Boise State Interim AD addresses Big 12 reports, Mountain West-Conference USA merger talk

By Brian Murphy

Boise State is at least being mentioned as a candidate to join the Big 12, according to Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News.

Wilner wrote the Big 12 could lose Missouri to the SEC and add Boise State, BYU, Louisville and West Virginia to get back to 12 teams. BYU and Boise State announced a 12-year series through 2023 today.

Interim Athletic Director Curt Apsey said Boise State has not been contacted by the Big 12.

"We haven’t yet," Apsey said Wednesday. "I can tell you we’re focused on putting ourselves in the best position going forward. We're very excited about being in the Mountain West Conference. We continue to keep our eyes open and our ears open. That's kind of still where we’re at.

"I think the Big 12 is looking at all different kinds of options. If our name is being brought up that says a lot about where we are as a program. That’s something that’s good for us no matter what happens."

Apsey was in Dallas this week at a meeting of Division I athletic directors. At the meeting, he was briefed on the Mountain West-Conference USA football-only merger talks.

"I think it's a long way from being finalized. We're very pleased with how proactive the conference is being and they've set themselves up to be as successful as they can. It's one of the ways they're looking at it. We're pleased with Craig Thompson and that group in terms of being proactive and making sure they're looking toward the future," Apsey said.

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Thanks Murph!

Way cool on the joint effort !

What we are seeing

May well be beginnings of the reconsruction of all of NCAA football's divisions. The BCS will meet in a couple of years, I think 2014, and possibly re-invent themselves or at least re-think where they are at. As you all have heard, there has been talk of 4 - 16 team superconferences. The concept, which was formulated in approx 1990, seems to be gaining traction. There has already been a push toward that end, with the Pac 12 and the ACC both mentioning the possibilities of going 16 teams. Problem is, is that there are way more than 64 teams in Divsion 1, about twice that many. In the past the criteria for being Divsion 1 was set by the NCAA, based upon things like, Stadium seating, attendance, etc.... But now the BCS is in fact redefining the criteria based upon TV revenue & so on. If the top 64 teams were the ones in these superconferences it would be easy but that is not the case. Regardless who gets added to the Pac 16, they will still have Washington State, Colorado, Utah etc.. So then if the 4 conferences (Big 10, ACC, SEC, PAC 12) go to 16 teams (big 10 needs +4, ACC +2, SEC +3, PAC 12 + 4, total of 13), what will happen to the left overs?
The Big East still has 7 teams (counting TCU), the Big 12 has 9, and their both looking to restock, and then there is Notre Dame, Navy, Army, BYU, Boise State =20, and all the rest.
So then if the 4 division 64 teams have a play off, that would mean they would in fact by default become the new division 1, the rest would then become the 2nd division , however they want to call it and the FCS would in fact be divsion 3 & etc... Therefore the mad scramble to attain a spot at the "table". Your are right Murph, Boise State needs to play the realignment game & with the Pac 12 as well. Now rather than later.

part II

Right now Texas has saved the bacon for all the left over hopefuls. No one else but Texas & Oklahoma have the clout or means as to stifle the 4x16. So as long as there is a Big 12 conference (with Texas & OKY in it), there has to be an aberation of the 4x16. The Big East is simply being picked apart into irrelevantcy. And if the MW doesnt get poached, it can stay in the picture as a replacement for the Big E. Should Texas go independant or along with Oklahoma, cash in their chips and go to the SEC, BIg 10 or Pac 12, then the other conference will complete their rosters at 16 and the Big E, Mountain West and all others will not have the clout to be in the picture, thereby being regulated to the redheaded stepchild status and eventually fall behind to be reclassified as a low division altogether.

Cool idea

should be interesting....

B40 Whatever...

Did u read the link story?

Theres quite a debate raging on the blog at the bottom. These folks need some education on BSU....

It amazes me how uninformed some people are

Very little is known about Boise State athletics. And, people seem to ignore the academic improvements the school has done just in the last 10 yrs. It's pitiful, really.

If it is that gooood, then usually those things

speak for themselves....

Maybe not soooo goood....

And if they're not that goooood

then there's a Yardley report to speak for them.

