, which makes it tough to get on the field. Myers is competing at the guard spots but others have performed better.


has both Geraldo and Ricky used their redshirt year?


Yes, they redshirted in 2009. Whatever games they don't play in this year, they lose. ... I'm as frustrated as you guys on this because Boise State isn't providing us any info — not even through public-records requests. But my guess is that in the end the games missed will be considered a suspension, just like what happened with Febis.

be concerned nation

nation once yout start playing more competitive teams you will feel the effect


Don't eat it, Lamasil is for topical use only!

placekicker siting

yes yes he is trying to regain his elgiibilitey


you do have good humor!

O/T...Titus Young Accolades......

Here's a blurb from a yahoo sports analyist on Yahoo sports re Titus Young:

I've already discussed Titus Young(notes) a few places — he was in last Friday's deep league post, then in this week's pickup video, and he earned special recognition via tweet — so I'm going to shut up about him for a little while, after this blurb. I feel like there's a big week coming from Young. It might happen in the Dallas game, or it could be a bit further down the road, when the byes are upon us. Just understand that this is an impressive first-year player tied to a Nintendo offense, making big catches. Here's his head coach, bringing a bit more hype to the table:

"There's a reason we drafted [Young] so high and had such high expectations," Schwartz said. "He's going to make a lot of plays in this offense. He's a young player and still has a ways to go, but he made some really big-time catches. He's not the biggest guy in the world, but he's got really strong hands, and he's fearless going across the middle."

Young has nine catches for 140 yards over the past two weeks. There's big-play potential here, and there's no place he can run where Matthew Stafford(notes) can't connect with him.

Go Titus !!

BSU isn't providing information regarding the Dutch Boyz

Why is that?

I bet it isbecause BSU just doesn't have an information about it.

Coach Pete has said he doesn't know what is going on and is always surprisd to learn things rightt along with the fans. Bronco Bob is the same way.

Let's face it, folks, nobody at BSU knows anything about it - just that the NCAA is picking on BSU.

I think it is very obvious that the Dutch Boyz are pretty much cooked when it comes to BSU football in the future. If they weren't, then Coach Pete or a BSU spokesman would be the first to be stating how the Dutch Boyz were gonna fit into the future.

That is not happening because, I really think that Coach Pete and the entire Athletics Staff at BSU don't have a clue as to why the NCAA is investigating the Dutch Boyz.

It must be something to do with getting paperwork and records from outside the United States or something to do with being thwarted from getting financial records and receipts and such by somebody having 'lawyered up'.

But who would lawyer up?

And why would they lawyer up?

And who would the lawyers be - in state - or out of state - or foreign European lawyers.

The Dutch Boyz are about to miss their 4th game (would have been 5th, except for the Bye Week). The season is gonna be over before the investigators get any more paperwork and stuff to continue their investigation with.

If there is no resolution to this matter by Haloween, I would believe their Student Visa is in jeopardy, cuz they gotta be going to school and pursuing academics and not athletics. And somebody has to pay for it. If they are not eligible they will lose their schollies, I am guessing. Without the scholies can they afford to fund their own academics education or do they go the Junior Colleges and try to shake the eligibility curse (whatever the question is reagardng their elkgibility). Heck none of us - including Coah Pete or Bronco Bob really know what the eligibioity qustion is or why the NCAA and MWC are investigatn it to begin with.


They Could Always, The Dutch Boyz....

transfer up to Moscow........

Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side...

The problem is that Geraldo and Ricky came here on the Flying Dutchman. Cedric took a plane, that's why he was cleared. I could give ya more details, but I'm not at liberty to do so! Sorry :-)

TBK - Without giving us details

Can you tell us if the investigation involves:

A. The people who provided homes for the Dutch Boys to stay in while they went to Boise High schools?

B. The people who provided homes for the Dutch Boys to stay in after they graduated from Boise High schools and waiting to attend BSU as grey shirts, aftr having signed LOIs?

C. Any Boosters (friends of BSU athletics and BSU academics) who engaged in providing prohibited gifts of food, transportation, lodging, clothes, and etc.?

D. Questions regarding the real ages of the Dutch Boys?

E. Questions regarding the status they were in when playing for the Amsterdam Crusaderss - if they were paid semi-professiona or professional players/athletes on that team?

F. Questions regarding their academic eligibility based on transcripts from their country of origin?

G. Questions regarding their financial support while in the United States?

H. If the investigation is going slow due to the restrictions surrouinding the gathering of doc@ments and other financial records, pertinent to the investigation?

