Boise State, BYU agree to 12-year football series through 2023

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State and BYU football programs have agreed to a 12-year, home-and-home series from 2012 to 2023, Boise State announced Wednesday.

The agreement replaces the four-year series that was set to begin next year. All but two of the games will be played in October.

The contract has a $1 million buyout but there are provisions to protect both schools in case of unforeseen circumstances, interim athletic director Curt Apsey said.

Here's the schedule:

Sept. 22, 2012 Boise, ID

Oct. 26, 2013 Provo, UT

Oct. 25, 2014 Boise, ID

Sept. 12, 2015 Provo, UT

Oct. 15, 2016 Boise, ID

Oct. 7, 2017 Provo, UT

Oct. 20, 2018 Boise, ID

Oct. 12, 2019 Provo, UT

Oct. 17, 2020 Boise, ID

Oct. 9, 2021 Provo, UT

Oct. 8, 2022 Boise, ID

Oct. 14, 2023 Provo, UT


Here are Boise State's future schedules. Note that in 2022, the Broncos have home games against Michigan State and BYU:

at Michigan State (Friday, Aug. 31)
vs. Miami OH (Sept. 15)
vs. BYU (Sept. 22)
at Southern Miss (Oct. 6)
Mountain West home games: Colorado State, Fresno State, San Diego State, UNLV
Mountain West road games: Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming

at Washington (Sept. 7)
vs. Southern Miss (Sept. 28)
at BYU (Oct. 26)
Mountain West home games: Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming
Mountain West road games: Colorado State, Fresno State, San Diego State, UNLV

vs. Ole Miss in Atlanta (Thursday, Sept. 4)
vs. BYU (Oct. 25)

at BYU (Sept. 12)
vs. Washington (Sept. 19)

vs. Washington State (Sept. 10)
at Oregon State (Sept. 24)
vs. BYU (Oct. 15)

at Washington State (Sept. 9)
at BYU (Oct. 7)

vs. BYU (Oct. 20)

at BYU (Oct. 12)

vs. BYU (Oct. 17)

at BYU (Oct. 9)

vs. Michigan State (Sept. 17)
vs. BYU (Oct. 8)

at Michigan State (Sept. 16)
at BYU (Oct. 14)



Yeah.....For Now...

and if they join a conference?

what if we end up in the Big 12?

it's a longshot, but what if?

I Made The

comment based on the OCT dates mainly. Actually The Deseret Paper ran a story on why BSU SHOULD be invited to Big 12...kinda strange, I thought. With the way the shake ups are going, I'm sure there will be a lot of games subject to cancel, etc. ie Utah..

The Deseret News running an

The Deseret News running an article on BSU joining the Big 12 isn't that strange. There's a friendly relationship between administrations, the heavy LDS support of both teams, and BYU and BSU should be supportive of both teams joining the Big 12. The geographic proximity makes a natural rivalry that would be great for the Conference, and they would make great travel partners in basketball which saves money. Unfortunately, Boise is not a big tv market, so the approach needs to focus on BSU's national following and potential LDS following to generate revenue in other markets.

I Agree Quacker..

It would be a natural. I suppost my "strange" thought was that it focused on BSU and not so much BYU..but then there's probably been a lot of attention towards BYU, in that regard, lately.
BSU's best Market Sale is it's ESPN numbers, very substantial.

The article in the Deseret was an AP article

Deseret, among many other media outlets ran the story


missed that. this time next year its a moot point

...So who knows?? Nothing personal against BYU but geezus, we had this discussion last week and they, right now, would dwell in the bottom of the Big 12.

100% sellouts

just a thought, but if Pete's gets his way and can expand the capacity, 6 years of guaranteed BYU sellouts on national tv will be welcomed

Oh theres no question it would be a ....

...great regional rivalry. Lots of fun. Lots of BYU alum in the valley. And heres another fan base with D.O.G.


help me out

Ω Try ...

... delusions of grandeur.

JL might be out chasing some Bartles & James. That is, if weisberg hasn't scarfed all around here.

thank you

i'm slow sometimes

Iz Cooool, Dog....


way to go Interim AD Apsey


So...Correct Me If I'm Wrong...

but BYU is still a Non AQ school? No "Notre Dame" Indy exception in the BCS rules. Perhaps changes in the new BCS rewrite, 2013 I believe?

Wiz - you are . . .


BYU is a nonAQ and does not have the Notre Dame exception, as BY was not part of the drafting of the original BCS rules, as Notre Dame was.