What I meant was...

that Boise State continues to expand it's campus. Thye are building new schools, adding programs, and their enrollment has been steadily growing. This isn't bad for a school that is still fairly "young". It became a 4-yr college in 1965, and became a "University" in 1974. Athletically, it has only been in Div 1 Football Bowl Subdivision since 2001. Compare that age to any school back east. Even the University of Idaho (1892) and Idaho State University (1963) are older Universities. We are, literally, the New Kid on the Block.

For being as young as they are, I think Boise State is doing pretty good for itself. It will get better academically, but it takes time. It's funny how people expect Boise State to compete both athletically and academically with schools that are older than the entire state of Idaho.


the writer was drunk nation academic standards do not qualify them

You're foolish ....

You're foolish if you really believe that expansion ever really has anything to do with the academics. It's all about tv revenue.

academic standards do not qualify them

Each league has unwritten academic standards.
Boise State latest U.S. News Best Colleges Rankings
67rd Regional Universities in the (West)

Public Schools Regional Universities (West)
22th Top Public Schools in the West

U.S. News Best Grad School Rankings
165th Best Education Schools
164th Fine Arts
148th Public Affairs
95th Social Work

As you can see from the data Boise State has a long way to go as a Regional University. Both ISU and UI are considered national Universities by US News.

Yep Lobert of Beagle.....

some real proud numbers U/I maintains...# 160 of 194 ranked institutions..


I think BSU wants to be a Metropolitan Destination University and not a Regional University, by design.

Being identified more as a Metropolitan Desitnation University allows BSU to recruit more large city students and provide them a place to go to for the destination of their dreams.

Much has been made about national and regional universities, but BSU is on the cutting edge of change by going great guns to be a Metropolitan Destination type of university as opposed to working only to achieve a national ranking and/or recognition.

That is why BSU is working diligently to set the standard for a Metropolitan Destination University.


We Can Flick Crap In All

directions...but the sad part is that all Idahoans should want more and better for future generations than our dismal educational systems, top to bottom.

that belongs on billboards along 1-84 and all over town

Metropolitan Destination University

You can call it what ever you want. US news call it a Regional University,

robert the beagle

Isn't it better (more prestigious) for a univrsity to be a Metropolitan one and not a Regional one. Let's look at BSU compared to the University of Puget Sound. They are both Metroplitan Destination universities. The only difference being that BSU has a winning football team and UPS chooses to spend their advertising dollars on pamphlets and other literature that is left with high school counselors to attract new students. BSU knos that winning footbal games is all the advertising that is needed to get students to the Metropolitan Desination that is Boise.

As the City of Boise grows, more seats must be added to the football stadium, to kep up pace with the requirements of big time growth of the BSU football program. Filling the seats is of no concern - just building them is the important thing. When BSU can get to a point whre they have a stadium capable of 80,000 is when they are no longer a Metropolitan Destination University and have gone upw3ard into the higher rankings and get some PhD programs that are different than he PhD programs at UoI and ISU. Having a wonderful football team and unique PhD programs will take BSU beyond the Mtropolitan Destination University gaol someday.

Until then, BSU's goal is to take in tuition and fees, develop a nationally ranked football team, be a destination where metropolitan types can go to school and someday graduate, and be Boise's Team.

As you can see, a Metropolitan Destination University doesn't require all the typees and levels of academics that a Regional University does. So BSU is wise to focus on being a Metropolitan Destination University, at this time. Robert Kustra is very wise to limit BSU's goals to those that are achievable over the short term, and not those that require years to accomplish.

80,000 Seat Stadium???? Where will you build this? on

Fantasy Island....

Build upward and inward, I guess.

Currently, Boise State has the sideline stands, the endzone stands, and a little curve in the south. (At the bottom, I will include a link of the current seating setup for reference.) I don't care for the look of the most recent stadium plans.

If I was the all-powerful last word on how to expand the stadium, this is how I would do it:

#1 Extend the lower East and West stands in the same curved manner as sections 27-30 of the south part of the stadium.
#2 Extend the upper East and West stands in the same curved manner as sections 101-105 and 127-130 of the south part of the stadium.
#3 Extend the North and South endzones up to the same height as the East/West stands
#4 Close off the South end zones between sections 101 and 130

This would make Bronco Stadium in a horseshoe or "U" shape. Considering the mascot is a Bronco, a horseshoe isn't a crazy idea. It also allows us to continue to enjoy the view of the foothills.

I would also include a parking garage be built between the stadium and Taco Bell Arena. This idea shouldn't take up any more room than it currently does, as none of these improvements are going outward.