If I am totally in left field and my questions A. - H. are waaaay off base, can you indicate by saying 'yes' or 'no', with 'yes' indicating that it is something else/other than A. - H. and 'no' indicating that there is merit to one/any/all components of A. - H.



PS - In addition, do you see them returning to play football for the Broncos anytime during the 2011 season or at all, in the future?

VNDL...Sounds Like

some of this information is "stowed" away and will remain below the "deck" of public knowledge for a while longer. Quite possibly this eligibility delay involves waiting on the FED approving/issueing proper Visa's to even remain in the USA? Which certainly could explain the timeline here...

Wiz - Care for a toke?

Maybe the two Dutch Boyz are getting ready to be deported?

Is it possible?

If theyir student visas were not valid and/or expired then the must get deorted, or at the vary least pay some sort of big fine. Where does that money come frim? Are these kids parent's wealthy in Amsterdam, and if so, why the interest in Amrican high schools and college football and why not just be rich people in Holland.

I have not seen any Boise sorts reporters digging deep into the bfamily backgrounds of the two Dutch Boyz. Is that because it is too hard to research things in Europe, or is it because BSU has told them to back off if they wan any cooperation for news stories in the future.

Your explanation that their eligibility is waiting on FED visa approval/disapproval makes perfect sense to me - the most sense of any theory I have heard so far. Sounds like you nailed it and the two Dutch Boys will maybe get deported. The two can have an INS deportation hearing with an Administrative Law Judge at the Boise INS office if they hire an immigration attorney and petition for the hearing. At the hearing they can argue their case. Most hearings result in the deportation of the petitioner, as the facts are hard to overcome and the Government's case is usually very tight.

I don't think they would be handcuffed during deportation though. I believe they would be allowed to travel with normal civilian clothes and not have to wear bright orange jump suits and have black bags over their heads like the guys at Gitmo. I think we as taxpayrs will fund their air transportation costs from Boise to Amsterdam and prolly a few meals along the way.

It is gonna be intersting to see what unfolds regarding this matter, but I think you are correct; the Two Dutch Boyz are prollly gonna get deported and get a free plane ride back to Amsterdam.

I am baffled though, when TBK said Febis came on a plane and is okay and no problem, while the two Dutch Boys came on the Flying Dutchman sothey got problemsn. I think TBK is sending us a coded message with that one. The Flying Dutchman is a mine in Nevada that supposedly yielded lots of gold and cannot be found again and is also an reference to a mythical sea going ghost ship.

Another reference to Flying Dutchman and Amsterdam, Netherlands is the Flying Dutchman Seed Company of Amsterdam, which specializes in cannabis seeds (which by the way are illegal in Idaho):

I don't undrstand his riddle. Maybe TBK is saying you have to get high and float the Boise River to be able to find out whre the two Dutch Boys are living under what bridge along the Boise River?

About all I can come up with.

Care to take a stab at it?


PS - the Two Dutch Boys are prolly not connected with the flying Dutchman Seed Company, in any way and will not get deported but play footballl for BSU for several years to come. This post is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way intended to irritate P2 or make him upset.

Wiz - a possible interpretation of TBK's code

Cedric Febis came to Boise on an airplane and there is an audit trail of his itinerary and having come to American on an approved visa (authorizing entry into the US and travel inside the country). So he is here legally.

The two Dutch Boys, on the other hand, maybe came accross the border from Canada and did not have approved visas to authorize their being in America nor travelling in America. This might explain how the two Dutch Boys might not have been home in a couple of years, except Febis. And why one of the two Dutch Boyz changed his last name this past summer.

It would explain a lot.

I wish TBK could further clarify his code a little bit, without spiling the beans. I know I sure as heck wouldn't tell anybody. You prolly wouldn't either, I am guessing.

Just sayin'.


PS - This post is entirely for entertainment purpos4s and is not meant to be read by P2 or interpreted by him as anything serious or important or relevant to his life. This post is just for gigggles and grins.

flying dutchman wasn't code for anything. It was just a joke

They actually came here on the back of flying goats, a'la the mythical 'Buckriders' of Dutch folklore. Evidently thier case now involves Homeland Security and PETA. Cedric took a plea deal, that's why he was cleared. Seriously though, I have no idea what's going on, and don't really care. I'm sure that we'll find out everything once the matter is resolved. Until then, I think it would be best to leave it be and refrain from putting out imaginary scenarios into the public realm. Hey, did you hear that Brotzman is now the kicking coach for rocky mtn HS?

Didnt Santa Clause Come from the Dutch? Ya Know....

Kris Kringle....

Maybe they will bring back that fantasy gift of 80,000 seats at current location for Christmas????