I do not envision any changes to the current BCS structure by a 2013 rewrite that jwould include BYU as an AQ Indy. If BYU wants to be AQ, they are gonna have to do what BSU has to do, join an AQ conference.

I do believe, however that we will see substantive change with the BCS when there is the rules rewrite in 2012 and 2013.

I envision all AQs coming from superconferences and no Indy AQs anymore.


So That Becomes A Really, Really, Really...

big game for BYU. Lose and hunt for the Pajama Bottom Bowl, with most spots taken by conference tie ins. Perhaps we'll see them a lot in the Tater2 Bowl on the Blue yet again?

Goes w/o saying they are all big for BSU...


I agree! :-)

Ω Especially now ...

... that the AQ conferences are making noise about upping the maximum number of schools from two to three for BCS bowls.


Think The Cotton will be added as a New BCS Bowl in The New Stadium the Boyz built??

Ω Suggesting a new name ...

... if I ever get the boot? aqrazor or even crazor would work.

Yes, I do. Continue to elbow the second tier out of the picture by adding the Cotton Bowl and upping the limit from two to three per conference for BCS bowl participation.

If the AQ conference number holds at 6 (a big if), that would create a potential pool of 18 AQ conference teams for 12 slots.

Revise the BCS bowl selection picking order a bit, continue to allow one "bone" per year for a non-AQ to qualify (to keep the heat off) ... and there you have it. 11 of the 12 slots and "we" get to keep 91.2% of the money. On "good" years in which we can keep the non-AQ out, we get it all. Yippeee!

Looks like the SEC is right in the middle of this, but, of course, is being vague. $22 million per berth this year.



I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

I just don't see it

I doubt it. The BCS does not want to expand - control the spreading wildfire of public perception, but not expansion at this time.

Here is a little interesting link to peruse:


Ω That link ...

... is a list of governance. There is some other stuff there, but I saw nothing to suggest that the BCS does not want to expand.

"Removing the two-team cap from the BCS selection process would likely be a boon for the SEC and the Big Ten.

Since the BCS was implemented in 1999, the Big Ten has received two BCS bids in a season 10 times. The SEC has gotten two BCS bids eight times. The Big 12 has received two BCS five times and the Pac-10 (now Pac-12) three times."

Remove the cap and create another BCS game to make room for two additional qualifiers.

Even though Beebe is gone the rationale remains:

you might be right...

but it's a crime the Cotten Bowl isn't part of the BCS.


we can still schedule one more game for next year since we are at hawaii? if so, any word on potential candidates?

2012 opening

Almost have to be an FCS team. They aren't going to want to play a seventh road game and they don't have room for a road game in 2013, so they can't even schedule the home end of a home-and-home in 2012. I guess they could do a home-and-home with the home game in 12 and the road game in 14, but that's unlikely.

BSU adding another

BSU adding another powerhouse to their schedule. Nice move



air force??

what happened to them on the '12 & '13 skeds? am i missing something???

Air Force

With 10 Mountain West teams and an eight-game schedule, every school is going to miss a team for two years. Boise State and Air Force won't play in 12 and 13.


How would a conference Champ be determined if A/F & BSU..or any other non intersecting schools, both went undefeated?

thank you sir..

..for the poop on air force...

Guys..Go Over to Murphs...

read the link story and check out the debate raging at the bottom...

Ω Couldn't find it.

Have a link?


San Jose Merc News...

The Link is in Murphs Big 12 story..

Ω Read through it quickly.

Interesting debate about BYU vs. BSU, with a little TCU, SDSU, and even SJSU thrown in.

Lotsa same old crap about academics, stadium size, TV market, etc.

A lot of people are missing that the Big East has it's eyes on Air Force.

Catch That

A/F and Navy may be a no go b/c of Army? Interesting thought...

Ω Haven' t seen that yet.


thanks wisdom

great link with a ton of activity almost all of it coherent. kind of puts ours to shame.


The misperceptions tho? and..The here & there BYU jealousy?

Good readin..

Ω 81

Especially @BoiseBusBoys' post #47.

They probably monitor that site pretty well (keep the idots, leemings, morans, and loosers at bay).

Too bad he doesn't post here.

brotzman sighting

teaching jc players how to kick field goals in provo


I can 100% guarantee that this agreement will never be completely fulfilled. I would be VERY surprised if even half the games were played.

100% ???

Maybe...where will you be in 2023 so we can follow up?

In my grave, like many of us will also be.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

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