Fugly - BSU is the Metropolitan Destination University-not Idaho

Face it, BSU has it all over Idaho. Idaho when it comes to Metropolitan Destination Univrsity stuff, doesn't have a chance of ever being a Metropolitan Destination University like BSU is.

President Kustra'S goal of someday becomng a Metropolitan Destination Universdity, have almost reached fruition. The new chicken sandwich joint in the SUB realy helped with the Metropolitan image. All that remains is to get some aditional IKEA type design furniture and stuff in the foyers of the buildings around campus and a Taco and Mac'n Cheese joint in the sub to appeal to Metropolitanos from the inner cities to come to BSU. I talso helps that BSU ahs the public transportation BUS sytem and the red troley car thing which gives an air of a Metropolitan Destination experience.

Face it - Idaho will never be a Metropolitan Destination University. That is solely BSU's turf. and deservedly so.

So don't forget it.


VNDL..Lookie! Lookie! Wiz.....

has an idea...

Metropolitan Destination...

should BroncoBobs stadium be domed so it can be named "Metrodome" ??

PS.. I said D O M E D....Not Doomed....


is actually the best idea you've had. Good Job Wiz! LOL (Exclude the Metrodome part though.)


Robert, you wrote "67rd" and "22th" and you're throwing academic rocks? Is this what they taught you at DUI? FYI, it's "67th" and "22nd". Ah, yes, that superior Vandull education.

You're laughable!

"the writer was drunk nation academic standards do not qualify them".

You of all people posting criticism of others academics, now that's funny!

Sadly, vandalBob, ISU has a

Sadly, vandalBob, ISU has a better shot that UI does. You guys are done. You've peaked in academics and athletics, ironically both about 40-50 years ago. Boise State is just geting started and joining the MWC was the first sign you need to start bowing to Broncos you meet. An invite to the B12 means you're mowing our lawns and picking up our dog poop.

Remember to vote

Vote once a day everyday

Good job bashful29

Reminding everybody. I put the links in my bookmarks.

Thank you

Just keep voting. Kellen and Coach Pete deserve all we can do to show them how much we appreciate what they do for us fans.

We're at Big 12's door, lights are on and we know they're home

all we have to do is start knocking and knocking and knocking and maybe they'll let us in. What's the worst that could happen, they call the police, have us removed and take out a restraining order against us?

Boise State going to the Big

Boise State going to the Big 12 will drag the conference down to the level of the WAC and the MWC. BS is a terrible fit for the Big 12 and the only AQ conference you guys should be in (if any) is the PAC 12 but that won't happen due to the very academics at BS. Not to mention the tacky blue field and a stadium that only holds 33,000.

Still Waiting For Funding....

for the "appropriate" "yellow" turf up there for your 15,000??


What would it do to that bitter soul of yours if the Broncos get invited to the Big 12? At some point "BS" is getting into an AQ conference. Will you cry? Will you pout? Will you find hours to try and reason with yourself that you still matter, you're still important, someone out there still thinks the school you went to is relevant?

This is whats funny. Bronco fans know that things will take care of themselves and are trying to enjoy another great season. The dolts who have always hated the Broncos are worried, scared and creating only panic in their own world. Here we are 48 hours from another drubbing, a revenge drubbing, and "tiiiimmmmeeeeeey" is focusing on "academics".

Ω This is what he thinks about Oregon State's

Jabral Johnson (OLB out of Lawton, OK):

"You call a person that is 6-2, 218lbs beastly???? Are you kidding me? If he was 6-8, 330lbs he would be beastly but 6-2, 218lbs is FAR from beastly! Maye compared to the other players OSU he is big but not at a real team in a real conference."

Yep, beastly. Just like Georgia's defense that was going to squish Boise State.

If I was a troll...

Someone needs to write the rulebook of trolling...

Or just being a tool. Razor do you still have a list we can add these clowns to? Maybe we can just post it after every "idot" ("i" left out on purpose) to shame them.

Ugly Wrote & Owns...

the troll rulebook......

Ω You mean the "Troll Tripe Tracker"?

Hasn't been updated since last year. So many of them have run away. Check the list to see that most have not returned. IdaDuck doesn't really belong there, but V.a.l. put him there at some point. BDuck has seemingly done an "about-face", so he's not really a candidate any longer.