Kris Kringle

He played for the Amsterdaym Crusaders. That is how he got his suit to be red. It was after the Crusadrs colors - red and white. Kris was a linesman - not real good by American standards but he plugged up a hole. The same could be said for his girlfriend, who later became his wife. He plugged that up, too, pretty good.

Mrs. Kringle changed her last name to 'Claus' as part of a deal to get a visa extension to visit North Pole, Alaska. She and Kris (aka 'Santa') flew on their 'magic sled', furnished by the Flying Dutchman Cnnabis Company, to North Pole Alaska. When they got there they met Darren College. He was still in grade school, but was about as big as he was when he graduated from college at BSU and went on to win a Super Bowl with Korey Hall and the Green Bay Packers. They offered Darren a job mucking out the stalls of the reindeer and taking all the reindeer poop to a food rendering plant that made 'porkless products' for the A-rabs. As long as it didn't have pork in it, it was considered fair game as a food substitute and received raspberry flavoring and became a sandwich spread and cake topping. Besides, you just don't see a whole lot of pigs running wild through the Alaskan Tundra or along the hiking trails of Denali.

That is kinda a short version of The Christmas Story, as I remember it from hearing it read while in a Literature class at the University of Idaho.


PS - Korey didn't really play a role i the North Pole stuff, but I think he would havemade a great elf.

So where did Saint

Nicholous come in???? He was Dutch too....

Maybe instead of 10,000 a big chimney first on south wall....

Saint Nicholas was not Dutch

He was a Greek Orthodox Catholic priest from Greece in the 7th Century.

Notre Dame has their 'touchdown Jesus'.

Now that BSU has gotten into this lashup with with BYU - is it posible BSU will have a tall structure with the image of the Angel Maroni. I think Maroni's first name was Thomas. So,

I guess,

BSU's thing, instead of 10,000 seats would be a larger than life statue of 'Touchdown Tommy'.

I don't think Gentiles from Boise would get good seats in Provo, though.

I might be wrong, but I had to sit at the back of the bus when I went to school in Magic Valley.


they r

being cooked in a dutch oven.

I think

the butler did it with the candle stick in the kitchen........


Vote once a day everyday

Titus is doing a great job for his first year. We follow all of our guys that are in the NFL.

send the geeks back to wherever there from

blame is on you know who

correction dumberg

blame is know nothing!

P2 - Are you having a Bad Day - make it a Great Day

P2 - here is a little something for you to ponder:


PS - This is meant as entertainment porposes only. Any representation of reality is purely coincidental. If the reader does not want to be entertained, please do not open the link.

Love this video about BSU Football

Here is a good video to watch regarding BSU Football:

It kinda got me pumped up.



Just watched it and pretty cool.

Dutch kids

I heard through a source that the student manager who was dutch had the dutch kids on his cell phone plan. He has since been fired. I don't know a lot of details on whether or not he was paying the bills, or if he did anything else for them, but I do know that they had a group plan. I know that kid had to answer a lot of questions and was grilled pretty hard before being let go from the team.

Here is the article on the firing of the Student Manager




You have too much time on your hands


Good to see you on the board. We will be having lunch with you at 12:00 Noon, 13 OCT, at the Broadway Ram, as I understand it.

Regarding the two Dutch Boyse - I seriuosly believe (being serious for a moment here) that they are not destined to return to the Bronco Football Team. Something happened outside of BSU's control - possibly visa or other Federal regulations oriented.

We will probably never know, for sure, what really happened. I expect to read an announcement in the next month or so that they are no longer a part of the Broncos and that will be the end of that. Nothing more.

Until then TBK is more likely than not correct about ending any speculation concerning their status. Who knows, we might read later this day, that they have been reinstated and all is cleared up and is well. I sure hope so. I would like to see them cleared and get on with playing for the Broncos.

See you on the 13th at the Broadway Ram.


PS - This post is for entertainment purposes only, but is meant to poke P2 a little bit, especially the part about having lunch at the Broadway Ram with PAche64.

VNDL...Can We Substitute, Or At Least....

ad to "Broadway Ram"? I think I like "Broadway Battering Ram" ?

Seems like a better name for a den in which Bronco & Vandal warriors meet....

Also highlights the Battered Fish you so enjoy....

What say you?


I like it and concur.



I'll be there, got to go now and stab more people with needles :)


You are a stockbroker?



Your joking right? I hold stockbrokers, lawyers and politicians in leage with weisturd. There is a special ring in the inferno for all of them. FO can play Virgil and spend some time there too.


Yes, it was a joke.


Old Faithful spouts on time.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.


the duration suggests the subsequent eruption should have occurred about 6.14 statesman time

You'd be bananas to feast in my mangroves.