It can be dusted off, however. This is what it looked like then:

Troll Tripe Tracker
11/27/2010 (b81 update edition)
Note: those appearing on the Flag Leaderboard are not eligible for this tanking system.

۩ JocDoc - 4 (votes cast by VNDL, razor, b81, V.a.l. — Most worthless posts to date.)
١٦ BigPackage - 4 (razor, JL, tfunk, V.a.l. — "TCU is a terrible team", "shouldnt be writing on here", "scheduals", "agoe", and numerous other trollerations; aka - BigPhartage; ejjumukasion from a suth'n school)
١ sunnyseattle - 3 (razor, b81, V.a.l. — Now on hiatus after a brief appearance, this troll attempted to lecture and chastise only to be rebuffed. Last seen in tears headed for the Blue Mtns. Could be straighttalk's sister, similar histrionics.)
٢ anonymous_sorcerer - 2 (razor, b81 — Hit and run artist.)
١٩ Cre8Harmony - 2 (b81, VNDL — "cre8 definitely makes the troll";"It is obvious that Cre8 is just being mean and 'trolllike', by advocating that you have a 'job'. It really scares me, too.")
٣ BSUniversity - 2 (b81, V.a.l. — Dumb and dumber revisited.)
٤ RotteNspuD - 2 (b81, V.a.l. — This troll has failed repeatedly to make the Flag Leaderboard and appears here due only to his "body of work". "Can't keep it to 500 words or less" - V.a.l.)
٥ valleyvandal - 2 (b81, V.a.l. — Emerged only after the Nevada game with a less-than-original play on words. Told disgusting joke about Brotzman in another forum.)
٦ supergenius - 2 (b81, V.a.l. — Tried the old "couldn't handle it in other conferences" angle. Also, invoked "dude". Got Sunnysloper flagged and can't debate worth shiitake mushrooms.)
٧ Bozohater - 2 (b81, V.a.l. — Thought that BAAAAHAAAWWWWHHHAAAAAWWWWW was funny while making no contribution. Self-evident reasons.)
٨ straighttalk - 2 (b81, V.a.l. — For flagging V.a.l. Unable to differentiate between 'discussion' and 'freak show'. Lurks and attacks.)
٩ Harleyslackwater - 1 (b81 — See anonymous_sorcerer above.)
١٠ ApocalypseNow - 1 (b81 — Use of all caps while saying nothing.)
١١ knowsalittlenot2much - +1/-1, net 0 (b81, V.a.l. — Same as ApocalypseNow. Minus one based on recommendation from V.a.l.)
١٢ treecityusa - 1 (b81 — Severe myopia; Pampers deficiency.)
١٣ Landbaron - 2 (razor, V.a.l. — Stated in Murph's blog: "What do you do with a horse with a broken leg that cant do it's job? You shoot it. What do you do with a herding dog that can't run? You shoot it. Fire Brotzman, he can't do his job." That's qualification enough. Crybaby, needs pacifier.)
١٤ tracy644 - 0 (Stated: "Nevada beat the team that beat the ACC champs- so they should be ranked higher- so that logic is stupid, like most BSU points of view." This puts tracy644 on the watch list. Could there be a tie-in to tracy59?)
١٧ BDuck1917 - 1 (V.a.l. — team is going to the NC, but they're still trolling a BSU blog instead of cheering on the Ducks; removed from Flag Leaderboard, on which nary a vote was cast)
١٨ IdaDuck - 1 (V.a.l. — team is going to the NC, but they're still trolling a BSU blog instead of cheering on the Ducks; removed from Flag Leaderboard, garnered no votes)
٢٠ Xavier - 1 (VNDL — "Shook out another blorange 'minnow' from using my gill net.")
٢١ Flyfisherguy - 1 (razor — diminutive doublepost dufus)
٢٢ JFS12 - 1 (V.a.l. - Posts are devoid of facts; he offers nothing to the discussion board except namecalling for all things BSU. This person may also use the moniker 'potatoehead'.)
٢٣ spaceman21 - 1 (assumed nod from more than a few; "Guy just ain't up to snuff, leaves a trail glowing in the forest.")

Dang that was good...

Forgot it was so complete. Read through and had some good laughs....

tim, how did that georgia game

turn out for you?

Poor timmy

Still having trouble sitting down.............

Ω tim doesn't have any trouble ...

... sitting down at Hardee's in Marietta. Likes California Pizza Kitchen and Rocco's Pub, too.